Kiss - Every Time I Look At You

Music video by Kiss performing Every Time I Look At You. (C) 1992 The Island Def Jam Music Group

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Добавлено: 4 года
Длительность: 4:47
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Автор Carole Colas (1 месяц)
Kiss - Every Time I Look At You : http://youtu.be/SUi_Dtcg0C4

Автор MONIKA JIRANOVA (4 месяца)
takže tahle letí přímo pro tebe :)super den přeji Jendo

Автор EHEC19200 (25 дней)
I'm curious, serious question too. Is anyone here black?

Автор Luanna Demitrov (5 месяцев)
Every Time I Look At You- KISS

Автор Shandi S (1 месяц)
Kiss - Every Time I Look At You: http://youtu.be/SUi_Dtcg0C4

Автор mark swishersweets (2 месяца)
great song. i wish girls i loved in my past would of got it when i went to
this for heartbreaking moments.. sadly guys it didnt work for me. But its
great lol. hey life goes on.

Автор Torfrom nor (2 месяца)
reminds me of myself.. evertime i look at me

Автор Oscar Camacho (2 дня)
Sin palabras esto lo deja bien claro

Автор Mariel Bolardi (5 дней)
the best. Desde argentina. Los quiero kiss.

Автор John Viveiros909 (14 дней)

Автор Lia ch (17 дней)

Автор Vick M (3 месяца)

Автор MrDownslider (24 дня)
In my opinion, the worst KISS song ever recorded. This song sucks infected

Автор Johnny Johnson (3 месяца)
Best line up after Ace and Peter, one of the best power ballads ever....

Автор Ludek Trdlica (26 дней)
Zrovna poslouchám starý flákoty ... tak proč se nepodělit, že? 

Автор Miroslav Výbošťok (23 дня)
this is much better song than I was made for loving you or Forever, don't
understand why it's less known

Автор ilovesinging72 (18 дней)
I dunno why but my ex bf told me to look this up

Автор sandofme93 (27 дней)

Автор Amie Olson (1 месяц)
Love this song ~

Автор Agnessa92 (26 дней)
Why all awesome bands are older than me? That's not fair. I really need
that time machine.

Автор AppQuizzes (1 месяц)
lol Gene at 1:39 he's thinking "who tf is that on piano? Oh it's some other
hired gun I'm paying peanuts".

Автор Helen Mccoy (3 месяца)

Автор Ancestorsofmusic (1 месяц)
<3 GT, you're a million out of ten

Автор Vick M (3 месяца)

Автор Donna Bellan (1 месяц)
He's soo cute and his voice is sexy, beautiful song w beautiful words. Sing
it to me I'm listening.....💋can't get enough of this song

Автор mopargump (1 месяц)
Awesome video, KISS this is a good song!.

Автор Joao Emanuel Simonini (1 месяц)
Sem as pinturas no rosto perderam totalmente a identidade. :(

Автор SunflowerFields (1 месяц)
Kiss - Every Time I Look At You: http://youtu.be/SUi_Dtcg0C4

Автор hambone9119 (1 год)
I would say because this was Revenge ERA and grunge was the big thing,
Indie rock and grunge is kind of coming back as the thing for Rock, I have
nothing against it, but there is nothing wrong with Pop Punk or Classic
rock either, i mean would it kill someone to play a rock and roll song once
in a while, Anyway Paul wrote some MEANINGFUL great lyrics during this
period. Proof he is a GREAT songwriter. KISS ARMY :)

Автор Ronda Cantwell (1 год)
GREAT SONG!!! Paul and Gene are HOTT! tssss

Автор bennycrispino (1 год)
Mercy angel....I hope you die....so you can finally be happy...

Автор ananias rodrigues luziano Anastaciano (1 год)

Автор Idiot_unoxx (1 год)
I love it!!! Kiss, come back to italy next year!

Автор Bobette Umansky (1 год)
The song is beautiful

Автор devmaster07 (1 год)
No cause eric singer is in the band at this point and the person playing
the piano had black hair

Автор aldana ruggiero (1 год)
Como los amo <3

Автор Alex Tuvalkain (1 год)
We want KISS!

Автор mario alberto cruz carbajal (1 год)
yehaaaaaaa ImI

Автор 88Spector (1 год)
Did anyone ever notice that every time gene simmons does a video he uses
his fingers to play, and when he plays live he uses a pick.

Автор smurphette423 (1 год)
This has got to be one of the best KISS songs ever! LOVE it and LOVE them!
Paul and Gene look so damn fine!

Автор kissology001 (1 год)
Only Paul Stanley knows how to create a beautiful ballad. !!!

Автор Rudy Moran (1 год)
Best song ever

Автор Paola Guerrero (1 год)
I love this song, I wish they had it on karaoke /:

Автор brad1972able (1 год)
People like to call Kiss. Sellouts. Yes they sell out every seat every
place they play.

Автор hbkdraven11 (1 год)
Kiss rules!

Автор Elaine Robinson (1 год)
Bruce played the piano, lead guitar and bass for the studio recording of
this song. The video was shot in parts and then pieced together. Look at
Bruce's shirt and the rings on his fingers. He also said he played the
three parts.

Автор mick rose (11 месяцев)
mee tooo!!

Автор james henry (1 год)
Bruce's guitar keeps changing

Автор Trish Taylor (1 год)
This Is A Great Ballad From Kiss!~ :: ))

Автор mommy2matt (1 год)
My ex recommended this song to me...hidden meaning there?? hmmmm...

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