Kiss - Every Time I Look At You

Music video by Kiss performing Every Time I Look At You. (C) 1992 The Island Def Jam Music Group

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Длительность: 4:47
Комментарии: 1564

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Автор jankysucky ( назад)

Автор Indah Ayyee ( назад)
Keriting is sexy

Автор grazia capozzi ( назад)
hola este video es muy bueno y es cool

Автор Sara Monge ( назад)
la mejor canción de todas :)

Автор Monolito Garcia ( назад)

Автор JoeTyler85 ( назад)
awful, never liked this song, sounds as if they were trying to rip off Mr
Big's To Be With You

Автор lucas lopez ( назад)
great song never got the air play it deserved but P stanley is the ultimate
a-hole and the sole reason the original4 didnt reunite at the RnRHoF gene
said yes and paul said no he has a personal grudge against P criss

Автор Steven Milton ( назад)
good sing

Автор Matthew Behrman ( назад)
I this KISS attempt to be a soft rock act?

Автор Gelson nego ( назад)
sempre as mais lindas e belas do kiss...every time i look you

Автор Vivi Starchild ( назад)
💜 Paul Stanley is so beautiful in this video💜

Автор Monick Chassan ( назад)

Автор marcusesepisode ( назад)
Ugh, what's that one song where Paul says, "I used to go to places but it's
not the way it used to be"? I can't find it by looking up the lyrics.

Автор Pagliarin Iriane ( назад)
Kiss - Every Time I Look At You: https://youtu.be/SUi_Dtcg0C4

Автор Mauricio Gutierrez ( назад)
Kiss - Every Time I Look At You: https://youtu.be/SUi_Dtcg0C4

Автор HardLukWoman !! ( назад)
One of my Favorite songs

Автор milciades vargas ( назад)

Автор James Shamburger ( назад)
Great freaking song Paul nailed it

Автор Christine Johnson ( назад)
Sappy kiss

Автор Gerardo Melo ( назад)

Автор Tommy Shelton ( назад)
Does anyone else notice Bruce's Guitar changes almost every shot

Автор Mirka Pytel ( назад)
. . . basista Hmm całkiem apetyczny ;)

Автор Britão Brito ( назад)
Jailson. new kiss

Автор Barbara Kort ( назад)

Автор Black Label ( назад)
OMG Paul is so fucking hot!!

Автор Oscar Pose ( назад)
Kiss - Every Time I Look At You: https://youtu.be/SUi_Dtcg0C4

Автор Flor Alvarado ( назад)

Автор Dahi turunen ( назад)

Автор Fe Esperanza Bernal Velazquez ( назад)
me facina...amo a kiss

Автор Craig Massengale ( назад)

Автор 67stickyfingers ( назад)

Автор Gwen CookieMoanster_SnowChick ( назад)

Автор Rainer Tjolleng ( назад)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Автор Paulo Henrique ( назад)

Автор roger Rabe ( назад)
E amo esta também. ...

Автор Meitha.C M2P ( назад)
Kiss - Every Time I Look At You: http://youtu.be/SUi_Dtcg0C4

Автор Plinio Junior ( назад)

Автор Paul Stanley (STARCHILD) ( назад)
Kiss - Every Time I Look At You: https://youtu.be/SUi_Dtcg0C4

Автор Danny Giggou ( назад)
Grandes greatest 

Автор Ilias Mavromatis ( назад)
really love the unplugged version so much better but wow this puts KISS at
another level with there music skills. with this song and Beth it showed
that KISS could develop as a band and move in to different types of music

Автор Joseph Gueci ( назад)
WOW!!! This brings me back to a place in time that slipped away too fast...


Автор Rikki Moen ( назад)
Different.. but beautiful!!

Автор Grey Owl ( назад)
Kiss - Every Time I Look At You : 

Автор Mara Boyles ( назад)
God i want to bitch slap that spastic egotistical bastard

Автор agnaldo victorio ( назад)
K Delicia \m/

Автор Can L ( назад)
yes they do play love songs.theres forever,,,beth ,,,, and everytime i look
at you and actually they are called ballads,,

Автор inesinia ( назад)
i love it......lovin` u paul stanley...lovin' u KISS .

Автор Leonardo Vasconcelos cerqueira (1933 года назад)
Eu sou simplesmente apaixonado por essa música

Автор Dwinlin Anellebas ( назад)
Nice song i love it

Автор lemon tahil ( назад)
I really like this song...

Автор neurochunk ( назад)
I'm all outta cheese!

Автор DOUGLAS PRICE ( назад)

Автор ANNABEL LEE ( назад)

Автор Marcus Thulio Correa ( назад)
Kiss - Every Time I Look At You: http://youtu.be/SUi_Dtcg0C4

Автор Alanis Jett Meneghini ( назад)
Kiss you' re everything to me !!!!

Автор Duhalde DAFT PUNK ( назад)
BIEN cheto amigo

Автор Dewy Vitovitch ( назад)

Автор Valeria Silva ( назад)

Автор Valeria Silva ( назад)

Автор Brian Austin ( назад)
Wish I could hold you and make everything right .....

Автор Rizkia Latief ( назад)
Kiss - Every Time I Look At You: https://youtu.be/SUi_Dtcg0C4

Автор Neivaldo Mendes ( назад)
boa tarde rockeiros.

Автор Paloma Araujo ( назад)
Toda romanticazinha hoje, e para terminar a noite com chave de ouro:
"Oh, querida eu sei que machuquei......Vai levar um tempo pra eu te mostrar
O que você significa pra mim
Parece que quanto mais eu vou te conhecendo
Mais eu preciso fazer você ver, que você é tudo o que preciso"

Автор Liana Bett ( назад)

Автор Josicelle Franco Rodrigues ( назад)

Автор Crimson138Ghost ( назад)
This is my favorite post makeup KISS lineup! KISS in the 80's seemed kinda
lost to me, trying to find their place. The only thing that saved them in
that era to me was Eric Carr's amazing drumming! The early 90's era KISS
seemed so real to me. I wonder how far fetched it would be for them to get
rid of the make up and Tommy Thayer and get Bruce Kulick back? That's a
reunion I would love to see happen!

Автор Craig Massengale ( назад)

Автор Delcio Oliveira ( назад)

Автор katalina sanchez ( назад)

Автор Milena Mladenovic ( назад)

Автор James Lowrey (819 лет назад)
Kiss - Every Time I Look At You: https://youtu.be/SUi_Dtcg0C4

Автор Sara Maria ( назад)
'Cause, every time I look at you

Автор Daniela Gòmez ( назад)
Paul se tan tan tan tan pero tan lindo y sexi en este video. =)

Автор Danei Faria Adami ( назад)
Show de bola 

Автор popi vazaiou ( назад)
I LOVE*********

Автор Ildefonso Esquillo ( назад)
Wow so beautiful song

Автор Luciana Oliveira ( назад)
boca linda do paul

Автор Marta Petruzzi ( назад)
aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh paul *-*

Автор Zdenka Stráňaiová ( назад)

Автор Wolver Foo ( назад)
Kiss went really soft 

Автор leandro_salas (1162 года назад)

Автор karen moreland ( назад)

Автор Patricia Lizárraga ( назад)
One of the romantic songs that Kiss has. And Paul Stanley????Wow!!!! He
looks too sexy for me.

Автор zhalomee ( назад)

Автор Luciano Costa ( назад)
Kiss - Every Time I Look At You

Автор MultiAntifunk ( назад)
eu nem sabia que os caras do kiss tinham barba!!! 

Автор Becks Ramone ( назад)

Автор Anna Curich ( назад)
I love every kiss songs for the last 35 years and I never ever let kiss
songs be forgot again

Автор Angilz Starlight ( назад)
#PAULSTANLEY #Kiss #Detroitrockcity #iwantmyheartback 

Автор Stair dust Shearer (Harmony) ( назад)
Kiss - Every Time I Look At You: http://youtu.be/SUi_Dtcg0C4

Автор joey Bajas ( назад)
love this song

Автор Brash Sassy ( назад)
Kool tuneage amen.

Автор Flor Gomez ( назад)
excelente acustico

Автор Schilseger Rock siQsi ( назад)

Автор Anita Bilek ( назад)
Whooow, so beautiful. ThankX

Автор Sammy Lane ( назад)
I never knew they had a video for this song.Sweet!Peter Gabriel should do a
cover of this song.Reminds me of Peter Gabriel's In Your Eyes from SAY

Автор Raul Rosado ( назад)
Kiss - Every Time I Look At You: http://youtu.be/SUi_Dtcg0C4

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