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Автор Chuck Schuldiner (1 год)
People doesn't know black humor / la gente no conoce el humor negro

Автор ludovika luwdika nikeri (9 месяцев)
Fucking american isnt razism

Автор luchs2099 (1 год)
lo unico que me da mas risa que el sketch son los comentarios de los negros
americanos culo apretado; que no entienden el humor latino y piensan que
todos estan en su contra por ser negros, como si el resto del mundo fuera
igual que su porqueria de pais

Автор ChiTown63rd (1 год)
Mexicans are very racist ignorant people. What's funny is how people are
saying this is not racist. Shame on you.!!! 

Автор Jorge Alfonso Rascón (5 лет)
es ké diice ????? (antess de parado xD jjajjajjaja xD empiieza diiciiendo
"está seco & parado" ?????? xD :P

Автор Billy Mcgee (5 лет)
i explained to you how it is racism, you just refuse to understand. thats
not my problem it is yours.

Автор joe c (5 лет)
All you people are missing the point these actors are portraying a tipical
african american cuban family. There's nothing racist about it. It's just
COMEDY. Plus you gotta listen to what they're saying to understand what the
segment is all about. He's just telling her a riddle which by the way has
nothing to do with black people, it's about sex.

Автор kjangbae (6 лет)
Y Barack Obama que es? Blanco?

Автор ALPHALYON (4 года)
@NZA2 No exactly, is just a view point. easy my friend is not racism is
just comedy.

Автор IAMANALIEN1 (5 лет)
@JimyRoss Uh, dude... I thought I made myself clear on my replies to you in
El Negro Tomas 3, don't you remember? It is not showing any negative
opinion, FYI this CHARACTER was very dear among the audience, his make up
and the way he ACTS has to be comic in order to tell the JOKE, not to make
fun of said race.

Автор Vince Villasmil (3 года)
Ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja, que bueno que lei la respuesta, porque el
audio no se entendia bien

Автор IAMANALIEN1 (5 лет)
@JimyRoss Sure, you mean your OWN definition of racism. You misinterpret it
cuz is about something that is afecting you, not everybody has the same
opinion as you. One must learn n be able to laugh about themselves (I did).
The ones who refuse, should get out of this section, get a life n spend
their time looking somewhere else, where the REAL racism is. Your decision
to keep on watching just will make you a masoquist...are you? I think so.

Автор Avanmort (5 лет)
Yours wordsa are so empty, without exactly reason, BLUE is BLUE, Why?!
WHite IS WHITE? but.. YOU LOSE (got it?). I askd u something , and u cant
answer properly, Seems u really want to win without almost nothing, as i
told u before : Wrong and poor (short i said, srr ) education =)! Doesnt
matter if i kno and if u kno wt is the of the same, Ur Arguments are as ur words, Sayng U LOSE, SAYNG u WON
indirectly, U arent not prepared to discuss yet seriously.

Автор Billy Mcgee (5 лет)
it has nothing to do with culture it has everything to do with one person
making fun of another person's skin color and physical features. RACISM -
why dont you learn its meaning before you speak about it.

Автор robertyx (5 лет)
@JimyRoss its been don stupid this is a comical sketch about afrocubans
they r latino as well is not racist at al.l latinos is not a race your dumb
ass they come in all shapes and colors!

Автор Avanmort (5 лет)
@JimyRoss Good one xD! jeje, how cant i understand if all i said ws
understood by u (or u could nt?). A contradiction of wt u say, dont u think
so?, Repeating again? sure.. wt else can u do? nothing than repeat and
repeat, and me repeating that u are repeating. jojo jok Tell me, wt kind of
stereotype is positive?. wt Stereotypes at video? explain it, pls take
risks with wt u say. negative? then , the persons who have that big
"qualities" doesnt exist? U are so easy to refute xD!

Автор firebirdchief (4 года)

Автор Nunya (6 лет)
barack es mixed.. africano y blanco.. wow, el primero presidente de negra
sangre.. wow..

Автор Billy Mcgee (5 лет)
you probably just dont realize you are because you grew up with this
opinion and this negative opinion of black people is part of your culture.

Автор hector paz (5 лет)
@IAMANALIEN1 en estos comentario se escribe del video no se escriben
mutuamente para eso existe el mesenger y el correo electornico

Автор Alberto Jimenez (5 лет)
@samirsacin Disculpa mi ponderado amigo de pais extrangero probablemente,
no saltes a conclusiones y lo digo pork no se de donde eres, ese tal "Negro
Mama" no causa ni gracia y no tiene nada que ver con ese personaje con
tomas ya que Tomas causa gracia y no esta hecho con humos retrasado como tu
tal negro mama y lo digo pork antes de escribir este comentario vi algunos
videos Jorge Benavides y no no causa gracia y apoyo a FRESCONFIN de que
detodos modos es creacion de Hector Suarez y ya

Автор Avanmort (5 лет)
negative opinion of black people? im sure its possible with a Short and
wrong education that a person could received. ANyway, are u trying to make
the ppl who see this video to do a deep long reflection of whats wrong? =0
Cz im trying, and this isnt not racism i think, But taking another way the
meanings of the words, a way thats apart of the original meaning. is ur
speciallity. Doesnt? Not the vague characteristic of the words of course

Автор sexylatinlover22 (6 лет)
kreinkert perdoname pero yo no hablais de vosotros ademas no es que este
orgullosa de tener raices espanolas pues a mi me vale. y no te enojes
cuando hablo la verdad querido ok. tu estas ardido por que se sabe que alla
los ay...jaja lo se por que yo viaje a espana. tamnien hay una invasion de
maroquies que ni te explico pero no te enojes conmigo al fin y alcabo somos
todos iguales. y como te digo yo no necesito la cagada desendencia espanola
que de nada sirve.

Автор sexylatinlover22 (6 лет)
hablas como sin en espana no hay negros o mulatos. lo que pasa que uds se
creen la garn berga solo por que son de la madre que nos pario pero igual
el programa esta padrisimo

Автор NZA2 (4 года)
@ALPHALYON so black people walk like chimps?

Автор Jesus Bautista (3 года)
Se parese a mi patrón

Автор Keoni El Salvador (6 лет)
Ella se fue con un balsero, mi negro

Автор alan gillian jr (5 лет)
without black,there would be no brown!!this is like a child disrespecting
it's mother.this is not comedy!it may be funny to you if you THINK that you
are white.but then again,how did bugs bunny portay mexicans and other
hispanics??was THAT funny???

Автор NZA2 (4 года)
@ALPHALYON a "view point" depicting black people as chimps is not racist?
are you serious?

Автор Jugar (4 года)
@rodrigo4556 me gusto lo que escribiste

Автор cecifercho (6 лет)

Автор Hellboy05x (6 лет)
El negrito es puro y blanco y santo, jajajajaj!!..

Автор RAMOSTAG (6 лет)
puntuacion 100

Автор Nunya (5 лет)
you shut the fuck up bitch.. comedy is not just comedy , tu eres bien
pendejo i swear and no im not paranoid idiot.. i just know the difference
between good comedy and racist comedy.. even til now why do you think they
always have latinos as maids in movies and they always have to have
accents.. hollywood is still doing that but no i guess u think thats ok too
huh.. and to let u know there's plenty of mexicans that think this trash is
wrong so there ya go idiot

Автор Nunya (5 лет)
vicente guerrero idiot not vicente fox..

Автор pasionxrock (5 лет)
It's good old classic mexican comedy, as simple as that, no need to come
here and talk about white and black and brown and who knows wtf. It's just

Автор Billy Mcgee (5 лет)
@mekishiko7000 i speak other languages i just dont choose to

Автор IAMANALIEN1 (5 лет)
@Avanmort: Well said. Now, stop wasting your time with this dumbass,
clearly he's out of arguments that's why he starts repeating the same thing
over n over n then go n atack you for your grammar. Some people don't see
the world with an open mind, this guy sees racism everywhere even on his
own shadow I bet. He takes the definition of racism for his own
convinience, probably he lives in a hole unaware that in this present times
racism n PARODY are not the same. ; )

Автор Avanmort (5 лет)
And wt u mean maybe is: U are so rude, u dont respect, (And of course)
RAcist!!! BUt i think maybe u are very conservative, an hypocrite, BUt
thats somethng i would never know, put that on the table, =) wt do u

Автор PrincessKikyou (6 лет)
En mi opinion esta es comedia y es todo menos racista ya que no hay ningun
acto o comentario contra las personas de color no se que concepto tendras
de racismo pero esta muy alejado del concepto original y de eso me doy
cuenta por tu pobre comentario naavehe si quieres un ejemplo de racismo mi
rey ve y observa estados unidos donde hay si hay racismo fuerte contra las
personas de color asi que deja de ver moros por tranchetes y disfruta de
los videos que nos pasa de hector suarez

Автор Zagarkas (3 года)
El negro es puro y blanco!!!

Автор IAMANALIEN1 (5 лет)
@TheRatadelaboratorio Por si no te diste cuenta o no leiste bien los
comentarios a los que te refieres SON acerca de video. Un tal JimyRoss lo
acusaba de racismo mientras otros y yo lo defendiamos. Comenzo un acalorado
debate por un tiempo que despues el Jimy acabo removiendo casi todos sus
comentarios. Ahora, que yo sepa todos lo millones de usuarios de YouTube
hacen esto, entonces cual es el problema?.....

Автор omar gonzalez (5 лет)
@JimyRoss fuck you, suck my dick and kiss my nuts son of a bitch you are a
retard monkey

Автор Avanmort (5 лет)
Here again, =) I really try to understood ur point, but everywhere i read
about The word Racism was the same: Superior feelings, even xenophobic
ideas or hatred (My fkng english x.x) Anyway, i would be very pleased if u
show me where can i Find a serious definition like: MAking fun of- , and
not only more ppl like u cz i cant find it, or do u just searched deep in
your soul to find your own ethic meaning?

Автор rafael grau (4 года)

Автор juan carlos prieto acosta (3 года)
@kenyaeatsbabies ya la cagaste pajua,,,

Автор Avanmort (5 лет)
the problem is one, second ur defs are only 8 or 7 words each one, that
doesnt explains me anything without an argument that i cant refused, i tell
u, mine of: NO place at Internet says RAsc = FUn of-- , only wt u and i
found, anyway, if u could search more places of Defs, an open ur mind to wt
i mean, I insist again, Its ur limit, and wt i said is about wt i think and
wt u said, a combination,. SO this time come with something better ok?

Автор audiogalaxi2 (5 лет)
cierto .. me daba risa este video pero con lo que me dices ya lo pienso 2
veces antes de

Автор mafalo16 (2 года)
el negro es puro y blanco y bonito además... q gose¡¡

Автор asmetuyasiempre (5 лет)
lel evry body make fun of evry body,. asi como hacemos fun del jimyross.,
alias jaime la rosetas.,jimy tas bien pendejo todos en algun tiempo lugar y
espacio hacemos mofa burla chiste o wherever de alguien,por komo se ve como
escrive ke hace u ke traga o por inteligent o donky como el jimyross y para
ke lo entiendas pendejo,racism is una word ke se inventaron tus
esclavisadores governates para tenerte separado de la unica raza que existe
la raza humana.,.aparte de esclavo eres pendejo jimyross

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