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Автор MariaGarcia281 (3 месяца)
Could have been worse - glad he's ok

Автор John Arizona (5 месяцев)
Thank God he is alright. Good job rescue team.

Автор TheGameLix (1 год)
2:54 Look at the skeletons ^^

Автор Plop Plopp (1 месяц)
did she die?

Автор Tim Chambers (1 месяц)
Any fish caught? 

Автор MrStoneycool69 (1 год)
Over banked on high G which lead to the inevitable stall...

Автор cjracer1000 (1 год)
Were the sound effects necessary?

Автор Deadman Studios (5 лет)
@pungskum press 3:06 over and over again!!! its funny!!!!

Автор JR_113 (2 года)
Pretty lucky dude

Автор Spike Harville (3 года)
TOO much not to much.

Автор Diogo W. Resende (1 год)
a Para meu ... Brasileiro ta si mentendo onde não deve.. tenha mais
respeito pelo meu pais! Obrigado

Автор joeypgw103 (3 года)
he G stalled

Автор tlstar (4 года)
They would have been better in having the Perth leg at the end of October

Автор schelling53 (2 года)
when you tip your head back it is natural to pull harder on the stick and
also your not cross checking instruments such as g-meters etc

Автор ✈ NickFlightX - Aviation at its Max! ✈ (2 года)
I really think you should be scared when your plane says experimental. LOL!

Автор Cal H (4 года)
OMG was the water ok?

Автор Justin Angers (4 года)
LISTEN! he did NOT wing stall... He gave wrong rudder... @sourOwl

Автор winter sky (4 года)
@vonkali You were only repeating what you thought you learned. If you can
point out to me ONE article from the internet which verifies what you
"learned at aerodynamics class,I'll go jump off a high bridge.

Автор Pele sch (4 года)
@TheGorsepig007 its the actual pilot :D

Автор gnarkillkicksass (4 года)
@MrJoggl Well thats just increasing load factor. You can work out EXACTLY
what your stall speed and how much it increases in a banked turn if you
know the speed it'll stall at with same config. For example pulling 4 g
your stall speed has doubled and in a turn you require more lift hence load
factor is piled on. With 30 degrees of bank your stall speed has increased
by 7%. You work out the LF then work out the square root of it and you have
your % increase in stall speed.

Автор nz3rdsqr (3 года)
@MysticWhizz what would happen in that situation is the wing would produce
lift but all in a horrizontal direction the aircraft is not stalled but
unless and appropriate action like yawing the aircraft into a nose high
attitude with power on the aircraft will just be a projectile with a
similar movement to a ball that has been thrown. hope this helps.

Автор innersilencedotcom (2 года)
He did the same mistake Matt Hall did - he probably looked into the turn,
pulled harder on the stick, g-stalled the plane and by the time he impacted
the water he was entering an aerodynamic stall (4:11 - speedo stuck at 59
kts due to impact force). The edge of that stall probably saved his life
since the impact would be far worse at higher speed. A very rare example of
how doing the wrong thing by keeping on pulling on the stick sometimes
causes the favorable outcome. Don't look into the turn.

Автор bundieandmatt (3 года)
@ElMondoH hi when a aircraft loses lift it is just called a stall. its when
the angle of attack of the wing creates more drag than lift

Автор mateo1994 (4 года)
Good thing he learned how to swim

Автор Pyr0Techn1c (1 год)
This guy pulls so many g's that crashes just make him mad cuz he can't just
get back out there and fly. He has to wait for the plane to get fixed

Автор Rahul Shrivastava (3 года)
Rightly said. It all comes down to AoA. But, Stall speed increases with
angle of bank. If a plane stalls at 60 knots in clean config, it will stall
at about 84-85 knots in a 2G maneuver. And that Zivko Edge 540 is for sure
pulling more Gs than that.

Автор BmoReYCE (2 года)
he's just copying what Matt Hall said after he did almost exactly the same
thing. G-stalling is when you pull too hard into a corner, and end up with
an aerodynamic angle off attack greater than is capable of producing lift,
and you stall. exactly the same principle as stalling normally, just midway
through a corner.

Автор ozzradd (5 лет)
@TheGorsepig007 Hahahaha i was like at first yea wat about them then was
like oooooo LOL

Автор James Bond (1 год)
He was giving the other skeleton his boner!

Автор winter sky (4 года)
@vonkali Actually the angle of attack for a stall is the same regardless of
speed. The difference is with a high speed stall, it appears to come on
more suddenly without the usual warnings (soft control forces,buffet, left
and right banking) giving the illusion that the stall happened early ie.
lower angle of attack.

Автор His Unknown Excelence Eotunun (3 года)
Dear Red Bull peeps, make up some idea that'll take the racing away from
this hazardous ultra low level flying. While I'm happy to see that you made
the bastard public finally understand how amazing and worthy watching
aerobatic flying is I'll be even happier seeing no one got hurt!

Автор jeppoification (4 года)
@TheGorsepig007 yeah, he's posing for the camera too

Автор winter sky (4 года)
@vonkali I think your confusion comes from --The angle of incidence
relative to the ground in a low speed stall is higher than that of a high
speed stall giving the appearance of a high speed stall occurs at a lower
angle of attack.

Автор Andrew Smolenski (4 года)
Great Video, I've shared it on my blog (link in my profile) in an article
about the Red Bull Air races going on hiatus.

Автор straighttailpilot (5 лет)
I do not see anywhere in this video where he intentionally rolls past 90
degrees. look at the control inputs. as soon as it begins to roll past 90
degrees hes correcting. check it out.

Автор nz3rdsqr (3 года)
a wing stall is a term for people who dont know how to explain what
happened. in this case it was a dynamic stall where the pilot was at speed
through the turn and pulled back to hard causing the plane to have a g that
was too high for that speed. this resulted in a stall forcing him into the
water. and sorry for the double message you tube would only allow me to use
so many characters.

Автор SVTM3Mike (4 года)
@smokedaddyo idk man

Автор snowyphil65 (5 лет)
@pungskum doin it like they do on the discovery channel, damn that must
have hurt

Автор betrippen (5 лет)
hahahaha 2:50 the skeletons

Автор Jason schmidt (1 год)
is the plane scrapped? im guessing its not salvageable

Автор hoppinonabronzeleg (3 года)
@benjamincasciola I think they're stills, - still photographs

Автор TheMdugan1 (3 года)
@sourowl. Not wing stall, your instructor is probably a dipshit fucktwat. G

Автор slowtraveler (3 года)
@shitNameAlert Generally you are right. But loosing of altitude and
over-banking was due to stalling, but not during recovery from low altitude
- pilot pulls on level turn too hard.

Автор jwboll (5 лет)
DQ... Flying too low.

Автор Mats Holmberg (3 года)
Stalling doesn't have anything to do with airspeed.. Stalling a wing just
means losing laminar flow over the wing due to too high an angle of attack.
So one can stall a plane in high speeds, eg. by pulling too high G's.

Автор performance500 (5 лет)
Watch the video and see u dumb fuck he's in the hospital bed talking
......yeah he died hahahah

Автор b1cc2 (3 года)
@SourOwl I don't believe you're learning to fly and you have this poor of a
grasp of the basic fundamentals of flight. I would politely suggest that
you go learn more and listen to your instructor, but now you're being
pushy. I'm a commercial pilot, and I AM TELLING YOU you are wrong. I
actually doubt you've been within 100 feet of an airplane. Give it a
fucking rest, child. You're out of your league here.

Автор andgate2000 (3 года)
He didnt stall anywhere....he went past the 90 degrees...meaning up
elevator to turn ment down.....he had enough speed to level out....so there
was plenty of air flow.

Автор somebodyindahouse (4 года)
he ran out of red bull i guess....

Автор gnarkillkicksass (4 года)
@vonkali All that is any concern is separation point which can occur at any
angle of attack (relative to airflow not horizon) and at any attitude. Ps
why would you take Aerodynamic classes? CPL subjects can be self studied
and its a shit load cheaper. I only did classes for the few ATPL subjects
that require it, all the rest just hit the books and save the money for

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