Red Bull Air Race Plane Crash Perth, Australia

Credit: Red Bull Air Race © Red Bull Media House http://redbullairrace.com

PERTH, Australia After what has been a dramatic day in the history of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship, several of the pilots expressed relief for the safe rescue of Brazilian rookie Adilson Kindlemann but also admitted it was reassuring to see the rescue teams working so quickly to retrieve the pilot and plane.

An official statement issued by race organisers explained that Kindlemann had suffered only minor injuries akin to whiplash and praised the prompt and efficient rescue efforts by both the jet ski divers and those aboard the rescue boats. The pilot was pulled from the upturned MXS-R race plane, which was floating in the Swan River, in under a minute.

The official statement read: While manoeuvring his MXS-R race plane, approaching gate three in the middle of the race track, Kindlemann impacted the water with his wings level and tail first. Specially trained emergency response teams rushed to the scene and rescued Kindlemann as the aircraft floated in the water, in less than one minute. He was then transported to the Royal Perth Hospital.

Once Kindlemann had been assessed at the hospital, the other pilots were able to breathe a sigh of relief as they heard that the 2010 newcomer was going to be OK. One team member admitted it was a nerve-wracking time as they awaited fresh information about the state of the pilot, who has already made an impact at the Race Airport with his lively personality. "I was in the holding area when the accident took place but I did not see how it happened, said Russian pilot Sergey Rakhmanin, who was due to fly after Kindlemann in the first training session this morning. I am happy to hear that Adilson is safe and received only minor injuries.

Equally Japanese pilot Yoshi Muroya expressed his relief that Kindlemann was in good health after the incident, which occurred at 11.50am local time in Perth. "The fantastic response by the specially trained emergency crews has underlined the value of the emphasis on safety in the Red Bull Air Race, said Muroya. Both the emergency response team and the pilots have trained for this kind of incident and I confidently look forward to more practice in the track tomorrow and some exciting racing in the weekend."

British pilot Nigel Lamb, who was sitting in third position after todays disrupted first training session also offered a useful insight into the lifesaving efforts by the rescue teams. Lamb also noted Kindlemanns quick thinking in the lead up to the moment when the MXS-R hit the water. Ive seen very little footage but the most important thing is that if you have any kind of unwanted impact with the surface, you want to land at the slowest speed possible with your wings level, explained Lamb. From what I saw in the videos, he was not at slow speed but he did manage to get the wings level. I am amazed at how quick the divers were there and how unscathed he is. Youd think at that speed youd be very poorly placed but it all turned out very positively.

Today saw what has always been a theoretical situation turn to reality. Seeing the rescue teams in action in the first ever real life emergency operation has helped to confirm just how effective the safety measures the organisation has put into place are. Its one thing for your engine to fail and you have do a controlled landing on water but now Ive seen someone do that at twice the speed you imagine and he came out alright, admits Lamb. Thats very confidence inspiring. Today has really given me even more confidence about operations over water.

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Автор bipola telly ( назад)
ooooo.... jellyfish.

Автор Marc Knight ( назад)
Oh, after a crash it's "hats off" to everyone ?

Автор Le Killeur ( назад)

Автор Le Killeur ( назад)
j'aimerais être à sa place

Автор Arch3rAc3 ( назад)
LOL, the skeletons.

Автор BLXDK ( назад)
it is Brazil.

Автор Audrey Taylor ( назад)
Am I the only one who noticed the 2 skeletons getting it on @2:52 lol!

Автор Alex Reigle ( назад)
This seems like a flight characteristic of the MXS-R. Matt Hall did the
same thing with a similar plane. I'm guessing it's traits like that which
make it super fast?

Автор TheSillyOldDude ( назад)
Fly low and crazy and expect pain WHEN you make a mistake.

Автор TheStevenB ( назад)
I remember I was on a flight from Adelaide to Perth to attend the Air Race
when this happened. I didn't know that there had been an accident until my
taxi driver from the airport told me. Was glad he was okay, but at the same
time very worried they were going to cancel the event!

Автор Plop Plopp ( назад)
did she die?

Автор Vw Tim ( назад)
Any fish caught? 

Автор MariaGarcia281 ( назад)
Could have been worse - glad he's ok

Автор John Arizona ( назад)
Thank God he is alright. Good job rescue team.

Автор MrStoneycool69 ( назад)
Over banked on high G which lead to the inevitable stall...

Автор TheGameLix ( назад)
2:54 Look at the skeletons ^^

Автор cjracer1000 ( назад)
Were the sound effects necessary?

Автор Dodgers1411 ( назад)
What's up with the skeletons on 2:53? I'm i tripping or the fucking?

Автор HENRIQUE ELOI ( назад)
e o capitão do meu pinto falando mais que a boca!

Автор TheMrchip001 ( назад)
couldnt beleave it, my first redbull air race and i seen a crash

Автор chaki83 ( назад)

Автор Gerpar250 ( назад)
13 people wanted him to die

Автор David Bobson ( назад)
sorry , bad taste meter reset

Автор David Bobson ( назад)
is it jimmy saville? the dirty old git

Автор Wombat Stevens ( назад)
Bonin' each other. hahahahaa

Автор xDBoio DM ( назад)
nossa voces falao muito vamos tratar todos como pessoas iguais n como cada
pais tem sua raça

Автор Diogo W. Resende ( назад)
a Para meu ... Brasileiro ta si mentendo onde não deve.. tenha mais
respeito pelo meu pais! Obrigado

Автор Chris Dritmanis ( назад)
NASCAR is joke

Автор Ralph Esposito ( назад)
Esses brasileiros ficam se metendo onde nao devem...

Автор martinh88 ( назад)
Did he die?

Автор James Bond ( назад)
He was giving the other skeleton his boner!

Автор Jason schmidt ( назад)
is the plane scrapped? im guessing its not salvageable 

Автор Pyr0Techn1c ( назад)
This guy pulls so many g's that crashes just make him mad cuz he can't just
get back out there and fly. He has to wait for the plane to get fixed

Автор innersilencedotcom ( назад)
Hi, looking into the turn basically means that during a 180 turn for
example, you look past the 90 degree angle that your wing creates with the
longitudinal axis of the aircraft (sort of you look at your 7 o clock).
during high speed turns at low altitudes this can become a problem since
during the time you look back (further into the turn), you tend to pull on
the stick unintentionally, which can induce G stall, and that close to the
water that's quite a problem. Fly safe.

Автор BmoReYCE ( назад)
he's just copying what Matt Hall said after he did almost exactly the same
thing. G-stalling is when you pull too hard into a corner, and end up with
an aerodynamic angle off attack greater than is capable of producing lift,
and you stall. exactly the same principle as stalling normally, just midway
through a corner.

Автор Tony Palk ( назад)
LOL, Yeah, the skeleton was getting it from behind!

Автор Col hellboy ( назад)
did anybody else spot the skeletons..?

Автор Frank Moser ( назад)
I'm sorry man. Really I don't even remember making this comment but it
seems like it was an attempt at humor lol I would like to add that I
RESPECT just about ALL South Americans (Mexicans.Hondurans, Columbians etc
etc,and of course Brazilians) probably some of the bravest people on the
planet as well as hospitable. Again I'm extremely sorry for the bad
joke.Hopefully none of the Gracie's took offense( as if they even saw it
lol) Naw but I am sorry and you are probably right all i fly is rc lol

Автор Marco Arbage ( назад)
Watch your tong Mr Frank Moser!!! The worst Brazilian pilot is much better
than you. 

Автор SnippySteven ( назад)
I am flying an experimental home built decathlon aero plane right now haha.
Sounds like it shouldn't be aerobatic worthy huh? lol

Автор Weese ( назад)
What's with the shitty sound?

Автор Ich bins ( назад)
nascar is a fuckin joke

Автор ✈ NickFlightX - Aviation at its Max! ✈ ( назад)
I really think you should be scared when your plane says experimental. LOL!

Автор Oscar Islas ( назад)
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even my friend also earning well monthly doing surveys and reading mails
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Автор PeanutButterGtr ( назад)
"It's Ok. I'm ready." Shows footage of absolutely WRECKED plane...

Автор PeanutButterGtr ( назад)
Must be one hell of a "boner".

Автор g1hau ( назад)
The most professional and thorough coverage I've seen in years. No
"reporter" on camera crapping on and on - just comprehensive footage of the
incident itself, on-camera footage of experts and even the pilot.
Impressive access to the crashed plane, too. Very well put together -
thanks for the posting.

Автор Frank Moser ( назад)
When are these Brazilians gonna learn " you can't fly in a thong" it chaffs
your taint during high-speed maneuvers and when they get sweaty. Then you
slip and slide around and right about the "moment of impact" your asshole
ends up taking a big bite out of the seat and you wake up in the hospital
with a sore butt-hole and a bad taste in your mouth and all because you
didn't understand the true meaning of G-string.Should be called
anti-G-strings Good luck cleaning the shit stains outta this one 

Автор JR_113 ( назад)
Pretty lucky dude

Автор schelling53 ( назад)
when you tip your head back it is natural to pull harder on the stick and
also your not cross checking instruments such as g-meters etc 

Автор Richard Melez ( назад)
I am a private pilot... I"m not certified for aerobatics so could you
explain what you mean by looking into the turn... and why that would cause
a crash of this type? I do understand what you mean by G-Stalling. Thank
you :)

Автор dave tee ( назад)
What are the Skeltons doing at 3.10 ?

Автор innersilencedotcom ( назад)
He did the same mistake Matt Hall did - he probably looked into the turn,
pulled harder on the stick, g-stalled the plane and by the time he impacted
the water he was entering an aerodynamic stall (4:11 - speedo stuck at 59
kts due to impact force). The edge of that stall probably saved his life
since the impact would be far worse at higher speed. A very rare example of
how doing the wrong thing by keeping on pulling on the stick sometimes
causes the favorable outcome. Don't look into the turn.

Автор Nibelung Valesti ( назад)
Ew, Brazilian. Nobody would have minded if he perished, methinks.

Автор sgsellsit ( назад)
Notice how fast the airspeed bleeds off the airplane. He still had some
airspeed but just a little more and would have hovered into the water. 

Автор sgsellsit ( назад)
Over a 90 degree bank in an attempted 180 degree turn and stall. Not enough
rudder or power to overcome that.

Автор Gale Gregory ( назад)

Автор Touchthesky412 ( назад)
I love all the "experts" here who don't have a clue, yet offer the cause

Автор les faust ( назад)
makes NASCAR look like a fuckin joke....lool

Автор MrAviation101 ( назад)
@SourOwl Thats exactly what it looked like happeded. he over banked and
tried to correct for it too fast and stalled

Автор John Heatrick ( назад)
he was drinking monster before the flight and karma got to him

Автор NZ Aviator ( назад)
a wing stall is a term for people who dont know how to explain what
happened. in this case it was a dynamic stall where the pilot was at speed
through the turn and pulled back to hard causing the plane to have a g that
was too high for that speed. this resulted in a stall forcing him into the
water. and sorry for the double message you tube would only allow me to use
so many characters.

Автор NZ Aviator ( назад)
@SourOwl there is no such thing as a wing stall. to stall an aircraft the
angle of attack (AOA) has to reach the stalling angle for the wing. this
can happen through two main ways one is a reduced airspeed therefore AOA is
increased to beyond stalling angle. the second is a dynamic stall where the
aicraft is at a high speed but it is brought back to vilently causing a
high g loading which will cause the wing to go over the AOA at a higher
speed causing the same effect as a stall.

Автор NZ Aviator ( назад)
@MysticWhizz what would happen in that situation is the wing would produce
lift but all in a horrizontal direction the aircraft is not stalled but
unless and appropriate action like yawing the aircraft into a nose high
attitude with power on the aircraft will just be a projectile with a
similar movement to a ball that has been thrown. hope this helps.

Автор TheMdugan1 ( назад)
@sourowl. Not wing stall, your instructor is probably a dipshit fucktwat. G

Автор OneSkiWonder ( назад)
@SourOwl I do believe it's called "G-Stalled".

Автор CFITOMAHAWK2 ( назад)
0:24 Looks like he was overshooting the pylon and at 0:25 pulled hard
towards it. 

Автор nicotenios ( назад)
ROFL at 3:12 for the skeleton hot action! 

Автор Flyin' Hawaiian ( назад)
@yahul25 You're not understanding what I'm saying, though. Regardless of
airspeed, a wing will always stall at the same angle of attack. 60kts or
90kts, it's the same AoA.

Автор Rahul Shrivastava ( назад)
Rightly said. It all comes down to AoA. But, Stall speed increases with
angle of bank. If a plane stalls at 60 knots in clean config, it will stall
at about 84-85 knots in a 2G maneuver. And that Zivko Edge 540 is for sure
pulling more Gs than that.

Автор Flyin' Hawaiian ( назад)
@yahul25 You're forgetting the basics, stalls have to do with angle of
attack. You can throw out all those factors but it still comes down to AoA.
That'll be one of the first things they teach you when you go to ground

Автор Flyin' Hawaiian ( назад)
@yahul25 You're forgetting the basics, stalls have to do with angle of
attack. You can throw out all those factors but it still comes down to AoA.
That'll be one of the first things they teach you when you go to ground

Автор Rahul Shrivastava (1233 года назад)
@SuperMcfly12 More Banking, more Load factor, increase in stall speed ,n
hence , stalling at higher speeds. try passing 70 degs bank in small
single,with full power, u wont be able to maintain altitude OR airspeed.

Автор Spike Harville ( назад)
TOO much not to much.

Автор slowtraveler ( назад)
@shitNameAlert Generally you are right. But loosing of altitude and
over-banking was due to stalling, but not during recovery from low altitude
- pilot pulls on level turn too hard. 

Автор hoppinonabronzeleg ( назад)
@benjamincasciola I think they're stills, - still photographs

Автор Flyin' Hawaiian ( назад)
@SourOwl Stalling a wing has nothing to do with banking. Loose lift? Can
you tighten lift?

Автор shitNameAlert ( назад)
@SourOwl stalling is if your AoA is too high and the laminar airflow over
the wing gets turboulent, resulting in a loss of lift. This is caused by
pulling up too much or too quickly or flying to slow. In this case he lost
too much altitude while banked - then tried to safe it by "pulling" up too
hard, too rapidly resulting in a high speed stall. Given the altitude he
didn't have any choices - so the stall probably wasn't the mistake - it was
the banking for too long, using not enough rudder... 

Автор benjamincasciola ( назад)
It would have been a great video except the video stops every 5 seconds for
20 seconds. This is bullshit.

Автор Impending Lee ( назад)
Background of 03:05 skeletons are having upright doggystyle sex! :P 

Автор highlo3517 ( назад)
It would look like he G stalled the aircraft much like Matt Hall.

Автор highlo3517 ( назад)
Hey mister I'm learning to fly. look up the maneuver called a knife edge.
You will find it is when you are in a complete 90 degree bank flying
straight using the fuse and verticle stabilizer to produce lift. they fly
tail low in this due to a large rudder control input.

Автор 420YLEM ( назад)

Автор Harrison O'brien ( назад)
lucky for him the swan river is incredibly shallow in that area. the plane
was probably on the bottom instead of floating.

Автор Mats Holmberg ( назад)
Stalling doesn't have anything to do with airspeed.. Stalling a wing just
means losing laminar flow over the wing due to too high an angle of attack.
So one can stall a plane in high speeds, eg. by pulling too high G's.

Автор blown4six ( назад)
He didn't get as lucky as Matt Hall. :( 

Автор killirishred ( назад)
Thats what coming down from a redbull buzz feels like!

Автор andgate2000 ( назад)
He didnt stall anywhere....he went past the 90 degrees...meaning up
elevator to turn ment down.....he had enough speed to level out....so there
was plenty of air flow.

Автор bundieandmatt ( назад)
@ElMondoH hi when a aircraft loses lift it is just called a stall. its when
the angle of attack of the wing creates more drag than lift 

Автор E.M H ( назад)
@b1cc2 I'm sorry, I'm confused: If there's no such thing as 'wing stall',
what's the name for the phenomenon when an aircraft's wings lose lift? 

Автор Cal H ( назад)
OMG was the water ok?

Автор juan nunez ( назад)
brave warrior,my respect for this guy..... 

Автор hvachessler ( назад)
@SecondCocacola You are wrong it was clearly a high speed stall. Wrong
rudder LOL

Автор Duncan Staples ( назад)
He G-Stalled the plane. He was lucky to get to a wings level attitude
before impacting the water. Worked out very well due to a lot of skill and
some luck.

Автор RCWOZDUDE ( назад)
did anyone notice the two skeletons doing it doggy style at 3:05 behind the

Автор Justin Angers ( назад)
LISTEN! he did NOT wing stall... He gave wrong rudder... @sourOwl

Автор Pele sch ( назад)
@TheGorsepig007 its the actual pilot :D

Автор winter sky ( назад)
swimming in shark alley

Автор 1225Cory ( назад)
correct he pitched the wrong way i am a sgt. at civil air patrol or air
force academy in gonzales louisiana

Автор tucknet (720 лет назад)
@MysticWhizz It's more about the airspeed of each wing. If the airflow over
the wing becomes too slow or is somehow disrupted (icing, for example) the
wing will fail to produce enough lift to keep the plane airborne.

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