Details the ritual of becoming a man in the South African tribe of Xhosha.

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Автор Esther Star ( назад)
Its nothing but a CRIME..


Автор 89990000 ( назад)
@blaspherian Actually you are the fool.......>8)

Автор carlosspeck ( назад)
Do a search on YouTube for Dr. Dean Edell and circumcion. He's a leading
child expert who makes clear that this bronze age "tradition" is savage, in
the U.S. AND Africa.

Автор Komnenit ( назад)
Wow this is the reason because poor countries are poor and rich countries
are rich...Stupidity expressed through religion fanatism and obsolete
practices like circ... Only with the exception of the USA, circ has a very
VERY low rate in industrialized countries. 'The progress of a nation can be
measured with the respect it has upon the sanctity of the body, its
completeness and perfection' - Me

Автор Komnenit ( назад)
@Muzzleflash219 You are obviously ignorant to know what does it feels
having a foreskin, simply because you dont have one! The level of pleasure
an intact man can reach is beyond imagination for a mutilated man. Do you
really feel good being an incomplete man? Or you are just justifying what
was wrongly-done upon yourself as a baby, when your personal integrity was
violated by your parents and a doctor? 'Cause i dont think you would like
to have circumcision done in your adulthood

Автор Komnenit ( назад)
You dont become a man, you become a mutilated, incomplete and obviously
unhappy man who can't live his sexual life fully and is limited to the
barbaric practices of man. You become not a man, but an insult to Nature.

Автор racenemo ( назад)
@blaspherian You think I'm religious? Who is the fool?


Автор chon21 ( назад)
this bs

Автор Tomáš Kraus ( назад)
surgent looks like a zoo keeper

Автор captcarl2 ( назад)
check out Foregen.org to support research into using regenerative medicine
for the male foreskin.

Автор Lilly Prince ( назад)
@zimovjel I completely agree. I will definitely not circumcise my son if I
ever have one.

Автор racenemo ( назад)
They clean the knife? Damned looks like they start to learn. Question, WHY

Автор Sky ( назад)
this is some weird ritual... o_O

Автор ulises martinez ( назад)
oh god

Автор David1531992 ( назад)
"Forgive them father, for they knoweth not what they do."

Автор David1531992 ( назад)
"In upon one, boys lose one part they need to become fully men."

Автор mzcyberbat ( назад)
in some countries where it is impossible to bathe in water (dessert tribes)
then this could be life saving as it prevents infection. But as most people
have water then its more a cultural thing.

Автор DJ Lambda ( назад)
@Hugh7777 Well then they have their parents to blame. And at least its not
like losing an leg, arm, or an eye. Worse things have happened in the
history of mankind then somebody getting their pecker snipped.

Автор Hugh7777 ( назад)
@Muzzleflash219 : it's tiny to cut off a baby (which makes it hard to do
accurately) but not as little as you think on a man. It's ~15 sq in (~100
cm^2) unfolded, and it's not just skin - there's a thin layer of
involuntary muscle in there (that' what makes the "drawstring" at the end).
An eyelid is also "pretty dang small". "And if not, big freakin deal" You
can say that for yourself, but when someone else has had part cut off THEIR
cock and resents it, it's THEIR deal.

Автор DJ Lambda ( назад)
@Hugh7777 Sure, but the amount of "volume, mass, area, and weight" that
you'd lose is pretty dang small. Skin doesn't weigh that much, and as you
said when you've got an erection it's pulled back on it's own anyway. The
only time I could see where you'd have greater girth/length or whatever is
when it's flaccid. And at that time something like that wouldn't really
matter anyway. So I suppose it all depends on what you and your partner are
happy with. And if not, big freakin deal.

Автор Hugh7777 ( назад)
@Muzzleflash219: A foreskin has volume, mass, area and weight. Cut if off
and you have LESS volume, mass, area and weight. I don't think I can make
it any clearer than that. And you'd cut part off for the sake of an
illusion? (I shouldn't be so suprised.) Health teachers are probably even
less reliable than Wikipedia, and you certainly didn't get a figure of the
nerves in a foreskin from any US textbook because many don't even
acknowledge it exists.

Автор gypsykatcher30 ( назад)
margarine, lmao, he should use I cant beleive its not butter! Amateurs!

Автор DJ Lambda ( назад)
@Hugh7777 You're dick, whether circumsized or not will always be the same
size. I just said it gives the illusion of greater length. And as for nerve
endings I got my stats from a textbook and health teacher, and not

Автор Hugh7777 ( назад)
The commentator seems to swallow the line that cutting part of the genitals
off "turns boys into men". So I guess poking one eye out helps you see
better. 90 Eastern Cape boys didn't make it in 2009.

Автор Hugh7777 ( назад)
@Muzzleflash219: "Your dick looks bigger" - but with part cut off, it's
actually smaller, of course. "is easier to clean" - but much less fun
"easier for a girl to suck on with no need to pull any skin back" - no need
in any case, it'll go back of its own accord. Foreskin ~20,000 nerve
endings. Clitoris ~8000 nerve endings. Your figures?

Автор DJ Lambda ( назад)
I'm circumsized and it's great! Your dick looks bigger, is easier to clean,
and it's easier for a girl to suck on with no need to pull any skin back.
As for lack of feeling, believe me when I say I feel EVERYTHING, cuz your
knob (which is the most sensitive part of a guys body) is completely
exposed. And people who say that foreskin has more nerve endings than a
clit are full of shit. A guys knob or foreskin doesn't even have HALF the
nerves endings a clitoris does.

Автор kasper031707 ( назад)
do circumcision really needs?? but me they do it to me when i was still a
baby? i think right before my hellow world ??

Автор Mz Hellinahandbasket ( назад)
They are greater ways to confirm male adulthood than mutiliation. A sad and
pointless tradition.

Автор tipoomaster ( назад)
Bullshit. I'm a med-school graduate, you cant fool me. You know, you can go
to prison for impersonating a medical professional online?

Автор ugas bashat ( назад)
ahh! this is why they call africans stupid as well as asians and europeans.
god damn ignorant africans!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

Автор Netaji1 ( назад)
Infact, I disagree for circumcision. It should should not be practised if
no abnormality. Circumcised men face absence of gliding action and reduced
sensitivity of glanspenis, therby reduction in enjoy for both. At eraction,
the increased size of penis pulls skin from testis if circumcised. Testes
come closer to body, their temp. increases which causes early ejeculation.
All body parts have their role. Without them you lose naturality. Dont be
blind follower.

Автор Netaji1 ( назад)
Yes, It is the big cruelity with kids. One should follow traditions blidly.
If it is to remove, why God blessed it to all the males even animals. It
has 12 functions, scientifically.

Автор Netaji1 ( назад)
It actually exposses the kid for infections. No any body part added by the
God uselessly.

Автор zimovjel ( назад)
I'm so sorry this was done to your little boy. I hope that he can sue one
day. Rape about sums it up, a violent sex crime against a minor. (hugs)

Автор Jonatan Esau del Cid Montufar ( назад)

Автор Jonatan Esau del Cid Montufar ( назад)
the circumcision helps the kid To avoid infections in the foreskin

Автор cyborgbot ( назад)

Автор Alex Ceachir ( назад)
if you want to have a big pleasure from sex..you should take ashower before
sex..its cool and doessen't smell

Автор TheNaughtylist ( назад)
LOL'd. How could they do such harm to such a small part of the human body
that is in need and we use all the time.

Автор shinevrything ( назад)
i envy you ... but stil i like bieng circumcised .. cuz it doesnt stink =)

Автор Vairesh Gunner ( назад)
u uncircumcised me too i am virgin how does the sex feel?

Автор BRIANd ( назад)
LMFAO! SUCH STUPIDITY. ONLY dumb poverty filled niggers can think of.

Автор zimovjel ( назад)
Circing a consenting adult whether girl or boy doesn't bother me one bit.
It is when you do it to a non-consenting minor like we do here in the USA
to our baby boys where I have the problem. Ever child has the right to
genital integrity until they can make the decision for themselves over the
function and appearance of their sex organ.

Автор CMEboi ( назад)
The people on here need to stop with all those rubbish statistics. For all
we know, the people who WERE uncircumsized didin't use a condom while
having sexual intercourse and hence contracted AIDS. Whereas, if you ask
me, I'm uncircumsized, had sex, and look ma, no aidss!! It's all bout who
those researchers decide to include within the experiment.

Автор Czerwonymike ( назад)
fuck my dick cringed

Автор entertainmentbear ( назад)
...good one.

Автор rationalway ( назад)
My point being, that you should go screw yourself!

Автор entertainmentbear ( назад)
your point being? that somehow getting one's foreskin removed is more
traumatic than getting one's clitoris removed?

Автор rationalway ( назад)
FORESKIN ----> more than 20,000 nerve endings Clitoris -----------> only
around 8,000 nerve endings

Автор Paul Sandberg (1102 года назад)
Shogun, the large Laumann study (1997)undertaken in the USA, based on a
cohort of some 30,000 American men, also showed no advantage to circumcised
men for STDs. It concludes: "circumcision status does not appear to affect
the contraction of STDs. Rather, the opposite pattern holds from our study:
circumcised men were slightly more likely to have had both a bacterial and
a viral STD in their lifetime".

Автор Paul Sandberg (1512 года назад)
I´m lying?! Circumcision does NOT appear to protect men from STDS in
developed nations. SOURCE: Journal of Paediatrics, March 2008: The study
(Dunedin, NZ), based on a cohort of 400 men, showed that genitally intact
men were no more likely to have an STD than circumcised men. It

Автор FapMan The Fapper (1736 лет назад)
ahh goddamnit I'm so happy Im not African

Автор shogunly (1854 года назад)
now YOU are lying shamelessly

Автор Paul Sandberg ( назад)
shogunly, there are plenty of studies showing that circumcision does NOT

Автор Paul Bottomley ( назад)
Fuck you, too.

Автор shogunly ( назад)
No its not the same the appendix and the tonsils are important for immunity
. Are you thick in the head I said type "circumcision protects against"
into Google and see for yourself . This stupid site does not allow posting
links , for some reason any comment I post with a link in it gets bocked .
As for how they got those numbers , you apparently are not familiar with
statistics and this is not the place to teach it to you .

Автор Paul Bottomley ( назад)
Where do you get your figures from? How can one measure that AIDS, for
instance, was definitely prevented, and definitely by being circumcised?
I'm not being arsey, I'm just wondering. Phimosis and penile cancer are
incredibly rare. To remove a foreskin to prevent these things is akin to
routinely removing the appendix, because there's a chance it might cause
appendicitis. And in the case of STDs, condoms are by far better at
prevention than surgery.

Автор Paul Sandberg ( назад)
Phimosis, affecting probably fewer than 1 in 100 men, SELDOM needs to be
corrected by circumcision. In Europe, gentle foreskin stretching exercises
with/without application of steroid cream is often recommended first.
Circumcision is a drastic approach (removes much sexually functional,
erogenous tissue) that should only be undertaken if others remedies are not
feasible. Infant circumcision carries some risks (infection, too much
tissue removal - resultant erectile complications post-puberty).

Автор Paul Sandberg ( назад)
There's plenty of propaganda being churned out by the American circumcision
lobby. Why don't we see any such studies in Europe?

Автор Paul Sandberg ( назад)
shogun, if you've benn practising for 5 years, you need to get better
informed. You still haven't been able to show me that smegma is
carcinogenic. What textbeooks were you referring to? I too have medical
training. The problem with your irrational argument is that more people DIE
from the circumcision operation than die from penile cancer. Not a single
pediatric/medical society recommends routine circumcision - risks of the
op. itself may outweigh alleged beneifts.

Автор shogunly ( назад)
apparently youtube doesnt allow posting links , so I will have to copy
paste some articles I found , LATER . You piece of sh I am taking my USMLE
in 2 weeks , I have been practising for 5 years back home , and this time
next year I will be working in a USA hospital WHO the HELL are YOU to say
whether I had medical training or not you arrogant SOB

Автор shogunly ( назад)
why would I lie you retard wtf is in it for me if you cut your dik or not
you a-hole .

Автор shogunly ( назад)
Studies suggest that neonatal circumcision does play a role in preventing
some medical conditions, including penile carcinoma and urinary tract
infection, and may or may not reduce the incidence of sexually transmitted
diseases and cervical cancer. Diseases Prevented: >7,000 cases of Aids
>10,000 cases of syphilis >20,000 episodes of kidney infection >1,000 cases
of penile cancer 200,000 cases of phimosis (foreskin scared closed) 250,000
cases of balanoposthitis (infected forskin)

Автор shogunly ( назад)
I couldnt post a link , but anyway for the 3rd time I read it in TORONTO
NOTES , you and anyone else here can simply enter " circumcision protects
against " into google and read all the medical journals that come up .

Автор shogunly ( назад)
What happened

Автор Paul Sandberg ( назад)
shogun, you´re lying, There isn´t a single medical textbook you can quote
from that indicates that circumcision is protective against penile cancer.
I challenge you.

Автор ComputerBoiii ( назад)
wow all that fuss over a dick.. the whole village has to know about it..
aha wow.

Автор shogunly ( назад)
you can doubt as much as you like that doesnt change the fact that in most
textbooks i studied circumcision was considered protective from squamous
cell cancer of the dik . As for female smegma , thats just stupid . Females
secrete a similar thing but its not called smegma , thats just like calling
the clitoris a penis .

Автор Paul Sandberg ( назад)
shogun, I doubt you have any significant medical training. No pediatric or
medical society recommends routine circumcision. As for smegma, you spout
myths. Did you know that women secrete more smegma than men? It is secreted
by the vulva (particularly clitoral hood) AND by the vagina (its main
source). I hope you don't promote female circumcision too. All it takes is
basic body hygiene to prevent build-up of smegma. Besides acting as a
natural lubricant, enhancing sex, it is anti-microbial.

Автор VC Ch9119 ( назад)
This study that smegma causes cancer where by by Plaut, and Heins done in
the 50's!It has been proven wrong now!The only reason to get it cut off is

Автор VC Ch9119 ( назад)
We get a part of dick cut of!GONE BIRTH HAS NOTHING ON THIS!

Автор VC Ch9119 ( назад)
Smegma isn't dangerous!IT just keeps the glans moisturized There is some
bacteria that can develope but it doesn't harm the body!It's pretty much
harmless i think!

Автор Paul Sandberg ( назад)
icemom, you think non-circumcised penises are more prone to infection than
circumcised? So, how come the 80% circ'ed USA has more HIV and other STDs
than Europe, where circumcision is uncommon? Women are five times more
likely to suffer a urogenital infection than men are. The hygiene argument
for circumc'n would apply in greatar measure for trimming the vulva -
clitoral hood and inner labia removal. Basic hygiene should suffice for
both genders. Otherwise, treat with pharmacy medicine!

Автор shogunly ( назад)
studying medicine we learned that circumcision is healthy and should be
promoted (male circumcision I mean) . Do you know what SMEGMA is ? Thank
god because I am circumcized I only read about it . That SMEGMA has been
proven to increase risk of STD AND cancer of the penis (one kind of penile
cancer that happens almost EXLUSIVELY in uncircumcized men) . About the
sensation that is lossed , well I think about a billion circumcized men in
the world might disagree with you hehe

Автор venusknife ( назад)
no need to be a nasty jerk? its people like you that keep perpetuating
superstitions from the dark ages and make life horrible for your progeny. i
hope you never have sons so they don't suffer this emasculation at your
uninformed whim.

Автор aidanne07 ( назад)
All the same it's very painfull, And children are sufferen, and they are
healing for weeks on end. !0000000's are dying from infection. And there
getting circumsized in dirt and flith, and with bulnt knives. This is child
abuse. I could never do this to anyone, EVER! If You make a child suffer
pain, Thats child abuse. Where i come from. How can you do this to a child.
Its sick.

Автор aidanne07 ( назад)
Why is it that they have to have a circumcision when there so young, they
have not even fully grown yet! Do you's not understand that. There bodys is
changing all the time as they grow. I think myself that this is a kind of
CHILD ABUSE. And it should stop these children dying due to infection. If
they want to do this? do it proper, And use pain relieve, and sterilize

Автор tipoomaster ( назад)
I'm crazy? you used the pain of giving birth as an excuse to have your
babies penis mutilated. ONE of us is crazy, but it certainly isnt me. the
worst part is that you chose to turn a blind eye when the facts are
presented to you. i feel sorry for your son, maam, and so should you.

Автор tipoomaster ( назад)
damn comment character limits :( anyways, icemom09 just portrayed a perfect
example of why this atrocity continues to occur: IGNORANCE. she seems to be
under the impression (from what i understood of her crappy grammar) that
unmutilated penises are bound to get infected, that's NOT TRUE. it takes
literally less than 15 seconds to clean it in the shower everyday, this
isn't the dark ages, people. you don't deserve the honor of being a mother.

Автор tipoomaster ( назад)
babies ears get incected alot, why not chop those off?? and that birth
thing was a terrible analogy...just because that hurts doesn't mean the
baby should suffer, does it? they have no say in the matter, its just plain
WRONG. if you want to do it wait until they are older and consent to it.
and please, dont try the whole less infections crap on me. it was brought
to the states as a way of preventing masturbation, but that didnt work so
they started spreading the "it prevents infections"crap

Автор tipoomaster ( назад)
Circumcision is a violation of the most BASIC of human rights, and its even
been proven to be harmfull. some studies show 20-50% of the feeling is lost
in the foreskin, although i admit 50 sounds quite high. it also eliminates
the penises ability to self-lubricate, since the foreskin is supposed to
move up to spread the semen. do you have NO respect for human rights? you
would probably recoil at the thought of FEMALE genital mutilation, wouldn't

Автор Principalies ( назад)
That is exactly what the Imperialist said before they pillaged and
massacred what they considered the "inferior race".

Автор Gladiator0719 ( назад)
I'm uncut and my women love it.

Автор napal05 ( назад)
man at 3:01 looks like Jamie Foxx the bum xD

Автор MCRloversincebirth ( назад)

Автор oncul koparan ( назад)
the thing is Islam is not what "Muslims" do.. Islam is whatever is written
in Quran.. U can read Quran in English and see it if u dont believe me. By
this way u can also understand what Quran means... and u can also realize
the differences between bible and Quran (if u read bible tho) as a Muslim
believer i've read both Quran and bible... Peace

Автор vincent james ( назад)
holly fuck these people are animals!!!

Автор oncul koparan ( назад)
no i dont deny that at all.. i know it happens in some remote parts of
Africa and i think some parts of Asia as well.. but the thing is it has
nothing to do with Islam. Thats what i wanted to mention. I used to live in
Canada for a year an half.. and I also noticed that media against Islam in
most of western countries. They try to represent it as evil and naive
people just believe in media without searching anything by their selves. I
have many Canadian friends who knows whats going around tho..

Автор oncul koparan ( назад)
i dunno where do they practice it. However Im too sure there is no such
thing in Islam. C'mon man u live in Canada.. U have endless sources there
to gain information about anything..

Автор Neonym ( назад)
It has been found that infant foreskins have special cells that are like
stem cells harvested by industries as ingredients for cosmetics, healing
burn victims the list goes on. It's too profitable for circumcision to go
extinct in the US because they're too inept to stand up and pass
legislation that protects both sexes equally. As for your second point,
it's fucking sickening that while in the minority, those anti-masturbation
sickos still exist and cut their kids.

Автор Neonym ( назад)
Actually, you're sort of wrong on both fronts. Firstly, the HIV-circ scare
has been thoroughly debunked by respected scientific bodies. Won't ever
hear about that on CNN because--guess what--it's Jewish owned. Second, the
sexual repression of the Victorian Era had medical authorities GENUINELY
believing masturbation caused problems and should be prevented by many
measures, including genital mutilation. Don't forget the foreskins of
babies are a multimillion$ industry. It's all $ folks.

Автор Neonym ( назад)
Who gives a shit. Our culture is infinitely less absurd.

Автор SketchyBack ( назад)
unless you are an african living in a region with high prevalence of AIDS,
there are no hygienic or medicinal reasons to be circumcised. in the US,
circumcision became popular because old white religious bastards thought it
would reduce masturbation.

Автор SketchyBack ( назад)
Exactly. Hacking at your penis just because your culture prescribes it
reduces your manliness. The manly thing to do is to change your culture so
it respects your penis right the way it is.

Автор SketchyBack ( назад)
It's not that it's weird or foreign. Knifing your penis is crazy any day.
Culture is not all neutral. It's downright stupid and dangerous what they
do. Sure many cultures have stupid elements, and they should all get rid of
them eventually.

Автор PukkPukk ( назад)
Its cultural tradition and I am sure they would say the same about our
culture. How foreign and crazy it is.

Автор budf1 ( назад)
i wish that i could stop circumcision im not saying i hate men or women who
are but it is human neglect alone no fresh water or food its crazy why are
they painted white

Автор Aaron Ooi ( назад)
Actually i think it was the pain makes them a man

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