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Автор RealSuperEmerald //Emerald Gamer ( назад)
If I could freeze time I would release the largest Fart ever !

Автор GamingCatLover ( назад)
If I could freeze time, I will have a dance party with my cat!

Автор Kilen McNamara ( назад)
If I could freeze time I would go to west Edmonton mall ( by my house) and do whatever I want

Автор Abraham Duran ( назад)
I will make somewon pick their noose

Автор Zoey Jayn Fisher ( назад)
if I could freeze time I would get some ice cream

Автор Brandi Jackson ( назад)
I'm dylan

Автор Brandi Jackson ( назад)
not a girl

Автор Brandi Jackson ( назад)
I'm a kid by the way

Автор Brandi Jackson ( назад)
I would play hide and seek then stop time to get a hiding spot

Автор Makayla Love ( назад)
: )-

Автор claire Last ( назад)
Samantha Ali RP 54

Автор AmyKittenDash 1234 ( назад)
If I could freeze time I would try to find all my favourite youtuber's put in one place and then take a picture :D

Автор Ava Franco ( назад)
Mr, Fat guy is Fat

Автор MattBlox - The Roblox Guy ( назад)
+Heavypace Nope i would go to school and change all my bad grades
although i dont get bad grades :D

Автор Morgan Family ( назад)
if I could freeze time I would take care of stray cats

Автор Audrina Walker ( назад)
I would take a care and crash into building cause I am 9years old

Автор Mykeia Chillis ( назад)
I would try on all my mom's makeup

Автор Human Picachu ( назад)

Автор qwerto 33 ( назад)
i would proboly play fnaf on my computer thats not laggy

Автор Robin Parsons ( назад)
If I could freeze time I would freeze my teacher and ask the students "who wants to stay and who wants to leave" after that everyone who wants to leave would leave and we would climb over the gate and then unfreeze the teacher 😂

Автор Helen Pendlebury ( назад)
If time freezes I will get 1000000 dogs

Автор Helen Pendlebury ( назад)
If time freezes I will steal 1000000 dogs

Автор kian branton ( назад)
i would freeze time to buy infinite doritos

Автор Rockyy_YT ( назад)
u the same as me i HATE cake

Автор Ingrid Licera ( назад)
his arm i meant

Автор Ingrid Licera ( назад)
my classmate scrached his seatmate then he said teacher hes cutting my lungs!!!😄😃😄😃

Автор Joel angle ( назад)
if I froze time I would ma

Автор Zombo Josh69 ( назад)
if I could freeze time I would borrow $1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 from a bank forever

Автор Juan Lopez ( назад)
Can you play escape prison obby

Автор Roblox Vincent ( назад)
If I could freeze time I would fart in my parents face

Автор Golden Gamer ( назад)
If I could freeze time and if I'm late with my homework I would freeze time and do it and I would freeze time then rade the cupboards

Автор Joleigh Cusack Whelan ( назад)
Poor on the floor

Автор Holly Taylor ( назад)
play Games when ever you want

Автор William Morton ( назад)
when you see someone just standing still they're AFK or Away From Keyboard

Автор Apple Gamer ( назад)
If I froze time I'd eat a meal of chicken nuggets ( I'm not allowed them but I love them).

Автор Kelsie Skory ( назад)
Yes u play that game I watch ur other vid

Автор Ting42 Twinkle ( назад)
If I could freeze time I would be sleeping at home and when it is very late I don't need to go :D

Автор michelle lo ( назад)
if i Could feeze time i would make a yt channel

Автор YouPicture ! ( назад)
If I could freeze time I would freeze it when I forget to do something and it will be to late to do

Автор OWURA GYAMFI ( назад)
i will play sonic the hecuhog

Автор Angelica Bermudez ( назад)
Do the manican challenge and get video games

Автор Pax Nguyen ( назад)
If the time freeze i will make my videos by meh self

Автор Cherokee Stanley ( назад)
if I would freeze time I will go put mustaches on people!😂

Автор Kristopher Keith ( назад)
Poop in my parents face

Автор Routemon Baka ( назад)
denis it wouldn't be a lung because the heart is in between

Автор Routemon Baka ( назад)
I would explode my school

Автор Fleek88_1788 Williams ( назад)
Eat 🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨

Автор Chase Stathokostas ( назад)

Автор Chase Stathokostas ( назад)
If I can freeze time I will burn the whole game down in it

Автор rocket launcher 3000 ( назад)
but i will never do it

Автор rocket launcher 3000 ( назад)
but i want to

Автор rocket launcher 3000 ( назад)
guys the problem is I cant hack a bank lol

Автор BronyDash Swag ( назад)
I wold go in a person

Автор Kaden Kemani ( назад)
i would steal a car

Автор EdReKLa δα Ʀεαl ( назад)

Автор Boguslaw Straczek ( назад)
if i freez time i will make people naked

Автор Haley Noll ( назад)
Play Roblox

Автор Brent Hieberts ( назад)
I would have a dance party(:

Автор Jameya King ( назад)

Автор Tiffany Thomas ( назад)
punch deins

Автор Zbutter 123 ( назад)
id I could freez time I would get to work on time lol

Автор Ethan France ( назад)
you could make people look nlike they are picking their nose

Автор Ila May ( назад)
I wouldn't steal I would take without permission.😏

Автор Mia Bella ( назад)

Автор Yesenia Vivar ( назад)
if i could freeze time i would eat all the candy

Автор Cali Haas ( назад)
Take mrs mewowsolot

Автор Rory McCaffrey ( назад)
i would'nt do anything if i could freeze time

Автор Gaming With Parker ( назад)
if I could freeze time I would keep punching my sister

Автор Jessica Ludemann ( назад)
I would want to drive a lambo and then unfreeze time and keep it and see tanner fox

Автор Aqua Cat ( назад)

Автор Donna Christian ( назад)
take a ride on a unicorn

Автор Lexie Mills ( назад)
Get evrythiunck in toys are us

Автор asssk kyrell g ( назад)
I'm sorry for your dog

Автор asssk kyrell g ( назад)
I would drive cop cars

Автор Nate Peace ( назад)
Spot the different one:

Автор Courtney Tomlinson ( назад)
hi DENIES DALY can you please look at my chanle and can you send me your name on ROBLOX please

Автор Erin Waynick ( назад)
i wold go to bush gardens and ride all the rids

Автор CheetahGirl Gamer ( назад)

i will play rob lox

denis if you have the trouble of obby , tell me

Автор fred beniest ( назад)

Автор fred beniest ( назад)
I would go Alton towers for free

Автор Poppy Plays ( назад)
I would go Alton towers for free

Автор Google Moderator ( назад)
If I could freeze time i would get my dick sucked

Автор malakai peters ( назад)
If I froze time I would steel all the candys in the world

Автор Kaitlyn Craigen ( назад)
I can't eat cake either!!

Автор Anna Reiter ( назад)
If I could freeze time I would make a really cool surprise party for everyone for no reason c:

Автор jr Preza ( назад)
I would press c

Автор Andrea Torres ( назад)
If I froze time I would rearrange how everyone is standing

Автор madden gamer ( назад)
you did

Автор PopThoseThings ( назад)
If I could freeze time I would freeze time so I could sleep longer and not have to go to school.. And play Minecraft and Roblox

Автор Melissa Tovey ( назад)
I would change all my mistakes

Автор Mariela Vilorio ( назад)
I subed

Автор Kerry Stephenson ( назад)
eta pizzas

Автор Ethan Jee ( назад)
If u could freeze time I would freeze time and put water down all of me families backs

Автор Catherine Clarke ( назад)
if I would freeze time in school so I could sneak play my recorder

Автор E - Pazzy Cinema ( назад)
steal alex's purple hair I would do that

Автор Flamin Fatima ( назад)
if i could frezze time i would put all the robers in prison
and go see JP

Автор Excellent Herobrine ( назад)
I would freeze time and have sex

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