how to get free stuff from ps3 playstation store

how to get free stuff from ps3 playstation store

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Автор unacorn majic ( назад)
who has black ops 2 zombies Dlc maps

Автор Diego Zaragoza Duran ( назад)
im a moder on gta ps3 only psn is WarLegend_420

Автор SeanBravado_YT ( назад)
who want to game share? all I need is destiny the taken king. I can give
you anything you need. just hit me up by replying to this comment ok.

Автор Matteny Remington ( назад)
its called game share duuuuuuu

Автор austin kurmas ( назад)
Looking for any games, i have dead rising 2: off the record, final fantsy
vii, and crash bandicoot 3, add me on ps3 xXApollosxFrogXx

Автор Neddie Smith ( назад)
can i use some ones login with gta 5 so i can download it please

Автор Swagalishus 32 ( назад)
anybody want to gameshare the bo2 dlc's plz thanks

Автор Hi tech gamers ( назад)
how would gave a stranger there email I think you have problems like
comment an sub Hi tech gamers

Автор filipe pinheiro ( назад)
meu ps3 não quer iniciar sessão vc sabe oq eu faço ?

Автор Junior James ( назад)

Автор The gamer BOY ( назад)
I want to gameshare

Автор NexusYT ( назад)
I mean killme546

Автор NexusYT ( назад)
My password is: kkkkejrnf

Автор NexusYT ( назад)
My email is :kol@ponud,net

Автор NexusYT ( назад)
Can u buy me cod. aw

Автор NexusYT ( назад)
To start

Автор NexusYT ( назад)
He takes so long

Автор Yusuf Dambasan ( назад)
bi bok anlamadım

Автор IceY MonSTA ( назад)
I want bo2 i have bf3 and bunch of ghosts dlcs and minecraft 

Автор gurbani kaur ( назад)
Does anyone has whatch dogs plzzz share it to DOLLARS123456789

Автор Mahlik Thomas ( назад)
#MrSkillBoys i Do

Автор Mahlik Thomas ( назад)
MrSkillBoy I do

Автор Tife Alli ( назад)
Somebody game share with me ps3 (lovableman)

Автор MrSkillboys ( назад)
Do Somone wanna gameshare i have mw3, mw2, bo2, gta iv, gta liberty city
and shaun White snowboarding. I trade with people ho have gta

Автор Rohan Malik ( назад)
Anybody have any assasins creed game, battlefield 4 and also is it possible
to share gta 5 shark cards?
My psn is THEROHANDKID111 message me if interested i will give minecraft
wwe2k14 all black ops 2 dlc and more

Автор Bradon Chambers ( назад)
Can someone ganeshare me the purge anarchy

Автор Güney Ercengiz ( назад)
Does anyone has whatch dogs

Автор ImKs_Stamina ( назад)
Anyone what to game share for black ops 2

Автор Balo Trevizo ( назад)
Can u share minecraft for me please on trevizo2010?

Автор AtlAntiC _GameR (773 года назад)
I need call of duty black ops 2 add ons plz guys my psn iFikris999

Автор Ahmed Wassem ( назад)

Автор Ahmed Wassem ( назад)

Автор Kidd Gamer ( назад)
i will give someone my whole account if they give me gta 5 or saints row 4
and i go first

Автор Daffa Prakoso ( назад)
I have gta 5, bo2, fifa, fifa street, nba 2k14 but gimme madden 25

Автор Kris Coursey ( назад)
I trade far cry for watchdogs u scam u will
Get banned 

Автор iTypicalSnowy ( назад)
Can someone gameshare me wwe 2k14 for watch dogs fifa 14 minecraft and ac
black flag 

Автор Estevan Patterson ( назад)

Автор yoyo siala ( назад)
i have wolfenstein the new order
But i have to go first because someone hacked me before

Автор Warren Lambert ( назад)
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Автор Jay Blake ( назад)
Game sharing my account I got watchdogs preordered and ghost add ons. And
six 3 months play station plus cards for who game shares me COD Ghost Black
ops ll and GTA v. I go first or no deal at all. Hit me up on play station
or here. St4y_sick_114 first come first serve

Автор Ryse Vivity ( назад)
I'll trade my Minecraft full version for black ops 2 map pack

Автор giovanni monroe ( назад)
can someone game share minecraft with me I have cod ghost, gta5,pay day 2,
and fifa 14 I downloaded my user name is cleanupboygio all lower cases and
I go first because I have been scammed before ok ^_^

Автор Nathanael Gray ( назад)
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Автор Dave Hardacre ( назад)
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Автор Andrew Hudson ( назад)
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Автор Abody Suliman ( назад)
how to download gta v for free 

Автор TheRealSwimShady ( назад)
I'll gameshare 2K14 for the full version of minecraft

Автор giel roozen ( назад)
I will GTA5, my psn is gielroozen99

Автор Wyatt Ferguson ( назад)
PSN Real Point Code you can get on this site for free
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Автор Hunter Sbiral ( назад)
Can someone game share gta5 for wwe 2k14

Автор FranciscofromCA23 ( назад)
Can someone gameshare wwe 2k14 for minecraft ill try to get other games and
give them to u if that's not enough u can go first if u want

Автор Aaron Locklear ( назад)
Some one please game share with me i have bf4 and cod ghost i want 2k14 or
gta v please yall help me lol

Автор Zlatan Ibrahimovic' ( назад)
I have gta,bf4,minecraft,watch dogs pre ordered. I need black flag and call
of duty ghosts. Ps3: saifmafia
By the way i go first because pepole scammed me before ;)

Автор nathan jonson ( назад)
Anyone have gta 5

Автор Steve Anthony ( назад)
who wanna gameshare yunqsimba252 n e body

Автор GamesWithDavid ( назад)
Ricardo do you want to gameshare some games with me 

Автор Brennan Howard ( назад)
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Автор ramill roberts ( назад)
That is gamesharing

Автор Corey Fox ( назад)
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Автор Brandon Monestime ( назад)
Thank you

Автор HiTeqLobbies ( назад)
Hanna kosko I will

Автор HiTeqLobbies ( назад)
Who wants to games hare with me i have assassins creed black flag and FIFA
14 and I want cod ghosts or gta 5

Автор wayne cooper ( назад)
Game share lewaynedayoungin

Автор Diego Anderson ( назад)
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Автор hanna kasko ( назад)
My name is ziad1978

Автор hanna kasko ( назад)
Does someone want to gameshare with me I have gta v and call of duty ghosts

Автор Torped ( назад)
I have god of war ghost of sparta and chains of olympos if somone wants to
gameshare psn name Kadir-95-

Автор Madalina Jane ( назад)
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Автор Kendall Alsop ( назад)
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Автор made mona ( назад)
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Автор Antonio Aguilar ( назад)
Buy your own shit !!!

Автор Conor Richards (CrazyBanana) ( назад)
Will anyone game share GTA v with me please I won't do anything you can
change you password after it. My psn account is. conor-ccfc_1997 add me
please, thanks

Автор ReginaldBond ( назад)
Here you can get PSN Card Codes for free! www.PsnCodeCardGenerator.com No
installation on software, this is online and I got codes from there!

Автор robbie compson ( назад)
would someone game share gta v with me please my name on psn is RobbieC_99

Автор SVA Youni ( назад)
1. Go to your telephone 2. Download Junowallet 3. Invite YA2376728

Автор SVA Youni ( назад)
Junowallet YA2352002

Автор purple monster ( назад)
anyone want to gameshare 

Автор Colton McLean ( назад)
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Автор justin insurrectionary ( назад)
U are just cheap fag

Автор justin insurrectionary ( назад)
Dont use his code guys

Автор Nikoz PlayzMC ( назад)
you are fake 

Автор Fletcher Johnston ( назад)
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Автор Khaled Samedaa ( назад)
Any one want games I will do I go first I wont bo2 dlc or new games add me

Автор hvrattlers 14 ( назад)

Автор Braydon Wells ( назад)
If someone gives me the bo2 download, I'll give u the uncharted 2 download,
msg me..my ID is lil_wranga

Автор Hekzerian Element ( назад)
I've been trying to get payday 2 as well

Автор Devonne Shaffer ( назад)
Can i get your email and passwords that u got

Автор Christine Mendez ( назад)
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Автор favz24 ( назад)
Add me i have bo2

Автор hoomer simpson ( назад)
i want bo2 add me miesXD

Автор hoomer simpson ( назад)
do you have bo2

Автор hoomer simpson ( назад)
do you have it?

Автор MineGrow ( назад)
sa marche vraiment se site mois je comprend pas sa 

Автор Jonathan Quezada ( назад)
Bitch that's game sharing

Автор Теньо Тенев ( назад)
i have internet conection problem with my ps3 i get disconected every 20
mins and i reconect why ? 

Автор Kill Bill Gaming ( назад)

Автор MRthefaker2009 ( назад)
Go here to get free psn cash cards like me, hope it works out

Автор tai parks ( назад)
can i get san andreas for gta 4 stories?

Автор Gory The gamer ( назад)
Bo1 ID- gersonsalinas_41

Автор Noah Matthews ( назад)
Sorry it isent what I needed good try any way mate

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