School Tricks Lesbian Student With Fake Prom

A lesbian teen who successfully sued her Mississippi school for the right to bring her girlfriend to prom was left out and was instead directed to a "fake prom" on Friday, according to The Advocate.

Constance McMillen, her date and just a handful of others, including two classmates with learning disabilities, attended the dance in Fulton, Mississippi while most of her other classmates from Itawamba Agricultural High School reportedly partied at a separate prom that McMillen was not invited to.

McMillen made headlines just a few weeks ago when, with the help of the ACLU, she fought the school's decision to cancel prom. The school canceled the dance after McMillen sought to bring her girlfriend and to wear a tuxedo.

As part of a preliminary ruling, a judge decided that McMillen was allowed to bring a girl as a date. The judge did not order the school to reinstate the prom because it was understood that McMillen would be invited to a prom being held by parents of her Itawamba classmates. Instead, that prom was canceled and was replaced with the sparsely attended country club event.

Kristy Bennett, the ACLU's legal director for Mississippi, told NEMS360, that she was disappointed.

"Whatever we find will be brought to the court's attention," Bennett told NEMS. "Whether it is in the damages trial, or whatever. There will still be a trial on the merits. The case didn't end in the preliminary hearing."

McMillen, 18, said that her feelings were hurt, but that there was at least one good thing about the night. The Advocate:

Two students with learning difficulties were among the seven people at the country club event, McMillen recalls. "They had the time of their lives," McMillen says. "That's the one good thing that come out of this, [these kids] didn't have to worry about people making fun of them [at their prom]."

Read more at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/04/05/constance-mcmillen-fake-p_n_525856.html

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Автор Corey Moore ( назад)
somebody's going to hell

Автор Litzergam ( назад)
6 years later, this girl is probably out of college. I wonder how all the
kids who went to the country club party are doing? With 6 more years of
life experience, I wonder if the opinions of the kids who went to Prom have

Автор jjovereats ( назад)
SWW Mississippi.

Автор Christopher De Leon ( назад)
can we trick them all to africa and out of the country

Автор Espada2234 ( назад)
Is that even legal to mislead a student like that?

Автор dilbertgeg ( назад)
"you're juvenile" is the wrong insult if it seems to be that the actual
juveniles behaved with dignity

Автор GirlsRunTheWorld123 ( назад)
Wow that is just stupid

Автор Timo Wayne ( назад)
School Tricks Lesbian Student With Fake Porn. I need glasses.

Автор Terezi Pyrope ( назад)
She should have come to my school XD We pretty much embraced it when people
came out.

Автор Errahimi Marouane ( назад)
bad, but funny as hell.

Автор Moore Army ( назад)

Автор Ana Lozada ( назад)
Those peeps are the lowest of the lowest. What a pieces of shit!

Автор ProfessorKA0S ( назад)
i wish something like this happened to me because i would sue the Sh*& out
of that school! I'd probably never work another day again and me and my
lesbian partner would live happily ever after

Автор Emma Martin ( назад)
How awful and vile of these people. If I were there (though I would
probably be the one in her shoes) and if I were straight I would go to the
fake prom and party with her, or if she wants to go to the real prom, I
would take her

Автор TheHoodmailbox ( назад)
What a despicable school!

Автор Miranda Webb ( назад)
I wouldn't have asked if I could bring my girlfriend, I would have just
brought her

Автор KaRue 3 ( назад)
Anyone have any follow-ups to this story?

Автор GeorgeMonet ( назад)
So the school knowingly violated a court order.

Автор PolJap Gaming ( назад)
I thought that they ment porn

Автор Whitney pines ( назад)
dude, that's fucked up

Автор Jade fyre (1954 года назад)
I bet the one thousand people who disliked the video are the kids and
teachers from that school.

Автор Bardi ( назад)
Just don't be gay

Автор Bardi ( назад)
I bet the big prom was better

Автор Bardi ( назад)
well then don' t be a lesbian

Автор Brittnay Gonxalez ( назад)
he speaks of the truth, this man is awesome!

Автор J.London ( назад)
I really want to know what fake porn would look like lol

Автор Terminator ( назад)
did they sue them again? after the prom?

Автор N8n8 Games ( назад)
What happened at this party? Dancing sir, mostly dancing

Автор Demonicprodigy world ( назад)
Constance prob rocked the shit out of that fake prom you go girl!!!!

Автор silverkingukable ( назад)

Автор Cathal Hughes ( назад)
it would had been a great story if the other students find out and live the
prom to go to this poor girls fake prom and they dont go in the next day in
pure anger

Автор jaybreezy133 (910 лет назад)
I think people re assuming that everyone in the class knew about this, I'm
sure it was a few select people that concocted this shit show. Like
everyone has said, it would be impossible to keep this secret given the

Автор shiprek2011 ( назад)
How would her friends not tell her? Did she not have one friend who went to
the real deal? Nothing is a secret in high school. I don't believe this

Автор dunecigar ( назад)
Come on... ya gotta admit... it was pretty gangster what they did to her
and her "date". Then adding the two tards was just supervillian genius!

Автор Buff Carmichael ( назад)
I've watched a bunch of your videos and I really enjoy them. However, I'm
distracted by the severe errors in the captioning. Couldn't someone edit
the captions and make them at least similar to what was actually said?

Автор sahndra streetz ( назад)
man each and every one of the people involved in the deceit are fuckheads

Автор Double Donkalicious ( назад)
PERSONALLY,i think she shouldnt wear a tux,just a nice dress.I get that
shes supposed to be the "guy"in the couple,but seriously,a tux?

Автор Sean Fortier ( назад)
Hey it's not only homosexuals there's a thing called bisexual too (not
trying to be mean or anything but we never get noticed in news or anything)

Автор Sophie Cole ( назад)
Was I the only one who just had their jaw wide open during this entire
video? The only possible excuse that they could've come up with is. "Oh.
Sorry, I forgot she was a human and has feelings."

Автор megazwatcher ( назад)
that is criminal, they counterviened a court order. the school staff
involed in this should be terminated and jailed for contemp of court.

Автор Caleb Horton ( назад)
They should have dropped pig's blood on all those assholes attending the
other prom.

Автор AwkwardVl0gingA.T.M 7 ( назад)
Hahahahhaha, classic keep this going.

Автор MrKrzys01 ( назад)
Nothing surprises me about America anymore. Just a land of hypocrisy.
Hopefully that girl gets out of there and lives a normal life in a tolerant
society, however few there are.

Автор Crystalwapash Wapash ( назад)
its ok to be les

Автор treos2 ( назад)
...5 years later and the subtitles are still as bad as everit seems.
riddled with incorrect wording everywhere. if someone listened to this
video and another person kept it muted and read the subtitled the the 2
people in question have pretty much watched 2 entirely different videos.

might i suggest a proof reader or something? or perhaps some books on

Автор Jake rutledge ( назад)
I read "fake porn"...

Автор Grey Kitty ( назад)
or just different in general x3

Автор Grey Kitty ( назад)
i find it sad wen this happens to ppl they r people to so what if they like
the opposite gender or if they are different in any way there beautiful and
wonderful that way if u are different and is reading this i just want u to
no ur beautiful and wonderful no matter wat others say ppl who are mean to
u are either stupid or scared if u are being bullied for this stuff stand
up for urself tell them how beautiful u really are and just be urself

Автор jess mel ( назад)
i love how the refer to them as "adults" (sarcasm)

Автор zed zardoz (100 лет назад)
so if one person using the aclu to stop 500 people from going to a
prom...isnt that ....mean ?

Автор Tsar Bomba ( назад)
I assumed it was a southern school.

Автор Amanda Baker ( назад)
i hope the judge who said she can go is seeing this and goes after thewre
butts. cause way i see it the school disobeayed the judge

Автор Nia Mitchell ( назад)
OK, I was and still am a person with learning disabilities and what these
people done to the learning disabled students and the lesbian couple was so
wrong that if I was the nice lesbian high school student. I would get
together with my girlfriend and those sweet learning disabled high school
students and sue the whole school district for big time money, so they
wouldn't do this to another couple may they be straight, gay, lesbian, or
learning disabled. Just get these sick twisted evil people where it hurts
in their pocket books.

Автор thephidias ( назад)
the subtitles are hilarious

Автор Tavon Fenwick ( назад)
That was absolutely HIDEOUS. All educators involved should have their
licenses and degrees revoked. As an educator, I'm embarrassed, as a gay
male I'm not nearly surprised. As a for,we student who was bullied,
Constance, while they are busy being bullied, you focus on getting your
education and being an awesome person, it pays off in the long run...

Автор Laverne Blaszczyk (clichegirl) ( назад)
that is awful, what a terrible school, terrible people

Автор TheBananaLord 73 ( назад)
Mean people are sad in side that's why they do the things they do.
The best

Автор Ruter Ralph ( назад)
Great Joke!

Автор psycho panda ( назад)
Cenk raped me

Автор OTIS GREEN ( назад)

Автор tranquility ( назад)
The so called adults in this situation, were more immature than the kids.

Автор FireNationPhoenix ( назад)
i still hate your channel though i agree with you on this ONE video

Автор Nathan Webb ( назад)
I would rather chill with her and the other students who were sent away
than chill with the other people at the prom because ass holes arnt worth
it, I would have CHOSEN to go to the fake prom

Автор Bianca Castri ( назад)

Автор Isaac Bakan ( назад)
I'm glad nothing like this happens at my school. Drugs, sex and misbehaving
are crazy, but we are all respectful and except each others differences

Автор Mace Windu ( назад)
Aye this was on my birthday

Автор Karla Vlasta ( назад)
Konstanz, you're an amazingly strong Person. Keep on going!

Автор Viper Venomz ( назад)
I guess that's what edumacation gets you.

Автор Loretta Posey ( назад)
the adults that did this should have their asses kicked

Автор Loretta Posey ( назад)
what in the hell is wrong with people this days

Автор That Smile ( назад)
Constance must be strong, come to Cali, we have open proms in sf for

Автор LVAngelradio ( назад)
I just can't get over that the whole school was a part of this. That feels
worse then the adults, school officials, acting like children. No one tried
to stop this.

Автор Erin Blythe ( назад)

Автор GrimVapes Now ( назад)
She should sue the shit out of this school district IMO.

Автор MsgNinja *King of Pigs* ( назад)
Make me feel sad

Автор Hugh Jass ( назад)
its pathetic that homosexuals feel that homosexuality SHOULD BE THE ONLY
paraphilia that needs to be promoted and validated

Автор QueenofSilence101 ( назад)
Oh, what a crazy world we live in. Right?

Автор Jedd Liang ( назад)
Tbh I wouldn't have went to that prom even if my life depended on it. I
like quiet places better ,and I would have felt bad going to that prom.

Автор lmao ( назад)
am i the only one who read porn?

Автор Fre DeHeerser ( назад)
Say what you want,
this is really funny.
And Cenk man you got fat compared to '10
Anna hasnt changed a bit

Автор Mike G ( назад)
I think that's hysterical.

Автор Capital Tragedy ( назад)
they pronounced Itawamba wrong tho

Автор Capital Tragedy ( назад)
i know where this is

Автор クン青い ( назад)
We've come a long way in 6 years...

Автор marvinj487 ( назад)
It puts a smile on my face knowing this happened to this girl. Okay people,
come at me !

Автор Jackson Shanahan ( назад)
Was I the only one who thought it said Fake Porn in the title?

Автор Lisa Liese ( назад)
i would fire those in charge!

Автор mohamed benlasher ( назад)
I'm a freshmen never had a gf but I get bullied at school I do have friends
do I guess that is an advantage

Автор Leo N ( назад)
I woundn't doubt for second something like this would happen at my school.
The sad thing is the teachers let it happen and do it them selves. Yes,
kids will bully other kids and be cruel, but if maybe the teachers
intervened more often, and not teach hate it would be less of a problem.

Автор rick cain ( назад)
Gay and lesbos are just confused souls, It's nothing more than a fetish and
they've decided to give into to their urges. Morality is not defined by the

Автор Marissa Bate ( назад)
storytime? ... yes! some of the bullies I had were just sad but others they
were just jerks. I had one who I thought was just sad and I tried to talk
to them to find out why they didn't like me...... they punched me in the
face and said that they just did. wtf does a 9 year old said or do to
that?! the answer nothing because they are told that it's a "normal" part
of growing up and there is nothing they can really do about it.

Автор Keaton0801 ( назад)
that school is full of assholes, at my school we stood up for the girls
when they decided we were all going to wear brown gowns at graduation. This
brown is shit brown. The girls would wear white and guys wear brown
traditionally. We had a white out day in protest, the entire school not
including teachers wore white, and they changed back. Just because the
teachers are dicks, does not mean the students can be dicks as well.

Автор Sabrina t ( назад)
everyone who took part in this should kill themselves ( the adults that

Автор Susan Gardiner ( назад)
Karma is a b**** may all those dicks who did that to this girl and those
people with additional support needs have children that are lesbians, gay,
or have additional support needs. This way it will be constant reminder and
eventually will make them think back and ultimately feel really guilty for
what they had done.

Автор Monster love ( назад)
this is just disgusting...... like ...wow, congratulations on tricking
mentally handicapped teens and a lesbian......wow, you must feel
SO proud. some people just honestly need a high five, in the face......with
a chair!!!! this made me want to barf. sickening ..... LOSERS!!!!!!!

Автор zadose ( назад)
That would be funny to do to some bully.... but this girl was just a
lesbian. That was a messed up thing to do, from adult bullies imo. And this
is coming from a straight girl who thinks gay romance is gross.

Автор soccersinger101 ( назад)
these people are complete trash. and i hope they know that.

Автор Joshua Kovzan ( назад)
Wait where they sent another whole event or just an empty

Автор Authetnic Epic Boom! ( назад)
That is horrifying! Ignorance kills!

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