School Tricks Lesbian Student With Fake Prom

A lesbian teen who successfully sued her Mississippi school for the right to bring her girlfriend to prom was left out and was instead directed to a "fake prom" on Friday, according to The Advocate.

Constance McMillen, her date and just a handful of others, including two classmates with learning disabilities, attended the dance in Fulton, Mississippi while most of her other classmates from Itawamba Agricultural High School reportedly partied at a separate prom that McMillen was not invited to.

McMillen made headlines just a few weeks ago when, with the help of the ACLU, she fought the school's decision to cancel prom. The school canceled the dance after McMillen sought to bring her girlfriend and to wear a tuxedo.

As part of a preliminary ruling, a judge decided that McMillen was allowed to bring a girl as a date. The judge did not order the school to reinstate the prom because it was understood that McMillen would be invited to a prom being held by parents of her Itawamba classmates. Instead, that prom was canceled and was replaced with the sparsely attended country club event.

Kristy Bennett, the ACLU's legal director for Mississippi, told NEMS360, that she was disappointed.

"Whatever we find will be brought to the court's attention," Bennett told NEMS. "Whether it is in the damages trial, or whatever. There will still be a trial on the merits. The case didn't end in the preliminary hearing."

McMillen, 18, said that her feelings were hurt, but that there was at least one good thing about the night. The Advocate:

Two students with learning difficulties were among the seven people at the country club event, McMillen recalls. "They had the time of their lives," McMillen says. "That's the one good thing that come out of this, [these kids] didn't have to worry about people making fun of them [at their prom]."

Read more at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/04/05/constance-mcmillen-fake-p_n_525856.html

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Автор Šüñåκø Ṝøšმñε Kîяîšнîκî (2 месяца)
*e.e This is ridiculous. How could they just ugh oml /).- This is some
messed up bs.*

Автор Daniel Neo (4 месяца)
So hey I'm a christian. I don't like the act same sex marriage. But what
the school did was wrong.Evil. gay or not that is NOT how you treat a human

Автор jcfbell3001 (4 месяца)
lol, because she got excluded from prom? you people seriously need some
f--king perspective...groups exclude all the time...what about:


? I see NO ONE commenting about how sick and twisted THIS was...I am so
sick of all the posturing and self-righteous moralizing of special
interests, left-wing, right-wing, Christian, gay, whatever group-think
you're involved in, about how the other group-thinkers exclude you from
THEIR group lol...you are ALL exactly the same, and you are either too
stupid or too self-absorbed or too wrapped up in your
Identity-As-Group-Member to see it, lol...it's like watching chimpanzee
tribes killing each other because they don't like the other tribe's smell.

Автор MJjuice89 (4 месяца)
I'm sorry, but does anybody else think that story is actually pretty
hilarious? Lol

Автор KolaBugg (4 месяца)
how did they even manage to slip this by her??

Автор Seth Brown (5 месяцев)
That's majorly fucked up on the part of the adults. What assholes. Hope
they were fired.

I find it hard to believe that every student knew about it being a
secret... and kept it a secret. I had a miserable time in high school being
gay. Dropped out after my freshman year (after skipping the entire second
semester)... but, I still had people who were nice to me.

They could have been called the night before, told about it. And then some
assumed she knew (the people that would have been nice to her) and then
they all went to it. Not aware of the "special" prom they sent all the
"duds" to.

Автор James Edmonds (4 месяца)



Ok, personally I think it shows the girls immaturity level by thinking she
had to ask for permission to do anything. If her girlfriend was of age
maybe criminal charges should of been filed.

Автор Tess Rederburg (5 месяцев)
How is there not one intelligent, caring person in the entire school and
town surrounding it? Where the heck are the people with class?? I thought
people thought more of others nowadays, this shows that the world still has
ignorant, mean people that won't stand up for the most obviously mistreated

Автор RobloCinema (5 месяцев)
I thought it said Porn! LOL

Автор Brad B. (5 месяцев)
I went to prom with a hot lesbian.

Автор Eric AMBM (3 месяца)
What is wrong with people?
I am embarrassed that these people are considered a member of the same
species as me.

Автор Alex Larose (3 месяца)
I read fake "porn" in the titles.

Автор April K (3 месяца)
I hope the parents of the children with learning disabilities sued them as

Автор Carroll Fox (1 месяц)
wait, how the hell do you get the whole class go along with something
like this???? something is wrong here, lets just say you have 40 people
in class, 40 people have you ever EVER been able to get 40 students to go
along with something like this for more than a week??? she knew, she had
to.. it is just not reasonable that she was unaware, all it would take
is one of those 40 students to slip. look at things logically guys.
something is not being said here.

Автор TheRealBCereus (6 месяцев)
Shady as fuck not one person both teacher and student alike didn't tell her
about the real prom

Автор iJoshDG (4 месяца)
this makes me so fucking sick.. I hate america and I'm not proud to be an
american. get me out of this shit show of a country.

Автор De-Von Ambitious (5 месяцев)
I thought this said Porn LOL but that's messed up....... but check my page
out It has positive messages and poems on there

Автор june black (5 месяцев)
What year was this

Автор thegothamcityqueen (5 месяцев)
Oh, it said prom... not porn. Damnet, I misread that so many times.

Автор Robert Kraft (6 месяцев)
Is it discrimination if someone doesn't want their child exposed to a gay
I would think that would fall into "freedom of association".

Автор 뿡뿡! ^__^ (3 месяца)
Cenk, again a short-sighted asshole. SOrry, but the entire school is not
responsible for telling one girl about the party. Not everyone knows her,
not everyone is her friend, and not everyone knew what was going on. They
were just normal kids going to their prom. Hey Cenk, you also didn't have
the class to tell her. What does that make you? Most of the students
probably had about as much knowledge about it as you did at the time.

Автор Brittney George (2 месяца)
Y would u they do that that's so messed up and wrong,I mean yeah Shea a
lesbian and some ppl think that's mast,some do some don't but don't do
that,they didn't deserve that at all wtf is wrong with some ppl?,its

Автор HumpflungLovesHalo (7 месяцев)
Why are people mad? Seriously? These people have an opinion and a choice.
Get over it. If these people do not support their acts, then what's the
problem? Grow up. Stop freaking out. People have different ideas. They
didn't want her at the prom and there is nothing wrong with that.

Автор Marlene Ful (7 месяцев)
i hope she sues thier ass.

Автор TheAtheistSocialist (1 месяц)
Killing gays since the 1700s, Christian values !

Автор Saphire019 (5 месяцев)
random question? she didn't hear about the prom being moved somewhere
else?? no other students were talking/gossiping about it? Not saying
what the school did was right but I just wonder how they wouldnt have seen
flyers or something?

Автор Sollexus Captor (2 месяца)
really thats bullshit i know teens can be like that but the frucken adult

Автор Lesberatti's Place (7 месяцев)
This is what happens when poor white Trash run schools, Constance is an A+
Class Act, humans have been on Earth for almost 200'000 years and still act
like they were born yesterday.

Автор Little Gem (7 месяцев)
Those kids are evil. The people running the prom are idiots. Those kids are
trash, that are disgusting losers. Constance, that poor, brave, strong,
beautiful girl was played by a psychotic prank. 

Автор Tyler McDermott (2 месяца)
thats fuckin bullshit but honestly how did she not realize that her whole
grade was getting ready for something else? like wouldn't you hear about it
some how? so strange...

Автор Traci Rowland (5 месяцев)
This goes far beyond "stupid and juvenile." Let's grow some fucking balls
and call it what it truly is. It's fucking sick and disgusting, and
dehumanizing and revolting, and those who perpetrated this callous
dehumanizing degradation of not only a lesbian but people with learning
disabilities are an embarrassment to the entire human race. They are foul,
and soulless, and devoid of anything to do with love or compassion. Those
that perpetrated this cruelty are nothing short of evil.

Автор AValveFanboy (2 месяца)
Anyone else thinking of Carrie by this point?

Автор KageNeko1989 (1 месяц)
this kind of thing i would honestly expect from the students. But the
teachers? The adults? Do any of them have children of their own? Is that
how they would want their child treated in return? are you f*cking
serious?!!! wtf is wrong with people!! How can they even begin to think
that kind of behavior is ok?

Автор NIGHTMARECRIPT (1 месяц)
Why is society so fucked up?

Автор LoloRockin (3 месяца)
I find it so great, that as turks have that opinion about bullying
homosexuals! Sadly people in germany aren't that smart yet. A friend of
mine is a turkish girl. She fell in love with another friend of mine and
kept it secret, so that her parents wouldn't judge her. Her mom found out
and started brainwashing her and beating her and she kind of got pushed out
of the family. She had to promise to never speak to the other girl again.
She agreed because she didn't want to lose her little brother and sister.
I'm hoping that maybe your tolerance washes over to europe. 

Автор MrYrualive (1 месяц)
It's funny, America claims to be such a great country, and yet it takes us
years to get things that Britain (Supposedly one of the most
cruelest countries in history) already had, like miscegenation,
anti-slavery policies, and even gay relations today.

Автор mrocesnito (3 месяца)
the D bags are insecure? yeah right (sarcasm) they get the nice girls :D

Автор Matthew Marceau (1 месяц)
I think it's entirely possible that none of the students knew that she had
been tricked. I'm sure most of you have been in a situation where nobody
told you about something just because they assumed that everybody already
knew. It's also possible that everyone hated her, not because she was gay,
but because she might have been a huge bitch. Now, I'm not saying she is,
per se, but it is certainly a possibility. I know plenty of people who are
constantly left out of things just because they're assholes.

Автор Edward Callison (3 месяца)
I don't get why the school gives a fuck? Just let people do their own shit.

Автор Sentity (2 месяца)
It's wrong how they planned a separate prom from a lesbian student, but I
don't think every single person at the school was in on it. Some probably
were, but most likely most of them thought it was just a location change
and nothing as disgusting as what was really going on. This made me
extremely infuriated.

Автор Buizelstar (5 месяцев)
Why do all the controversial happenings at a High School always happen at a

Автор Hatsune Miku (4 месяца)
This is just rude, These people who planned this have no brain. I really
hope you feel bad all your life. I'm happy that they were happy without
those Stupid idiots who were at the prom.

Автор I am Channel Two (2 месяца)
Props to Constance for handling it professionally and not letting a**holes
get to her.

Автор jack lind (1 месяц)
Oh Mississippi, fuck you

Автор jackie denise (1 месяц)
This school is a sorry sad excuse for an institution! The school should be
ashamed of themselves! I am sooooproud of this 17 year old girl and if she
reads this I want her to know she doesn't need approval from that school or
any1 that goes there & she can go anywhere she want to with her girlfriend
& u don't owe NOBODY and explanation!

Автор Desolations102 (2 месяца)
I dont get why people care learn what it means to be human and cut the crap
as long as were are people were are the same so why even single one person

Автор Magnimazing (8 месяцев)
This dude seriously tries too hard to sound funny. 

Автор Josh Despawned (2 месяца)
Welcome to Earth. We are Humans.
*Enjoy your stay.*

Автор TheTrueBagman (5 месяцев)
What a dick move on their part.

Автор StickySauce101 (1 месяц)
I imagine all the "staff" to wear KKK robes in their spare time considering
how little they seem to care about equality or basic humanity.

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