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Автор Abby H. | Edits N' Stuff (1 месяц)
This is so upsetting. Some people are so goddamn mean and to leave someone
out of a school dance that's so hyped about and that so many people dream
about and spend lots of money and time getting ready for is wrong. I know
she was happy she went to the country club thing, but she still should have
gone to the regular prom without her school hosting a fake event. 

Автор XxAshleyRaynexX (2 месяца)
I understand it's bad for the lesbians but what makes the special needs
kids any less important? Why don't they get to enjoy the prom? That pissed
me off so bad!! And those special needs kids probably still had a better
time than any fucking person at that prom.

Автор Midnight Walker 55 (3 месяца)
Society: Be yourself
Society: No not like that

Автор Brianna Cavanaugh (4 месяца)
I'm currently being severely bullied at my school (I'm in 9th grade) and
when Cenk (I think that's how you spell it) started telling advice about it
I started to break down and cry. 

Автор Sammy Blaise (4 месяца)
I go to an all girls school in Ireland. We don't have prom here, we have
In my school, you can bring your FIRST COUSIN as your date, but you can't
bring your girlfriend.
It's 2015, and incest is seen as more acceptable than homosexuality here. 

Автор Will K (2 месяца)
She only asked and the school cancelled the prom?!?!?!? Jesus Christ people
are so sad and pathetic. I hate these stupid fucking small towns in
America. They're so closed off, repressed, and depressed. Fuck you people
running that school as well as the lawmakers and judges and policymakers
that enforce it all. Fuck you ignorant fucking pathetic, little persons.
Bigotry and prejudice are just disguises that little people need to wear.
That's it.

Автор Mushroom Demon (6 месяцев)
Why the hell would they do that to her? I mean at the end of the day aren't
we all still humans? Why do people make fun of humans that like the same
gender? I hope that school feels like douche bags.

Автор the grinch (1 месяц)
americans are sooooo fucking dumb especially Christian dogs

Автор Alan Vochinsky (5 месяцев)
such a dick move....why would anyone do that? 

Автор Scott Reynolds (1 месяц)
Ahh, America! Ruining the human race one news story at a time!

Автор Linnea Kocherga (2 месяца)
This is the most evil school ever. I hate them >:(

Автор Disney Fan (1 месяц)
this is really wrong

Автор Haradion Drogon (21 день)





Don't you have ANY Federal control over your schools?!

Автор Pepsilover Gaming (3 дня)
This pissed me off seriously leaving people who are different out just
cause people thinks their mofos EVERYBODY HERE ARE ALL HUMAN

Автор Rebeca Fulker (6 месяцев)
That brat deserved it. If she really truly just wanted to go to prom she
would've kept her mouth closed and just gone with her girlfriend. She just
wanted the attention. Kids like this chick think they can sue anybody if
they don't get their way. The only ones I feel sorry for are the special ED

Автор thelegoman524 (22 часа)
If I was one of the students, I would have told them ahead of time that the
country club was a lie and where the prom really was.

Автор authenticmind (1 месяц)

Автор Erik Iacopelli (7 месяцев)
And for the gay couple and the kids wit disabilities NEVER let ANYONE no
matter who they r put u down. NEVER let it happen cuz you will ALWAYS be
BETTER then ALL of the ppl that looked down at you. They look down at you
cuz they wish they could be 1/1111111111000000000000th as cool as you guys
r. N they know that no matter what they do in life they will never be as
badass as you guys r. Keep yer chins n never let lowlifes like that bring u
down to there level. I wish you guys nothing but the VERY BEST!! N if ya
ever need it give me a ring and Ill beat whomever asses that mess wit u

Автор Drake the real me (1 месяц)
fuck you, whoever planned this. just fuck you.

Автор MoonshinerProduction (1 месяц)
Did anyone else read "porn" instead of "prom?"

Автор Jessa Ray (1 месяц)
This has to be bs. Gays are like running the schools around here, by that I
mean there are more gays then straights at these schools. It's not a big
deal its excepted so I don't understand why anyone would do this or why out
of everyone in the school she was the only one who liked the same sex.

Автор Johnny Sevenfold (23 дня)
It's fucking bullshit that the teachers of this school actually planned
something like this. Their job is to educate our children. They're there to
promote acceptance among the students. I honestly hope that the teachers
involved in this were fired.

Автор Tam Cocar (1 месяц)
Disgusting. So damned sick of people who are so delusional that they think
they have the right to judge others & sit on their thrones looking down at
others. They have serious issues themselves.

Автор Pele Chuks (13 дней)
That guy is irritating and talks shit for tiiiiiiiiime

Автор Ima Carnut (1 месяц)
"Mean people are sad inside" is so true! Here is one story of a kid who
bullied and made fun of me back in high school..... Fast forward 20 years
later after high school and I am working as a repo-man repossessing
vehicles. Who's name comes across my 'hot sheets' but this bully from high
school! Yup, nothing personal...just business, I had to repossess his work
van which was his company vehicle. He was self employed. I always say
"success is the best revenge". .....I think he is still sad inside and
maybe a little angry!

Автор Hannah Bertoch (19 часов)
It's illegal for a school to refuse to let you bring a same-sex date to
Prom, as long as you're in the US. Just saying.

Автор Jeff Chudy (2 месяца)
HAHAHAHAHA! Filth got what filth deserves.

Автор Christopher Panossian (27 дней)
I'm trying really hard to feel bad for the girl but I keep imagining the
situation as a Molly Ringwald movie!

Автор alan budd (16 дней)
I have Grandchildren now ,and I am trying to talk my Daughters to opted out
their kids from public school. All the trouble my children got into started
in public school over the most chicken sh.. stuff you wouldn't believe. My
daughters got out of pubic school in their high school years , and both now
have successful careers. Pubic schools foster no creativity and pit rich
and poor classes against each other. Do yourself a favor and if your able
don't suffer the pubic school system. might end up in prison.

Автор James de Christ (1 день)
What slaughtered nearly all Armenian Christians brutally? BUZZZZZ. No it
was not the Turks. Time is up, sorry.

Автор Gabriel Sisk (1 месяц)
She got what she deserved

Автор Marius Cheek (15 дней)
I know it's an old story, but it still makes me cry. Jeebus Cripes,
America?! What the hell is wrong with you? Land of the free and the home of
the brave? Get a grip.

Автор the dragons pet (1 месяц)
what jackass if i were her i would probably do the same thing but you know
even way i don't understand why people need to do this it dum there gay and
this some how effects you 

Автор Cansteam Plays Stuff (1 месяц)
whole school against lgbt? what the hell mississippi?

Автор bowserfan1011 (1 месяц)
Fucking republicans strike again

Автор Jassica Sheperson (1 месяц)
F****k I don't be able to a lesbian anymore.

Автор Sesina Negasi (1 месяц)
fuck this and fuck society, this disgusts me

Автор Strata (4 месяца)
That gay bitch i hate gays

Автор Kelliebelle44 (1 месяц)
People are so idiotic that they don't see that if we allow discrimination
and mistreatment of one group then the group you belong to could be next. I
am very religious but I believe in people's freedom to choose their life. I
teach my children that everybody should be treated with kindness. My kids
went to a middle school where they mainstreamed the mentally and physically
disabled. We chaperoned a dance where all the kids made sure everybody
danced. They are included in prom court too.

Автор David My last name. (27 дней)
Close that school or simply cut all fund. I don't care, that is ridiculous.
If someone would say, think of the other students. I would say, if the want
to live in the good old days of Christian oppression and bigotry then let

Автор CENEZ0 (2 месяца)
Humans is not made to be gay, so kill your self.
That is why we are 2 genders. GAY PEOPLE IS A VIRUS TO THIS EARTH.
We need to find a cure before all american will be gay. AMERICAN IDIOTS

Автор 9r39kn1ck3rs (3 месяца)
Are you freaking KIDDING ME?! What school decided to do this? This...can't
really be described in words on how awful this story is!

Автор KeviN Murder (1 месяц)
👫👬👭 love is love (im a lesbian )i can understand the hurt she had ,and i
get why alot of peps are mad ,i just can't get why peps are lioe this even
though we're not the same ,we still have fucking feelings !💛💙💜💚❤💗💎💍

Автор Armyboy Gaming (12 дней)
haha this was funny

Автор Krystle Canales (23 дня)
how sick was this. I can not believe they did that to her and the kids with
special needs. I hope that school got sued and anyone in the office who was
involved got fired. This is so wrong on many levels. I am sick to my

Автор xAlicee c: (1 месяц)
:P My NAME!! :D I though I was the only one! :')

Автор Pygmy Puff (25 дней)
I don't get society ,why do there have to be pricks ,i guess some people
like seeing people in pain and they don't even know it, so society is full
of masochists , i guess know one relised that ._.

Автор BARBARA JOHNSON (6 месяцев)
just happened to run across this and I am APPALLED that the ADULTS in a
SCHOOL SYSTEM would do this! I would have sued the hell out of them and
since this was in 2010 I HOPE SHE DID!!!!!!!

Автор Jason R. (28 дней)
I feel bad for that girl. They speak about kids being bullied and in this
instance the adults and administrators bullied this girl. She could have
been so distraught and killed herself, shame and them. I hope they sued the
school for violating the judges order.

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