School Tricks Lesbian Student With Fake Prom

A lesbian teen who successfully sued her Mississippi school for the right to bring her girlfriend to prom was left out and was instead directed to a "fake prom" on Friday, according to The Advocate.

Constance McMillen, her date and just a handful of others, including two classmates with learning disabilities, attended the dance in Fulton, Mississippi while most of her other classmates from Itawamba Agricultural High School reportedly partied at a separate prom that McMillen was not invited to.

McMillen made headlines just a few weeks ago when, with the help of the ACLU, she fought the school's decision to cancel prom. The school canceled the dance after McMillen sought to bring her girlfriend and to wear a tuxedo.

As part of a preliminary ruling, a judge decided that McMillen was allowed to bring a girl as a date. The judge did not order the school to reinstate the prom because it was understood that McMillen would be invited to a prom being held by parents of her Itawamba classmates. Instead, that prom was canceled and was replaced with the sparsely attended country club event.

Kristy Bennett, the ACLU's legal director for Mississippi, told NEMS360, that she was disappointed.

"Whatever we find will be brought to the court's attention," Bennett told NEMS. "Whether it is in the damages trial, or whatever. There will still be a trial on the merits. The case didn't end in the preliminary hearing."

McMillen, 18, said that her feelings were hurt, but that there was at least one good thing about the night. The Advocate:

Two students with learning difficulties were among the seven people at the country club event, McMillen recalls. "They had the time of their lives," McMillen says. "That's the one good thing that come out of this, [these kids] didn't have to worry about people making fun of them [at their prom]."

Read more at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/04/05/constance-mcmillen-fake-p_n_525856.html

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Автор April M (3 дня)
I hope the parents of the children with learning disabilities sued them as

Автор mrocesnito (7 дней)
the D bags are insecure? yeah right (sarcasm) they get the nice girls :D

Автор LoloRockin (9 дней)
I find it so great, that as turks have that opinion about bullying
homosexuals! Sadly people in germany aren't that smart yet. A friend of
mine is a turkish girl. She fell in love with another friend of mine and
kept it secret, so that her parents wouldn't judge her. Her mom found out
and started brainwashing her and beating her and she kind of got pushed out
of the family. She had to promise to never speak to the other girl again.
She agreed because she didn't want to lose her little brother and sister.
I'm hoping that maybe your tolerance washes over to europe. 

Автор BAMitsJESUS (15 дней)
I don't get why the school gives a fuck? Just let people do their own shit.

Автор Alex Larose (15 дней)
I read fake "porn" in the titles.

Автор 뿡뿡! ^__^ (17 дней)
Cenk, again a short-sighted asshole. SOrry, but the entire school is not
responsible for telling one girl about the party. Not everyone knows her,
not everyone is her friend, and not everyone knew what was going on. They
were just normal kids going to their prom. Hey Cenk, you also didn't have
the class to tell her. What does that make you? Most of the students
probably had about as much knowledge about it as you did at the time.

Автор Daniel Neo (22 дня)
So hey I'm a christian. I don't like the act same sex marriage. But what
the school did was wrong.Evil. gay or not that is NOT how you treat a human

Автор James Edmonds (22 дня)



Ok, personally I think it shows the girls immaturity level by thinking she
had to ask for permission to do anything. If her girlfriend was of age
maybe criminal charges should of been filed.

Автор iJoshDG (27 дней)
this makes me so fucking sick.. I hate america and I'm not proud to be an
american. get me out of this shit show of a country.

Автор KolaBugg (1 месяц)
how did they even manage to slip this by her??

Автор Hatsune Miku (1 месяц)
This is just rude, These people who planned this have no brain. I really
hope you feel bad all your life. I'm happy that they were happy without
those Stupid idiots who were at the prom.

Автор iluvmochipoland (28 дней)
And this all went against the schools non-disriminatory policy. What a
shitty school.

Автор robert19 (1 месяц)
shes really pretty

Автор MJjuice89 (1 месяц)
I'm sorry, but does anybody else think that story is actually pretty
hilarious? Lol

Автор jcfbell3001 (1 месяц)
lol, because she got excluded from prom? you people seriously need some
f--king perspective...groups exclude all the time...what about:


? I see NO ONE commenting about how sick and twisted THIS was...I am so
sick of all the posturing and self-righteous moralizing of special
interests, left-wing, right-wing, Christian, gay, whatever group-think
you're involved in, about how the other group-thinkers exclude you from
THEIR group lol...you are ALL exactly the same, and you are either too
stupid or too self-absorbed or too wrapped up in your
Identity-As-Group-Member to see it, lol...it's like watching chimpanzee
tribes killing each other because they don't like the other tribe's smell.

Автор thegothamcityqueen (1 месяц)
Oh, it said prom... not porn. Damnet, I misread that so many times.

Автор TheTrueBagman (1 месяц)
What a dick move on their part.

Автор Seth Brown (1 месяц)
That's majorly fucked up on the part of the adults. What assholes. Hope
they were fired.

I find it hard to believe that every student knew about it being a
secret... and kept it a secret. I had a miserable time in high school being
gay. Dropped out after my freshman year (after skipping the entire second
semester)... but, I still had people who were nice to me.

They could have been called the night before, told about it. And then some
assumed she knew (the people that would have been nice to her) and then
they all went to it. Not aware of the "special" prom they sent all the
"duds" to.

Автор DalaiLamaNYF (1 месяц)
Discriminating is one thing, but to follow up on this plan to lead a 17
year old girl to a fake party and to bring disability student along for the
ride is beyond absurd! 

Автор Traci Rowland (1 месяц)
This goes far beyond "stupid and juvenile." Let's grow some fucking balls
and call it what it truly is. It's fucking sick and disgusting, and
dehumanizing and revolting, and those who perpetrated this callous
dehumanizing degradation of not only a lesbian but people with learning
disabilities are an embarrassment to the entire human race. They are foul,
and soulless, and devoid of anything to do with love or compassion. Those
that perpetrated this cruelty are nothing short of evil.

Автор GeoNeilUK (1 месяц)
I wonder how the lives of prom attendees have gone in the past four years
having been spent under the stigma of having graduated the school were
homophobia and disability discrimination are institutionalised and actively
taught *by the staff*

I would hope that if something like this were to happen in an English
school, there'd be mass resignations from the governors, strike action from
the teachers (who are unionised) and calls for head of year responsible as
well as the headteacher themself to resign while OFSTED gets involved by
putting the whole place in Special Measures - which could have involved
anything up to sacking every damn teacher at the school and reopening it
under a new name.

Автор RobloCinema (1 месяц)
I thought it said Porn! LOL

Автор Brian Blackwell (1 месяц)
Hahahahah, I can't believe the adults involved in this could actually be so
pathetic as to lower themselves to the asinine social bigotry of immature
teenagers! That's the only part of this that's funny. Wow, it never ceases
to amaze. It's so blatantly cruel that it's farcical. Those who think
they're clever because they can use people's trust against them are
literally the lowest form of life -- bugs have more integrity. If you think
you're so smart, try fooling somebody who sees you coming a mile away;
tricking someone who trusts you is the easiest thing in the world,
like beating a toddler in a boxing match -- there's no victory to be had
in a non-contest. 

Автор John Cenataur (1 месяц)
Constance if your reading - your classmates and your school are WAY ,WAY ,
beneath you .
What a courageous , strong truly awesome young woman you are .

Автор ThatOneGuy21 (1 день)
Didn't Green Day fund another prom for her? Or is that another case?

Автор PianoFrenzyHD (2 дня)
I literally thought it said "...With Fake Porn". (._ .)

Автор WeeWee20 (3 дня)
She had so much character to stay and party at the country club event... It
was probably a much better event

Автор Kaiulani Agaran (3 дня)
I just had my senior prom last night, and my school let girls bring girls,
guy bring guys, and girls even dressed in tuxedos. I don't get what's so
wrong. Let them be who they want to be. It makes them happy. Even if you
don't like it. Leave them alone.

Автор Thurston Morris (2 дня)
did anyone else see porn in the title?

Автор Baka Fawkes (7 дней)
Fuck the education system and all of the racist and homophobic fuckers that
are in any seat of power in this country.

Автор soreheart31704 (6 дней)
I call bull shit! The whole school kids and staff all planned this and only
they didn't find out? Come on, get real .... Kids prob got together and
parties Bc they didn't want to go to a dumb country club and watch a chick
dress up like a man... Why would she even bother asking if she coul take
her date? Just go, this sounds like another give me attention I'm gay
thing.... Stupid


Автор Todd allan (4 дня)
this vid shows not everyone is welcome in our public schools, I know the
feeling and never went back, even today if I have to get transcripts they
give me a hard time.

Автор Alucardlover116 (4 дня)
When I was in high school, I was the vice president of the GSA (Gay
Straight Alliance) We were told to NOT post banners and advertisements for
our club in the halls, where other clubs were free to post all the banners
they wanted. We had to fight to even get our club started that year. The
school's excuse "It will prevent bullying if the banners are not posted." I
remember standing up and telling all the teacher and other students in the
club who agreed with it "What are we scared of? Honestly, being called
names? I get called names on a daily basis, I promise you, the students or
even the teachers who pick on us, they're more scared of us than we are of
their bullying. They aren't scared of us in a sense of violence, power, or
what have you; they're scared because we are different, lets face it, new
and different is scary. To them we are terrifying, we need to stand up for
ourselves and what we're trying to promote. This is a club for everyone to
be accepted, but we're not allowed to invite everyone?" We never did put
banners up that year. One of my younger friends, however, became the vice
president after I had graduated. She told me that next year they were
successful in their attempts.

Автор Tri Cities (8 дней)
A lesbian want's to force everyone else to accept her lifestyle and is hurt
when they trick her? Life gets much harder from here. 

Автор MrSuperman2017 (9 дней)
Man fuck that gay ads bitch. That school did the right thing by sending her
to the small get together with two restarted people, she and her so called
girl friend are not classified as human in my case. What girl wants to date
another girl? I don't care if y'all gay supports say that's not right or
what about their rights? No no God said man and women, not women and women,
that's that's blasphemy.

Автор Macy Rose (15 дней)
thats meesed up! public schools suck ass.

Автор Ramis Tahmasebi (18 дней)
Let her go and make every other kid uncomfortable? Good bargain not letting
her go and plus she sued the school, why would they want someone like that
at their party, I mean really?

Автор Olivia Rhodes (16 дней)
thats wrong...

Автор avgsitizin (16 дней)
Yea, this is why the human race is a waste of intelligent life embodiment.
This may not be viewed as a big deal that she was tricked into not going to
a prom... but if you cant see that, the point of this is not a prom she was
deprived of missing.. its the principal of the disgusting nature of these
human beings. If we as an intelligent species can make it through 3 more
centuries of existence will be truly a miracle.

Автор The Under Network (1 месяц)
This is like the modern version of the movie Carrie White. It's funny how
real life is just as worse as the movies.

Автор breann thomas (13 дней)
I read porn too lol

Автор Edgar Garcia (18 дней)
Thats high school

Автор subversive775 (24 дня)
DAMN IT! i clicked on this video cuz i thought it said "school tricks
lesbian student with fake PORN" not prom.. damn it.

Автор Jonathan Rosales (19 дней)
She was really the only lesbian at that Mississippi school? Holy crap,
that's sad and bizarre.

Автор Jerry Zuo (24 дня)
When I first saw the title I was like "that's not something you see

Автор cogidubnus1953 (1 месяц)
I'm a father of four girls and a boy...and (so far) a grandfather of
five...I don't give a shit if any of my kids or grandkids eventually turn
out gay (my much loved brother is)...so long as they're happy I really
don't give a shit...if somebody makes them happy they're fine...if someone
makes them unhappy I'll create hell on earth for them...and I'm very

Автор Ezra matson-ford (1 месяц)
everyone talks about how homosexuals are being bullied (which is horrible)
but what about all the straight kids who get screwed over and bullied just
as much(especially dudes because were always supposed to be tough and
shit,because having emotions is taboo) it just seems like no one gives a
damn, humanity is a giant pile of shit ain't it

Автор demonduck132 (1 месяц)
A similar thing happened to my Senior Prom. Several of my classmates were
caught drinking during their senior trip and were thus banned from the
prom. In retaliation, one of the parents decided to hold a separate prom
the same night for the students who got in trouble. As it turned out, the
official prom was fine and great and two of my good friends won king and
queen, but I was offended at the blatant irresponsibility of the parents
who hosted the alternate prom.

Автор burrochapadogrl (2 месяца)
people its 2014 why cant we get over this? I feel for the students who were
disrespected them so much.

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