School Tricks Lesbian Student With Fake Prom

A lesbian teen who successfully sued her Mississippi school for the right to bring her girlfriend to prom was left out and was instead directed to a "fake prom" on Friday, according to The Advocate.

Constance McMillen, her date and just a handful of others, including two classmates with learning disabilities, attended the dance in Fulton, Mississippi while most of her other classmates from Itawamba Agricultural High School reportedly partied at a separate prom that McMillen was not invited to.

McMillen made headlines just a few weeks ago when, with the help of the ACLU, she fought the school's decision to cancel prom. The school canceled the dance after McMillen sought to bring her girlfriend and to wear a tuxedo.

As part of a preliminary ruling, a judge decided that McMillen was allowed to bring a girl as a date. The judge did not order the school to reinstate the prom because it was understood that McMillen would be invited to a prom being held by parents of her Itawamba classmates. Instead, that prom was canceled and was replaced with the sparsely attended country club event.

Kristy Bennett, the ACLU's legal director for Mississippi, told NEMS360, that she was disappointed.

"Whatever we find will be brought to the court's attention," Bennett told NEMS. "Whether it is in the damages trial, or whatever. There will still be a trial on the merits. The case didn't end in the preliminary hearing."

McMillen, 18, said that her feelings were hurt, but that there was at least one good thing about the night. The Advocate:

Two students with learning difficulties were among the seven people at the country club event, McMillen recalls. "They had the time of their lives," McMillen says. "That's the one good thing that come out of this, [these kids] didn't have to worry about people making fun of them [at their prom]."

Read more at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/04/05/constance-mcmillen-fake-p_n_525856.html

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Автор aliyounis777 ( назад)
does anyone know what she did after she found out

Автор Biscuitchris7again ( назад)
I thought it said "Fake Pron"

Автор Holly Bennett ( назад)
That is so crule. What were thaier class mates thinking and the techers
thay are saposede to be mature adults. Tricking the other children to just
so she would not go the the prom is horrific. She is such a strong girl i
send all of my love xxx

Автор Bestfriendsforever7805 ( назад)

Автор shad0wx0x0 ( назад)
am i the only one reading the traduction and thinking who the fuck
translated it @!!!

Автор Draztik spook ( назад)
F**k the people who who did not invite her to the real prom I hope they all
die... or get bullied themselves.

Автор ChaosMarx ( назад)
It would have been so bad ass if at least one person had tipped her the
real address and then she walks in slow and fashionably late. All the
disgusting adults that trick her would have a "WTF" face as she enters the
room with a smirk on her face...

Автор Orianna Duran ( назад)

Автор john Doe ( назад)
Politically correct has been, is and will be the death to this country.
It was "politically" correct for our leader to apologize to our enemy in
time of war. Whats the word for that...Oh yeah it was "UNPRECEDENTED" First
time ever did an American president apologize in such a way.

We all are not politicians, we do not need to be politically correct, speak
your mind with out fear.

Liberal young turks...

Автор Josiah Blackstock ( назад)

Автор wofra67 ( назад)
Just embarrassing. But great response from that teeny Girl. THUMBS UP FOR
HER :)

Автор Connor Thomas ( назад)
shit dude that's fucked

Автор Alex Gonzalez ( назад)
oh damn,she cute

Автор Daniel Laigar ( назад)
This is illegal in most countries in the world. US are moving in the wrong

The school should be closed down for this!

Автор Karen Sanchez ( назад)
wait... what happened to the school? they went against judges order...
didnt they get in trouble?

Автор Makenzie Woodward ( назад)



Автор Connor Businger ( назад)
I'm gay and I did the same... asked if I could take a guy, they did nothing
and said yea. Don't see why a lesbian can't take a girl.

Автор bubbasmith179 ( назад)
Wow ,that's heartless . Those people are just to low for words

Автор Tiko ( назад)
Let people bring whoever the fuck they want to prom, as long as they aren't
criminals or too young/too old to the date, there isn't a problem

Автор Nayatbrown Brown ( назад)
I would fight that bully

Автор Nayatbrown Brown ( назад)
I'm happy that she is happy 😇😁😃

Автор Nayatbrown Brown ( назад)
that so mean lesbians can go to prom so that is just mean 😈

Автор Gigaguenther ( назад)
i dont get it. if in the usa an old lady can sue millions off of mcdonalds,
then shouldn't these students be able to sue the pants off of the entire
state/federal government (whoever is responsible for the schools)?

Автор Emilee Conley ( назад)
I hope everyone of those kids that was a part of the setup goes to hell and
the homophobes saying that being gay is a sin or that it's a virus, I hope
they rot in hell too. You are what's wrong with the world. Homosexuals are
normal people that should have every single right like everyone else. There
is nothing wrong with loving someone a little differently than other
people. You all disgust me and I hope karma gets you real bad. I hope
Constance and her girlfriend and the Special Ed kids ended up having a good
time because they deserve it.

Автор Alicia Laucirica ( назад)
why did i read "fake porn"

Автор FrostFireLord ( назад)
Ok im fine with them discriminating the lesbian but the Learning Disabilty
kids now i hate them

Автор wolfeyes najera ( назад)
I feel sorry for the children with the learning disabilities. ..they should
have been to a real prom... don't care much for carpet eaters.

Автор Alexis Petersen ( назад)
im bisesual people treat me diffrent

Автор kayt watts ( назад)
your r no where ear harsh. i'm kind and find the good in people those
people don't deserve to live 4 what they did by the way i'm not being harsh

Автор Tecumseh Sherman ( назад)

Автор Green DayPlayer94 ( назад)
Well I definitly read the title wrong...

Автор Elizabeth Scott ( назад)
Fuck you all I live in America

Автор Ashwaq Mahbub Abdi ( назад)
whahahaha that was so funny how stupid is she gues school doesn't allow
lesbian's on prom :D:D:D

Автор Neoma Newton ( назад)
What the fuck! Just because she is lesbian, doesn't mean they put her with
students with learning disability. Come on!

Автор rstevewarmorycom ( назад)
Why isn't the school being charged with violating a court order?? There
should be severe penalties for that.

Автор kirbyworby 101 ( назад)
did anyone notice the subtitles would be wrong sometimes XDD im just
noticing the words there saying dont match any words in the subtitles o,o
is it just me XD?

Автор Hunter Donaldson ( назад)
What the hell is wrong with them I mean really what will it harm if they
are there

Автор Anissa Jackson ( назад)
That is so sad. People like this literally need to go to hell. No mater
what gender you like, what color skin you have, whether your butt is fake
or not. You should be aloud to participate in anything that any other human
being is participating in.

Автор Courtney Herbert ( назад)
If i was notified about the set up hell i would take one of those special
needs kids to that fake prom myself. Hell i would even set up a prank at
the real prom and make the schools life a living hell. 

yo this was my high school

Автор Joseph Ludwig ( назад)
I would totally do this if I was a principal. I don't support gays and
would never want them near me. If I was a principal I would kick all gays
out of my school.

Автор Amy Smith ( назад)
I love this guy. He speaks so open mindedly.

Автор Fluffymaster33 ( назад)
Now these days after gay marriage is legal in the states, this would be
illegal because it's taking away their rights.

Автор randomhumor1 ( назад)
That was so cruel but you know what, those 7 people don't need those dirts.

Автор Zashorigin ( назад)
This is so ridiculous it seems taken from a cheap stupid movie. Good that
they had fun. Besides, who needs prople that don't want to be with you.
Fucke them!

And Mrs. Cenk... I agree with you in everything you do and say in your
show... but could you please let the others talk too... ordid you get the
o'reilly syndrome?

Автор Jordan Walton ( назад)
Smart school man. GOOD JOB.

Автор AWSOMENESS ( назад)
😂😂😂😂 they're wrong for that but it's just a little bit funny

Автор Chris Watts ( назад)
This story got under my skin too Cenk.

Автор Maddie Bartels (90 лет назад)
This is fucked up! But what I don't get and please no hate is that for prom
arnt there like flyers and sign ups and stuff? Yah ik that like parents and
all the other students were in on this to but like how could u hide like
flyers and sign up sheets and stuff like that from them? I come from a k-12
school so everyone knows about everything so I guess it depends on how ur
school is I guess but I think it's fucked up to do this and especially to
someone with a disability that's just mean pure mean and ignorant selfish
people I think tbh. I'm sure that they had a funnier time at the "same
prom" then they would have at the other prom

Автор Not Billy Mays (965 лет назад)
Why should the entire school have to suffer just so some lesbian can
pretend to be a boy, and force her beliefs onto everyone else? What, does
everyone else have it coming for not being progressive enough?

Автор Bridget Delaney ( назад)
Not everybody can get rich, but everybody can choose to be happy.

Автор Bro 333 ( назад)
I feel so sorry for the idiot Lesbian...Boo Hoo.

Автор Kasey Lei ( назад)
Man, I can't believe this! What kind of school does this to people! I mean,
seriously! She just wanted to go to the prom with her girlfriend and have a
good time! And the kids with learning disabilities got dragged into this
too! Do you how offensive that is?! That's just low! 'Hey kids, welcome to
the school of homophobes and people who think they're better than you! Hope
you have a good time!' I'm surprised the school didn't go racist too!

Автор fleetwoodray ( назад)
Unless this high school has an enrollment of 15 students or less, like the
country schools like in "Little House on the Prairie", there is something
wrong with this story. By the way, research "The Young Turks". They were
3 evil muslims who ruled Turkey in the early 1900s who committed genocide
of over 1.8 million Christians, to steal their land of all things. And
this media named themselves after these monsters. Why would they martyr
these monsters? Semper Fi

Автор Charla Lee ( назад)
I get high school kids being dicks towards gay people it's not right but I
get it but grow ass adults going thru all of this trouble just to keep one
openly gay teen from attending her own fucking prom because she wanted to
wear a txt and go with a girl. Now the other gay teens are more likely to
stay in the closet because of how horribly this girl was treated because
she isn't living a lie. 

Автор TH3MLGTURTLE ( назад)
Screw people play never mind ITS that discriminate against people because
of what they beloved or if there gay or have learning disabilities it's
stupid stop being jerks or go to hell

Автор Christopher Guckes ( назад)
This is not just stupid, thats outright faschism. What the duce is wrong
with these people.

Автор ‫ام محمد‬‎ ( назад)
What I seriously can't understand is how NOBODY in the entire grade told
her, her date, or the special needs kids about it. That must be a whole
grade of douchebags. It's like they gathered up ever douche in America and
put them into that school. And people who wanted to help but were scared
to, are just as bad.

Автор Rebeka Woods ( назад)
Those people who tricked Constance and the special needs kids are lower
than shit to me, and not one fucking administrator had the decency and
maturity to stand up and say " this isn't right" wow. And the fact she had
to ask if she could bring her girl and wear a tuxedo just kills me. At my
prom it was allowed, it shouldn't even be a fucking issue. God this pisses
me off

Автор AriesPrincessSlyffindor ( назад)
you're not being harsh at all. this was bullying. adults are supposed to
discourage it, not promote it.

Автор teniya ward ( назад)
why does it matter

Автор T- Gamer ( назад)
Someone give me a gun and a plane ticket I'm going to that school >:(

Автор Reyes M ( назад)
What ?

Автор Carlos Roman ( назад)
Fucking asshole everyone of them 

Автор GeoSegi XD ( назад)
I mean I live in the prudish little sate austria and if i would like to
bring a same sex friend as my date to any kind of prom or scool related
thing I would just do it, because even if there are going to people that
are talking about us, its my decision and not from my scool.

Автор Chesnikov Serinsky ( назад)
glad that in all 50 states you can now marry who ever the fuck you want

Автор blissfullycat02 ( назад)
They should have to pay out for that... they clearly didnt follow what they
were told to do. Then to add in those with the learning disabilities? Shut
that school down!

Автор Ghost Emblem ( назад)
That's so disgusting just fire those teachers and the kids are just as bad.

Автор Jonatan S ( назад)
And now Marriage is legal in all states ^^ What a great step :P

Автор TheKingeboue27 ( назад)
Credit where it's due, pretty clever plan

Автор Turd Burglar ( назад)
That's, just.... Childish.

Автор Beth Elam ( назад)
Oh my gosh. Are you fucking kidding me?!!?? That is THE SICKEST joke i
have ever heard of. What the fuck were they thinking

Автор Kendrick BaldwinTV ( назад)
god i hate bullies, they're so freaking idiotic

Автор Ami Gaming ( назад)
"Turns out there was only 7 people there, her, her girlfriend, and two
students with disabilities" 

Автор Lilly B ( назад)
I love the advice at the end.

Автор Patti Pender ( назад)
See, here's her mistake. She shouldn't have asked. It's better to ask
forgiveness than permission.

Автор Eliteassassin Dw ( назад)
Teachers are freaking monsters. Everybody matters. How can someone exclude
kids like that. I mean really you have no compassion for the feelings of
others. I think the lesbians and the handicapped kids should have gotten to
go. I feel very bad for them. 

Автор charlene johnson ( назад)
the best revenge is proving them wrong

Автор TheZerech ( назад)
Fuck it! Stone the dyke

Автор Elizabeth Manzera ( назад)
Woww thats BS..well not even bs..theres no word for that ..too bad i wasnt
at that prom wouldve shot everyone there..ell the dj or something so the
stupid prom would end xD lol jk..tho really they are evil o.o ..cant
believe how mean ppl can be .-.

Автор Scaly Smiles ( назад)
I read "School tricks lesbian with fake porn." This, however makes a lot
more sense

Автор Sonya “AnimeMonster38” Vegas ( назад)
Im bisexual

Автор Nick Cage ( назад)
I'm honestly more concerned about the kids with the disabilities I don't
care about that one girl honestly she can do whatever I only really care
about the disabled kids I know I'm going to get shit for this but I'm being

Автор Wiley Sells ( назад)
That is enigmatic. My heart goes out to those two girls.

Автор last name first name ( назад)
WOW! shame on you school!

Автор nunya biznez ( назад)
This was obviously perpetrated by the entire faculty and the students who
went to the real prom. Since it was in violation of the judges order the
entire faculty and all students who went to the real prom should be held in
contempt of court and kept in jail for same for 90 days and that should go
on their record.

Автор KTPAAKoreanDancer ( назад)
You go girl! It's bad enough that the students did it, but parents and
adults...really. You're that rude and inconsiderate...wow...just wow!

Автор Erik Brantly ( назад)
I feel sorry for the special needs kids, but aren't the LGBTQXYZ people
wanting their own shit anyway? Fuck 'em. Let them have their own prom. I'm
sick of their bullshit.

Автор thatmaninblack ( назад)
Mean people are @sshole inside. That's why they do the mean things they do.
They are not sad. They are happy to insult, torture, harrass the weaker
ones. I was harrassed and bullied in multiple schools by multilple people,
none of them were sad. They were thugs and they felt strong to mess with
with me, because I was not a muscular kid. Also, sometimes physical
selfdefense helped me, so don't tell your kid that he/she can't defend
himself/herself against a harrasser. Telling such things is a bad idea.
Also, suggesting that the bullies are just sad, is totally b.s. It's only
in cr.ppy Hollywood movies, the real life is different.

Автор Claudia Skowerski ( назад)
This is honestly horrible and disgusting...

Автор evitasdad ( назад)
One would like to think...and hope...and expect... that human society
improves and learns and develops as it gets older..
And you hope for this, you would expect it to.

And then you hear stuff like this.
And it,s right back at the start.

Автор Peanut GutterButter ( назад)
So. Fucked. Up.

Автор N K ( назад)
Wow , I feel so bad for her and the special needs kids . What kind of
people would do that to them ? And yeah , who cares about the people who
left them out . They were mean , and the adults . Wow , adults doing this ?
Really? Grow up . 

Автор ScarletFire ( назад)
Dude i love this guy for going off on them. 100% agree with everything he
is saying

Автор Katherine McCabe ( назад)
I just want to say a few things: Being gay or being a lesbian is not bad.
Homosexuals deserve equal treatment. They should be allowed to marry each
other just like straight couples are allowed to.This girl Constance is just
so amazingly brave. If I was in her situation, I would've sued the school
for all they've got.

Автор iiGold ( назад)
Gay!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Maddie The Newfoundland Dog ( назад)
I'm bisexual and if I was tricked into going there I would tell my
guardians and they would sue the hell out of the school

Автор PreciousFifi ( назад)
So mean people are sad inside, (I agree). How does that help you get
through it when a bully is beating you up or hurting you some other way?
Bullied victims are sad inside too.

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