School Tricks Lesbian Student With Fake Prom

A lesbian teen who successfully sued her Mississippi school for the right to bring her girlfriend to prom was left out and was instead directed to a "fake prom" on Friday, according to The Advocate.

Constance McMillen, her date and just a handful of others, including two classmates with learning disabilities, attended the dance in Fulton, Mississippi while most of her other classmates from Itawamba Agricultural High School reportedly partied at a separate prom that McMillen was not invited to.

McMillen made headlines just a few weeks ago when, with the help of the ACLU, she fought the school's decision to cancel prom. The school canceled the dance after McMillen sought to bring her girlfriend and to wear a tuxedo.

As part of a preliminary ruling, a judge decided that McMillen was allowed to bring a girl as a date. The judge did not order the school to reinstate the prom because it was understood that McMillen would be invited to a prom being held by parents of her Itawamba classmates. Instead, that prom was canceled and was replaced with the sparsely attended country club event.

Kristy Bennett, the ACLU's legal director for Mississippi, told NEMS360, that she was disappointed.

"Whatever we find will be brought to the court's attention," Bennett told NEMS. "Whether it is in the damages trial, or whatever. There will still be a trial on the merits. The case didn't end in the preliminary hearing."

McMillen, 18, said that her feelings were hurt, but that there was at least one good thing about the night. The Advocate:

Two students with learning difficulties were among the seven people at the country club event, McMillen recalls. "They had the time of their lives," McMillen says. "That's the one good thing that come out of this, [these kids] didn't have to worry about people making fun of them [at their prom]."

Read more at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/04/05/constance-mcmillen-fake-p_n_525856.html

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Автор Rebeca Fulker (1 месяц)
That brat deserved it. If she really truly just wanted to go to prom she
would've kept her mouth closed and just gone with her girlfriend. She just
wanted the attention. Kids like this chick think they can sue anybody if
they don't get their way. The only ones I feel sorry for are the special ED

Автор Erik Iacopelli (2 месяца)
And for the gay couple and the kids wit disabilities NEVER let ANYONE no
matter who they r put u down. NEVER let it happen cuz you will ALWAYS be
BETTER then ALL of the ppl that looked down at you. They look down at you
cuz they wish they could be 1/1111111111000000000000th as cool as you guys
r. N they know that no matter what they do in life they will never be as
badass as you guys r. Keep yer chins n never let lowlifes like that bring u
down to there level. I wish you guys nothing but the VERY BEST!! N if ya
ever need it give me a ring and Ill beat whomever asses that mess wit u

Автор BARBARA JOHNSON (21 день)
just happened to run across this and I am APPALLED that the ADULTS in a
SCHOOL SYSTEM would do this! I would have sued the hell out of them and
since this was in 2010 I HOPE SHE DID!!!!!!!

Автор Derp Ssundee (22 дня)
Why the hell would they do that to her? I mean at the end of the day aren't
we all still humans? Why do people make fun of humans that like the same
gender? I hope that school feels like douche bags.

Автор brian fischer (1 месяц)
F#ck these people! why should all of the normal peoples prom be ruined by
this freak of nature. stay home!

Автор Šüñåκø Ṝøšმñε Kîяîšнîκî (6 месяцев)
*e.e This is ridiculous. How could they just ugh oml /).- This is some
messed up bs.*

Автор Jeremy Blanchard (10 дней)
I read this 1000 times thinking it said porn. i couldn't understand.

Автор Man Who Wears A Box (18 дней)
She really deserves better then those complete morons.

Автор Its RedPanda (1 месяц)
The fuck is wrong with schools. They tell you to be your self and if any
one judges you we will be there for you FUCKING LIES we cant have really
short hair and now gay people cant go to prom with there dates and were the
clothes they want?
They tell you to help charity and all that so my friend cut his hair for
charity because his little brother has leukemia and obviously he wanted to
help then the school were like moaning because his hair was too short fuck
off get a fucking life.

Always saying everyone should be treated the same...
ffs i actually hate teachers..

Автор VirginBuddist (25 дней)
Hey to all gay people you do realise that most all non gay people could
give more shits about a drying piece of dung ofthe side of the most remote
highway then about your right to be gay you want prove message me ill send
you this link to test done on lying machines done with 1001 people from
multible background and beliefs and 94% of them answered question the came
back to them lying that they support gay rights thats right people 94% of
these 1001 people where lying when they said they support gay rights 87% of
them were guilty of lying to the friends they knew to be gay that they
support their being gay and 71% of the people admitted to tell friend they
hang with that they accept gay people right to loving whom they wish when
the truth was they found it upsetting and wrong in their own minds , so
what im trying to say is why are people freely saying one thing when its a
lie rather then just be honest that is whats wrong with this world today no
one is willing to be honest when their their lies cause more problems then
it solves ,I just do not understand why people are so agiants being fully
honest in how they feel sure ill admit that having lived 27 year being
honest has left me rather alone but lest i can never be called a lier and
the people i do have in my life are people i can trust fully as respecting
my opinion on things and they can expect the fully honest opinion of my
views but then again im a person that has a rather advantage in this area
of life given im Asperges suffer that has trouble having emotional respones
to most usally contection people have that have them need to lie but then
again if thats so if a gay person cant accept that your not ok with them
being gay then you never needed them in your life and thats how gay people
should be too that does not give them the right to put their gay habit in
your face every 5 mins going "look at me look at me respect me im gay hey
here look here im gay im gay bow down to my gay powers " instead they could
live a perfectly easy life been gay and being normal like that old saying
goes "what you do in your privite life is your problem they you feel about
is your problem the your treated cause of it is your problem so leave it
that way the moment you ask for people that dont live your way to think
your way is the moment you open it up for other to have to deal with your
problem and thats selfish and unfair
me im fine with people being gay no i dont thing a group of people that
break the rule of nature should be given and fair treatment yes i wish
nobody was gay and yes im anti gay rights i dont want to see anyone being
gay i dont want to know anyone thats gay i have to though cause my sister
and step sister is gay but i guess thats just something ill have deal with
and by dealing i mean never see her more then once every few year for a
family get togethers other then that this whole fight for equal right has
to stop their is no proof any where that gay people are any differnet to
normal people and straight people dont get any speical treat so why them
what is it about gay people that they should get treat better then those
that help mankind opposed to those the have no change of help mankind in
the most basic way you can yes i understand gay people can help mankind in
the way you think they can but in the most basic area they cant two women
cant have a baby and two men can either a man and a women toghter can sure
there adoption but theres certainly not 145milion solo children to do that
anyway i shared my opinion based on a facts ive found the past ten years on
this matter no gay man or women will get my vote for being so ill deal with
them the way i do with most in my life ill walk away from them the moment
they act in a way other then human the second they try to tell there gay is
the monet thier front door close behind me leaving the moment they even
beign upset anythin to with gay stuff i dont care or give care about you
gay people im fine if your gay just STOP BEATING THE SAME COMPLAINT OVER
AND OVER AGAIN just get your AIDS and die so the next person can be born
to take your place 

Автор Harry Balzac (3 дня)
I am sick of these attention-seeking, saber-rattling, money-grubbing,
trouble makers. They get-off more on the controversy they create rather
than focusing on amicable justice for the actual cause. America is full of
fringe PC idiots that love to shock and anger people without provocation.
Dignity, class, mutual respect, and decency is just a thing of the past

Автор Kaboom36 (16 дней)
Boy for once I'm glad I'm homeschooled and I don't dance
BUT RLY I LEFT school because of bullies and it was mostly angering me to
the pointwhere if I were to act on these impulses I'd be serving life in
prison and most of the teachers just ignored it and they did nothing except
one who put me in the back next to her desk and surrounded me with my old
class mates from my elementary school it put me In so much stress that I'm
very surprised that I don't have any premature gray hair. But the point is
WHY ARE SCHOOLS FILLED WITH SUCH d4@## JERKS and what's worse is everyone
in ohva are public school bully targets or people that have problems that
will make others target then and ruin their life so kids DONT BE A 💩 AND
BULLY ( doing so may put you in jail for.murder and assault)

Автор Karkat, Mituna, & Trickster John (1 месяц)
//Okay. This all together isn't right. They tricked a girl because she was
a LESBIAN?!?! And they didn't want her at the prom in a TUXEDO with her
GIRLFRIEND! Alright. For now, I'm gonna pretend to be okay with that even
though I'm Pansexual and I have a girlfriend. But when you pick on children
with LEARNONG DISABILITIES!? Aww hell nahw. That is where I draw the line.
I swear. If I *EVER* meet someone who picks on special needs children, they
better be sorry they ever did.

Автор Tsubomi Kano (11 дней)
This is so horrible. What the fuck?!

Автор David Crandall (17 дней)
You younger people are trying to make it sound acceptable to be gay and it
is not and will never be. 

Автор Hans Meier (8 дней)
Wow, the folks who had the "real" prom are really in for a surprise once
they encounter the real world :)

Автор Jamie McKnight (28 дней)
honestly, who gives a shit about high school? do you think those people
that you met in high school, and idolize are still going to be relevant
after high school? no, absolutely not. those friends you made, they'll
eventually stop talking to you since you don't see each other everyday, the
people you liked, all of it is temporary, and none of it will matter after
you leave high school.

Автор Crystal Ellis (4 дня)
This is really sad .The schools tell kids to be themselves to express who
they are .she was going to and not only did she get judged by the school
she got bullied from the students and teachers.that was a form of bullying.
Thought schools now days was supposed to have a anti bullying program .and
what does it matter if she is gay ???? She would still have the same
personality if she was straight. So that school and the officials whom let
this happen should be fired ! No suspension with pay or none of that
bullshit.its really sad to know this is what schools are teaching there
students .to single someone out that is diffrent and make a great big joke
at there expense so other kids and students can laugh at them.

Автор Joshua Rathbun (29 дней)
tossing in a fake prom just to trick some lesbians is going waaaay too

Автор josh suy (1 месяц)
I got kicked out of my owne school because I was bullied to much the
teachers themselves done all they could to kick me out for being a victim
the schools only care for people who are the majority the sports and the
bully's they don't care what happens to the victim most of the time they
want to get rid of the victims and send them to other schools and not
handle the problem they think jocks shouldn't get in trouble even if he
beats a kid up the victim like me who got beat up also got suspended just
because they didn't want the jock to get expelled they lied about what
happens because they want to be with the people they think gets to stay. if
I was there I would of went to the fake prom instead I can tell it was
filled with nicer people

Автор Miister Josh (14 дней)
It's kinda cool the lezzie ended up going to the wrong address with the
mentally disabled and gave them a really good "prom" night. That is
something she should be proud of. Sad story with a good ending :)

Автор Destiny Perry (14 часов)
What pathetic fucks. Fuck this makes me so angry... Jesus fucking Christ..

Автор Rainbow Mama (18 дней)
What a bunch of losers. Constance, you keep on keepin on babe. YOU rock!

Автор MrMan LaManna (18 дней)
I have a lesbian friend and if this happened I would be pissed, She would
be pissed, and the rest of my friends would be pissed some one would get
F'd up. 

Автор Audrey Liles (27 дней)
Those people making fun of her are jerks. I'm not even sure if being gay is
right or not, but it is hurting her feelings, leaving her out and being so
mean!! I wish those people who made fun of her would just see what it's
like to be her.

Автор Rentes (11 дней)

Автор momstheword11 (7 дней)
why I believe in school choice and vouchers. get involved in a local
chapter and have state laws changed to allow money from taxes to be put
towards choosing a school of your child's/your choice. you should be able
to choose your school/make schools compete for tax money by actually making
kids feel wanted. you choose your grocer and gas station don't you? don't
buy the propaganda that you are paying for religion to be taught to kids.
that is hype so public schools can keep their monopolies. they don't care
how they treat kids. as more private schools open more choices for
education will be available.

Автор againandagainst (16 дней)
LOLOLOL Jokes on you! Maybe you shouldnt sue the school because you want
to be "different"

Автор columbinecombine69 (14 дней)
that is evil, but hey I can relate, I got expelled from high school being a
particularly bright student and was suppose to graduate my junior year but
instead expelled two weeks into my senior year for questioning why our
classes were online this year... it turns out my rat teacher was fucking my
heroin junkie principal. Don't let it get to you sweetheart there will be a
prom every year for you to crash until you feel like you got your moment ;)

Автор Baron von Cheesecake (26 дней)
I might be remotely surprised if this hadn't happened in Mississippi, white
trash capital of the U.S. Guaranteed half the students there don't even
know who their biological father is.

Автор WebbanationX (13 дней)
This is some tactless bullsheeit. Yeah, the adults should've known better.
And the fellow students... nobody in that whole school rolls with her like
to to have told her what the deal was? That's just low, on all levels

Автор CJLozi123 (7 дней)
That school is so fucking crazy!!!
If only they put as much effort into teaching the kids as they did this
event... The school would be tops academically.
School is run by psychopaths!

Автор Megan Ci (23 дня)
I'm surprised by how many comments are based on gay rights or gay people
being the problem in this situation. Gay people are not the problem! And
that wasn't even the point! The point is that the TEACHERS decided to trick
this poor girl, and they had no right to do that. How can a teacher even DO
that? They are supposed to be the mature adults and FIX these kind of
problems, not start them. 

Автор Virtuals Graphics (6 дней)
The Adults Are Just So Mature, That's Why They Got There Jobs For Being
Really Nice To All Students (Note The Sarcasm)

Автор scar12346 (23 дня)
I really red "School tricks lesbian student with fake porn" -.-

Автор THE GAMESLAYER115 (9 дней)
Hay I agree with those guy like who the fuck would do that just cos a girl
is different does not mean you do that I hope you see this who ever did

Автор Taylor Dotson (2 дня)
I think that was rued I am a lesbian and I am so pissed at this 

Автор MorriganAtWar (25 дней)
Wake the fuck up society, you can't stop people from loving the same
gender. This is a new generation, society is going to try new things, so
get over yourselves. If God is the one who knows your life plans, then he
obviously doesn't have a problem with gays because if he did, then they
wouldn't exist. God put gays on this earth for a reason. To teach people
that you can love the same gender if you want to. It is no one else's
business if you love the same gender or not. Because it's your love life.
And to all the people who are probably going to give me shit about this,
don't pull the "oh you must be lesbian" crap because I'm not, but I
thoroughly support homosexuality. Gays are people too, and God seems to
think the same thing, otherwise they wouldn't be here.

Автор TrickeryClown (1 месяц)
holy shit this was so funny god I wish I could have seen that lezbos

Автор TheNikkifreddy (16 дней)
that is appalling sometimes i hate to be apart of the human race.. loosing
faith in people more and more everyday.. how would you feel if you were
treated like this. COMPLETELY wrong and disgusting 

Автор Quocalimar Anon (14 дней)
That's just so petty.

Автор Hëarƫless Søuɭ (1 месяц)
I do not agree with homosexuality, and can agree with someone for not
wanting to encourage something they do not believe in... however this was
wrong and not the case. She respectfully asked for their consent, and so
she deserved a proper answer. They could have at least just said "No, we're
sorry but you can go as friends." or something instead of the whole shut
down of the prom which would lead to the harassment and blame of other
students. I can also see a school board doing that in order to prevent from
excluding her while other kids went, it would make an easy solution if they
just didn't hold the event, but like I said doing that would only cause
more problems for her among other students. But then they took it even
farther when they simply duped her and held the prom behind her and those
other kids backs. They just went and promoted discrimination and very well
bullying. I highly respect that girl's class in responding to the
situation. They should be very well ashamed of themselves, she was more
mature than the lot of them and these kids deserve better. 

Автор badpanda84 (21 день)
Well if you threathen to sue the school and get prom cancelled what did you
expect to happen.
The school felt they were forced to under threats of lawsuits to have the
This is what you get for filing frilvious lawsuits

Автор Tatyana Gordon (9 дней)
This is horrible. She should sue the school again. Those assholes will go
to hell for that.

Автор Maria Meza (7 дней)
IDC what u american haters think! I love the fact that we can sue for a lot
of things!

Автор gabe pan (7 дней)
when i read the title i thought it said [INSERT WORD HEAR] (facepalm]

Автор Swagger Ninja XD (19 дней)
JESUS....I mean adults helped do this?!!!!
what has this world come too?

Автор shawnabgoode (11 дней)
We still got a long way to go as a human race I guess. However, 2 proms
isn't a bad Idea. If they had of let the other students know about both,
more would have gone to the one the lezbos were at.

Автор Celestia Angel (1 месяц)
karma will bite those fuckers in the ass, what about tolerance! Fucking

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