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Автор Usernameinvalid16 (2 года)
You can Also Tell when a Compressor has a Bad Capacitor When the Compressor
Try's to Start then just goes "Brahhhhhh Then shuts back off" Thats another

Автор dizziedallas (3 года)
@tstatech Hey Jason! You would think with all of the service literature and
tect school thing would get better.

Автор dizziedallas (3 года)
@Ajax234 I put the dryer right at the inlet of the evaporator.

Автор dizziedallas (4 года)
@danielpolo1392 The contactor make a buzzing sound when it is going bad.
Ratting is a possible loose panel or a out balance fan blade and if the
compressor is bad it is really loud.Hope this helps!

Автор dizziedallas (2 года)
The capacitor had a slight bulge (expanded case hard to see in the video)
and the symptoms that the customer explain to me. Thanks for watching!

Автор dizziedallas (4 года)
@PutSome5tankOnIt Every time I hear bad compressor I dont believe it!! No
wonder the manufactures say 60% of all in warranty compressor have been
diagnose incorrectly.

Автор slumdog (3 года)
man this was a pointless video...

Автор dizziedallas (3 года)
@MrIfeatu Did you you mean wrap video? You are in the wrong category! Go to
the you tube search bar and type in wrap videos and enjoy! Thanks for
watching! And have a wonderful day!

Автор Nutintoitbut2doit (4 года)
Ya Them Rheem/ Ruud units are some strong A/C units and Furnaces, They are
second to none in my opinion, Bryant is a good one to. Great job Mr. Dallas.

Автор yrtuag (3 года)
It was always a good day when I was sent with a comp. to change out and
then double checked and found the capacitor bad and was back on the road in
no time. And on 3 phase when I would find 1 blown fuse. Of course you check
for a problem and replace all 3. I remember my first day at a new company
they sent me w/ another tech to change out a comp that he had condemned I
didn't question just helped and when we turned power on just a loud
noise.3ph. found 1 blown fuse.All that for nothing!

Автор dizziedallas (4 года)
@HVACKID94 That unit was installed in 2001 it ran good after I clean it
up.Rain water is a bad news for any electrical panel and control box.The
capacitor will rust out in no time and not to mention a electrical short.

Автор Aussie50 (4 года)
good job!, the burned wire on the contactor makes it look like the comp was
over-amping, but more like bad contacts overheating, combined with high
start current and no comp start. reminds me of a mini-split I saved, comp
would just growl and pull high amps. new cap fixed all.

Автор Daniel Salazar (4 года)
My unit outside makes a rattling noise and someone told me it could be the
contactor. Is this likely? or can a bad compressor make a rattling noise

Автор dizziedallas (4 года)
They will run for a long time buzzing but it is annoying.

Автор dizziedallas (4 года)
@Aussie50 Thanks, it seem like the run caps don't hold up like they used
to, now I am sounding old!! back in the day etc......

Автор Aussie50 (4 года)
@dizziedallas yeah, its not just AC units either, PC power supplies and
Plasma TV's seem to suffer from cheap cap failures. some of the oldest AC
units I've scrapped still had their factory run caps in them, a bit rusty
but still good.

Автор dizziedallas (3 года)
@Israelhvac It is kind of crazy the comments that get posted! Defcon458
comment is hilarious!

Автор dizziedallas (4 года)
@tstatech All three are correct!!! Getting a 3mfd is a good idea , I
usually have a couple in stock. All of the capacitor I carry are 440V It
just easier than stocking a 370v and 440v.

Автор dizziedallas (3 года)
@Defcon458 You caught me!! Oh no what do my viewers think now!!! I have
been exposed I cant live with myself !! No actually it is called doing a
maintenance nice try!!!

Автор dizziedallas (3 года)
@MrAirdoctor Thank you!

Автор dizziedallas (4 года)
@67tr876 Thanks you I am glade you liked the video!

Автор dizziedallas (4 года)
@HCVguy93 If the unit buzzes every now and then it is the contactor.The
capacitor are silent.

Автор PutSome5tankOnIt (4 года)
I enjoy rolling up on a warranty call and informing the customer that the
previous tech was trying to sell the compressor up the river. A dual run
cap failure is not uncommon and it's going to be replaced along with the
compressor, anyways. The most egregious call I ever went on was diagnosed
by another contractor as 'locked rotor'. Turns out... the noise was the
contactor 'humming'... the breaker was tripped. How's THAT for an
unscrupulous HVAC guy?

Автор dizziedallas (2 года)
It could be either but I would test the capacitor first.

Автор iidamienii (2 года)
I have similar ac and what happened was that the cold air just stopped
working. Found that the compressor wasn't turning on. I changed out the
capacitor and the compressor came on, but only for a little while. The
comprossor won't turn on now....the contactor is good though...any

Автор dizziedallas (2 года)
You had me scared for a minute! Thanks for watching!

Автор Dax Marshall (3 года)
lol i knew it whas the cap lol those thing fail all the time

Автор Fritz Rochester (4 года)
Hey Dallas , you are the man ! Great Job!!! I am replacing , with double
pole every cap change out , they only run me 5.00 , and I personally like
the piece of mind changing both . Did my fist copeland scroll replacement
yesterday , on a 2004 ducane. Looks good , Dallas , NICE and Clean too!!!

Автор Fritz Rochester (4 года)
I took you advice , and won't buy 370v , 440v from here on out.

Автор Tiger baws (2 года)
cant hurt a copeland scroll i have the same rheem system

Автор Ajax2341 (3 года)
where do you install the filter drier, by the furnace?

Автор dizziedallas (3 года)
@wolftone1916 Sorry you feel this way... here is the good news, there are
more channel you can visit and give your opinion and I bet everyone will be
receptive. I hope you do not get overwhelmed by subscriber.

Автор TRADERnel (2 года)
its the start cap...

Автор Rodney Thornhill (3 года)
well the after shot looked like you put on a new compressor

Автор texaswildhunter (3 года)
I work for Gemaire in Dallas, the copeland factor has told us that 90%+ of
the compressors we send back under warranty are working fine!! I hate
having to deal with guys that have no idea what they are doing or are out
to make a quick buck off there customers!!

Автор DEREK FOX (2 года)
0:49 How Could you tell it was a bad Capacitor Without a Meter ? Thank you

Автор dizziedallas (4 года)
@mickichito7 Thank you very much!

Автор Greg Alejanderian (2 года)
Was he or she trying to get a second quote? If so then that first
contractor was really trying to rip a customer off. There should be more
honest techs like you around

Автор dane961 (2 года)
I was thinking the same thing.

Автор 71dembones (2 года)
No it isn't! You bastard! you gave that customer a new compressor, didn't
you??! And I bet you didn't even tell them! Never let this guy work on your
equipment; he's always giving em new equipment for free! You probably even
killed their pet spider and her home! I always knew you were a sketchy
character, Dallas, but come on! LOL nice job as always my friend!

Автор dizziedallas (3 года)
@texaswildhunter That is very true! The copeland compressor is as tough as

Автор dizziedallas (4 года)
@fritzhvac Hey Fritz Thanks! It is amazing how many capacitor take a
powder!! I mostly carry dual run caps and all my caps are 440V.

Автор James Lippincott (2 года)
I never doubt these units they are tough!

Автор PutSome5tankOnIt (4 года)
Oh yeah... and... we love those Rheem RAMBO's in SoCal. Solid 12 SEER units
that are easy to work on.

Автор Walter's Playground (2 года)
I hope you did the customer a favor and killed that Black Widow!!...?

Автор Glenn Hurst (2 года)
nice work. love the whole side being an inch off the wall...

Автор jose reyes (2 года)

Автор 67tr876 (4 года)
job well done !

Автор ComfortAirCompany (4 года)
Great clean-up! This show how good of a tech you truly are because you not
only honestly fixed it but you also cleaned everything.

Автор tstatech (4 года)
Was the last tech after a spiff? just lazy? Just dumb? I see bad caps all
the time. I test them on every motor I encounter. At least 25% if not 50%
are out of range. I always recommend to my customers that they change them.
It's cheaper to change a cap rather than a compressor or motor. I charge a
fair price for them as well. Need to get some dual runs with 3mfd for the
fan so that when I roll up on a Rheem I'll be prepared.

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