K&K Mime - Oh What Love

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A force to be reckoned with... That's just one way of describing the powerful anointing that exudes from the Gospel Arts duo known as K & K Mime Ministry. When you combine refined God-given talent with a continuum of the freshness of God's anointing... watch out! Run, Devil, Run. There are no limits to what the Lord will do in and through one's life when in the center of His perfect will, K & K Mime Ministry is living proof of that.

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Добавлено: 4 года
Длительность: 7:01
Комментарии: 34

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Автор Jauneen m Simons (1 год)

Автор Natasha Tidwell (2 года)
Chills.... AMAZING

Автор Kimberly Thomas (2 года)
I love K&K mime. I have been following them since I was a child. They are
so anointed and I believe God gave them this gift to bless our hearts and
bring us closer to him. K&K. I love you both. Keep doing your thing.

Автор Redbone8310 (2 года)
Best two I've seen. I wish they could perform at my church.

Автор keshamw (4 года)

Автор ronniescooby100 (2 года)
i love this song ..thank you Jesus!!!!!!!

Автор Dominique Johnson (3 года)
MMhhmm in school in just happened to watch this...And i tell you what just
watching this has moved my spirit right now im trying so hard to keep it
together,But i dont know if i can all i can say is this was ment for me to
watch this this morning because the devil has been busy ooh thank you lord
in jesus name ....AMEN!

Автор nicole gatewood (2 года)

Автор nicole17760 (2 года)
The word says your gift will make room for you.GOd speeks in so many ways .

Автор Niquie Lewis (3 года)
I love this song all time favorite wanna do a mime for easter off this one
. Such a Blessing Brothers continue to let God Use You . Peace

Автор TINA MILLER (2 года)

Автор Charlene Newbill (2 года)
OMG !! I've watched mime dancing, both live & via video. But...... I feel
there's something different about K & K Mime Ministry. I can't put my
finger on it, but there's something unique about these 2 when they mime. I
think it;s the anointing that they have, These 2 young man most deff have
an anointing on their lives. From the very moment I first watch these 2, I
saw a difference. I love these 2. God bless them !!

Автор DeeDee Bell (3 года)
4 people not saved

Автор Real4Jesus (3 года)

Автор jmerlin350 (3 года)
@acting2010 Vickie Winans. It's called "Oh What Love" from her "Live In
Detroit II" album. You should find it at amazon.com.

Автор blackbumblebee001 (3 года)
I can listen to this all day every day awesome what a mighty god we serve
only him,him only can put his son up on the cross for our sins cause i
can't put mine up there oh what a love huge thank you Jesus.

Автор Vanessa Williams (4 года)
Such an inspirational reminder of God's love as we approach the Easter
season. Thank you K&K and Ms. Vickie Winans. Blessings!

Автор Toni Robinson (3 года)
So wonderful!!!

Автор mzsaforo (3 года)
@mo3ney i knowwww...they are just soo anointed...makes me get emotional

Автор humbledbygrace3 (3 года)
I love this ministry. They are truly anointed by God. Praise God for
strengthening them to be used in such a capacity.

Автор levona Denzmore (2 года)
If u didnt kno thats karl as tha solo one in the begining nd other one

Автор kingtena (3 года)
this is my favorite song

Автор Tara Simpson (3 года)

Автор Cutegeek Williams (3 года)
Literally I been watching this everyday ....since I found it..

Автор Ms.Min.S. (2 года)
This is what happens when one is anointed by God. They are legends. Oh how
I remember them for "gospel miming".

Автор helpfulin2010 (3 года)
My any season song!

Автор pastorken11 (3 года)

Автор Ms.Min.S. (2 года)
Thank you for this post. Every time I view this post, I feel the anointing
of the Holy Ghost. I thank God for K & K Mime. They are definitely the
pioneers of for lack of a better word "gospel" mime. They are truly
anointed. [A masterpiece designed by the Father.] God bless you
"Gospelinnovation" and Heaven shine upon you.

Автор d d (3 года)
The Godfathers of Mime; u have such an awesome ministry!

Автор Lika Cuffy (3 года)
Who sings this song? Powerful. . .

Автор ChristianGranny1 (4 года)
Love the song, songstress, the dance and the dancers. I believe this makes
God smile. I really do.

Автор J'Cobby Bates (4 года)

Автор smithz0320 (3 года)
Love them, they are so awesome

Автор Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling (3 года)
Brilliant interpretation of the music without being a distraction. I've
been turned off by a lot of raise dancing that just seems like Ballet, hip
hop, and modern done to Christian music that leaves you wanting to get your
groove on, and nothing Moore. But these two young men leave you focusing of
THE MESSAGE brilliant work, fellas.

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