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Автор Mahmood Hussain ( назад)

Автор Waleed Vcboy ( назад)
Hi. Can You please help me. How can I take out radio from BMW 97 E36 318. I
took it off first time, but now I can't even move it.

plz help me. thanjs

Автор Waleed Vcboy ( назад)
Hi. Can You please help me. How can I take out radio from BMW 97 E36 318. I
took it off first time, but now I can't even move it.

plz help me. thanjs

Автор Dhr Willemsen ( назад)
isn't the radio code printed on the top sticker of the radio ?

Автор timothy liska ( назад)
thanks for this man, but how did you have the people names on the radio
when the song was playing

Автор Garry Reyom ( назад)
First two worked with my 318i. Thanks!!

Автор TheSkyline GODZILLA ( назад)

Автор bimmerman98 ( назад)
can you toggle between US and Japanese fm bands on radio?

Автор General HowTo ( назад)
Cool! Thank you! 

Автор hirr1 ( назад)
watching it to late, I paid 25$ for a new radio code instal :( :D

Автор fifficus ( назад)
GAL = Geschwindigkeitsabhängige Lautstärke. In english: Volume depending on

Автор zambuwambu ( назад)
ahahahaha watch this with cc on

Автор MrTubs911 ( назад)
An M3 with transaction control? whats that? 

Автор XxMetalGorxX ( назад)
Just bought a 1996 BMW M3 a month ago with 110k miles on it, and now I am
going to try this!

Автор Roy Reynolds ( назад)
e36 stands for the chassis not the body style

Автор FerretMochaLatte ( назад)
bro how? I'm getting 22

Автор spechtbert ( назад)
this is like skynet.

Автор chris b (slaphappy) ( назад)
mine gets around 27 hwy ,not bad considering

Автор Brian Ripley ( назад)
O, and now they are F's instead of E's. 3 series are f30

Автор Brian Ripley ( назад)
E36 is the body style. All BMW's have a code like that. After the e36 was
e46, then e90. There has been an M3 in e30, e36, e46 and e90. e90 (sedan)
also consist of e92 (coupe) and e91 (estate) but most people will just say

Автор WrittenOff75 ( назад)
Thanks ! I cant believe the needle reset worked on my '93 E36 :) 

Автор Rickrains ( назад)
Nevermind. Lol I decided to give it another go and it worked! :) Also fixed
my time.

Автор Rickrains ( назад)
I tried this on my '96 328is and it didn't work, but ever since i tried it,
my clock is set to military time. Lol I haven't been able to fix it.

Автор Mercedes-E-Class.com ( назад)

Автор SagothBaal ( назад)
you should see the needle a e30! 

Автор dcrypter87 ( назад)
Traction control? -.- havent got one dont need one =D (E36 M3 3.2 Cabrio)

Автор nevadausa2011 ( назад)
BMW's are never shit, where ever they are made

Автор pedro hernandez ( назад)
Yeah it will work on your car just turn the key once

Автор pedro hernandez ( назад)
I just tried it on my 95 obd1 and it worked

Автор drifta ( назад)
My E36 is 1400kg (stock). Not that Heavy for a BMW, bro.

Автор Tyler Cooper ( назад)
Yours is probably before 95.

Автор travisspahn ( назад)
Great video I'm definitely hopping in my car right now trying all this

Автор TonyTurbo0260 ( назад)
Its because the e30 much lighter car.

Автор Mike Walker ( назад)
You can say that again. I have an E30 with an Alpina engine and it's great
on gas, my E36 325is guzzles gas like a huge SUV and I changed the plugs,
put in a K/N air filter, new O2 sensor, checked the fuel pressure, cleaned
the injectors and even looked for a fuel leak when I first got it. I've had
it for 4 years now and $60 to fill it up every 350-400 miles is just
something I've learned to accept if I want to keep driving it. 

Автор xmetrix xmetrix ( назад)
you know you're an idiot when your needle is always on red. lol

Автор Brian Ripley ( назад)
Is yours OBD1?

Автор Макс Мекс ( назад)
парни ёбань полная!!!не советую 

Автор Eddie Sheeran ( назад)
160 mph at 8k rpm???????? Whoa! Just kidding man, cool tip video!

Автор Rentta (157 лет назад)
do you live under a rock ? 

Автор modelearth ( назад)
same in the uk!

Автор jaggafeen ( назад)
USA m3 is shite my m3 evo pwns

Автор PSYDELFUS ( назад)
I´m from Portugal and this works on my radio, but only with some radio
stations! :) and with some stations the radio automatically change from the
CD to the radio station to inform you of the traffic and wedder.

Автор Brian Ripley ( назад)
ACS or ASC... one of those, I always forget.

Автор Brian Ripley ( назад)
They added ASC w/ TC in 1996. US only had the M3 starting in 95, so that
was the only year that didn't have it.

Автор PSYDELFUS ( назад)
yes, but only if the radio station provides that service 

Автор Timothy Dull ( назад)
Hey after I did the 1st one, when my car is off or on its makes this weird
noise coming from like the stereo idk help

Автор sfvideosnow ( назад)
haha i could imagin, i said this cause a lot e36 owners are teens through
mid 20's haha

Автор Brian Ripley ( назад)
I have a 4.6is X5 now, it's even worse lol.

Автор sfvideosnow ( назад)
you know you have an e36 when the gasoline needle is always on red

Автор Zygimantas Zygonsas ( назад)
Not Only USA and in Europe England Ireland disime

Автор Brian Ripley ( назад)
Yup. Its standard on all US cars that I have seen. Miles are standard but I
know that when you get up near Canada, kilometer standard, the signs show
mph and kph. I've seen this in Maine, im guessing more places along the

Автор eimsbuschler ( назад)
oh cool you americans have both, km/h and mph

Автор Sundown798 ( назад)
Dam I've had this car for 6 years never knew. 

Автор Michael Lenoch ( назад)
Surprisingly cool, wish I knew about these when I still had mine!

Автор Brian Ripley ( назад)
@MrDexHead Yup! I had a convertible e36 M3 after the one in this vid, it
will also close the top.

Автор You IVIad bro ( назад)
Another usefull trick, when locking your doors hold the key in the locking
postion and it will roll up all the windows and even your sunroof, thought
that was hella cool when i found that out in my 96 m3 haha

Автор Mist3rBoomB00mbZ ( назад)
nice DUde 

Автор Neelio J ( назад)
0:16 fastest bmw in the world while in the same spot :) 

Автор erik56030 ( назад)
Hey my light on my sterio si low how can I make it more bright

Автор Brian Ripley ( назад)
@09feb1992 only on the C43 radio and the station has to be using RDS

Автор martin pazdera ( назад)
@bizlur yes i dont know why this no say in manual 

Автор Brian Ripley ( назад)
@TheAlpinab10 Yea... but the owners manual doesn't tell you this and I'd be
willing to bet that less than 5% of BMW drivers know about this. So to them
its a trick. 

Автор martin pazdera ( назад)
this is not trick this is testing your gauges only use reset km and move
with your key and thats all this you can in all bmw types

Автор DjNix1993 ( назад)
Hey man, helpfull video as I did have to disconnect my battery. But how did
u get your radio to display the name of the song u are listening too. I
have a 98 318i, and have seen bmw radios display song and station
title/artist in my moms X5 and in my friends 07 328i, but I didnt know it
was possible in an e36 radio

Автор John Crusader ( назад)
BTW the M3 has a funny function. Have it noted somewhere, but what it does
is, after you release the button and change gear to drive the car bushes
the brakes itself and pushes a massive powercharge to the back wheels, once
it reaches red in rpm it unlocks the brakes and then just focus straight
forward. BMW dealer will tell you (if you ask for it) that you have a
warranty on the first 10 uses, after the 10 triggers the warranty is lost
and any damage is your bad. Strange, but it`s like that. 

Автор John Crusader ( назад)
try 7.2 after unlock at 19 (or 20, cant remember right now). You`ll see
actual rpm, really precise, other stuff is somehow unimportant... I only
would like to point out NOT to turn off DSC or anything else unless it is
for a purpose like stuck in mud or alike. Turning it off for fun (like a
burnout) you may seriously damage electronics. Manual not that much,
automatic more likely to happen. Doesn`t need to happen at all, but it
doesn`t make you really happy once it does:)

Автор Pedro ( назад)
Thanks man! Many thanks!

Автор JMK 052 ( назад)
@bizlur I tried the dash one where the speedo and tach go all the way and
that didnt work and I dont have a T/C button altho I have that light? I
guess these dont work on OBD I e36's.... gay hah that would have been
pretty cool

Автор Brian Ripley ( назад)
@BeamerDreamer93 I don't think so... I think the radio thing started in 97
or 98. It worked in my 98 M3. My 96 328 didn't have the stock head unit so
I'm not sure.

Автор JMK 052 ( назад)
I havent seen a radio unit like that before? then again I havent been in
any OBII E36's I own a 1993 325is, do you think that this could work with

Автор OpticalToxin ( назад)
Very helpful info about the traction control button. thanks.

Автор Brian Ripley ( назад)
Cool! What does that translate to?

Автор Dimitri Konstantinidis ( назад)
many thanks. very usefull information.

Автор Arz00 ( назад)

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