Dropping Jaws - Christelle Berthon

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Длительность: 5:35
Комментарии: 30

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Автор Wanderer x ( назад)
Super super game.
The picture in the background looks really Geil.
See you

Автор Howard Barber ( назад)
Where/how do you get your soundtracks? They are pretty amazing. I wonder
how good they are versus how good you make them seem! But they are often
pretty awesome!

Автор Tony “DaHarpman” Gee ( назад)
Christelle, I love the groovy backing track, but needless to say your soul
comin thru the Harp clearly sprays the room with an array if psychedelic. I
am a beginner who many say that I have what it takes and enjoy hearing me
perform. I want to give them so much more, but I know it will take
professional criticism. That's where YOU come in. Would you be so kind and
take a peek at my video: Tony"DaHarpman" Gee harmonica solo1 and blast me
with your thoughts of where I can make improvements. Luv Ya

Автор alik enamyk ( назад)
i lovt u krictel i am from ruccian

Автор quieromicubita ( назад)
Youtube is nothing if we don´t have these talented people filling it.

Автор MrSacrod ( назад)
great stuff. keep up the good work

Автор ArtofDreaming1 ( назад)

Автор James Hastings ( назад)
Love it!!!

Автор Jaron Cortez ( назад)
Great Harp playing. My name is Jaron Cortez and I sing and play Harmonica
and you are the best in playing that I have ever heard. It's your style
that I like. And I through your videos I learned about the Suzuki
Harmonica. Wow! Love your style. I am from the Fresno CA area. Thanks.

Автор Mueleski ( назад)
Nice sound!

Автор Mukundan A P ( назад)
U have brought the effect of saxo phone in a small instrument.great playing

Автор 800lb Gorilla ( назад)
1982 called, wants their electronica moosak back.

Автор Pingijno ( назад)
0:11 I love this face. :D

Автор latetraincomingfast ( назад)
Can you do voodoo child on that? That's freakin cool.

Автор Christian MASCRET ( назад)
Bravo !

Автор valvosgien ( назад)
oui c’est mieux sans le verrou de la porte , .......bien vu l'ami 

Автор coop344 ( назад)

Автор diachro13 ( назад)
Bravo, bravo, bravo, encore encore encore. Je ne trouve pas mes mots pour
dire comme c'est bon et puis la classe retrouvée en changeant de décor que
je préfère à celui du verrou sur la porte... Allez je retourne écouter
cette merveilleuse interprétation. Merci Christelle Amitiés Francis

Автор apxitektop1985 ( назад)
trop bien PS: t'as rajeuni :^)

Автор ae dxi ( назад)
Tres tres bien , B R A VO .... 

Автор Terry Brooks ( назад)
Solo'n with yerself, cool loop and echo with a bubble effect? Lots of fun!

Автор Jyoti Parasrampuria ( назад)
love the poster on the wall. good addition to your room.

Автор SkankinSkullbone ( назад)

Автор 1985OldSkool ( назад)
I love the way you play the harmonica --- absolutely flawless.

Автор George Miklas ( назад)
Awesome !

Автор monkeyman123321 ( назад)
Cool :D

Автор James Graul ( назад)
unique and masterful

Автор Rodney Hayes ( назад)
Now you are getting with the program!!! Terrific presentation. Merci

Автор ronfurg ( назад)
Really, really nice. { As always ;-) }

Автор Ryan Hunt ( назад)
Awesome. Are the effects coming out of Garageband? What are you using for
your processor?

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