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Автор Howard Barber (11 месяцев)
Where/how do you get your soundtracks? They are pretty amazing. I wonder
how good they are versus how good you make them seem! But they are often
pretty awesome!

Автор 800lb Gorilla (3 года)
1982 called, wants their electronica moosak back.

Автор ontheroad430seconds1 (3 года)
not only do i want your first cd, but i want to know when your coming to
america.....i want to be first in line to buy a ticket to your concert !!
your not only the best....but you are THE best of the best !!!!

Автор ae dxi (3 года)
Tres tres bien , B R A VO ....

Автор Raven Gang (3 года)
I love the way you play the harmonica

Автор Mukundan A P (3 года)
U have brought the effect of saxo phone in a small instrument.great playing

Автор valvosgien (3 года)
oui c’est mieux sans le verrou de la porte , .......bien vu l'ami

Автор Tony DaHarpman Gee (2 года)
Christelle, I love the groovy backing track, but needless to say your soul
comin thru the Harp clearly sprays the room with an array if psychedelic. I
am a beginner who many say that I have what it takes and enjoy hearing me
perform. I want to give them so much more, but I know it will take
professional criticism. That's where YOU come in. Would you be so kind and
take a peek at my video: Tony"DaHarpman" Gee harmonica solo1 and blast me
with your thoughts of where I can make improvements. Luv Ya

Автор SkankinSkullbone (3 года)

Автор Pingijno (3 года)
0:11 I love this face. :D

Автор MrSacrod (3 года)
great stuff. keep up the good work

Автор alik enamyk (2 года)
i lovt u krictel i am from ruccian

Автор Terry Brooks (3 года)
Solo'n with yerself, cool loop and echo with a bubble effect? Lots of fun!

Автор latetraincomingfast (3 года)
Can you do voodoo child on that? That's freakin cool.

Автор apxitektop1985 (3 года)
trop bien PS: t'as rajeuni :^)

Автор Jaron Cortez (3 года)
Great Harp playing. My name is Jaron Cortez and I sing and play Harmonica
and you are the best in playing that I have ever heard. It's your style
that I like. And I through your videos I learned about the Suzuki
Harmonica. Wow! Love your style. I am from the Fresno CA area. Thanks.

Автор diachro13 (3 года)
Bravo, bravo, bravo, encore encore encore. Je ne trouve pas mes mots pour
dire comme c'est bon et puis la classe retrouvée en changeant de décor que
je préfère à celui du verrou sur la porte... Allez je retourne écouter
cette merveilleuse interprétation. Merci Christelle Amitiés Francis

Автор Jyoti Parasrampuria (3 года)
love the poster on the wall. good addition to your room.

Автор CecileWillowLandes (3 года)
Fabuleux ! Merci beaucoup :)

Автор ronfurg (3 года)
Really, really nice. { As always ;-) }

Автор coop344 (3 года)

Автор George Miklas (3 года)
Awesome !

Автор BIGTINGZBOSS (3 года)
Sounds great Christelle! Really enjoyed it. Thanks.

Автор Rodney Hayes (3 года)
Now you are getting with the program!!! Terrific presentation. Merci

Автор James Hastings (3 года)
Love it!!!

Автор 1985OldSkool (3 года)
I love the way you play the harmonica --- absolutely flawless.

Автор samoelEgremy (3 года)
it is just awesome!!

Автор Mueleski (3 года)
Nice sound!

Автор ArtofDreaming1 (3 года)

Автор James Graul (3 года)
unique and masterful

Автор monkeyman123321 (3 года)
Cool :D

Автор quieromicubita (3 года)
Youtube is nothing if we don´t have these talented people filling it.

Автор Christian MASCRET (3 года)
Bravo !

Автор Ryan Hunt (3 года)
Awesome. Are the effects coming out of Garageband? What are you using for
your processor?

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