Taylor Swift Has Gigantic Boobs | TMZ TV

Or just a really excellent new bra.
Taylor Swift surfaced at a NYC restaurant ... not Tom Hiddleston.
Taylor and Tom have been on the outs after only 2 months of dating ... according to some reports, so it's interesting she hit up a vegan restaurant with Todrick Hall, a YouTube dude.

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Taylor Swift Has Gigantic Boobs | TMZ TV

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Длительность: 1:39
Комментарии: 820

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Автор OMEGA-P _74 ( назад)
Idk who he is but wasn't hard to tell he was Flaming just walking to the car.

Автор zioncartel ( назад)
Now add some ass

Автор Terence Flood ( назад)
TMZ are a cancer

Автор Denzel Porte ( назад)
Men are getting tired of her skinny ass. So she wanted to up her game.

Автор Mike Boland ( назад)
i maintain the only reason, AND I DO MEAN THE ONLY REASON, this show isnt 100% trash is the guy who does their narrations. Hes amazing.

Because of him, the show is only 90% trash.

Автор LoLzAr Lily ( назад)
Who fucking cares it's her body why are y'all starin at her boobs so much?
If it's a bra okay
If it's no who cates

Автор Shakir Newton ( назад)
Still waiting for that Taylor Swift-Kanye West sex tape

Автор Brendan Keane ( назад)
I hate the commentator guy

Автор Ionlysmoke Bigjoints ( назад)
TMZ is gayer than a cargo ship full of dicks

Автор daft nord ( назад)
this is stupid as fuck. kys tmz

Автор Zaid Ali ( назад)
New fidget toys... Tri spinner
Great way to spend time, help anxiety and fidgety habits.

Автор Gabrielle Yang ( назад)
I can tell because of the title XD lol

Автор James Wilson ( назад)
Taylor swift is a spoiled rich kid.

Автор Black Cobra ( назад)
Women talk about guys being shallow, but their truly the shallowest of all. Always concerned about their looks, constantly obsessing about every aspect of their appearance.

Автор Paul M ( назад)
Bottom feeders.

Автор Joshua REAPER ( назад)
Looks more like she went from golf balls to tennis balls, idk where these guys got their definition of gigantic but that wasn't it.

Автор Freedom InManyForms ( назад)
she should focus on that ass first

Автор B rye ( назад)
Tell the narrator to shut the fuck up.

Автор GEANIE BALLINI ( назад)
big boobs on a man body equals a tranny....e'body know dat

Автор A Graham ( назад)
I think she got a bomb job

Автор Alisha C ( назад)
Its like when people were saying Oh Kylie's lips look bigger because she over lined her lips. Its not the bra, she obviously got a boob job, which is nothing to go nuts about.

Автор Yolo Swaggins ( назад)
You know you're fame is declining when you hang with youtube stars.

Автор young steve ( назад)
This was long overdue

Автор Brendan Ryan ( назад)
I hope she doesn't get all fucked up with her image and destroy her natural beauty!

Автор Todd Devin ( назад)
She finally reached puberty. BAAAAHAHAH

Автор Brian Berthold ( назад)
TMZ is a dam joke

Автор Skin Hound ( назад)
fake tits are gross..hopefully shes still got the real deal

Автор Joshua Knudsen ( назад)
What about the dude in the back round checking out her ass

Автор Daniel Toma ( назад)
She paid well for them, too

Автор Ephemeral ( назад)
I bet everyone reading this is holding the phone in their right hand, with three fingers in the back, and the pinky at the bottom and scrolling with their thumb.

Автор Herbert Byrd ( назад)
Clearly the bitch just got a boob job... like everybody in music now they are all fake.

Автор Dr. Jh Irons ( назад)
tmz are scum!

Автор Barrios Groupie ( назад)
Sexual harassment towards Taylor Swift from TMZ.

Автор pannterra86 ( назад)
I'd suck on those fun bags and titty fuck her hard anyday

Автор Larry Davids ( назад)

Автор halfvolley11 ( назад)
Katy Perry has bigger natural boobs.

Автор Kiwi9182 ( назад)
This is so stupid. I can't even. 😂😂

Автор TheBlueElephant LP ( назад)

Автор BBnanner ( назад)
Can't believe they forced the dog in the water!

Автор GhostOfRhurValley 1945 ( назад)
Know she needs to do lots and lots of squats .

Автор Paul Nesa ( назад)
She still needs to hit the squat rack.

Автор Vincenzo Agostino ( назад)
fun u with ur ads

Автор inthewilderness ( назад)
i thought she was pregnant, she's getting a belly,...... climb in my belly!

Автор Killertomato84 ( назад)
Holy shit could TMZ get any creepier

Автор Jimmy Hellfire ( назад)
Can somebody please kill everyone in this video? Including the presenter "voice"?

Other than Taylor Swift, I actually have nothing against her.

Автор Marty ( назад)
fuck off tmz, report real news. they're boobs.

Автор D Laws ( назад)
when the fat chick brags about her boobs.. just like a scrawny guy with abs XD

Автор Night Soldier ( назад)
yo nobody's gonna mention the dude in the back

Автор John Doe ( назад)
Those aren't even average. She may have gotten a boob job or a new bra but she was already practically nothing before.

Автор Guy Schneider ( назад)
Fake boobs look gross

Автор 런카일 ( назад)
Breaking news!: TMZ are giant ass perverts!

Автор Video Account ( назад)
Is she a coal burner now?

Автор FurIouS19811 ( назад)
I wish this world would just forget about this fake person, she has no talent what so ever. I guess to get to the top you only have to suck cock and get rammed up the ass and not be able to sing at all.

Автор SoyEduardo e.e ( назад)
Why this kind of shows are so dumb and pathetic?

Автор senno sedai ( назад)
Damn she's hot.

Автор Drai fly ( назад)
'What's going on up here' buy one get one free??

Автор Gooody17 ( назад)

Автор Oscar Saris ( назад)
Her boobs look exactly the same in both pics. Also, ever heard of push-up bra? Also, why am I commenting on a TMZ video about some celebrity's boobs? What am I doing with my life? Pls help :(

Автор Shan Tv ( назад)

Автор Dank Lettuce ( назад)
Trust me,she doens't have "gigantic boobs" she has small boobs

Автор Marie Jean ( назад)
the voiceover tho

Автор Jean Santiago ( назад)
she growing up now

Автор Sophie Martin ( назад)
Ummm...... Taylor fans u forgot she got pregnant and aborted o yea they would bigger ?!

Автор DONTUO Harris ( назад)
She discovered water balloons.....

Автор osc bell ( назад)
doesn't matter she still looks like an alien from outer space

Автор Georgia Spence ( назад)
What the fuck

Автор rishab iyer ( назад)
Are we not gonna talk about the creepy dude in the background

Автор I'm from everywhere ( назад)
wtf is with the commentator's annoying voice

Автор Jack Scholefield ( назад)
She has a small body so it makes her boobs look bigger.

Автор Brittany Robertson ( назад)
worst channel ever

Автор wildevil ( назад)
Was nice titting you. SO NICE!

Автор Martha Holt ( назад)
They just grew...

Автор auneakeffect ( назад)
those aren't big by any means wtf

Автор silvradols ( назад)
Date Taylor & get a song about you , uh nope

Автор iKETOURAGE ( назад)
"Her boobs are out of control" seriously? if she did anything to her boobs it was done in taste.

Автор Benedict Wilton ( назад)
These people are fucking retarded.

Автор Hugo Stiglitz ( назад)
They've been like that for years which is the only reason I think she's hot. I dig scrawny chicks with nice tits. Also dig thick chicks with huge tits. I just like big tits, that's probably an easier way to say it

Автор Gabriel Kyne ( назад)

Автор Ladi Smith ( назад)
so weird so stumble across this. can you imagine growing up to be one of these adults? pathetic

Автор Osacr Hernandez ( назад)

Автор Dr Zombie ( назад)
People who watch TMZ should be euthanized.

Автор DrLeroyGreen ( назад)
She's got to be annoying and high maintenance as hell but there's no doubt she tastes like a marshmallow peep.

Автор Trey ( назад)

Автор KrGsMrNKusinagi0 ( назад)
BIGGEST turn off ever is fake boobs/azz/etc... disgusting

Автор sasha grey ( назад)
her boobs are tinyy :-D

Автор 2manysecrets ( назад)
These people have a combined IQ of 6...
What could possibly be the prerequisite for this job?!

Автор Victor Espino ( назад)
laaaaady biiiiiiird - Hank hill

Автор kellyr95 ( назад)
*I didn't know Rob Kardashian worked at TMZ...* 0:37

Автор ThomasFromTN ( назад)
That dumb blonde who didn't know who Lady Bird Johnson was is typical of the vapid, vacant idiots this channel hires...and are proud of it.

Автор Bud Wiser ( назад)
Taylor is Super Beautiful

Автор nonplayerzealot4 ( назад)
Richard Simmons and Boy George probably even think that narrator is gay as fuck.

Автор Al RedAye ( назад)
Will these people burn in hell already. Shit, I watched it...I guess this is my last will and testament guys. uh stay frosty.

Автор Grumpy ( назад)
The amount of hatred that I have for the people that work at TMZ is probably bordering on unhealthy.

Автор The Grasper ( назад)
The majority of people don't know that our brains and our bodies are still developing until we reach about age 25......Or she switched birth control

Автор Missy Opal ( назад)
fuck that,this means theres still HOPE FOR ME.

Автор Migool ( назад)
my mom walked in while watching this and i switched to porn. eisier to explain.

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