Taylor Swift Has Gigantic Boobs | TMZ TV

Or just a really excellent new bra.
Taylor Swift surfaced at a NYC restaurant ... not Tom Hiddleston.
Taylor and Tom have been on the outs after only 2 months of dating ... according to some reports, so it's interesting she hit up a vegan restaurant with Todrick Hall, a YouTube dude.

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Taylor Swift Has Gigantic Boobs | TMZ TV

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Длительность: 1:38
Комментарии: 944

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Автор happycyborg ( назад)
god this channel is disgusting

Автор pollard068 ( назад)
TMZ, the only place left in America to work at, and be able to throw around sexual inneundos, cat calls, etc, and have no one be offended by any of it.

Автор EisenbergFlavour ( назад)
1:18 I love how they zoomed in on her cleavage after her bra comment 😂

Автор Darth Tater ( назад)
Wtf is this cancer

Автор Hoop.Kitten ( назад)
Why do people care about this shit.-.?

Автор AFOREIGNPATH ( назад)
am i the only one who thinks this is just a big joke and they're gonna say 'ahhh got you we're not really this dumb'

Автор Fredy Johnson ( назад)
Now its Time To SHAKE IT OFF SHAKE IT OFF my buddy

Автор AngryAvacado ( назад)
uhhh...not a fan of Swift but did they really had to just point them out and sorta make fun of her for it? Who cares if they got bigger or not. It just seems kind of shaming to me.

Автор Robert Stewart ( назад)
homos and liesbians in the same room and what do you get, America on steroids

Автор Mary Jane ( назад)
Basically TMZ failed their science subject

Автор Girl U NV ( назад)
it's the tiny shirt, makes em look bigger

Автор Neil Godfrey ( назад)
this show is beyond trash. This is journalism in america? her boobs look big....so what? Do they all need to stop working to give their own comment?

Автор Devon Zastre ( назад)
She's beautiful.

Автор Hog07 00 ( назад)
Tmz sucks

Автор Ihate Blacks ( назад)
shes hot just no ass or tits, im fine with small tits but if she had a bigger ass mmmmmm

Автор Mia Morris ( назад)
*K11S me baby In Classroom Please!!!*
*Get H e r e To W4tch S.E.X.I.E.S.T Hidden Cam Girls >>* http://gph.to/2oqJ7Pk?F2h365

Автор HOMER DRUMPF ( назад)
fake boobs

Автор Tyquan Stewart ( назад)
her bony ass need something she skinny asf

Автор Jason Wynne ( назад)
now that my type of women there super hot.

Автор Łukasz Grzybowski ( назад)
serial killer in the back - someone should go and check his basement :O

Автор HyperizeGaming ( назад)
36 24 36

Автор Jeff H ( назад)
it's a simple biochemical matter that constantly changes ... 😎

Автор Timothy Beryl ( назад)
this is too far,..
Talking about people's BOOBS. Now??!! What the fuck??!
I mean just what the fuck???!!!!

Автор 2JZ ( назад)
I'd fuck her

Автор MAGA!#45! ( назад)
taylor fucks niggs now....shes trash then

Автор mandarian87 ( назад)
"Wha... Ladybird? Is that a person?"

I think it's fantastic that TMZ is hiring special needs people to help out on the show, but maybe don't give them so much airtime.

Автор Karanvir Phull ( назад)
its a fuckin bra..u dumbwits ..wtf u guys getting pumped about...or she got a boob job? who'd a fuck cares...

Автор America USA ( назад)
wow that is not cool but not everyone can smile like her and not everyone can smile without pain please help my friend smile again by donating on gofundme thanks:


Автор David Duarte ( назад)
The bigger story is she's hanging out with a YouTube star!

Автор Michael Ansell ( назад)

Автор TruthDevours ( назад)

Автор roninpainbringer ( назад)

Автор Tabs T ( назад)
Guess she succumbed to her "values" over fame.

Автор NoSleepForCranky ( назад)
It's alot of the angles and lighting in that pic

Автор Krispy Kleen ( назад)
tmz is so fucking gay. this is the dumb shit the majority of people in this country watch as opposed to real news and current events. instead these idiots think they are hot shit by reporting on dumb shit that nobody should care about. they are all like weasels with big ass heads.

Автор Kimindigo ( назад)
most fake staged scripted pupets ever,,your brain will melt watching this ..and taylor swift is a transgender clone puppet

Автор Uwotm8 ( назад)
its just the bra and a pushup one that they use lol my ex used to use that and she had small tits but it made her tits look big in those crop tops like taylors wearing

Автор Fart Knocker ( назад)
I actually prefer chicks with small perky tits.

Автор sky nelson ( назад)
It depends on what shirt you wear and the material.

Автор Don't Worry ( назад)
that announcer dude has the dumbest creepiest 90's announcer voice i can't believe they have that guy narrating still lol terrible

Автор Hhj88 K ( назад)
TMZ = white trash show

Автор John Whiting ( назад)
i like the small firmer breasts more

Автор D Snipes ( назад)
Wait is this allowed.


Автор Gabriel Waggoner ( назад)
Big boobs makes up for her not having an ass😂

Автор Burton Junkie ( назад)
She needed them. It makes her 5'10" frame look less unfed and frail.

Автор T-Chain ( назад)
boobs!! i love boobs

Автор thegob1in ( назад)
Fuck off. She has some itty bitty titties.

Автор Dean ( назад)
no, she just 'matured' as mom would say.

Автор No use for lazy people None. ( назад)
This woman, although I do NOT like her music, has build an empire worth MILLIONS at such a YOUNG AGE and all these Dredges at TMZ care about is her Mammary Glans,,,WOW, Children will be Children. Like a bunch of Middle Schoolers...sad, just disturbingly SAD wonder if they would feel the same if she was one of THEIR Daughters? yeah, I wonder. But the way these creepy people act,,,they would Ogle them TOO.

Автор OMEGA-P _74 ( назад)
Idk who he is but wasn't hard to tell he was Flaming just walking to the car.

Автор zioncartel ( назад)
Now add some ass

Автор Terence Flood ( назад)
TMZ are a cancer

Автор Denzel Porte ( назад)
Men are getting tired of her skinny ass. So she wanted to up her game.

Автор Mike Boland ( назад)
i maintain the only reason, AND I DO MEAN THE ONLY REASON, this show isnt 100% trash is the guy who does their narrations. Hes amazing.

Because of him, the show is only 90% trash.

Автор LoLzAr Lily ( назад)
Who fucking cares it's her body why are y'all starin at her boobs so much?
If it's a bra okay
If it's no who cates

Автор Shakir Newton ( назад)
Still waiting for that Taylor Swift-Kanye West sex tape

Автор Brendan Keane ( назад)
I hate the commentator guy

Автор Liberals Are Retards ( назад)
TMZ is gayer than a cargo ship full of dicks

Автор daft nord ( назад)
this is stupid as fuck. kys tmz

Автор Zaid Ali ( назад)
New fidget toys... Tri spinner
Great way to spend time, help anxiety and fidgety habits.

Автор Gabrielle Yang ( назад)
I can tell because of the title XD lol

Автор James Wilson ( назад)
Taylor swift is a spoiled rich kid.

Автор Black Cobra ( назад)
Women talk about guys being shallow, but their truly the shallowest of all. Always concerned about their looks, constantly obsessing about every aspect of their appearance.

Автор Paul M ( назад)
Bottom feeders.

Автор Joshua REAPER ( назад)
Looks more like she went from golf balls to tennis balls, idk where these guys got their definition of gigantic but that wasn't it.

Автор Freedom InManyForms ( назад)
she should focus on that ass first

Автор B rye ( назад)
Tell the narrator to shut the fuck up.

Автор GEANIE BALLINI ( назад)
big boobs on a man body equals a tranny....e'body know dat

Автор Love Graham ( назад)
I think she got a bomb job

Автор Alisha C ( назад)
Its like when people were saying Oh Kylie's lips look bigger because she over lined her lips. Its not the bra, she obviously got a boob job, which is nothing to go nuts about.

Автор Yolo Swaggins ( назад)
You know you're fame is declining when you hang with youtube stars.

Автор young steve ( назад)
This was long overdue

Автор Brendan Ryan ( назад)
I hope she doesn't get all fucked up with her image and destroy her natural beauty!

Автор Todd Devin ( назад)
She finally reached puberty. BAAAAHAHAH

Автор Brian Berthold ( назад)
TMZ is a dam joke

Автор Skin Hound ( назад)
fake tits are gross..hopefully shes still got the real deal

Автор Joshua Knudsen ( назад)
What about the dude in the back round checking out her ass

Автор Daniel Toma ( назад)
She paid well for them, too

Автор Ephemeral ( назад)
I bet everyone reading this is holding the phone in their right hand, with three fingers in the back, and the pinky at the bottom and scrolling with their thumb.

Автор Herbert Byrd ( назад)
Clearly the bitch just got a boob job... like everybody in music now they are all fake.

Автор Dr. Jh Irons ( назад)
tmz are scum!

Автор Barrios Groupie ( назад)
Sexual harassment towards Taylor Swift from TMZ.

Автор pannterra86 ( назад)
I'd suck on those fun bags and titty fuck her hard anyday

Автор White Honkey ( назад)

Автор halfvolley11 ( назад)
Katy Perry has bigger natural boobs.

Автор Kiwi9182 ( назад)
This is so stupid. I can't even. 😂😂

Автор TheBlueElephant LP ( назад)

Автор BBnanner ( назад)
Can't believe they forced the dog in the water!

Автор GhostOfRhurValley 1945 ( назад)
Know she needs to do lots and lots of squats .

Автор Paul Nesa ( назад)
She still needs to hit the squat rack.

Автор Vincenzo Agostino ( назад)
fun u with ur ads

Автор inthewilderness ( назад)
i thought she was pregnant, she's getting a belly,...... climb in my belly!

Автор Killertomato84 ( назад)
Holy shit could TMZ get any creepier

Автор Jimmy Hellfire ( назад)
Can somebody please kill everyone in this video? Including the presenter "voice"?

Other than Taylor Swift, I actually have nothing against her.

Автор Marty ( назад)
fuck off tmz, report real news. they're boobs.

Автор D Laws ( назад)
when the fat chick brags about her boobs.. just like a scrawny guy with abs XD

Автор Night Soldier ( назад)
yo nobody's gonna mention the dude in the back

Автор John Doe ( назад)
Those aren't even average. She may have gotten a boob job or a new bra but she was already practically nothing before.

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