We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift - Cover by Madi :)

Taylor Swift's We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together has been covered by so many people, but it's such a fun song I just had to sing it! And if you have headphones, please listen with them because I added so many harmonies and you can hear them really well with headphones on :) Thanks so much to my friends Morgan, Louie and Troy for being in the video with me!
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Thank you!! x Madi :)

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Автор Madi Lee (10 месяцев)
Get my song You Take Me Up on iTunes now!! http://bit.ly/N7DjHp
x Madi :)


Автор Madi Lee (1 год)
Can't believe it's been over a year since we filmed this! So many people
have watched it, just makes me smile :)
x Madi :)

Автор MonsterSmacker (24 дня)
good job Maddi

Автор Justine InTouch (1 месяц)
Boyfriend ? but she is 11 !

Автор Demolition Games (6 дней)
Well done that is amazing <3 you really good singer

Автор Scarlett Beck (3 дня)
:( I can't like the video. :( D':

Автор Jeni Clayton (7 часов)
Mai my name is tucker 12 years old your beautiful

Автор Paula Dunn (1 месяц)
OH you said madi can't sing look at you. you're jealous oh yeah and you
cannot sing 

Автор Justin5123 Aj (18 часов)
She looks like my xgirl friend O0o

Автор gracie hansen (2 дня)
this vid is cool and somthing like this happend to ME !!!!!!!!

Автор Brandee Lacy (4 дня)
Can u make msp videos Please??!?!??!!?!?!?!??!!?!?!?! did u quit Youtube
??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! :'(

Автор Jessica Crawford (2 дня)
Maxi I love your singing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)

Автор Kat Kline (19 часов)

Автор Rose Martiez20901 (2 дня)
Madi do you like one of those boys because you look cute if you were
dating one of them

Автор Braydon Powell (8 дней)
You should go pare up with MattyB

Автор Kali (14 часов)
That was really good

Автор Sherry Jagneaux (4 дня)

Автор MadiLee Songs (8 дней)
Awesome Song You sing good

Автор thekeep itonehundred (1 день)
LAME YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JK. how old are you twelve?

Автор Francisca Diggs (3 дня)
I love it we are never ever ever getting back to gather

Автор Jordan Ryan (2 дня)
I love this song I listen every day

Автор georgia lynn (2 месяца)
I'm a singer to go check out my vids I'm good ;D

Автор Jonathan Hoffman (4 дня)
Love it!

Автор Fernando Ventura (18 часов)
Terrible mess ups 

Автор Zia Martin (1 день)
Your covers are awesome

Автор Trinity Mcclaskey (26 дней)
Oh my,you have a beautiful voice!

Автор Bre Wellman (9 дней)
I love that video.you should make more

Автор Aviva Weinstock (10 дней)
u rnt supposed 2 record in a school

Автор Mark Gillie (4 часа)
amazing voice

Автор Christophe Lutundula (21 час)
You sing good 

Автор Natalie Vicary (5 дней)
Wear bib you get to sing like that

Автор princessbri (6 дней)
Hi maddie. Lee you should team up with matty b

Автор Michelle Mackenzie (4 дня)
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift - Cover by Madi :):

Автор Kailyn Cover (1 месяц)
It was really confusing how she kept changing with boys... 

Автор Ariah Garcia (7 дней)
Do not care about boys

Автор MSCANDYLEE (16 дней)
I love you're video. I do not make video but I watch your video. My name is
ali just call me olivia

Автор Jessica Perez (2 дня)
Omfg I love it 😘😘😘🎀👯💖😭😭😭

Автор Naima Kalasz (6 дней)
I love your song madi!!!😜

Автор Zoe Gaywood (4 дня)
by the way my name is brodi

Автор Katrina Dalton (7 дней)
I love your singing madi!

Автор Mari Nixon (9 дней)
Can't tell if she's good or not

Автор Isabelle Kelley (5 дней)
I love this song

Автор Lupita Garcia (4 дня)
You are soooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Maykayla Thomas (16 часов)
Love it :D

Автор Lonna Killian (5 дней)
I love your songs madi lee

Автор Mia Darbouze (9 дней)
just keep trying

Автор jj101 (9 дней)
I love your voice!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Brian Kevin Lee (8 дней)
Hi my name is nicole lee

Автор Michael Huling (6 дней)
I love it nice voice

Автор lauren peterson (1 день)
i loved it

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