We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift - Cover by Madi :)

Taylor Swift's We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together has been covered by so many people, but it's such a fun song I just had to sing it! And if you have headphones, please listen with them because I added so many harmonies and you can hear them really well with headphones on :) Thanks so much to my friends Morgan, Louie and Troy for being in the video with me!

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Автор K.H.D GAMER ( назад)
whose that peeking in looker

Автор Kevianna Williams ( назад)
how many boys are going to break your heart before they come crawling back

Автор Kevin Estrada ( назад)
love you

Автор Kira Hanson ( назад)

Автор Zo Bear ( назад)

Автор Roaming Nomi ( назад)
Your awesome

Автор Roaming Nomi ( назад)
Goo singing

Автор jkawesome fleekflower ( назад)

Автор Alana Baldino ( назад)
i like how you sing

Автор becky jr ( назад)
i love it so much😍😍😍😍

Автор Breona Baughman ( назад)
OK now girl u can sing😃

Автор Tina Stokley ( назад)

Автор Oscar Ramos ( назад)
you sing so good😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Автор asia smith ( назад)
you got amazing voice madi and you still are and those people told you had
a bad voice they lied and in new to your channel and I like this song

Автор Crystal Hargroder ( назад)
lost boy

Автор Adrianna Guajardo ( назад)
You rock you are so COOL 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Автор Coco Lattanzio ( назад)
Hahaha what is this

Автор Devin Feaster ( назад)
how old are you

Автор Ricardo Martinon ( назад)
Not to be creepy but how old is she ???

Автор Makaylee Leiby ( назад)
Her voice is so awesome I wish I had her voice

Автор Makaylee Leiby ( назад)
The boys look like the same but the boy with the blue shirt is cuter

Автор Makaylee Leiby ( назад)
What's the name of the boy with the blue shirt

Автор Nayely Contreras ( назад)
The guy with the blue shirt is

Автор Gibran Garzon ( назад)
cantas mejor que otras morras

Автор Tshala Billolo ( назад)
I have a boyfriend I sing that song all the time to him

Автор Jennifer Murphy ( назад)
She is so cute she looks fake but she's not she's just so beautiful

Автор Gianne Venice Heart Loon ( назад)
that is so awesome Madi well i have a question on you ...who is your crush
of the two of them and say the name and the clor of the shirt

Автор Same Ive ( назад)
plz kik ps320015

Автор Jennifer Murphy ( назад)
That boy was right to get the flowers she is so cute

Автор MC Gammer ( назад)
omg i am ur biggest fan i love u i have been listening to ur music for 9
months ^.^

Автор Carlos Leal ( назад)

Автор Eva Patterson ( назад)
Don't listen to People who dis you. You are perfect just the way you are

Автор Erin Bennett ( назад)
I have been told we look so much alike ??

Автор Jessica Martinez ( назад)
have a good voice

Автор Bryan Carter ( назад)
I realy thenck that was cool😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Автор CicaHáló Lila ( назад)
Annak a kis csajnak teli van most a szája, vagy akkora a szája? Vagy csak
nekünk, magyaroknak olyan kicsi?

Автор Thaw Wah ( назад)
beautiful voice

Автор Anna funpop ( назад)
I love it so much you are so good singer were you sing

Автор Christine Widi ( назад)
I hate her songs

Автор Susan Rucker ( назад)

Автор charlie Owens ( назад)
cool thanks what is your favorite color

Автор Tina Brewer ( назад)

Автор Cerina Gamboa ( назад)
Love your version and how u went with someone else instead

Автор LeLe Jones ( назад)
Thank goodness I can get the chance I can do it in the next few months back
I can be a great day ahead

Автор Bree Cook ( назад)
your so good

Автор Norah Dances ( назад)
Love your voice

Автор Laila Lopez ( назад)
did you really break up

Автор Turia R Hayden ( назад)

Автор Savannah Gutierrez ( назад)
Cool cool cool video

Автор joshua magana ( назад)
shes 17 or 16 now. 2016

Автор Wendy Sorrell ( назад)
nice singing

Автор Maria Adventure ( назад)
Boys boys boys the can love on but a nother one steals

Автор Kelly Sarver ( назад)
me to

Автор Duo Snipez ( назад)
I love you and I love your sogs Madi

Автор Duo Snipez ( назад)

Автор Kammelah Holcombe ( назад)

Автор Tresa Mitrewai ( назад)
💝Love it💝

Автор Amber Gates ( назад)
I like this video

Автор intanazlynna Abd Rashid ( назад)
she loiks like13years old

Автор Lanay Bernal ( назад)
your pretty ☺

Автор boombox ( назад)
madi can you please do ours by taylor swift please

Автор Luzdely Julysa Allende ( назад)
you are pretty ☺💖💙😘😙😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😀

Автор Luzdely Julysa Allende ( назад)
you are pretty

Автор kristie mannix ( назад)
Hay you are relly good and BUTUFoll an good and a rilly good

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Автор Matthew Gundogan ( назад)
Wow your voice is bueatyfull

Автор kristie mannix ( назад)
Wow you or really good

Автор Makenzie Murray ( назад)
I love all you songs

Автор Makenzie Murray ( назад)
your the best

Автор Jane Galang ( назад)
+Madi Lee how old Are you

Автор Dominic Smith ( назад)
Cause she look just like him don't she

Автор Dominic Smith ( назад)
Is she mattyb sister

Автор Dominic Smith ( назад)
How old is she cause she can sing

Автор Elyse Luo ( назад)
She the first official best singer

Автор Daniel Gonzalez ( назад)

Автор Dillynn Montegna ( назад)
are you lip sing but I love your music and I'm not saying you sing bad

Автор Eliana Abdo ( назад)
Madi I love u ur so cool and pretty I love ur singing soooooooooo much

Автор Lisa Huffaker ( назад)
you have a beautiful voice

Автор JJINTHAHOUSE JJ ( назад)
Madi I subscribed

Автор Katelyn Paoff ( назад)

Автор Katelyn Paoff ( назад)

Автор Twanita Burnett ( назад)
you are great

Автор Alyssa Hughes ( назад)
best song ever👍

Автор Junior Miranda ( назад)
she walking by him on prpes

Автор Joanna Gradilone ( назад)
I want to sing it now. Ohhh you got me up again last night but ohhhh this
time I'm telling you we are never ever ever getting back together wee are
never ever ever getting back

Автор Joanna Gradilone ( назад)
I love it because I love Taylor swift and I also love Madi Lee so that's
why I watched Sweeter than fiction and this one and wildest dreams

Автор Amber Arasmith ( назад)
I love your songs

Автор Veronica Chong ( назад)
I'm your biggest fan I ❤💙💚💛💜 love your videos

Автор Nicole Schatte ( назад)
yea I subscribed

Автор Nicole Schatte ( назад)
did u know hover boards blowup sometimes

Автор Vale Estrada ( назад)

I am his daughter of the picture.

Автор Jakub Martin ( назад)
your so hot

Автор Anthony Tucker ( назад)
I love you vose wisper me

Автор Kaylinn Acosta ( назад)
you are kawwii

Автор sandi rehder ( назад)
great singer

Автор Raptor Playz ( назад)
This Girl Is Good

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