We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift - Cover by Madi :)

Taylor Swift's We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together has been covered by so many people, but it's such a fun song I just had to sing it! And if you have headphones, please listen with them because I added so many harmonies and you can hear them really well with headphones on :) Thanks so much to my friends Morgan, Louie and Troy for being in the video with me!

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Автор Erza Scarlet ( назад)

Автор Jenny Rhodes ( назад)
omg I watched this when I was 3 now I'm 8

Автор S Robin Robinson ( назад)
Madi wanna be friends

Автор S Robin Robinson ( назад)
I need a boyfriend mine said he don't love me and we broke up I always sing
this song

Автор Megan Settles ( назад)
Who is blonde headed boy

Автор Emlain John ( назад)
Don t listin to the hater's

Автор Devilfruit Plays ( назад)
Baby I love you

Автор Carter Nielsen ( назад)
you should write a song

Автор Lucas Whitaker ( назад)
is that mattyb

Автор coolforever17 rockit ( назад)
ehhhh ajhhhhh

Автор J Womble ( назад)
Love your bag

Автор Tiyana Labrec ( назад)
Biggest fan

Автор Alejandra Quiroz ( назад)
Antonio ,valle ,Q ,
Fuentes ,Alejandra ,7 ,

Автор Addison Warden ( назад)
your videos and

Автор Maria Linares ( назад)
nice singing 💁🙃🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒

Автор Rayanna Arm ( назад)

Автор Josh Baranski ( назад)
I listen to this 7 times a day😂

Автор cute girl303 ( назад)
Who is the other guy in the background

Автор Aisha Thomas ( назад)
i love your songs girl

Автор David Vigil ( назад)
i.love you😍

Автор Universal Gaming ( назад)
I think is is halarious that 13 year olds date

Автор Kimmi Hale ( назад)
I know this song by heart it was the first song I heard from Madi Lee :)

Автор Amir Johnson ( назад)
How old is you and how old you MattyB

Автор awesome asssdsdlsfdgddf ( назад)
lame nice attempt thoguh

Автор Alexandra Acevedo ( назад)
i heard all your songs thay are amazing

Автор Adrianna Erdman ( назад)
I'm happy u dumped that guy for the nices one the other one was a jerk to
you he gave your flowers to the other gi l by the way be the way u are to
get a boyfriend ok

Автор Mariana Mares ( назад)
is it the one Whit blue T-shirt

Автор Mariana Mares ( назад)
who is Troy

Автор leonthegamer6 Jean ( назад)
madi i love your videos and songs I'm definly subcribeing you

Автор Wendy Wilson ( назад)
i miss you madi wen i get to see u again

Автор Anya Saint-pierre ( назад)
you should do a team beach song my baby brother said to

Автор Alexandra Acevedo ( назад)
love your songs

Автор Hillary Gao ( назад)
you sing amazing 🎶

Автор Hillary Gao ( назад)
i am your #1 fan!!!!!!!!!!!! i watched every single video i watching this
video 100 times

Автор Abigail Klatt ( назад)
I love this song
this is Abby

Автор jazmin fernandez ( назад)
I love your songs💜

Автор jazmin fernandez ( назад)
I love you

Автор Fernando serrano ( назад)

Автор Bill Hardwick ( назад)
Subscribe I did

Автор Macela L ( назад)
I love your songs

Автор Madison Burch ( назад)
Wow girl madi get him

Автор ventura1579 ( назад)
me to

Автор dina cortez ( назад)
I loveu

Автор Sarah Sullivan ( назад)
I love u mb

Автор Aubrey Smith ( назад)
Dang that's just mean because he just take the flowers from her and just
give them to the other girl that's so mean

Автор Carrie Wilcox ( назад)
Madi,I think you sing beautiful.

Автор Nathaniel Moreno ( назад)
You Inspire me to keep trying and share my voice

Автор Danielle Beauvas ( назад)

Автор Danielle Beauvas ( назад)

Автор Hollywood 420 ( назад)
I love the idea that u did this song with your friend's

Автор Quindira Ayumi Supriyono ( назад)
Your voice is so so so so awesome I love it so much

Автор Melissa Tillman ( назад)
she kinda looks like a MattyB little bit

Автор Stephanie Lopez Cisneros ( назад)
Hi l like songs Madi Lee#

Автор isaac hughes ( назад)
we are married Sunday preaching Then push

Автор xavier Luczak ( назад)
you are a good singer

Автор casper brinkman ( назад)
ur singing is the best

Автор Valeria Garcia ( назад)

Автор Anna Gonzalez ( назад)
you guys are all so young 😝❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👍👍👍

Love your song it is the best.

Автор Drake Bailey ( назад)
she freaking sucks. I heard like 50 sour notes. my GRANDMA could do better.
just another cringy white girl who thinks she can sing and thinks that
she's "all that". do something better with your time instead of doing this
crap and failing miserably. and PS. PLEASE don't ever sing again because it
hurts my ears a lot...... thanks

Автор Cynthia Au ( назад)
I love your music so you just got a new subscriber.

Автор berta juarez ( назад)
I love you Marty
13 years old my name is Deanna.matty

Автор Darren ( назад)
Amazing cover, loved it!!

Автор Juana Jimenez ( назад)
I love your song

Автор Jennifer Fridley ( назад)
you are really good..

Автор Deja M ( назад)
That ending was so cute

Автор Deja M ( назад)
I love your voice and your video

Автор LPS Wolf-girl ( назад)
I really like the song

Автор Jennifer Fridley ( назад)
my fav song from u...

Автор Jaydin Fronk ( назад)
You are the most beautiful girl I have seen and the most beautiful voice

Автор Foxy The pirate ( назад)
This is a awesome song

Автор Yasin Gun ( назад)
Hi Madi I think your videos are the best ones on singing youtube!

Автор Carlos Rodriguez ( назад)
how old is MADI

Автор Carlos Rodriguez ( назад)
I heard this song 1000 times already I love it

Автор Jaydin Fronk ( назад)
Good job you are great.

Автор theresa Wittman ( назад)
I. love.

Автор Natalie Schmitt ( назад)
Great job

Автор francine imperial ( назад)
my favorite song if she sings it

Автор Leann Nance ( назад)
she is good

Автор Carolina Cruz ( назад)

Автор Carolina Cruz ( назад)
You copy Taylor Swift girl

Автор Kera Tignor ( назад)
I love your songs

Автор keyla Chacat ( назад)
i love it

Автор Eddie Maldonado ( назад)
great job

Автор Wendi Lopez ( назад)
me gusta mucho esta musica

Автор Cindy Reyes ( назад)
you sing great 👼

Автор FanGirl 11 ( назад)

Автор Skyla6517 Gaming ( назад)
i watch this every saturday

Автор Ferny Guzman ( назад)
I remember watching this in 4th grade wow the good times

Автор Terran Green ( назад)
goo girl

Автор Vi Dang ( назад)
you meant Madi cover

Автор Patricia Powers ( назад)
Love your songs Claire her kid

Автор Pat Alires ( назад)
I love this! It is so inspireing! It's so cute too!!! I love it so much

Автор Fernando Maria ( назад)
how rude because he took the flowers away to a nother girl

Автор Ashley Horton ( назад)

Автор jessalyn carver ( назад)

Автор Nevaeh Homes ( назад)
I have a Great BOYFREIEND I am 7

I have fun with him and his name is Matthew he is cute we lived in the same
house we go almost anywhere with each other

Автор Jody Miller ( назад)
The boy's are sexy

Автор Nikko Thila ( назад)

Автор XxFnafFoxPro360xX Video's ( назад)
So cute😍

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