We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift - Cover by Madi :)

Taylor Swift's We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together has been covered by so many people, but it's such a fun song I just had to sing it! And if you have headphones, please listen with them because I added so many harmonies and you can hear them really well with headphones on :) Thanks so much to my friends Morgan, Louie and Troy for being in the video with me!

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hi mattyb my días y Mike hoy i hope hoy reza me back

Автор melanie mireles ( назад)

Автор Nora Perea ( назад)
You are really good!! Late comment...

Автор Feura Vmoeroa ( назад)

Автор Brenda Mercado ( назад)
dude like realy stop dateing cuz like give your self to grow up gosh I mean
I'm 11 and I can't dated any one ps that is not a real relationship is just
kide flings and my mom is so much better than yours cuz she gives me good
advice about boys

Автор Maria Vazque ( назад)
what happened to her checks who cares but she is beautiful 😇😊

Автор Jazmyn Oliveros Magana ( назад)
Not bad just right for me. 😇🐰🐩🐥🐤🐁🐀

Автор Mike Seymour ( назад)
thank God the other boy got a chance

Автор Amy Davis ( назад)
do you belong with me but you don't kiss

Автор Zoe Freitas ( назад)
You look so beautiful and I love it so much and your hair looks so cute

Автор Justice Edwards ( назад)
was the blue shirt guy stalking her

Автор 111214 fatima ( назад)
check 3:00

Автор Aniya Lyons ( назад)
How many boyfriend she got and she pony 13

Автор Miya Oger ( назад)
the boy in red shirt

Автор Isla Suzara ( назад)
the one in the blue shirt

Автор Isla Suzara ( назад)
is that boy that was following you ok that was on that thing that fell

Автор Fat Young ( назад)
U suck

Автор Chartay Mendez ( назад)
Fetus Madi Lee😢❤

Автор Carol Huefner ( назад)
nick erler and I don't think the song i s appropriate

Автор bad girl ( назад)
are one of the boys Mattyb

Автор Addison Russell ( назад)
It's his fault he keep giving the other girl stuff

Автор Playtime With rose ( назад)
i want to be u

Автор Trae Warren ( назад)
She is hot

Автор Samantha Castro ( назад)
she doesn't suck

Автор Angelina Chiadez ( назад)

Автор CoolkidGamer 231 ( назад)
Maid I like your songs I should subscribe you

Автор Nai Factoryy ( назад)
When the boy at 0:18 came out of the locker, I almost died😂😂

Автор Ben Paterson ( назад)
I'm 8

Автор AA Vega ( назад)
Your so cute! 😄

Автор Gregory Whitney ( назад)
your mine because you are so hot Maddie:)

Автор Mark Tindal ( назад)

Автор Jessie Rasco ( назад)
That is a good song.

Автор Roberto Castaneda ( назад)

Автор Cool Girls234 ( назад)
Ya ya ya!!!

Автор Cool Girls234 ( назад)
Ya ya ya!!!

Автор Haley Fuentes ( назад)
your cool

Автор Nick Occhiline ( назад)
are u releted to Maty b or friends or dating

Автор Madison 72awsome ( назад)
on mine there are so many 👍 my thing is glitchy you r so amazing

Автор jason donn ( назад)
its marcus donn do you want to be my first girlfriend

Автор Star Bearz Productions ( назад)
were do you get your clothes?! THERE'RE ADORABLE!!

Автор Lesli Lopez ( назад)
well that's weird

Автор Katherine Gomez ( назад)

Автор Katherine Gomez ( назад)
You are amizing

Автор matt spragg ( назад)

Автор Wendy Campos ( назад)
I love your singing

Автор Becca Hall ( назад)

Автор Denyce Padilla ( назад)
who are the boys??your friends?and who's that girl

Автор Marianna Urquides ( назад)
I love one derecton

Автор Farazin Kazemi ( назад)
i love you look at my video its bad i was just 5 its my funny video farazin

Автор Megan Barker ( назад)
You go girl

Автор Jackson Elmore ( назад)
golly gee, I wonder why the likes bar has disappeared

Автор Chan Nguyen ( назад)
Wow your BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! I a girl

Автор Turner Family ( назад)
you are doing great and I will always love you and and I
Love you!!!

Автор Heather Schlicker ( назад)
and i want to be your friend

Автор Heather Schlicker ( назад)
Where do you live I want singing lessons

Автор Alex Matrious ( назад)
I love it plz reply

Автор Cassedy Gramatzki ( назад)
hey I'm a big big big big fan. I'm. MEGAN

Автор Katie Gasper ( назад)
does he have a instgram or skpye

Автор Adam F ( назад)

Автор Jaime Madden ( назад)
I love u

Автор Steven Nason ( назад)
Maddie is so cool!🤗🙃😍😘💘

Автор Josie Morell ( назад)
shes pretty and has a great and wonderful i hope that she stays like that
forever dont change guys just be ur self do never change k guys

Автор brittney sparkles ( назад)
omg that was the best song ever like probably no one likes me and yaa I
feel sad but this song made me think that someone is out there for me

Автор Richard Roberts ( назад)
I like this video madi Lee

Автор Priscilla Barroso ( назад)

Автор Stormy Flath ( назад)
Are you a teenager

Автор Scar Black ( назад)
Perfect match rude kid she dated first

Автор Yanieliz Lozada ( назад)
you are very special to me.😊

Автор ryan Vasquez ( назад)
I love you as a friend

Автор Dan Leiker ( назад)

Автор Dan Leiker ( назад)
my name is Mikey not Dan

Автор Dan Leiker ( назад)
can I hook up with you I'm 10 and I want to marry you

Автор Sebastian Compton ( назад)
I love you Madi Lee your the best

Автор Olivia smith 101 ( назад)
who's still watching this in 2016

Автор mariana lemus ( назад)

Автор Charlee Plueger ( назад)
You have a beautiful voice❤️

Автор Damian Madaras ( назад)
You are awesome and amazing madi

Автор Wattster Foxx ( назад)
this is so good^^

Автор Yulissa Carrizales ( назад)
I like this song😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏🙉🙉🙉🙉👍👍👍👍👍

Автор shaylyn McNeal ( назад)
I love u madi Lee I'm your best fan ever

Автор Zoee _Gaming ( назад)
any 1 els gt mad and annoyed by that little perv in blue!?!?

Автор Norma Mills ( назад)
madi u are lip singing

Автор Lauren Jansen ( назад)
OMG your voice is so beautiful you deserve more subs

Автор glen stewart ( назад)

Автор Sofia Perez ( назад)

Автор Cortes Jasmine ( назад)

Автор Yulissa Carrizales ( назад)
Iove you

Автор Jesica Brown ( назад)
this video is amazing

Автор Vicky Vasquez ( назад)
You. are. the. best

Автор Miku Love ( назад)
Good singing Madi Lee

Автор RED ROSE ( назад)
I looove ur voice!!!!

Автор kally wu ( назад)
so good love your voice

Автор Kianny Brito ( назад)
I like your voice

Автор crazy tv shop ( назад)

Автор Eva Katounas ( назад)
love the never getting back together song so cute😀😁

Автор Andraž Fideršek ( назад)
you are so good in sing

Автор Stephanie Mullin ( назад)

Автор Brian Hazelbaker ( назад)
is so cool

Автор sujey limon ( назад)
how old is she there?✌💕

Автор Jocelyn Debord ( назад)
U sound SO SO good !!😍😊

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