We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift - Cover by Madi :)

Taylor Swift's We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together has been covered by so many people, but it's such a fun song I just had to sing it! And if you have headphones, please listen with them because I added so many harmonies and you can hear them really well with headphones on :) Thanks so much to my friends Morgan, Louie and Troy for being in the video with me!
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Thank you!! x Madi :)

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Автор Madi Lee (8 месяцев)
Get my song You Take Me Up on iTunes now!! http://bit.ly/N7DjHp
x Madi :)


Автор Madi Lee (1 год)
Can't believe it's been over a year since we filmed this! So many people
have watched it, just makes me smile :)
x Madi :)

Автор BlueNightWeb Youtuber (16 дней)
Anyone see the Ryan Higa agents of secret stuff well pause at 0:38 and look
at the high school scene (nice job btw)

Автор georgia lynn (3 дня)
I'm a singer to go check out my vids I'm good ;D

Автор mghaba2002 (17 дней)
El video fue subido el día de mi cumpleaños!!! :3 cool 

Автор Jenna Pinkhas (21 час)
were are you???????????????????????????????

Автор Lola Licorice (1 день)
Okay, so don't take this as rude or anything, and read everything before
exclaiming (I do that a lot), but I'm part of a professional choir.

Some tips I cam give you for your future videos would be to use taller form
and taller vowels, so for example, the oooooohs, sound weird, but with some
taller vowels, it could be better.

Also, when you hear Taylor Swift sing, you feel the impulse to sing it like
she does, popstary and yeah.. Anyways, taller form is what kills... Also,
where you take breaths is impartial, like not in the middle of a phrase or

Thanks if you actually wanted to read this and become a better musician. :))

{And if you don't believe me about being in a choir, my choir won first
place in two areas in an event that we qualified for..}

{We also may sing at a 49er's game, so yeah..}

Автор Cupcake Kisses (2 дня)
The blue shirt boy... XD should be with the girl better 0.0 MY OPINION
AWESOME VID! ( didnt watch to end but now i did and they got together ) :P

Автор dj servoss (1 день)
what a cutie such a nice voice and the boys are cute too...

Автор MiaPlaysHalo (5 дней)
I can't get over the boy from the locker. He just hid in the locker,
constantly peeking out and then he just came out to stand a foot and a half
away from you, staring. And he kinda looks like a 12 year old version of my
friend Xavier, he was doing things Xavier would actually do so that made it
funnier for me

Автор Sal Ante (19 дней)
You should do a song with MattyB

Автор Kaga Petals (1 месяц)
Aw it's so sweet how that one guy is mean but there was a guy in the back
the whole time crushing on you! He's kinda cute too ;) But seriously,
you're "ex" was blatantly cheating on you on a girl wearing sequins and a
green shirt...-_- I wouldn't mind if the ending changed to you walking past
whilst flipping him the finger...Like yeah

Автор LpsSparklyProductions (7 дней)
She is so pretty!

Автор Louis Passagne (14 дней)
putain comme tes moche!! c'est incroyable avec ton gros nez.lol

Автор phuong nguyen (12 дней)

Автор coco cherry (2 месяца)
Great job!!!!!!!1

Автор Rabecca Donald (2 месяца)
deserves a golden play button

Автор Kaliegha Gibson (2 месяца)
how dare he treat you like that hes a jerk

Автор Masterful Lime (2 месяца)
that boy in the blue shirt that came out from the locker is a stocker hehe
that Rhymes!!!!!! <3 Reply if you like this song and share if you love this
song !!!!!!!!!!! #im pretty!!! and the boy in the blue shirt i think he
kinda likes her hahaha #flirtingwiththegirl 

Автор David Berezuk (2 месяца)
I have never seen such racism in all my life!!! You won't date him because
he's WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIAR!

Автор Yvette Castillo (18 часов)
That was cute ❤❤❤

Автор AJS Freckles (2 дня)
You sing so good

Автор Kristi Roth (16 часов)
i'm not such a good singer :(

Автор Joshua Buchanan (1 день)
The boy comeing out of the locker is funny this is a little girl saying
this that little boy comeing out is so funny

Автор Sage Simpson (2 дня)
That was amazing 

Автор Tanya Adele (1 день)
you are awesome

Автор Brogan O'connor (3 дня)

Автор blaine hildahl (2 дня)
madi ur HOT type me

Автор xing huang (1 день)
I like the last part

Автор rainbowflowergirl/ fionnafan (6 дней)
Awesome job!

Автор Jose Eduardo Contreras (23 часа)
Maddie lee it looks like you are lip sinking but pretty hair

Автор Angie Ung (6 дней)
i love you
but i am also 13 

Автор Wendy Moore (23 часа)
Oh and ur a good singer to keep it up! :)

Автор Daniel Brooks (1 день)
cool :)

Автор Blanca Muñoz (5 дней)
I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee love

Автор Anthony Gonzalez (20 часов)
love you

Автор Charlie briony (8 дней)
Ppppft auto tune 😂😂👌👌

Автор Ilene Romo (2 дня)
matybraps ilke your hair.songs.
your songs are soso good
hi hi hi hi what is your favrit coler

Автор Analexsis (4 часа)
Great singing keep going girl, you have talent!

Автор jenny casto (1 день)
Girls rock

Автор Nevaeh Nañez (1 день)
This is a GOOD song but not great..

Автор Tanya A (4 дня)
Omg your voice is amazing

Автор Amy Rose Neale (2 дня)
Take a look at this video on YouTube:

Автор Gabe Lawler (1 день)
I like it

Автор Charlene Hutchens (2 дня)

Автор Perla Guevarra (5 дней)
Lol he took your girlfriend. He is a jerk. I would of killed him

Автор Delfina Gaitan (2 дня)
Amazing i can sing to :-)

Автор MzzFaithxo.Kinect (11 дней)
I love this song so much

Автор Jasmine Perry (6 дней)
You are so good 

Автор Conner Pratt (7 дней)
i love this song

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