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Автор vibe808 (1 год)
I like that! Nice

Автор MrSituation1980 (5 лет)
Im getting the same pipes on my 09 fxdf. Do you think think there is a
difference between the stage one and the roland besides the roland looking

Автор Mark Conde (5 лет)
I've got the same set up, except I have chrome big shots. I got a used PC-V
for 230, and used (new condition) big shots for 300, both on craigslist. I
got them while I was over here in Afghanistan and had a friend put them on
right before I went on leave. The only thing I need is an air cleaner,
which I'm waiting until I get back. I also have removable saddlebags, with
easy brackets. Stick out a little but u can take them for cruisin.

Автор rstscott (3 года)
how hard was the tri-bar taillight to instal

Автор Cryingazur (5 лет)
Very nice bro! Took a Fat Bob with V&H out for spin at the dealers today,
must have one... soon...

Автор skyline44512 (5 лет)
I test rode both, he Night Rod is almost as comfortable, and much faster. I
do like the low end power of the Bob, and the 6 spd gets better mpgs. The
Night Rod really stands out. I know I won't regret either bike, but the
Night Rod will still satisfy my "need for speed". Then again it gets worse
gas mileage. The dealer here has an '09 Night Rod that they will sell me
for $2000 off MSRP ($14,699), and also a 2010 Fat Bob that they won't come
down on, so it's $14,999. Any thoughts?

super bruit

Автор Matt Kortz (3 года)
Stock baffles in the V&H. I think it sounds just right, and more
importantly, runs right. I had a friend who took the baffles out and it
seemed WAY too loud. Hopefully more vids on the way; I've done much more to
the bike since this video and I'm coming up on 20,000 miles.

Автор boer83 (3 года)
Did you black out the primary cover?

Автор iamnosheep4u (1 год)
Do you use the v&h powerpack,and made it soms difference?

Автор WM Harris (2 года)
Nice job. RSD makes some awesome upgrades!!

Автор skyline44512 (5 лет)
i like the aesthetic value of the black exhaust. it matches the denim paint
job much better. i'm torn between a new '09 Night Rod and a '10 Fat Bob.
Same price ($14,900).

Автор Matt Kortz (4 года)
@akaredcrossbow I will post some more. I have done more to the bike since
this vid... mirrors, paint, etc...

Автор Matt Kortz (4 года)
@paulridden1 Rain has never been a problem. It doesnt really let any water
through, despite the exposed filter. Lets a lot of air in though, so I can
turn up the gas mix quite a bit on the PC5..

Автор TheWolfMatt (1 год)
She looks great bud. How does she do on long road trips?? I'm thinking of
getting either the FatBob or the StreetBob.

Автор baloney456 (4 года)
@artekuna is there any way for you to tell if the power commander has
settings for a V&H big radius 2 into 1? that is what is on my 2009 fat

Автор WOLFMAN (2 года)
Yeah that is a nice one, I was looking at one just like this with the black
exhaust, they had it listed for about 10800, but I will have to wait for a
few more thousand to be saved, but that is what I would get.

Автор Jonathan Odom (4 года)
This bike sounds great. Vance & Hines sure make a nice set of pipes

Автор Brian Holloway (4 года)
nice scoot bro!

Автор mrstepintime (2 года)
Sounds like my new sponge bob LOL

Автор mrstepintime (2 года)
Sounds like my new sponge bob LOL

Автор mrstepintime (2 года)
Sounds like my new sponge bob LOL

Автор umassarteest (4 года)
First time I've seen a before and after...thanks...this was just what I
wanted to see. I just bought a Softail Blackline and was thinking of V&H
big shots.

Автор Matt Kortz (6 лет)
Too much ($353) but I've never seen anyone else with one like it, and it
works great. Roland Sands Design.

Автор Sabonim4thdan (4 года)
Those V&H sound mean.

Автор mrstepintime (2 года)
Sounds like my new sponge bob LOL

Автор shayne fowler (2 года)
just wondering what map you used with power commander 5 I have nearly the
same mods & need a good map to tune

Автор HDFatBob08 (5 лет)
blacked out looks real nice! I recognized the intake only bcuz my brother
just bought a street bob with the same one.... very nice!

Автор NubsWithGuns (3 года)
your bike gave me a woody haha

Автор J Smitty (3 года)
Love the bike man, I've watched this vid several times. Are those the stock
baffles, quite baffles or backdown baffles?

Автор Luc Bastien (2 года)
Huge difference, sounds like a Harley should sound... Really cool.

Автор Paul Ridden (4 года)
Sounds great...but with that air cleaner is it a only dry weather bike???

Автор Matt Kortz (5 лет)
Yes. It's way to noisy without them in, but it sounds just right with them

Автор baloney456 (4 года)
who tuned it after the mods? Harley? did they do a flash tune of the ECM or
a full pro street tune?

Автор Matt Kortz (4 года)
I tuned it with Power Commander 5. Just plug it into a laptop and you can
adjust everything: The fuel mixture at every RPM and throttle position, the
timing, etc. Just takes a lot of messing around to get everything correct.

Автор grayboo212 (5 лет)
man i love that bike. i want one but it wouldn't be practical for me. i
have an 05 heritage. i needs my luggage bags. yeah, you could probably deck
a fat bob out with bags and a windshield but for me it would ruin what the
bike is all about. i once saw a night train here on youtube all decked out
like my heritage with the shield and bags and i have to tell ya, it looked
like shit. that bike wasn't made for that and neither is yours. sweet
sounding bike.

Автор akaredcrossbow (4 года)
K thanks. The bike sounds great!!!!!!!

Автор kernowrock555 (5 лет)
Blacked out zorsts really suit the fatbobs.looks classy..

very nice sound ride safe harley davidson of Tampa florida

Автор powerstrokeking (4 года)
I have the same Big shots on my fat bob and really like them.

Автор leswarfield1 (5 лет)
love the video...just put same pipes on and debating weather to go with a
thundermax mod or a power comander

Автор crazyfrog1100 (5 лет)
Hey hey, y a pas photo !!! Very nice ;-)

Автор Matt Kortz (3 года)
@boer83 No. That is stock.

Автор devilsicon (2 года)
love the bike bro

Автор akaredcrossbow (4 года)
Need more vids of your bike.

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