OOTD: More outfits with tights

I incorporated three looks in this video. Check it out!

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Автор gökan alptekin ( назад)
♫ trample me plz. shoes and feet licking....

Автор Salem Mileena ( назад)
Lawd have mercy.... <3

Автор pepe ( назад)
for tights????

Автор InuyNaruto (238 лет назад)
let me know if you need help.taking off yoir tights cause i love to help
you ;)

Автор Bry92 ( назад)
me included, but I feel kinda bad for her cos I don't think she realises
that 80% of the viewers are stroking their penises

Автор ottoismy1dog ( назад)
it's pretty interesting that the "look" of the whole outfit can change just
by wearing different shoes. from a elegant evening look to a flirty fun
look. you have perfect legs & beautiful feet.

Автор Mario Prelz ( назад)
Thank you... 

Автор VDESHUN ( назад)
sexy feet... 

Автор bi git ( назад)
i must worship that feet

Автор pikapiciu ( назад)
Hey! Have you got a permission in order to sport such beautyful legs? They
should be considered a Mass-destruction weapon! ;-)

Автор doleph1 ( назад)
You look so lovely in red, those heels are killer! Love when you say "So
yeah!" Lol!

Автор Mandy W ( назад)
(lol) - hire a camera man :-) Cute outfit :-) Please keep the ideas coming
:-) $3.00 for the shoes ... you kidding me right? Get me a pair the next
time (lol)

Автор 55janey ( назад)
love your style

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