OOTD: More outfits with tights

I incorporated three looks in this video. Check it out!

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Автор Atticus Noelle (1 месяц)
Lawd have mercy.... <3

Автор gökan alptekin (1 месяц)
♫ trample me plz. shoes and feet licking....

Автор 55janey (3 года)
love your style

Автор InuyNaruto (2 года)
let me know if you need help.taking off yoir tights cause i love to help
you ;)

Автор pepe (1 год)
for tights????

Автор doleph1 (3 года)
You look so lovely in red, those heels are killer! Love when you say "So
yeah!" Lol!

Автор Mario Prelz (2 года)
Thank you...

Автор cuteJulie100 (3 года)
superb outfits

Автор lionmorpheus (2 года)
Sexy nyloned Feet legs

Автор leagal60 (3 года)
So cute! You're videos are wonderful and you're one of the few daring
ladies out there who combine socks with tights. You do a wonderful job! I
always look forward to seeing your outfits. :)

Автор 1sweetKatie (3 года)
cute :)

Автор catscan89 (3 года)
Where did you get your black tights? What kind do you prefer, footed or
footless? Why?

Автор pikapiciu (3 года)
Hey! Have you got a permission in order to sport such beautyful legs? They
should be considered a Mass-destruction weapon! ;-)

Автор bigblackmanswilly (2 года)
me included, but I feel kinda bad for her cos I don't think she realises
that 80% of the viewers are stroking their penises

Автор bi git (3 года)
i must worship that feet

Автор VDESHUN (3 года)
sexy feet...

Автор crazyasshole11 (3 года)
I don't know why everyone doesn't just cut to the chase....would you please
do a video in tights possibly tan, and just hold your feet in front of the
camera with no shoes on. pretty please.

Автор Mandy W (3 года)
(lol) - hire a camera man :-) Cute outfit :-) Please keep the ideas coming
:-) $3.00 for the shoes ... you kidding me right? Get me a pair the next
time (lol)

Автор ottoismy1dog (2 года)
it's pretty interesting that the "look" of the whole outfit can change just
by wearing different shoes. from a elegant evening look to a flirty fun
look. you have perfect legs & beautiful feet.

Автор Sadusize (2 года)
She looks perfect in everything, doesnt she

Автор pornstar999999 (3 года)
love the tights could u do more vids about tights

Автор pornstar999999 (3 года)
pls no socks

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