George Michael - I Can't Make You Love Me

George Michael - I Can't Make You Love Me (MTV Unplugged 1996)

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Длительность: 5:30
Комментарии: 3419

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Автор fadila lamri ( назад)
Jaime beaucoup

Автор fadila lamri ( назад)

Автор Kim bo ( назад)
10 million views ... for you

Автор karen posey ( назад)

Автор Arundel Mercure ( назад)
What a magnificent voice, what a lovely melancholy song. So beautiful.
RIP George. Love ya.

Автор Patricia Docherty ( назад)
RIP George loved you 😍💙❤

Автор MarkAntney ( назад)
Who the H3LL DownVoted this great song?

Were they expecting 2Live Crew or Merle Haggard?

Автор Digger 106 ( назад)
My Funeral Song. I have loved him forever. xx

Автор Fernando Grund Guzmán ( назад)
3:02 And I will give up this fight... and begin to cry till the end

Автор Catherine McDermott ( назад)
What an amazing man singer he had such a way with his singing I am so sad
geoerge has left us I thought the world of him what a lovely amazing gentle
soul rest always in the arms of the Angels George sleep well love you
Catherine xxxxxxxx

Автор shadi hassan ( назад)
what an amazing legendary voice and performance!!!

Автор Hazuki Nakamura ( назад)
Oh no, I miss him so much :'( He is the only one who can make this song on
his own.

Автор Teresa Mendoza ( назад)
beautiful man. beautiful voice. share in heaven RIP

Автор ventende ( назад)
It's the will to express. That's what differs GM from the other early 80's
pop heroes. He sustained his willpower and stamina. A great talent gone too

Автор Goodley Gum Drops ( назад)
I will never give up on you because i love you but i guess i will have to
leave you alone so you can get on with your life with who ever you choose

Автор paul Addison ( назад)
Oh George...what happened. ..

Автор Stewart Nicol ( назад)
George Michael - one beautiful singer. Under-appreciated, used by the sick
British press to sell papers, George was one of the finest talents of his
generation. Much love.

Автор Debbie M Stoddard ( назад)
A class act in every way. Rip sweet George

Автор Kamila niepokorna dusza ( назад)
dlaczego mi to zrobiles

Автор Kamila niepokorna dusza ( назад)
jestem taki zly na ciebie mogles tworzyc

Автор Kamila niepokorna dusza ( назад)

Автор devyangel77 ( назад)
I literally grew up listening to his music. His music was the soundtrack of
my life. He died and a piece of me died as well. He was the perfect
artist... perfect voice... face ...
emotions...music...lyrics...personality...perfect everything.. I miss him.

Автор Joanna ( назад)
Miss You very much. I feel big sad, especially when i listening this
beautiful song. RIP Great Artist!!

Автор Debby Kiehner ( назад)
......by the way........you are the definition of "a sharp dressed man".
You have always been..God bless your soul.

Автор Tracey Bergwardt ( назад)
George Michael I will always love you

Автор Salar Ali ( назад)
my George why you had to leave us why 💔💔😢😢😢😢😢

Автор Fannie Dixon ( назад)
What s beautiful song,sung by George such an amazing voice gone to soon.

Автор Deer Heart ( назад)
, ( wonder if he knew how much he touched our lives xRIP xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Автор Katarina Martin ( назад)
If you only knew how missed you are... I had the privilege to see you live
three times, twice in Stockholm/Sweden and one time in England/London. You
really made an impression!You were one of my first idols as a teen in the
80s' and have remained so. I feel deeply sad that you are gone...You went
to soon and had so much more to give.This cover is one of my absolute
favourites... I love your voice and musicality. You are amazing and your
music will keep your memory alive.Rest in peace! <3

Автор Iwona Szalkowska ( назад)
Phenomenal artist. Forever in my heart!!! ❤💋

Автор oripants01 ( назад)
we miss you George...

Автор zoran milosevic ( назад)
ZORAN will always listen to your beautiful voice and watch your lovely
moves the best musician ever

Автор Erica Mathews ( назад)
It's beautiful, but I doubt he ever experienced unrequited love. He reminds
me of an easier, happier era. When he passed, it felt like that time really
was gone.

Автор Christina Dass ( назад)
Thank you for sharing your gift from God with the world. Rest in peace
George Michael.

Автор lisa g ( назад)
im 42 years old many of my idols are now in heaven...but for george michael
was so special to me...and all i do is cry to his music ..which is insane
cause i have never cried over a celebrity death...but he just seemd like a
beautiful soul.

Автор Esteban Juarez ( назад)

Автор LISA Wassum ( назад)
Rest In Peace ,You are truly missed and loved very much

Автор Chris Arseneault ( назад)
sexy man and sexy voice. gone too soon

Автор Noman Said ( назад)
This one is one of its kind, rare but special

Автор Lou Ryder ( назад)
It's a privilege to do a cover of this song in memory of this icon, such an
inspirational amazing singer - gone too soon 😢💔

Автор Lou Ryder ( назад)
It's a privilege to do a cover of this song in memory of this icon, such an
inspirational amazing singer - gone too soon 😢💔

Автор Ralph Esposito ( назад)
Great songs will miss his music !

Автор Ralph Esposito ( назад)
Great artist will miss his songs

Автор Florisel Melendez ( назад)
demasiado amor..demasiada belleza

Автор Joanna Cunningham ( назад)
so much soul in all of his music

Автор Marsha Corbin ( назад)
All I can say is WOW what a beautiful angelic voice I will miss him

Автор stevewhu ( назад)
RIP George

Автор Jane Barton ( назад)
Forever in my heart George Michael..Your music will be your everlasting
Legacy.May you rest with Angels..You are Blessed X

Автор Kirsty Stuart-Clarke ( назад)
We miss you George

Автор Shazza G ( назад)
Love this song so much RIP going to miss you so much. I will play this
forever your never be forgotten . Such a sad loss 💕💕💕💕💕

Автор Chocolate Eclair ( назад)
Such a kind, beautiful, talented human being 😭😭😭😭😭

Автор Ευανθια Μπιλιου ( назад)

Автор Abraham Jacobson ( назад)
Hail George!

Автор Julie Marckisotto ( назад)
Just can't believe it -- been listening to him for so many years and his
Faith Tour was the first concert I ever went to. Such elegance and grace in
his music and voice will forever be my favorite =(

Автор dolly lola ( назад)
I should add also he added to my getting ready on Friday and Saturday
night. Thank you George x

Автор dolly lola ( назад)
what a beautiful soulful voice and person. May God rest him in peace
forever as he brought so much happiness to people including myself when we
we felt alone at times.

Автор Gloria Smith ( назад)
Sad loss of beautiful voice & talent.
Your struggle with fame is over. RIP

Автор Couture 16 ( назад)
Beautiful song, beautiful soul, beautiful voice. Been listening to this
song since he passed away. May you Rest In Peace George. I will love you
always and miss you so much ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Автор Blue Ginger ( назад)
My heart hurts. A beautiful soul xx

Автор Life with Poodle Pants ( назад)
My heart breaks to hear this beautiful voice, but realize he's gone far too
soon. Rest in peace George, you're a talent beyond words.

Автор Rosalinda Herrera ( назад)
This song still moves me, I just can't believe George Michael is gone. Rest
In Peace......

Автор blue crane ( назад)
I don't think I'll ever stop missing this man.

Автор Amy Baca ( назад)
Amazing vocals that can melt your heart and soul. A rare gem.

Автор angel star ( назад)
I love your music u give me 30 years of love now i am sad R.I.P. George
Michael # alwaysloveyoursongs

Автор Dave Wayne ( назад)
The Voice of Voices..What a loss to the world. Sad day was Xmas of 2016.
RIP and Thank You George

Автор Sagitario Philip ( назад)
voice smooth as silk. goosebumps. what an angelic voice. a freaking legend
you are george michael! i grew up in the 80s and proudly say, i lived
through all of you: george michael, prince, michael j, david bowie. rip

Автор Ib Bjørnholt ( назад)

Автор Peter Sutherland ( назад)
Absolutely my favourite singer of all time .Seen him at Hampden Scotland
.greatest concert I've been to .

Автор Rachael Boden ( назад)
Tragic loss! I will always have u in my heart yog. xx

Автор Lynn Boatman ( назад)
What an amazing singer he was its so heartbreaking that we've lost such a
great talent you sing this so beautiful goerge and you've certainly made my
heart feel something it shouldn't but then every song you sing it seems to
be your own im so sad

Автор Naminaro ( назад)
This is the one song I can't get past without crying my eyes out.

Автор Francesca Di Pofi ( назад)
i love george

Автор Brenda Atwater ( назад)
Beautiful song, beautiful man!

Автор Ornella Formica ( назад)
How YOU miss me.Ornella

Автор stacy selsdon ( назад)
I too broke up with someone i love on New Year's Eve its very poignant and
george had such a pure voice he feels the lyrics with deep emotion i too
cry and i miss his talent. God rest you manna mou xxx

Автор Antonella Gaeta ( назад)
♡ :'( ♡

Автор Jv Jv ( назад)
I'm not a George Michael fan. Just not my kinda of music. I stumbled upon
this song. That was amazing. You can truly feel his pain in that song and
that's what music is about. Great job! RIP........

Автор sandra brunt ( назад)
George, George, George. Love you forever, So heart-broken!!! Rest in Peace
my angel, gone but NEVER forgotten. Thank you so much for the joy your
music has given to us all, your legacy will live foreverxxx

Автор voltaire balagtas ( назад)
I stumbled to this cover years ago and loved it so much but I had no idea
who he was until he passed away. then I searched George Micheal and saw
that he sung a lot of my favorite songs that my parents would play when I
was younger.

Автор giusy moretti ( назад)

Автор SBI93 ( назад)
<3 xxxx

Автор fiona ranalli ( назад)
Cant believe he's gone!
He'll never be forgotten.

Автор ramiro puerco espin ( назад)
The greatest guilty of his finish tragic,one heart full of light,In a world
on shadows.

Автор Jô G. Z ( назад)
melhor do que o cantor original. ....perfeito. ..... sds

Автор Brenda Parks ( назад)
your music took me to a place where love is strong and means so much! I
love you so much!!!#love#forever💕💕💕😎

Автор David Webb ( назад)
This guy had a really beautiful voice.

Автор Gaynor Paynter ( назад)
I don't want him to be gone.

Автор Ivan Kelemen ( назад)

Автор C. Santana ( назад)
a preatty song

Автор Raymond van Oppen ( назад)
if you dont!Beatyfull song! bonnie you wrote a classic

Автор marvin seaside heiss ( назад)
so insanely talented. rip George

Автор moonlightshine selene ( назад)
I stil cant believe his gone.... Kind man, angel voice.... if Haven really
exist i'm sure he'll be there... Rip george you'll never forget

Автор Melissa Mcqueen ( назад)

Автор kerry m ( назад)
lets give george over a billion likes for this magical performance...very
heartfelt...brings me to tears...even more so now hes gone....rip

Автор kerry m ( назад)
Georges voice in this song is beautiful soulful and captivating...so sad he
passed away...always been a huge fan..always will...your music will live on
forever...george you were gifted...rip ...we will miss you

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