George Michael - I Can't Make You Love Me

George Michael - I Can't Make You Love Me (MTV Unplugged 1996)

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Длительность: 5:30
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Автор Binsy Wrighty ( назад)
The Guvnor ...... R.I.P. you absolute Legend.

Автор Beth Cause ( назад)
I don't know you Mark Flanigan; but my sentiments exact! I was thinking the same thing!
Rest in peace, George Michael.

Автор hotmasked1 ( назад)

Автор LillianaBMS ( назад)
Tears to my eyes, may you rest in peace

Автор Isabelle Menjot ( назад)

Автор Matt Mullin ( назад)

Автор Cary Barnes ( назад)
This song was a masterpiece sung by a Genius Talent, his voice like no other.....superb and brilliant ! I have never heard such a beautiful song sung like this ! Thanks for sharing ! RIP George.....god bless....just way too soon my freind....way too soon, you were loved and admired by millions !

Автор Wacława Ćwierz ( назад)
wzruszyłam się piękna piosenka R,I,P.

Автор Nathan Knox ( назад)
Beautiful voice so sad that he has left us. RIP Geroge Michael

Автор Rose Mary Ferreira Gonzalez ( назад)
Bellas musicas, hermosa voz George qué haremos sin ti, Dios y la Virgen Santisima te guarden en un lugar precioso como lo es el cielo.

Автор SoudoCerrado TO ( назад)
the best... for ever

Автор Paula Daniel ( назад)
Great song... Beautiful voice...

Автор Lee Chapman ( назад)
I love listening to George Michael because I believe every word he sings so much emotion and passion in his voice 🎶

Автор James sid ( назад)
wat a fkn waste of life

Автор james dunn ( назад)

Автор naughtynurseh ( назад)
i miss him so much.

Автор paul clark ( назад)
love xx

Автор Jennifer Grosskreutz ( назад)
The ease in which he songs is literally awesome. We love and miss you.

Автор LillianaBMS ( назад)

Автор Fevzi Cakmak ( назад)

Автор Ewa Moskal-Ziarkowska ( назад)
Ti amo sempre,sempre...

Автор Martin Skvor ( назад)
You gave me 30 years of fun, emotion, and beautiful music. Tonight I give you my tears and prayers. Rest in heaven, George Michael. #wontforgetyou

Автор William Hicken ( назад)
lost in a beautiful place x

Автор Corlesis ( назад)

Автор Victoria Alvarez ( назад)
Every day you will be in my heart

Автор Debby Kiehner ( назад)
This is the most heartbreaking song I think I have ever heard.....and with so much emotion. It kills me every time I hear it. It takes a sad heart to do this song. God bless Michael. May you finally be at peace.

Автор Therese Liyeb ( назад)
Césaria devora

Автор ashley marie ( назад)
what a beautiful voice!....but i guess death finds us all

Автор kgc114 ( назад)

Автор Arundel Mercure ( назад)
What a great and beautiful and sad song. Loved Bonnie's version, but George here is just magnificent.

Автор M. Doreen Ruth-Clark ( назад)
George, you gave so much of yourself and your soul with your music and beautiful voice. Just love you with all my heart as i see the good you had in you. Your memory will live on and I hope and pray you are up there heaven singing with other angels as you are one yourself. Your life on earth was taken so soon. we all had so much to learn from you. RIP George Michael.

Автор Josiel Rodrigues ( назад)
Grande Astro dá Música Pop Mundial ,Uma voz tão Linda que se calou pra sempre, Lamentável.

Автор Vicki Trautmann ( назад)
My favourite version of this song!

Автор Franco Pessino ( назад)
Thank you genius... we will hear your for the eternity

Автор Louise RPatty ( назад)
beautiful heart and soul.. expressed all out in such beautiful songs.. as i watched you on youtube, my heart broke down into pieces all over again.;.. !! sad to hv lost you.. RIP GM..

Автор Catharina Bruining ( назад)
you are an angel now looking at us. i followd you for more then 30 years. i died a little with you. the world is so empty now. thank you George for all those beatifull years. may you rest in heaven now.

Автор Danny Van Zijl ( назад)
thank u george

Автор pinkandjefflynne ( назад)
George was the man.

Автор Couture 16 ( назад)
Crying. Heart breaking. Sad. What a beautiful voice and song❤❤❤❤ I will always love ❤ you and miss you. Truly Legend. I hope you Rest in Peace at better place. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Автор Neil Johnson ( назад)
God, this song is beautiful. Struggling to find the words to do it justice! ❤

Автор Conrad Parker ( назад)
simply the best british male artist for a long time

Автор Larissa Whitley ( назад)
I will forever love his voice. We truly lost one of the greats. His rendition of this song just blows me away because of how angelic his voice is when he sings this.

Автор Tracy Lynn ( назад)
It still hurts...

Автор Jocelyne Boetti ( назад)
tu es mon chanteur à la voix d'or
l love You I kiss You Goodbye George.

Автор Satina Bridge ( назад)
Back here again after a month. This songs brings me peace just hearing his angelic voice. Rip

Автор Anwar Hossain ( назад)
Such a heavenly voice. Now you are singing in heaven but you are present among us and will be.

Автор Renee Gonseth ( назад)
You relived your own heartache in this ballad. We can hear it and feel it with you. This is your genius. Beautiful and heartbreaking.

Автор Greg T ( назад)
RIP George

Автор Juan Bernardo Hernandez Melendez ( назад)
Linda sandoval

Автор Amanda Guglionni ( назад)
Such a great song

Автор Laura Schmidt ( назад)
What a beautiful voice!  What a beautiful man inside and out!!!  I Love this man for who he was and was not ashamed to admit it.  Such a Sad Loss.  I will Miss Him So Very Much!!!!   Love YOU So Much!

Автор Veronica Arms ( назад)
when i listen to this song it reminds me that I'm still alone. even when I'm in a group of people I still feel so alone as I bury myself in my music

Автор Tite Flo ( назад)
Did George Michael have any vocal training regularly ike a lot of singers have ?

Автор Moris F ( назад)
The Best Lovers song Ever He sing with all his ❤️
RIP George Forever You will miss

Автор Kevin Pullen ( назад)
one of the best singer in the world very talented took to soon god bless

Автор Conrad Smith Lacsina ( назад)
Rest in Peace, Michael.

Автор Meire Mahy ( назад)
Eu vou te amar pra sempre my George!

Автор Imy A ( назад)
Kamla kumari thankyou for your support x

Автор Candy Meschke ( назад)
so sad I hold back my tears.."I can't make you love me" so many times this happened to me. Love so much but they don't. I had to just go on until the next hurt me again.

Автор Jacky Santos ( назад)
at christmas 2016 my heart is broken💔 i can't even start to say how sad i am. there are so many adjectives to describe your personality: WARM, OPEN, TALENTED.....but in your specific case I would only use just 1 adjective to describe YOU: CHARISMATIC, AMAZING & THE ONE. you always stay in my thoughts and hearts🕯

Автор Neil Churchard ( назад)
tears in Bushey this morning. xxxx

Автор Neil Churchard ( назад)
"hello mum" love you YOG... XXX

Автор Nick Walker ( назад)

Автор Anne Ward ( назад)
Wish I could have seen George in Concert,,But never mind his music is Fantastic & So Was He....His Music Will Live On Forever...So He Will Never Be Forgotten...Goodbye George & Thank Q For Your Beautiful Music....X

Автор David Contreras ( назад)
Rest easy George. Thank you for the memories

Автор Anthony Dodd ( назад)
Missing you like crazy George and will never forget you. God bless! Mrs Dodd.

Автор Németh Edina ( назад)
I still can't believe that he is gone. You will be missed. Thank you for the music and your beautiful voice. Rest in peace...

Автор Kathy Murphy ( назад)
so beautiful

Автор Helen Kitson ( назад)
Superb,I feel so sad George is no longer here,he had the voice of an angel

Автор Robmance R ( назад)
I can't stop to listen to this song...so gentle, so profund, so delicate, so shivering. Thanks for givin us this work of art

Автор Annie Alexander ( назад)
Why did you have to leave us I wake every morning listening to one of your song the most Beautiful voce I have heard.

Автор BIG E TCB ( назад)
fuck I am grown man and this song brings tears

Автор Olga Olga ( назад)
Great!? But... No. That is not so, because i love you....

Автор Renata Sevriens ( назад)
love you!

Автор jashley777 ( назад)
I already love him so he doesn't need to make me now lol ... Miss him on this earth.  Beautiful soul.

Автор ozzy ( назад)
I miss this fella rip never forget you thank you for the memories x

Автор Linda Reichle ( назад)
He sings this beautifully! 💜RIP💜

Автор Claudia Chambers ( назад)
My favourite version of this song. George was magical

Автор Alan Fox ( назад)
We lost four singers to drugs, George Michael,amy winehouse,michael Jackson and Whitney Houston.but others did survive and best drug addiction boy George,elton John,robbie Williams,belinda Carlisle,dave graham of decipher mode, etc.

Автор Buzard9696 ( назад)
What a voice...gone too soon. RIP M

Автор dannyeye1 ( назад)
wow. i hear a lot of people cover this song. adele, tank, prince, bon iver... Most of them dont hold a candle to the original version by bonnie rait (though i really liked the bon iver cover)...i know GM is somewhat of a music legend but i didn't expect his cover of this song to be SO.GOOD! Wow. George Michael killed it with this one.

Автор Joanna Król ( назад)
Sorry, still

Автор Victoria Washington ( назад)
I Will Always Love Him!!!😭😭😭😭

Автор Eve Bash ( назад)
I Miss You Beyond Imagination Dearest George. there ain't never been Anyone like you, Ever in our world. Ain't never gonna be ever again neither. Thank You for All you have Always been to My Heart & My Life. You Have Always Been Loved & Our Love for You will remain until Time No Longer exists. it Still seems Unreal that You're no longer with us. R.I.P. Sweetest Angel Above. You Will Never Be Forgotten. :'(

Автор Maria Owen ( назад)
ure music will always stay alive in my heart. Just love this song. Can't make u love me. xx

Автор Catherine McGrath ( назад)
What a loss to this world. A beautiful man who touched so many of us, with his exquisite rendition of so many wonderful songs. George, wherever your Spirit is, I hope you are at peace and now know the wonderful legacy you have left us. Your Symphonica concert from Palais Garnier was amazing. I hope you & Phil Ramone are so proud of what you achieved in producing that wonderful concert. Rest in Peace.

Автор Carolina Godoy ( назад)

Автор Fanny Taverny ( назад)
Tu resteras le chanteur que tu as été 💔,et tes mélodies remplies de douceur, et va retrouver près de toi ta mère que tu as tant aimé

Автор Paola Cacciotti ( назад)
che perdita ... !!!

Автор Jennifer Csendi ( назад)

Автор Janine Curle ( назад)
Such a beautiful song.

Автор Dalmo Favaro ( назад)
Forever in memorian!

Автор Agnieszka Ksel ( назад)

Автор marialaura cassiano ( назад)
questa canzone è angelica......george rip...we miss you

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