BTTF Hill Valley IV 1.1

Unfortunately i lost the project, i can't relase this version. I'm sorry.

In this video i show the new function for the 1.1 version.
The functions are:
Hover Conversion with animations;
Hover Boost;
Reverse Boost;
Mr. Fusion and Plutonium reload sound;
BTTF3 RailRoad Scene;
Sparks, fire behind wheels and blue coils;
Corrects nitro's flames position.

BTTF Hill Valley IV: http://forum.gta-expert.it/topic/40200-relgta4-back-to-the-future-hill-valley-iv/
Time Travel Mod: http://download.gta-expert.it/gta-4/scripts-asi-lua-net-vb/7138-time-travel-mod-04-dll.html
Nitro Mod 2.5: http://download.gta-expert.it/gta-4/scripts-asi-lua-net-vb/8838-nitro-mod-gta-iv-eflc-v25-asi.html

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Длительность: 4:53
Комментарии: 78

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Автор Daniel Smith ( назад)
A Little Correction Its A 1981 Delorean DMC-12

Автор 壱撃離脱 ( назад)

Автор reallydumbforeal1 ( назад)
can the cars still be downloaded somewhere?

Автор miguel ángel sosa ( назад)
me pasas la cancion cuando el delorean explota

Автор CrazyPugBros ( назад)
when i go to the pause screen my game crashes and letters and numbers go
crazy in the game what do i do

Автор MrFlegme ( назад)
When is the update coming out!?!?!?? PLEASE

Автор Twick ( назад)
What this mod do?

Автор batman23123 ( назад)
I don't know could it be steam because I got GTA 4 via Steam

Автор Lorenzo3024it ( назад)
i don't now, i don't have this problem and i have only 4 GB of ram

Автор batman23123 ( назад)
Yes it takes about I'm guessing 30 - 45 minutes until it derps

Автор Lorenzo3024it ( назад)
have you got always this problem?

Автор batman23123 ( назад)
Ok thanks but do you have any ideas on why my world doesn't load could it
be I'm not loading it with enough memory because I have a total of 8 GB of
RAM to use

Автор Lorenzo3024it ( назад)
sorry,i download the mod. don't worry if you can't update, because there
aren't any updates. so don't press the button "update"

Автор batman23123 ( назад)
I installed the mod with the installer and i launch the homepage that says
start bttf hv iv and the addons but when i click update i get an unhandled
excpetion has occurd that has three buttons they are details continue and
quit is there a way to download it manually or am i doing something wrong.
I've also played with it but when i go on missions it makes the world fall
apart i dont know if its me or what it is but if you please could get back
to me it would be much appreciated

Автор CGALproductions ( назад)
how can you get sparks to show? mine don't show :( and its driving me crazy

Автор Lorenzo3024it ( назад)
i can't do it. i can't say why, but you'll know soon

Автор hotchite ( назад)
That was like 2 months ago restart it make a 2.0

Автор Lorenzo3024it ( назад)
i lost all the project because i must to format the pc, i'm sorry

Автор hotchite ( назад)
When is the update coming out!?!?!??

Автор hotchite ( назад)
When is the update coming out!?!?!??

Автор knockoutdotcom ( назад)
this is the best mod ever really good job guys on creating it

Автор Cameron Miskelley ( назад)
dude please for the love of god... show me in a video step by step how to
make this work on mu gta 4 i have it on pc and im a first time mod guy.....
this is driving me bat shit crazy

Автор AJ ( назад)
how do i get the three different deloreans i can only get the one of then

Автор Vincent Leong ( назад)
I saw Delorean sparking at 88

Автор hotchite ( назад)
Are you redoing the scripts because i would love a real hover conversion
and blue wires on the side,you forgot the things in the back light up when

Автор Marutain ( назад)
how do u spawn the cars

Автор Marutain ( назад)
how do u get the cars

Автор Marutain ( назад)
how can i get the cars!

Автор loopysausage ( назад)
What do you mean? This works fine on Windows 8. :|

Автор Lukke2001 ( назад)

Автор Tytuz ( назад)
What key to activate circuits?

Автор Fabio Gonçalves ( назад)
how you spawn the cars

Автор David Byrne ( назад)
That's a contradiction, there cont literally be no difference if there are

Автор usernametook ( назад)
there is literally no difference except minor parts

Автор Username.exe ( назад)
i think it has something to do with the files "carcols" "vehicles" and
"handling" from the file but the readme has no information on where to put
those three files and i have tried putting them in a few places including
the vehicles file in OpenIV/SparkIV and the main directory but it seems
nothing works.

Автор Username.exe ( назад)
everything works perfectly fine except even if the effects say enabled,
they do not appear.

Автор ivangode8 ( назад)
dat graphics

Автор Douglas Cheung ( назад)
Where can I download this mod?

Автор Lorenzo3024it ( назад)
i'm sorry, but i don't know because i don't have windows 8. ps: sorry, but
for error i remove your comment

Автор Blake Flanagan ( назад)
And it wont let me play it it is very frustrating

Автор David Byrne ( назад)
That's not an '82 Delorean that's a n '81 Delorean

Автор Lorenzo3024it ( назад)
i sent the link download by a PM message, because there is a dmc12 relased,
is a bit different, like the lights' texture and the wheels, but is the

Автор 5dmc1 ( назад)
well, if you ever get the models back from the bttf modding team, can you
email them to me? I really want that stock dmc 12

Автор Lorenzo3024it ( назад)
this, the 1.1 version. i relased only the 1.0

Автор 5dmc1 ( назад)
do you remember what version number had the stock car? I will google it

Автор Lorenzo3024it ( назад)
the version linked in the description is the old version, that it hasn't
the normal delorean. unfortunately i must to format the computer, then i
lost all the scripts' project.

Автор 5dmc1 ( назад)
I looked through the separate Vehicle archive for the deloreans, the stock
one isnt in there, where is the normal Delorean that isnt a time machine?

Автор 5dmc1 ( назад)
what car does the stock Delorean replace? cuz it isnt in with the 4 other
models in the separate img file.

Автор Lorenzo3024it ( назад)
you are talking about the RC mode? I can't create, but in the next time
travel mod this function is yet created

Автор Diegoisawesome ( назад)
Once cars can time travel without us, this will be even better than what it
is now!

Автор danibttf ( назад)
You a crack this mod is the best!!!!

Автор Marty McFly ( назад)
can you send me pls how to install thanks

Автор Michael Arthur Long ( назад)
because it's technically a helicopter that looks like a car with invisible

Автор paulsu27 ( назад)
Why does it make helicopter noises when it flys?

Автор Aaron Waud (413 года назад)
What game is this for and what system? Isn't it one of the GTA games?

Автор sersorroza ( назад)

Автор Lorenzo3024it ( назад)
i'm sorry, i can't relase because i formatted the computer and i losed the

Автор sersorroza ( назад)
Are not you published the version 1.1?

Автор sersorroza ( назад)
That link is not version 1.1 there is version 1.0

Автор Sergio D ( назад)
Bravo almeno un modder italiano

Автор RobertBlox ( назад)
Just to clarify, I did mean the first release of v 1.1 ;)

Автор MrMoviemaster99 ( назад)

Автор Illusive Prime ( назад)
Awesome! But can a mod like a light up flux and time circuit board bne
avalible in San Andreas????

Автор Katharina Hunter ( назад)
This is a best HillVallyIV mod!!! Now after a Time Wortex disebel than off
a time system and set off time treval over a normal cars... sorry for my
bad englich ^^ you are a best!!! Thanks for the mod!!!!

Автор Lorenzo3024it ( назад)
this isn't the first relase, look the links in the description, there is
the link for the 1.1 version.

Автор RobertBlox ( назад)
Also, just to note you guys, the coils were WHITE and not a CYAN. ;)

Автор RobertBlox ( назад)
Nice work sersorroza and Lorenzo3024it! Can't wait for the first release! :)

Автор sersorroza ( назад)
Todo va muy bien encaminado...

Автор Lorenzo3024it ( назад)
thank'you very much! but remember: the time travel mod is created by
BTTF92, isn't my mod, i have create only the sparks, the hover mod etc.

Автор Taba PL ( назад)
Super Mod :)

Автор Lorenzo3024it ( назад)
thank you!

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