Quit My Job To Travel The World (One Second Every Day)

Quit My Job To Travel The World (One Second Every Day)
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Last year I quit my job and sold my stuff to travel the world. Since then I have been filming one second every day to create this video.

When I began making this video I had already planned to use One Day (Wankelmut Remix) as the backing music. Then it just so happened that Wankelmut was playing in Perth! (where I am now). Not one to miss an opportunity, I messaged him and he told me to come down and film the final scene. What a guy!

Unfortunately I had my camera stolen after 8 months and so I lost a lot of footage. I've tried to piece together what I had to create this video, but there were a lot more awesome clips that aren't even on here!

Travel has changed my life and I have no plans on stopping any time soon.

That's why this year, starting October 1st, I will be creating a daily video blog showing you how I travel the World on a budget.

No glitz. No glamour. Just a man and his backpack.


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Here are the answers to some of your questions:

How much did you save?
After selling all my stuff, and paying off my overdraft and credit cards, I had roughly £5000 ($9000US). This isn’t a massive amount of money to travel on for a year, but if you budget right then it’s still more than enough.

What was your budget?
On average I spent 20-25 USD a day. This worked out as more in certain places (e.g. Europe, Dubai) and less in others (e.g. India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Indonesia). I stayed in hostels and dorms everywhere to keep the costs down and ate mostly local street food or cooked myself. I didn’t do any organized tours and prioritized the tourist attractions I wanted to pay for. I travelled slowly and learned to barter – everything is negotiable.

What countries did you visit?
The countries I went to in the past year, in order, are: Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, UAE, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. I’ve been traveling ever since.

What did you edit with and what were the cameras?
I used Premiere Pro CC to edit the video and it was all filmed on a GoPro 3 Black and Sony Handycam.

How has this trip changed you?
One of the ways in which this trip has changed my outlook is that I want to lead a location independent life, at least for the next few years. This means I just want to continue traveling the World, working off my laptop and picking up extra money where I can. What I really want to do is show people first-hand how possible it is to travel the world on a budget. Before you do it, it seems like an impossible task and often people don’t believe that it is viable on a budget of 20-25USD a day. That’s what I want to make my life about and use my channel for.
Hopefully with your support, I can make that a reality.

Any more questions, please post them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

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Автор Jon Campbell ( назад)
Did you travel all by yourself?

Автор Dave Fischer ( назад)
Epic video dude. I wanna start traveling just gotta save that money lol

Автор The Endless Mile ( назад)
Anyone want to support another small YouTuber? Sub for sub? My channel is
about traveling the world and we are vlogging it all. We leave in 2 months
and will be gone minimum of a year and a half. If you subscribe to my
channel, I will return the favor :)

Автор Magdalena Maria ( назад)
reminds me passed life.

Автор Curly Travel ( назад)
Nice video! Loving the idea ! And hey, Check out my channel as well! ;)

Автор Mie Stecher ( назад)
Please check out my travel videos! im new on youtube!

Автор Сергей Дараган ( назад)
Thanks to this site, you can find affordable housing around the world


Автор Casey H ( назад)
Nice man! This got the travel itch going!

Автор kartik dixit ( назад)
spent too much time in india..

Автор Rees Matthews ( назад)
1:29 - that man is playing Tallest Man on Earth. That made me so happy.

Автор Cameron Perkins ( назад)
This video looks amazing!!! Any other aspiring film makers out there? If so
comment below and I will check out your channel! :)

Автор Hamsah Achmad ( назад)
awesome bro!

Автор Peter Cowley ( назад)
Youre a fucking legend bud!

Автор Our Van Diaries ( назад)
Great video, really enjoyed it!

Автор Shahnawaz Surani ( назад)
I don't think you traveled THE WORLD. I think you just went to U.A.E and

Автор Daisy Rios ( назад)
Oh my god thank you! I just seen you're video and was inspired and seen
this as a sign. I just turned 18 and I'm that person who's always been
thinking about what am I going to do for a living and this song you played
as the background brought me back to when i used to dance in school and how
much i loved it so I'm definitely going to work hard so I can travel by age
23 so thank you.

Автор Travel Hub 365, Inc. ( назад)
Thanks for the video post.

Автор Liv Swenson ( назад)
house of gold i see u

Автор Peter Gaitskell ( назад)
nice perth shot at the end there. What did you think of Aus?

Автор ShelbyM ( назад)
00:26 he was singing House Of Gold by twenty one pilots.......

Автор Marea Neagră ( назад)

Автор The Mysterious Masked Man ( назад)
What was that injection at the beginning

Автор bigbad123321 ( назад)
Nice! Wish I made enough money to be able to do that

Автор Filippa Vivianne ( назад)
I loved this video!! :)

Автор couplearoundtheworld ( назад)
Cool video! I wish I had the guts to quit my job and travel

Автор Evolution One Production ( назад)
Please come back to Indonesia :')

Автор Ms. Reyes ( назад)
Hey guys any small youtuber who wants to support each other..? 😊

Автор Alexander Miller ( назад)
nice video, good work

Автор Fernweh ( назад)
Great inspiration, thank you! Subscribed and liked to support you! We
travel around the world and take our camera everywhere. We have a videoblog
with 60 Videos. We are still a small channel, so we would be really happy
if you"d have a look and maybe support us as well. Thank you very much and
all the best :)

Автор Laila G ( назад)
Awesome!! You inspired me mate!! :D I'm proud of you and I don't even know

Автор Julia Sotnykova ( назад)
Great video! Thanks for sharing.

Автор José Show ( назад)

Автор Yeah Eia Mahmud Hridoy ( назад)
awesome dude yoy inspired me

Автор Anthony Leach ( назад)
This is fucken awesome 👍 that's living mate
Humankind has it all backwards these days, all we do is go to work make
someone els wealthy just so we can give our wages away to the government
and other money grabbers , I'll be doing this soon 👌

Автор Paddy Cartwright ( назад)
Hey! Love your channel. I've got a Vlogging channel. Would be great if you
checked it out:) x

Автор AddaGirl ( назад)
did u have alot of savings before u up and left? and did u do it alone?

Автор Peter Christian ( назад)
This is so inspiring for me. I'm always dreaming of the day I can quit my
job and do the same as you and this is only enhancing my wanderlust. Thank
you and keep up the good work!

Автор lucabrito ( назад)
One does not simply quit his job to travel the world. Because money and

Автор Sociokathy ( назад)
I love this video and choice of soundtrack! I also recently devoted travel
to a full time adventure

Автор Ppp Xxx ( назад)
how do u make your money ?

Автор Ampersand Quelle ( назад)
What was his job before he left to go traveling?

Автор DIWAKAR952 ( назад)
I loved this keep doing....☺

Автор Slick Vick Life ( назад)
Glad others are doing the same. I quit my job on my 25th birthday and
bought a one-way ticket to South East Asia. I've been traveling since!

Автор Nandita Pastaria ( назад)
Among all of those, with which country you will never forget the

Автор TheHowTube ( назад)
Awesome! One Second everyday is a great idea. I am always scared that
people steal the footage man. Damn it this happened to you. Nice video.
Also filmed a similar one.

Автор syifa azkiya ( назад)
Are you travel alone?...

Автор Natalie Vivar Nazal ( назад)
Como se llama la canción?

Автор Joe Hunter ( назад)
Travel across the whole world and see Steve Finn bowl a leg stump freebie.

Автор marialuisa serpico ( назад)
Hi everybody! I study tourism in Paris, I'm Italian!
I’m writing my final thesis, which is about the touristic development of
Naples, and I need your help!
can you help me in doing this questioner please???

Автор filmsbymillie ( назад)
this is the dream...is the last shot in Perth, Australia?

Автор The Art of Travel ( назад)
Lovely! It's easy to give up but we often forget that the first step is the
hardest. Venture into the unknown and you'll go far beyond what you ever
imagined was possible!

Автор UnchartedxRelic ( назад)
Its funny because your name means Earth in Norwegian xD

Автор TravelFarne ( назад)
I want to do the same!

Автор happy bee ( назад)
this video got me pumped! can't wait to be out there!

Автор Ahsan Raza ( назад)
take me with you bro... am dying here

Автор Andy __ ( назад)
Eventually I want to spend a whole year in a different country

Автор Jiganomics ( назад)
hey man, this is really cool, how did you get from country to country and
what was the most affordable way to do so? thanks!

Автор Alan Tan ( назад)
Amazing journey so far. ☆♡☆

Автор ibrahim Hammad ( назад)
cool I did the same thing, but I didn't find the money 😂😂

Автор Lara Heddebauw ( назад)

Автор Let's Travel ( назад)
The dream of who like to travel and travel :)

Автор GERANDO VIDAS ( назад)
I want to make a tour by South America, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Bolivia,
Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia

Автор Kerron Andrews ( назад)
this awesome but if you have a family it's challenging ...I've traveled
over 20 countries in my 11 years of being in the Navy and travel really
makes you richer. the downside to my experience is that my family wasn't
with me and it's really expensive. but I found that become an insider
joining the travel industry makes taking 4 trips a year instead of zero a
reality I can see wholesale prices and my plane tickets are tax write offs
love the industry alot of cool perks and if you have a family and a lot of
savings .

Автор Emi Tarius ( назад)
if i could be you

Автор Jalan-Jalan Bro.. ( назад)

Автор Beauty Jelita ( назад)
Seriously I want to travel too but I need trusted guy to accompany me.
Anyone interested?? ;-) 

Автор Aubrey Noordergraaf ( назад)
that's really big step to make well done 👏👏

Автор Thomas In Action ( назад)

Автор alejandro Navarro ( назад)

Автор world traveller ( назад)
WoW! Nice Video :-)

Автор MackeyFamAdventures ( назад)
We are working toward doing this as a family! We are currently planning on
taking time to travel America for months and see everything, and then it
will be to travel abroad. So fun to Vlog all these memories. Keep up the
good work! Just subbed and look forward to following your travels. :)

Автор Joule Parish ( назад)

Автор Rohit Thomas ( назад)
Happy birthday❤❤

Автор Amit Rubin ( назад)
you are my idol

Автор Beer For Breakfast ( назад)
very nice

Автор 81 Bricks ( назад)
i did this this summer, me and my buddies quit our jobs and traveled across
the states this summer living out of tents and then set up camp for 2
months on a volcano in oregon... 3 months of living out of a tent and it
was the best and most exciting 3 months of my life

Автор Lita MM ( назад)

Автор Sailesh Maharzan ( назад)
travel whether poor or rich but not stopping to travel

Автор Bed Head ( назад)
MAN this is good. I left home in 2010 and I'm still on the move! well done

Автор Hamza From Bahrain ( назад)
Loved the video man, I don't know how that could be done.. must spent a
fortune.. 🙋👍

Автор Holdinn.com ( назад)
Sounds like a good. You look so healthy. You do such good thing, which not
easy for every People

Автор Daniel M Baker ( назад)
0 People didn't like the video XD

Автор kelinci pink ( назад)
dude ur so awesone

Автор Belle Llido ( назад)
subbed!!!! 😊😊😊😊

Автор Dude Explore ( назад)
awesome 😊

Автор Uncle Tony ( назад)
To travel the world, The places you'll see, A world of we - not a world of
me, To travel the world - over mountain and sea, To travel the world - how
happy I'll be, Lands far away, My heart there will stay, if not for a life,
if just for a day, To travel the world, Or, just stay home - who cares? :O/

Автор Give it up to live it up ! ( назад)
Thats the dream !

Автор Mohgt ( назад)
215 days

Автор Kelvin A Pritchard ( назад)
I found a easy money making group.
Just search google “jestifa easy system” and follow the strategy.

Автор Global Travel CamWonder ( назад)

Автор ultravioleta ( назад)
this is incredible

Автор chanelname969 ( назад)
little egocentric..

Автор steven yu ( назад)
Perth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at the end

Автор Emjhay Elmidor ( назад)
Waaahh.. 😱😱😍 i envy you 😑😁☺️ i hope soon i can travel the world 🌍

Автор Ann Manelle (manellessence) ( назад)

Автор Zeus Canine ( назад)
Sounds like a good idea to me.
Only i wanna cycle from the UK - Singapore.. who's game?

Автор Keely Corliss ( назад)
Looking to Travel and gets some great travel options check out my blog to
get some ideas. http://ctravelblog101.blogspot.com/

Автор Giovan Pangku ( назад)
But you're lucky that visa applications are not the hassle. It's always
visa application for me.

Автор taïana Vidaut ( назад)
you're the man of my life

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