Extremities - Monologue Slam James Mount

**Warning Adult Language** Monologue from "Extremities" by William Mastrosimone.
Raul is a would-be rapist who has the tables turned on him by his intended victim, Marjorie. After blinding him with bug spray and bounding him, Marjorie plans her own form of justice. Raul is clearly not pleased with this arrangement. Winner - Manhattan monologue slam - www.mmslam.com

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Автор CheriBomb91 (6 лет)

Автор wuangie99 (6 лет)

Автор personpitch (3 года)
passion. sheer passion. pouring. you killed it Jimmy

Автор jefftiki (6 лет)
jimmy my friend, you rule.

Автор Rain13Cloud (4 года)
oh. and if i may ask. where did you find your script. i seam to have
misplaced mine and wish to do that monologue again.

Автор Dskizzy (5 лет)
Good work

Автор Rain13Cloud (4 года)
my gawd. I had the part of Raul for school, it was our final for the class,
and I must say, DAMN! you did amazing, I know this role is a bit hard to
connect into for an actor rather your a male or female playing it (such as
myself). you can go far in the acting carrier i'm sure of it. Bravo and

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