Dirty Dancing "I Wanna Dance With Somebody"

Dirty Dancing Fan Video. All Footage owned by Artisan Entertainment. Song is " I Wanna Dance With Somebody Who Loves Me" by Whitney Houston.

Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance in made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statement that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

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Автор RansomRose77 ( назад)
I always thought this song would've made a great theme for a Dirty Dancing

Автор Gianni Rocky ( назад)
this song goes out to all my friendssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Автор Cherry Lan ( назад)
Very easy to get into,very upbeat and fun,suitable to bobbing the head with
the music^_^i like😎😎😎👏👏👏

Автор Rcocchi Cocchi ( назад)
It a some song

Автор George Johnson ( назад)
That "young stuff" will get ya every time....................

Автор Rahijenÿsïos Sphærïos ( назад)
wie schön des passt;)

Автор Claudia Diotti ( назад)
film bellissimo

Автор Danielle Davidson ( назад)
Really matches movie !!!!!!!

Автор simon macdonald ( назад)
so special :)

Автор mttalm ( назад)
I can put that that to rest for you. It wasn't real.

Автор HippieHebe ( назад)
Jennifer Grey

Автор Prypyat ( назад)
he danced soooooooo sexy omg

Автор Kermand0 ( назад)
Accidently hit the wrong button?

Автор jp rajasekar ( назад)
Best of WHITNEY HOUSTON , dirty dancing , featuring PATRICK SWAYZE , "I
Wanna Dance With Somebody"

Автор sabrina60ful ( назад)
Wow! thank you for the partage. I love it, this song and the movie.

Автор Elizabeth mcmurray ( назад)

Автор loro fredi ( назад)
I love it

Автор Keenya Newman ( назад)
Brought so much excitment!! I wanted to dance wit them and its 3:45 in the
morning lmbo!!!

Автор Keenya Newman ( назад)
This song was perfect!!! LUV IT!

Автор Vishwa Cloud ( назад)

Автор María del mar nieto (914 года назад)
me encanta muy xul el video :-)

Автор Tracy Zuelzke ( назад)
Just hit on ACCIDENT.....wasn't at ALL expecting WHITNEY !!!! TEARS TEARS

Автор talia841951 ( назад)
I need a woman who'll take a chance on a love that burns hot enough to

Автор Paulo Rodrigues ( назад)
Que lindo!!!!! beautifulll

Автор lucy toma ( назад)
ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!! I love Jennifer & I adore Patrick, yet Whitney's
voice makes it PERFECT!!!

Автор violetta922 ( назад)
lovely video! i really enjoyed it <3

Автор sowirrr ( назад)

Автор cejensendk ( назад)
Thanks for sharing this video, fantastic moive and music, I must confess
that there was a little tear in the corner of my eye... :-)

Автор Adusia Tosia ( назад)

Автор John Snowden ( назад)
@ariannaforeverlulu R.I.P. Whitney. You bet ya her songs will live on.
Beautiful country cover of this by Casper & The Howling

Автор SeaShellSasha ( назад)

Автор ariannaforeverlulu ( назад)
my favorite whitney song rip whitney rest in pce

Автор Lynda Mallet ( назад)

Автор Lynda Mallet ( назад)

Автор TheJohnnyBE ( назад)
Thank you for putting this together. On this sad day it is so sweet and
wonderful and meaningful for lovers of music and Whitney and dance.

Автор RobinHoodinSherwood ( назад)
Noooo, now i really want to watch the movie... :( but i have to write 2
essays, study for mid-terms, finish a study guide and workon some props for
my play... and its Sunday afternoon... ehh, I've got time : )

Автор Bear15Boogie ( назад)
I wish we still had a prince charming like that

Автор nemeckathleen1 (1681 год назад)
I love this video, and this song. She had such pipes, what a voice, still
love you Whitney! He had the best moves, best footwork in the business, he
could teach anyone to dance, he was natural my kind of guy.

Автор sabiami ( назад)

Автор BgMsDangerus ( назад)
@darkmrvlgirl26 Brilliant combo of song and video. I remember being squired
around town in a '57Chevy, the car of choice where I grew up...in the same
era as the movie. Those were really, really the good ole days. Thanks for
the upload. Sooooo glad I found this.

Автор melissapurplebaby1 ( назад)
28 ppl couldn't feel the heat lol

Автор akashanabanana ( назад)
Awkward at 1:35...Lol.

Автор medolinnoo ( назад)
my first movie ever watched and ever loved :)

Автор olhenson ( назад)
rip patrick. you had one of the best voices ever created. its a shame not a
lot of people could hear it.

Автор . ( назад)
@Calidesidiva LOL

Автор robinsings ( назад)
So missed patrick..

Автор Tachka Jk ( назад)
I watch Dirty Dancing very often and it can't be boring to me even after
all this time. Swayze is just great actor, he succeeded in being immortal
by doing the things he was the best in.

Автор Alexus R. Young ( назад)
Excellent sound clarity. Here's to the memory of Patrick Swayze.

Автор lufftee ( назад)
Just been to Katy Perry's concert. That's what leads me to this video!

Автор dallasewings ( назад)
Great video, thanks for posting it. Dirty Dancing is one of my favourite

Автор lovejoypain ( назад)
Good video. Good tune.

Автор MedieMike80 ( назад)
@MJnTLluver684 if you like his look , you would love me ;)

Автор larebe74 ( назад)
he was so talented!! R.I.P

Автор theLOellia ( назад)
j'aime cette chanson !! & ce film !! <3

Автор MiezePhieeee ( назад)
I love this song so much! <3 And the movie is the best!! Some greets from

Автор alomarez24 ( назад)

Автор Sockanatomy ( назад)
I am helly Michael Jackson fan, including being perfectionist and highest
sophisticated, but I love that song!

Автор Saskia Klotz ( назад)
what a wonderful skirt , she wears :O

Автор StefanR10 ( назад)
Parick Sqwayze is the best

Автор ElvisPresleyLand ( назад)
@MsGeorgiaGirl1 Do not be sad. Spiritually you can now be closer to Patrick
than when he was limited within the physical shell. Patrick did what God
intended, then went home. To my knowledge, Patrick did not turn away from
God, even during the horrific pain of pancreatic cancer ..... that was his
"test" and plague from satan AND PATRICK WITH GOD WON.

Автор ElvisPresleyLand ( назад)
@Jo5646 AMEN

Автор ElvisPresleyLand ( назад)
@Sisko2010 The "feel" never goes away. Do not listen to the hype that it is
only when you have lived a few years ..... it is forever, realize it, enjoy

Автор ElvisPresleyLand ( назад)
@abbeyharry1952 If "Angel" is Melissa of ElvisUniverse, I, too, thank her
for the share. Her sensual grasp is likely what led her to famous purple
hue in videos from melissapurplebaby and its successors.

Автор ElvisPresleyLand ( назад)
ElvisUniverse is new channel of a friend, and shared this video with me
because they know I have strong appreciation for "Dirty Dancing" movie, as
well as intense feeling for integrity of Patrick Swayzee and Jennifer Grey.
A long-time acquaintance knew Patrick and his mother, for whom he holds
great affection because she was first to include negro dancers in her

Автор Mary Stephens ( назад)
Great Video and Song . Its Funny How Young One Feels When You Listen To
Songs Like This--It Is True What They Say 'Its All In The Mind' LOL Thanks
For Sharing Angel. Keep Smiling.

Автор Lisa M ( назад)
*-* ein gute laune song :) this song makes me happy :)

Автор J C ( назад)
love is timless and forever ..... youtube.com/watch?v=SUGOgAhCR4Q

Автор digiprez77 ( назад)
Good editing...

Автор wlbowles1 ( назад)
If any woman out there has a man that is even half as charismatic,
romantic, and sexy as Johnny was in this movie you are the luckiest women
alive, and don't you ever let him forget it.

Автор Ettam97 ( назад)
I Want to se Dirty Dansing now! ;o <3333

Автор Sebastian959 ( назад)
@Sebastian959 german?

Автор Sebastian959 ( назад)
@MetalKitty73 o.O

Автор Rachel Goodman ( назад)
i love 1:32 hahaha :D I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH!

Автор wishful4love ( назад)
My fave song and movie!!!

Автор 76mammali ( назад)
det er en dejligt film.minder mig om gode gamle dage,,,og god
sang.tak...good ide

Автор Altenbacher ( назад)
gel...nichts mit dem Film zu tun...Aber passt wie sau ^^

Автор Lisa Kühne ( назад)
R.I.P Patrick Swayze

Автор jessica2135 ( назад)
We will always remember you Patrick

Автор solarisx71 ( назад)
what a step into, and all about 1987...Awesome year.

Автор Aliceimbierbrunnen ( назад)
I love this song <3

Автор letmego8707 ( назад)
R:.I:.P Patrick Swayze :(

Автор Tony Ghijssels ( назад)
i love this song ^^ R.I.P Patrick Swayze! :(

Автор Eleonora Di Stavolo ( назад)
I wanna dance with somebody who loves me..."

Автор mrszebrastreifen ( назад)
ich liebe dieses lied

Автор ShikkoSularia ( назад)
best movie ever <3

Автор sean vafa ( назад)
Miss you lots Patrick god took you from us way to soon RIP and dance with
the angels

Автор Alan Janelt ( назад)
legendary movie ;)

Автор marialuiza pereira dos santos ( назад)
pra mim estas foram as melhores cenas alias todas . e filmes tambem

Автор ipanemaane ( назад)
patrickkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :( ! ♥ love you forever!

Автор TomIsFading ( назад)
Patrick Swayze looks amazing, he has always has been good looking. Rest In
Peace Patrick :/

Автор Shorty200524 ( назад)
Go Patrick! Love seeing that man move. =) This is one of the best movies of
all time! I've yet to find a movie that replaces this one and I know I
won't. RIP Patrick Swayze - you're going to be missed.

Автор upandallaround ( назад)
Dirty Dance

Автор krahziighurl808 ( назад)
oh hes soo handsome. love this song

Автор Sophia Frenzel ( назад)
Rest in Peace Patrick...

Автор auferr ( назад)
lindooooooooooooo !!!

Автор marimiriam2001 ( назад)
It doesn't belong to the soundtrack, but it also was released the same year
as the movie. And I think it fits really well

Автор MissCrazygirlie ( назад)
the movie was dirty dancing

Автор siegelvids ( назад)
rip patrick swayze. what movie was this? he also performed this scene at
the wma♥

Автор José Ícaro ( назад)
This movie is a big sucess...so songs. Great Patrik

Автор justa1309 ( назад)
Dirty dancing is the best!

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