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Автор Rcocchi Cocchi (1 день)
It a some song

Автор Angel Blanco (7 месяцев)
Dirty Dancing "I Wanna Dance With Somebody": http://youtu.be/TTMlH6vaehQ

Автор George Johnson (5 месяцев)
That "young stuff" will get ya every time....................

Автор Gabriele Brandl (7 месяцев)
Dirty Dancing "I Wanna Dance With Somebody": http://youtu.be/TTMlH6vaehQ

Автор Rahijenÿsïos Sphærïos (10 месяцев)
wie schön des passt;)

Автор Claudia Diotti (1 год)
film bellissimo

Автор Danielle Davidson (1 год)
Really matches movie !!!!!!!

Автор ccabay heathenry (1 год)

Автор Qain (5 лет)
so cute patrick. Rest in peace.

Автор 76mammali (4 года)
det er en dejligt film.minder mig om gode gamle dage,,,og god
sang.tak...good ide

Автор ShikkoSularia (5 лет)
best movie ever <3

Автор lufftee (3 года)
Just been to Katy Perry's concert. That's what leads me to this video!

Автор ElvisPresleyLand (4 года)
@Jo5646 AMEN

Автор dmiles313 (5 лет)
RIP Patrick Swayze

Автор Paulo Rodrigues (2 года)
Que lindo!!!!! beautifulll

Автор theLOellia (4 года)
j'aime cette chanson !! & ce film !! <3

Автор justa1309 (5 лет)
Dirty dancing is the best!

Автор anna inna (5 лет)
i love it ,too!!

Автор misssari (5 лет)
Cool cut baby!

Автор queencrystal25 (5 лет)

Автор Adusia Tosia (3 года)

Автор Lisa M (4 года)
*-* ein gute laune song :) this song makes me happy :)

Автор HippieHebe (1 год)
Jennifer Grey

Автор Sockanatomy (4 года)
I am helly Michael Jackson fan, including being perfectionist and highest
sophisticated, but I love that song!

Автор TonyTonyChopper93 (5 лет)
sweet :)

Автор Diana honey (5 лет)
dear patrick you will be 4 ever in our heart rest in peace! we love you <33

Автор Sebastian959 (4 года)
@Sebastian959 german?

Автор Lavalista (5 лет)
very well done!

Автор ipanemaane (5 лет)
patrickkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :( ! ♥ love you forever!

Автор funfela16 (5 лет)
Na zawsze w naszej pamięci... [*]

Автор pannoni1 (6 лет)
When I was little (like 3/4 years old), I thought this song was ACTUALLY
part of the soundtrack, since it blends in so well!

Автор olhenson (3 года)
rip patrick. you had one of the best voices ever created. its a shame not a
lot of people could hear it.

Автор klynne85 (5 лет)
*RIP* to one of the sexiest men who ever walked this planet!!!!!!!!! And
what a classic movie!

Автор loro fredi (2 года)
I love it

Автор melissapurplebaby1 (3 года)
28 ppl couldn't feel the heat lol

Автор only4ugirl (5 лет)
not only of the 80´s^^

Автор Eleonora Di Stavolo (5 лет)
I wanna dance with somebody who loves me..."

Автор esperance972 (5 лет)
thank you for him thank rip patrick rip in peace forever

Автор xIris1994 (5 лет)
Wauw <3

Автор mut23n (5 лет)
c'est assez extraordinaire comme tu as su a l'aide de cette musique et de
ces tranches de film à donner une forme a ton montage qui met en valeur
toute la beauté du film ! Un seul mot me viens a l'esprit : bravo !!

Автор ariannaforeverlulu (3 года)
my favorite whitney song rip whitney rest in pce

Автор Keenya Newman (2 года)
Brought so much excitment!! I wanted to dance wit them and its 3:45 in the
morning lmbo!!!

Автор Sebastian959 (4 года)
@MetalKitty73 o.O

Автор Lemontree23 (5 лет)
The perfect music for the perfect film. Just wonderful!

Автор MedieMike80 (4 года)
@MJnTLluver684 if you like his look , you would love me ;)

Автор J C (4 года)
love is timless and forever ..... youtube.com/watch?v=SUGOgAhCR4Q

Автор TomIsFading (5 лет)
Patrick Swayze looks amazing, he has always has been good looking. Rest In
Peace Patrick :/

Автор Alan Janelt (5 лет)
legendary movie ;)

Автор robinsings (3 года)
So missed patrick..

Автор mttalm (1 год)
I can put that that to rest for you. It wasn't real.

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