Download Wii games and put them on a usb/SD card

this is the easy and fast way to do this


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Автор TurnItUpOrNot ( назад)
You sound like me....That's scary....

Автор Ретро Геймер ( назад)
I want your mic. Really.

Автор Erik Labrador ( назад)
your mic is demonic dude check it out lol

Автор StreetBot ( назад)
Yeah,in the back of it

Автор Trenton Harris ( назад)
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Автор MrLiLteaPot ( назад)
Yes. Yes you do. It will only work if you dip it in yogurt, But it can't be
expired yogurt or it won't work.

Автор BS,T Productions ( назад)

Автор arindja hoessain ( назад)
R.I.P Megaupload

Автор aj kin ( назад)
What if u have games on the usb hard drive will it get rid of them if u
format it

Автор ImminetRat ( назад)

Автор kaj vandergeest ( назад)
o i dont saw the other commet

Автор kaj vandergeest ( назад)
yes on the back

Автор TaQoClanFTW ( назад)
thepiratebay . sx is the best web site

Автор Eduardo Ordonez ( назад)
hey Eduardo here can call me eddie well from what I'm understanding is that
correct me if I'm wrong but you can play Nintendo WII and put them on a sd
card and play them? can they play on a ds lite, perhaps?

Автор lumakirby ( назад)
and if ur sd is screwed up ur fucked

Автор Demcrazy46 ( назад)

Автор Diego Rivera ( назад)
whats the drive for?

Автор lance1499 #RipCoD ( назад)
sd card

Автор RandomGuy ( назад)
Thx sooooo much!!!!!!!

Автор p90xdan ( назад)
U suck sathhhpppp

Автор Death"Three Reich's You're Out"2508 ( назад)
the black ops one i tried to download didnt work as everything does because
iv'e been trying to get a black ops wii mod menu for more than a month

Автор Death"Three Reich's You're Out"2508 ( назад)
what do i do if my usb ports are broken

Автор Janeration&Co ( назад)
Happened to me too, did you install the right one? For me it said that I
had to install the 64 bit

Автор MrXsavageX ( назад)
Just get utorrent and the WBFS Manager off the piratebay.

Автор Rawra Ferchichi ( назад)

Автор Jerry Lee ( назад)
i can not download the wbfs manager it says setup fail every-time i try to
to install the setup

Автор AJ ( назад)
go download games at thepiratebay.se !!! you need torrents

Автор Brodsta1202 ( назад)
do you need to unlock (hack) your wii to do that?

Автор Remo Speed ( назад)
fuck you FUCK VISOO!!!!!!

Автор TripleVirus ( назад)
hhhhhhhhhhhh u are Crazy

Автор Hugo Gaya ( назад)
what do i do when the downloaded games are didived in parts

Автор QuentinDylanP ( назад)
How is that even a top comment? You have no likes -_-

Автор mufi fufu ( назад)
thanxxx dude it helped me alot :)

Автор 75birddawg ( назад)
ive tried this&ity wont even take me 2 2 the part were iu can even save it

Автор Cannabis Weekly ( назад)
Do i have to dip my Wii in Yogurt for this to work

Автор Kelvin Stevens ( назад)
this doesnt really work but anywhere thanks!

Автор MrScienceCrap ( назад)
what does it meaan to "flash" a wii. P.S. I'm not a noob, i'm quite
professional, but i've never heard this term.

Автор Max Gonzalez ( назад)
yes on the back

Автор ImminetRat ( назад)
dose a wii have a usb port

Автор Adi Šose ( назад)
go to my computer and see what is unit yuor usb

Автор Htenneb Williams ( назад)
My mom say this Sucks

Автор justin bens ( назад)
52 people thought he actually meant ''burn it''

Автор Tokyo Ai ( назад)
How do I flash my wii?

Автор TwinSanity! ( назад)
I believe her name is precious lmao

Автор Ahh Oumar ( назад)
the guy is like russia on smth

Автор MLG Cyiro ( назад)
Are You Dumb Read The Title!!!!!!

Автор ThatSniperRaw ( назад)
can i use a sd card ?

Автор HAXFH HJ ( назад)
i only have unit c,d,e

Автор Viper4kPlayground ( назад)
why would you want to

Автор 350ZBra ( назад)
can u use a DVD+R for this method

Автор 1gangsta1hood ( назад)
no it doesnt bro i done it

Автор Silshadnic ( назад)
does it work on wii 4.3u

Автор Sauske182 ( назад)
wat bout 64 bit version?

Автор steliodas99 ( назад)
it doesn't work don't try it i tryed it and it wasn't working

Автор 1423cristian ( назад)

Автор modscast50 ( назад)

Автор Wolfie GR ( назад)
When will you make a tutorial for wii 4.3 cause i don;t have 4.2 :/ or it
works for 4.3 as well?

Автор XxChuckynssxX ( назад)
good but sucky video quality

Автор Alex M ( назад)
@gametomaster1 You need to mod your wii in order to play games off the SD

Автор Alex M ( назад)
@nightkinify All you need to do is right click on any one of the files you
see and click extract file and place it on your desktop(recommended) just
wait for the process to be complete once done return to your desktop and
you will see an ISO file with the name of the game you just extracted then
on your wii backup manager just convert it into which ever type of file you
need, and to place them to your Hard Drive you need the files to be in ISO

Автор Shane Trent ( назад)
do you have to extract the file if its in a winrar file before you put it
in Wii backup manager and transfer it to your hard drive?

Автор XToxicGuyX (196 лет назад)
@4x12 you need to downgrade the wii to 4.1Look on youtube for the softmod

Автор Juan Ceja ( назад)
R.I.P. MegaUpload ;(

Автор Michael Keith ( назад)
he said ALLOW NOT hello just to let u guys know. :)

Автор GTA RAPID ( назад)
If u download game parts how do you combine them

Автор Mark Birch ( назад)
click on hello or whatever that says lol

Автор Joey -4x12- Carvalho ( назад)
will this work on the newer generation Wii? wife got me a wii for xmas and
I just realsed its the newer version.... help plz?

Автор 1robloxlover1 . ( назад)
I says "The Device You Inserted in the SD Slot cannot be used" Help me

Автор JcT ( назад)
reading burnt games that is

Автор JcT ( назад)
if u have black wii it wont work

Автор FDnkr45 ( назад)
Can you use a DVD+R?

Автор 1}[ILLAPRO ( назад)
@dog8alien1 ya dude thats true it says u gotta be a member! suks dont it.

Автор 1}[ILLAPRO ( назад)
every time i download game from wiiso it says file might be damaged! plz

Автор youngtamzid ( назад)
is it safe

Автор dog8alien1 ( назад)
wii iso suck cause all the links are filesonic and the fiels have to be
under 1.00 gb to download for free

Автор crazyalexal ( назад)
what disc do you think i should use

Автор darkus277 ( назад)
do we have to download all those files

Автор sherifabdo100 ( назад)
@martinknights sure

Автор Claudia Mateo ( назад)
fuck u all who are not saying shit

Автор Alley700Block ( назад)
wtf is he saying?

Автор Michelle ( назад)
Your vid is kinda confusing because u can only see a littel of the screen?

Автор Travis & Musa ( назад)
@martinknights yes

Автор barney stinson ( назад)
can we also download wii games using the torrents

Автор Indio Cholo ( назад)
Does my WII have to be modded in order for this to work?

Автор Edwin Henrriquez ( назад)
hey this video is good but i see some program on your pc is black jack
where you get this program or you can post this thanks

Автор supermanjustice55 ( назад)
do you need an SD card?

Автор Skylar Ramsay ( назад)
help! I downloaded WBFS and when i open it, it makes an error sound but the
error screen disapears to fast before i can read it! Please help!

Автор mariosunshinefaan ( назад)
@richiedeez19 Of course it will. When you format a drive it will erase all
of the data you have saved on it. Back it up, first, and format it.

Автор 12SKUniverseHD ( назад)
@richiedeez19 You need to back the file up before you format it

Автор richiedeez19 ( назад)
I NEED HELP! PLEASE! i did everything you said but if i format will i lose
all my stuff???? It said it would delete the stuff on it.

Автор Brandon BossFos ( назад)
@MrCow538 Im on it right now what are you talking about

Автор Jack "Captain Hindsight" Brollin ( назад)
@cprasanna68 wiiso got shut down by nintendo

Автор ILoveTaylorLautnerTJ ( назад)
i dont get it . ; / did everything you said, but until you show how you
actually format and load the files i dont know what to do xD

Автор The KewlCucmber ( назад)

Автор alwyck ( назад)
do you need any custom firmware for this??

Автор Angel Gonzalez ( назад)

Автор Verda Khan ( назад)
@DaRkRoCk24 go to yuor control panel and there should be a proxy wall
option thier

Автор RajonRondo4Life ( назад)
@chanteluvshialaboef after u download them, do u delete the file cz im
running out of space

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