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Автор TurnItUpOrNot (1 год)
You sound like me....That's scary....

Автор Ретро Геймер (1 год)
I want your mic. Really.

Автор Erik Labrador (1 год)
your mic is demonic dude check it out lol

Автор haruno211 (3 года)
Damn it.

Автор VicViperXxXxX (2 года)
why would you want to

Автор Angel Kupcake (4 года)
@RibAnimation norton gets in the way too. i hate it sometimes

Автор narutofands (3 года)
mine is version 4.0 U, will it work?

Автор king kelvin (2 года)
this doesnt really work but anywhere thanks!

Автор stellasinit (3 года)
i updated my sons ds and i didnt take the r4 card out and now theres no
games on it but when i put the card in a card reader in laptop it says
there there ?? can any 1 help

Автор steliodas99 (3 года)
it doesn't work don't try it i tryed it and it wasn't working

Автор JcT (3 года)
if u have black wii it wont work

Автор Alley700Block (3 года)
wtf is he saying?

Автор MrScienceCrap (2 года)
what does it meaan to "flash" a wii. P.S. I'm not a noob, i'm quite
professional, but i've never heard this term.

Автор xSwiftx4 (3 года)
its called getting a freakin job and buying ur own games. besides, if u
lose ur SD card, its all over

Автор CANNABIS WEEKLY (2 года)
Do i have to dip my Wii in Yogurt for this to work

Автор Michael Keith (3 года)
he said ALLOW NOT hello just to let u guys know. :)

Автор Skylar Ramsay (3 года)
help! I downloaded WBFS and when i open it, it makes an error sound but the
error screen disapears to fast before i can read it! Please help!

Автор Tom Jacobs (4 года)
@sumSOTY mine says error 500 system files corrupt after trying this ...

Автор RajonRondo4Life (3 года)
@chanteluvshialaboef after u download them, do u delete the file cz im
running out of space

Автор zibsa (4 года)
you little prick

Автор sarveline12 (3 года)
i cant register. He says: Sorry, we are unable to register your account at
this time..

Автор GTA RAPID (3 года)
If u download game parts how do you combine them

Автор alwyck (3 года)
do you need any custom firmware for this??

Автор lumakirby (1 год)
and if ur sd is screwed up ur fucked

Автор RandomGuy (2 года)
Thx sooooo much!!!!!!!

Автор Shane Trent (3 года)
do you have to extract the file if its in a winrar file before you put it
in Wii backup manager and transfer it to your hard drive?

Автор lance1499 (2 года)
sd card

Автор mohanad simpsons (3 года)
i have 4.3 its work ?? hopy its do

Автор helper807 (3 года)
@jokamutta i cant hear any fart

Автор Adam Wilkinson (1 год)
no, chocolate sauce works too

Автор Brey Lott (3 года)
jusyt login wit yo facebook account duh

Автор 1}[ILLAPRO (3 года)
every time i download game from wiiso it says file might be damaged! plz

Автор Verda Khan (3 года)
@DaRkRoCk24 go to yuor control panel and there should be a proxy wall
option thier

Автор Hugo Gaya (2 года)
what do i do when the downloaded games are didived in parts

Автор darkus277 (3 года)
do we have to download all those files

Автор charliesheenisgod (3 года)
do i have to put anything in my wii in order for these games to work?

Автор jokamutta (3 года)
@helper807 no sry 6:42

Автор Mark Birch (3 года)
click on hello or whatever that says lol

Автор xCOaCHx (4 года)
the drive for my computer didnt come up. why not ?

Автор HAXFH HJ (2 года)
i only have unit c,d,e

Автор Claudia Mateo (3 года)
fuck u all who are not saying shit

Автор Lennert Wieërs (3 года)
i got a game that has 13 files does someone know how to make these 13 files
in to 1 file?

Автор kyleman1224 (3 года)
@WieersLennert Never happened to me... uhh put them in one folder maybe..
try that

Автор Travis Charles (3 года)
@martinknights yes

Автор QuentinDylanP (2 года)
How is that even a top comment? You have no likes -_-

Автор Coyote6921 (3 года)
@iHardcoreParkouri hey the codes won't work for me

Автор Jerry Lee (2 года)
i can not download the wbfs manager it says setup fail every-time i try to
to install the setup

Автор Eduardo Ordonez (1 год)
hey Eduardo here can call me eddie well from what I'm understanding is that
correct me if I'm wrong but you can play Nintendo WII and put them on a sd
card and play them? can they play on a ds lite, perhaps?

Автор kyleman1224 (3 года)
@sumSOTY Ya

Автор modscast50 (3 года)

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