itouch touch screen mp4 with camera

Description of touch screen mp4 player and functions.

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Автор britneyspears8838 (4 года)
@orlandoap97 lol

Автор nanjingboy329 (5 лет)
yes it is

Автор zxcvbnm8141 (5 лет)
i notice that the screen broke.... does that mean that if i buy it i am
ganna get the broken screen one?????

Автор nanjingboy329 (5 лет)
I actually don't remember where and how I got the videos, I haven't dealt
with this for over a year now. I'm sorry.

Автор nanjingboy329 (5 лет)
when i had these in stock i was selling them for 89USD

Автор lalasweeti (6 лет)
i bought one of ebay it was cheap

Автор Carla demello (5 лет)
cann yuu hellp me ?! I just got one of thosee , & i need to reset it , but
it wont workk !

Автор 7Cz4Life (5 лет)
dat shit s shit

Автор cholometro (6 лет)
how do you put videos in it

Автор okechukwu15 (6 лет)
hey un wen i try to put video in mine it says wrong file format nd i ws
usin avi plz help me reply

Автор eloymontenegro (6 лет)
hello can change menus of the mp4?

Автор nanjingboy329 (5 лет)
idk i don't sell stuff anymore, u gotta check ebay for urself.

Автор nanjingboy329 (5 лет)
no I'm sorry, I have no idea how to fix these screens.

Автор nanjingboy329 (5 лет)

Автор nanjingboy329 (5 лет)
no it can't

Автор Carlo Aguilar (6 лет)

Автор nanjingboy329 (5 лет)
i have no idea

Автор nanjingboy329 (5 лет)
its the same charger as a razer phone.

Автор KrazyKe123 (4 года)
Hey This Is Real Helpful Because I Juss Bought 1 And I Didnt Know What To
Do But What Websites Do You Go On To Download Music For Free And I Know Im
Supposed To Use The USB Cord.Please Help Me.

Автор nanjingboy329 (6 лет)
your player should come with a cd that has the converter in it. That's the
converter I use but I'm unable to upload it and sent to people for some
reason. Good luck to you.

Автор daveycrazy . (5 лет)
who said it was?

Автор LJ (3 года)
@ojcful light in the box dot com

Автор insaneturk2 (5 лет)
yesssss pleeeeasee post me a tutorial :D that would b great because im
really confused

Автор jawanbethea (5 лет)
how do u put videos on this. everytime i do it it say file format error

Автор nanjingboy329 (5 лет)

Автор wiifreak1995 (5 лет)
Hey, where do you get the videos like a free place if so tell me the
website thanks!

Автор nanjingboy329 (5 лет)
I was importing these about 100 to 200 pcs at a time. I'm not sure how much
the wholesale cost is nowadays because its been a while since I purchased

Автор bkillinsoftly (5 лет)
thanks for this video dude i just ordered one and it makes me feel better
about my purchase lol

Автор nanjingboy329 (5 лет)
no its not cracked, it's just the plastic screen protector that comes with
it, you can peel it off if u don't like it.

Автор nanjingboy329 (5 лет)
I do not believe you're allowed to update the firmware, at least I'm not
aware of it.

Автор POWER (5 лет)

Автор astronaut117 (5 лет)
What do you mean ? Yes or No ?

Автор Csx Mark (5 лет)
can u record vids on the itouch or is it just for the camera

Автор nanjingboy329 (5 лет)
i don't remember, i haven't used mine in a while, but i do know when you
plug in headphones the speaker turns off.

Автор wildonez62 (2 года)
does it have downloadable games?

Автор justmoiagain (5 лет)
i just saw a couple of these on ebay

Автор Iced (5 лет)
i just got one but its the one with out the camera and i cant turn it on
with the the switch only by pulling it to power

Автор BostonTrucker (5 лет)
how much is it in USA Dollar?

Автор nanjingboy329 (5 лет)
watch my other vid.

Автор kaiba999 (6 лет)

Автор nanjingboy329 (5 лет)
no it doesn't

Автор HJJHHHjjjjj (6 лет)
Can i use this as a webcam ? please reply back

Автор Uchenna Ogbonna (5 лет)
iam getting one in 2 days

Автор nanjingboy329 (5 лет)
I used to sell these players on ebay but I'm do not have any in inventory
at the moment and I do not plan on importing anymore.

Автор nln6494 (5 лет)
That shit is FAT

Автор ashyboi2k7 (5 лет)
these r so sik! im gettin one how do u get movies to put on it

Автор MrShowTimeWTCM (5 лет)
no its 8 16 doesnt have a cam

Автор ehhlikeaglove (5 лет)

Автор koialimari (5 лет)
if you can put a full movie on it then how can you put a lot of songs then?

Автор MusicProdigy8 (5 лет)
does anyone knows how to fix the touchscreen on these?

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