Glenn Miller - Moonlight Serenade

Moon photos & graphics to Glen Miller's "Moonlight Serenade".

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Автор Jake 17 ( назад)
Great grandads fave song he's dead now 😭

Автор Nay S ( назад)
One of the best songs of all time or at least from the wartime era. Love, love, love...

Автор Mark Schofield ( назад)
Brings back memories, it was my grandparents first dances song and played at both their funerals

Автор Daria Morgendorffer ( назад)
This beautiful piece of music conveys such passionate emotions without the use of words. It is my favorite song. I hope to one day dance this with the love of my life.

Автор Norma Arias ( назад)
Maravillosa. Entrañable. Tantos recuerdos... tantas nostalgias... Gracias por conservarlo y traer de vuelta esta música maravillosa

Автор DaMi Choi ( назад)
life is so complicated

Автор Verinha Sanders ( назад)
Wssa musica mexe com minha alma...escolhi a ara o meu requiem!

Автор Mr389alessandro ( назад)
motivo meraviglioso........ineguagliabile !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Miguel Sampaio ( назад)
Na Historia – 113 anos nascia O maestro Glenn Muller - (Clarinda, 1 de Março de 1904 — 15 de Dezembro de 1944) - Faleceu prematuro aos 40 anos em 1944 O Avião em que viajava desapareceu ainda segunda guerra no velho mundo - Glenn Miller foi um músico de jazz estadunidense e bandleader na era do swing. Ele foi um dos artistas de mais vendas entre 1939 e 1942, liderando uma das mais famosas big bands

Автор ROLANDO FAGNANI ( назад)
When I hear this song I think of the Allied troops during World War II who where listening to the radio this beautiful song.Thanks. Glenn!!

Автор gwendal crenn 90272 ( назад)
Played and Heard on the radio during the calm (1938-1939) before the storm (WW)! I feel this song like that! Love this instrumental version!

Автор Giovanna Ronchi ( назад)
musica ideale per una cena romantica wow

Автор Henry Seidel ( назад)
Great immortal tune from America's cultural heritage which is liked and admired in the whole world. Should be used as a symbol for peacefully getting people together. Beautiful !

Автор Edna Souza ( назад)
Amo tudo isso cresci ouvindo as melhores, graças a Deus

Автор Titanosmand ( назад)
Forza 6 angry gamers

Автор Elaine Andrade ( назад)
Great song!

Автор Giovanna Ronchi ( назад)
bastano queste note per sognare il paradiso

Автор leopoldo troconis ( назад)
Mil recuerdos traen a nuestra mente esta hermosa melodia. Disfrutemosla. Gracias.

Автор Carlos Ribeiro ( назад)
Jets. They are the future.
they are the future they are the future they are the future they are the future they are the future they are the future.

They ARE the future.

Автор Jackie Poulouktsi ( назад)
Reminds me of my parents who loved this kind of music. I love it but it also makes me feel sad! No one told me I would miss them so much for so long!

Автор JaminDoesGaming ( назад)
Yeh it's a good one I love the war years!

Автор John Baines ( назад)

Автор Paula Jordan ( назад)
my dad had everything Glenn played ♡

Автор graziella muschietti ( назад)
La mia"Preferita".....grande Glenn👍😄👍

Автор Cimicetta ( назад)
Doctor Who 😍💛

Автор C4mk3v0 ( назад)
Just as played at my papas funeral. :' ) miss you papa.

Автор Brenda Medgyesy ( назад)
My mums coffin entered the church to this timeless tune, makes me cry when I hear it

Автор Giovanna Ronchi ( назад)

Автор Peter Valentine ( назад)
He disappeared 72 years ago today. RIP Glenn

Автор yahyiiih ( назад)
Our Chemical Hearts brought me here.

Автор Too much ( назад)
This the music to hold the women you love close to you and go with the music.

Автор MiseryMultiplication ( назад)
Hurley and Sayid chill'n on the beach

Two time-varying songs, eternal songs: Moonlight Serenade
   And Lights of Ribalta. - / - Dos canciones que varam tiempo, canciones eternas: Moonlight Serenade
   y la luz de calcio. -/ - Duas músicas que varam o tempo, canções eternas: Moonlight e Luzes da Ribalta. Um abraço e minhas saudações aos amantes da boa música.

Автор Judy OLvera ( назад)
In one of my dreams I was dancing with my father to this song.

Автор Tia Smith ( назад)
This makes me feel so sad, however some things are so beautiful they must be listened to..

Автор susan druce ( назад)
Well unfortunatly my nanna was not as clever as you ...and danced for the love of it and the. Music, walze or no walze she taught me how to and loving glen. Miller who I still love because of her I couldn't give a monkeys trumpet what beat it was in

Автор Thiago Julia ( назад)

Автор Sergio David Buitrón ( назад)
Viendo la Superluna con esta bella melodia :)

Автор Liz Alejandra Barrera Forsyth ( назад)
When you listen to this while watching the supermoon

Автор Sonia Grimaldi ( назад)
Great great great song.

Автор ono reiichi ( назад)

Автор ants161984 ( назад)
Somehow this song I imagine it a cold rainy day in London mid 1940"s.

Автор juan leiva benitez ( назад)
está melodía es la que suena en una escena de la película El Puente sobre el Río Kwai....???

Автор Ana Cardoso ( назад)
Música e Video, fantásticos !

Автор Giulia Bressan ( назад)
Tia Carminha comprou um LP e na fazenda tinha Uma radio vitrola e ouvíamos direto nos anos 50

Автор Camille Nicholsen ( назад)
one of the songs that helped my mom through her Alzheimer's. guess it brought back some memories of her life in this era. miss her so much.

Автор babyboomerrodg ( назад)
the first couple of notes always sends a shiver down my spine.oldie yes but its a goodie

Автор Alex Newson ( назад)
The way of the future brought me here.

Автор Jonathan Gudino ( назад)

Автор Michael Ramirez ( назад)
goodbye charles schulz :( -the block channel 2000 feb 13

Автор graziella muschietti ( назад)
Stupenda musica accompagnata da un meraviglioso video!!!🤗👍🤗

Автор Ray yoshida ( назад)
I was 4 years old when I started to listen this.. and I ve never been bored. I love too much

Автор philip ( назад)
played this in the car stuck in traffic in Manchester 2 O.A.Ps man and his wife dancing to it at at bus stop

Автор Nina Watling ( назад)
absolutely love this tune, this was mine & my hubby 1st dance at our wedding in April, we wanted something classic with my grandparents no longer here I know theyre would approved of my choice x

Автор Angelika ( назад)
I just looked for this song for literal hours...so glad I finally found it.

Автор DaMi Choi ( назад)
어릴때부터생각했다.. 명곡이다

Автор Irina Kuznetsova ( назад)
классная музыка.Спасибо.

Автор Hammy The Caregiver ( назад)
I have no mother or father. but if I did I'd hope they'd listen to this

Автор Brian Reed ( назад)

Автор Sarah Elliott ( назад)
I so love this song x

Автор susan druce ( назад)
my granny taught me to walze with this song with my little feet on hers im 63 now and seldom play it because it brings tears to my eyes....but every so often i get the urge too rip nanna x.

Автор Britt Balfour ( назад)
My favorite band, brings back fond memories while I was in the service in WW2.

Автор Clary Cipriano ( назад)
This song gives me shivers. I can just imagine being back in the 30's or 40's with my sweetheart (probably a soldier because of the times) dancing to this.

Автор SJ TezTaylor ( назад)
Reminds me of my mum who passed away a year ago today (25/07/15)

Автор Crys Charity ( назад)
Absolutely breathtaking! Thank you!

Автор Jorge Castro ( назад)
no me canso de oírla

Автор Liam Bavington-Hodge ( назад)
my grandfather used to like this song.

Автор Joanette Murcia ( назад)
Recuerdos para enamorarnos de nuevo y siempre...........

Автор magpieeye ( назад)
This was my mom and daddy's song. Oh how I miss them. Would watch them dance to this all the time. What I wouldn't give to see it just one more time.

Автор Megan Hierons ( назад)
This was at my nans funeral x

Автор HomeGuard E9 Battery Gunner ( назад)
This was played at my grandad's funeral. Used to build tools to build planes and he was in home guard. RIP Grandad and Nan.

Автор dansjr ( назад)
Real music!

Автор Donna Bartha ( назад)
Glenn Miller's Moonlight Serenade is the most romantic song EVER!!!!

Автор tara lang ( назад)
i love big band music especially glenn miller, i was not even thought of when this music started but for some reason it makes me feel good . i know this sounds stupid but it kinda reminds me of a simpler time when we were at war yes but it was a time when people helped one another and took care of one another. even in the bad times. its too bad it is not like that now.

Автор Mista Dobalina ( назад)
Glenn Miller disappeared at 40. That's a mighty productive 40 years right there, especially considering that he bought his trombone off the proceeds gained through milking cows on the family farm. Well played, Glenn, well played.

Автор rtozier2011 ( назад)
The reason people put this song in Doctor Who and Lost is they understood its power to evoke the romance of the possibility of more peaceful circumstances than those being visited upon the characters. Perhaps Glenn Miller understood when he wrote this that it would evoke the same responses in people across the world who were enduring their own suffering during this time period.

Автор joanna breen ( назад)
My mum has requested this at her funeral ...We only found her will today... god bless you mummy x x x 💕

Автор Alex Wallace ( назад)
My Uncle Harry's favourite song.................RIP.

Автор Maria Miranda ( назад)

Автор John Baines ( назад)
my mum n dad loved this

Автор Michael Ramirez ( назад)
goodbhe glenn miller snoopy

Автор Gowri Rsp ( назад)
Destiel :/ :(

Автор emmanuela julaton ( назад)
wonderful song. the music never dies. it stays forever

Автор sue matchett ( назад)
This is up there with my favourite x

Автор Atlas & Axis Alphabiotics® ( назад)
que bellos recuerdos de una bella chica que hacía yoga en la puesta de sol!!! que hermosos momentos de aquella primera vez!

Автор Charlotte Patricia ( назад)
Doctor who brought me here😋

Goodnight Glenn Miller, I'm MARY your video is fantastic the adaptation is wonderful and Estes seasonal changes if you watch very nice

Автор Sean Purnell ( назад)
His funeral was today... 92 years young and a WW2 vet Royal Navy + Army and we played this at his funeral. Goodnight Grandad 'the eagle has landed!' :)

Автор james williams ( назад)
I love this song.

Автор Christina Boby ( назад)
Wonderful music.

Автор samuel riquelme ( назад)
El Aviador :O

Автор pablo narvay ( назад)

Автор Isa Rocha ( назад)
eternamente maravilhoso...

Автор J_NhG ( назад)
One of my Fathers favorite song, He passed away a week ago R.I.P <3

Автор Juwayable ( назад)
Do you what this is? It's music !

Автор Dalton C. Rocha ( назад)
I had four relatives that were militaries (all on allied side), during World War II. None is alive, since more than tem years ago. I live in Brazil. Good art doesn't gets older.

Автор Christina Hamilton ( назад)
First song my dad and mom showed me they used to dance to cheek to cheek. Why were the post WWII years the warmest and unforgettable and the days we live in now we want to forget every day that goes by and the music has no meaning or feeling,

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