Glenn Miller - Moonlight Serenade

Moon photos & graphics to Glen Miller's "Moonlight Serenade".

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Длительность: 3:22
Комментарии: 770

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Автор Maria Miranda ( назад)

Автор John Baines ( назад)
my mum n dad loved this

Автор Michael Ramirez ( назад)
goodbhe glenn miller snoopy

Автор Gowri Rsp ( назад)
Destiel :/ :(

Автор emmanuela julaton ( назад)
wonderful song. the music never dies. it stays forever

Автор sue matchett ( назад)
This is up there with my favourite x

Автор cece B ( назад)
I dedicate this beautiful song to all the Americans who died for the France
during the second world war!

Автор Atlas & Axis Alphabiotics® ( назад)
que bellos recuerdos de una bella chica que hacía yoga en la puesta de
sol!!! que hermosos momentos de aquella primera vez!

Автор Charlotte Patricia ( назад)
Doctor who brought me here😋

Goodnight Glenn Miller, I'm MARY your video is fantastic the adaptation is
wonderful and Estes seasonal changes if you watch very nice

Автор Bogeen Bardeen ( назад)
His funeral was today... 92 years young and a WW2 vet Royal Navy + Army and
we played this at his funeral. Goodnight Grandad 'the eagle has landed!' :)

Автор james williams ( назад)
I love this song.

Автор Christina Boby ( назад)
Wonderful music.

Автор samuel riquelme ( назад)
El Aviador :O

Автор pablo narvay ( назад)

Автор Isa Rocha ( назад)
eternamente maravilhoso...

Автор J_NhG ( назад)
One of my Fathers favorite song, He passed away a week ago R.I.P <3

Автор juwayable ( назад)
Do you what this is? It's music !

Автор Dalton C. Rocha ( назад)
I had four relatives that were militaries (all on allied side), during
World War II. None is alive, since more than tem years ago. I live in
Brazil. Good art doesn't gets older.

Автор Christina Hamilton ( назад)
First song my dad and mom showed me they used to dance to cheek to cheek.
Why were the post WWII years the warmest and unforgettable and the days we
live in now we want to forget every day that goes by and the music has no
meaning or feeling,

Автор baldandold ( назад)
Played at dad's funeral this year (also with "in the mood"), 93 years old,
ex-WW2 soldier, God bless ya dad....

Автор moonmillghost ( назад)
Day 4: December 4th

I have a good excuse this time. Multiple panic attacks in one night. I
dunno what's going on but I hope it ends soon. I am so freaking indecisive.
But I adore this song (and you :)) and it tends to make me think of you.
Just a simple, sweet melody and no lyrics and you get the feeling it
invokes. I love 20s-40s jazz. Like seriously love it. Well you know I like
all jazz but this is truly special. And there are so many songs I could've
used. I'll probably throw in a Billie Holiday song at some point.
I gather you had some monsters in your life and I am sorry. I'm sorry I
walked away. I'll have to explain to you one day (not sure when we'll meet)
my mind space at the time. I was convinced that you had gotten bored of me
and had more interesting friends then. You're really good at hiding your
feelings and sadly I believed your front. And maybe I was expecting it to
end cause all my best friendships did, at the time anyways. I'm sorry I
left you alone, but the whole time I thought you didn't care. I didn't even
know how I felt. I was so confused. Maybe you were too. You should know,
tho, that you're amazing. That they who left are seriously missing out.
And, I came back after all. I was planning on it anyways but waiting for
when I got better but I didn't want to wait too long. I guess I'll spend
the rest of my life making it up to you. And I hope in time you can trust
me. :)

Автор Abigail Leicester ( назад)
Doctor who brought me here

Автор Paola Pesciotti ( назад)
grandi e idimencabili ma che ne sanno i ragazzi di oggi che cosa erano le
grandi orchestre

Автор 73seabee ( назад)
the music that my parents danced to before and during the war years. I
remember this music in the house growing up . MIss you both Mom and Dad

Автор suzanne Walker ( назад)
Christmas songs from the 40

Автор Giorgio Zambrano ( назад)
musica da paradiso giorgio zambrano

Автор NubetubeRob (1632 года назад)
90 people are evidently too busy listening to Grim or dubstep to hear real

Автор Beatriz Milheiro ( назад)
My Music for ever... Minha musica para sempre...

Автор Mayra Frumoasa ( назад)
Wonderfull, extraordinair, gyönyörű, splendid, bellissima, bezaubernd,

Автор Stephanie Grace ( назад)
Tantos recuerdos... tantas sensaciones...

Автор Euron Crow's Eye ( назад)
Imagine for a moment that you were a service member during the Second World
War. You're attending a formal ball with your girl and the two of you are
dancing together to this wonderful piece. It's the night before you're to
be deployed overseas. Now flash forward decades later to your senior years.
Listening to this piece reminds you of that very special evening long ago,
to the night before you were sent overseas to fight, when you danced with
the very girl who would become your spouse and the love of your life for
many long years.

Автор Andrzej Chojnacki ( назад)
Dobrej nocy...

Автор PlanYourShift ( назад)
Way of the future.

Автор Yuri Rocha ( назад)
Sayid: "It could be picking up signals from anywhere in the world."
Hurley: "Or any time... Just kidding, dude."

Автор Mason Kapp ( назад)
Been hearing this play since I was tot . Will love this tune till my dying
day. The most beautiful sonata of all time . Puts Mr. Beethoven to shame
with the tenderness and subtleties Mr. Miller injects into this. So much
feeling and sensuality play in, and I can always count on this song to
bring back the bittersweet memories of my husband and I on that Galveston
beach when we were so young and full of promise ..

Автор CentinelThe ( назад)
Ever since I was a kid I fell in love with this tune ,a great artist and a
great orchestra ,thank you for posting.

Автор Jan Schattenkerk ( назад)
Geweldige Wereld Hit,, evergreen,, van Glen Miller....

Автор I O ( назад)

Автор luxyaltz219 ( назад)
Can be sometimes hard to believe there was so much death and destruction
going on in the world at the time this was playing over the airwaves and it
must have been one of the nicer things for soldiers and civilians alike
to take their minds away from that terrible war , even if only for a few

Автор ewa zawadzki ( назад)
Dobranoc.*.serenada ksiezycowa.*..będzie pożegnaniem dzisiejszego
dnia,pieknego wieczoru...i słodkich snow,,,♥♥♥,

Автор 47millionvictors ( назад)
One of the biggest tear-jerkers of all time.

Lovely. but, my god, 81 dislikes must mean 81 people have no soul
whatsoever....I pity them.

Автор LAILA M. BUDJAK S. ( назад)

Автор Grace Gorman ( назад)
Thank you. Gorgeous music. Gorgeous pictures to go with it.

Автор Raul Mireles Morales ( назад)
Excelente melodia.

Автор Jeangel Peregrino ( назад)
Simplemente maravillosa.

Автор StevieG Greensmith ( назад)
Was my grandads favourite too love it rip xxxx

Автор David Simmons ( назад)
ROCKOLA with DAVID SIMMONS...............
GOOOOODNIGHT and KEEPS ROCKIN.....Special for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор ewa zawadzki ( назад)

Автор Jose Lopez Martinez ( назад)
A wonderful, sweet and and relaxing melody.

Автор Hans Kamp ( назад)
I first know this song as Dansez maintenant, (French sung version) but I
definitely prefer this instrumental version, also the English title!

Автор Jaromíra Krestanpolova ( назад)
Jedním slovem-nádhera!!!!!!!!

Автор Neda Hega ( назад)
'This is Calcutta. We continue the Glenn Miller recital with his recording
"Moonlight Serenade"'

Автор Brandon Burton ( назад)
2:13 is the best part

hermosa esa canción la conocí en un capitulo de la película del aviador y
un capitulo de los simsonps 

Автор Brandon Burton ( назад)
I'm a writer I listen to this music whilst I write its a relaxing song
calms the nerves eases the stress its classic blues 

Автор Despina Luigini ( назад)
Semplicemente straordinaria !!!!!!

Автор Mister Jensen ( назад)

Автор Lauren Burke ( назад)
My Nannie & Grandad's song :-) <3 xxxx RIP xxxx

Автор Lope De La Mancha (841 год назад)
Glenn Miller > Moonlight Serenade !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!************((^_^))

Автор Piaf Bakerr ( назад)
Beatifull song.

Автор Sarah Lilly ( назад)

Автор Piaf Bakerr ( назад)
Cuando era una pequeña niña alla por los 80,recuerdo que en la madrugada el
vientro traia esta cancion,que iba y venia en el aire,siempre quise saber
como se llamaba y quien la escuchaba.

Автор imajeepster ( назад)
My late father loved big band music and i have his CDs. He was overseas
during ww2 and I imagine him listening to this on the radio during that
time and being homesick. I miss you dad! I wish you were here!

Автор Manuela Gattoni ( назад)
era la sigla di radio-Londra alla radio dell'epoca dove gli oppositori di
Hitler trasmettevano news e incitamenti alla rivolta...potere del jazz!!!!!

Автор Lieze Rodrigues ( назад)
Dancei muito com as suas músicas. 

Автор Emerson Galeano Betancourt ( назад)
serenata luz de luna

Автор Mathew Wall ( назад)
I would like to dedicate this to my Grandfather, this was his favourite
piece of music and I remember him telling me the story of when he was a boy
and how long it took him to find out the name of this record so he could
buy it. He died this morning aged 82. RIP 

Автор nellouffa ( назад)
Stupenda melodia ma anche stupende immagini. Quella a 1:16 è spettacolare!

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