Urijah Faber: Cody Garbrandt is Destined to be Greatest of All Time (EXCLUSIVE)

Recently retired Urijah Faber spoke exclusively to MMAWeekly.com shortly after his teammate, Cody Garbrandt, accomplished something that he was unable to do during his illustrious career. Garbrandt defeated Dominick Cruz to capture the UFC bantamweight championship.

It appeared that Faber couldn't have been happier had he won the belt himself, noting that Garbrandt was destined to not only with the belt, but to become the greatest of all time.

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Автор War Veteran 1-10 ( назад)
Faber is a promoter now, washed up promoter.

Автор Tito Brozzi ( назад)
Take it easy , take it easy ..He was only meant to defeat Dominic , I do not see him going beyond TJ

Автор CesareDeConti ( назад)
i just hate faber... he gets beat by everyone... but he will be certainly getting crazy in the crowd when the guy that kicked his ass is losing

Автор Thanos Vlachos ( назад)
HAHAHAHA  nice one

Автор zeikz ( назад)
I swear there's a Faber course... Faber lost to Barao and then shouted out TJ for the next fight and TJ destroyed Barao and then when Faber lost to Dominick he shouted out Cody and we saw what happened.

Автор Matt Johnson ( назад)
God damn it's weird urijah is jumping the cage to be in there with Cody after he won to get on the T.V it's weird that he makes sure he's in every pic that Cody is in. Maybe I just think it's weird..

Автор Graham Mitchell ( назад)
Aldo or McGregor would beat this guy anytime only time will tell.

Автор IronReef77 ( назад)
If he believes in Cody to that level then let him. He's supposed to cause majority of you haters don't (as evidenced by pre fight commentary) yet he has proved yall wrong so far. Wow, misery really loves company I see

Автор Doug H. in VA ( назад)
Faber is always talking about stuff he cannot make happen. Cody is not the greatrest in history... blah blah blah. Faber is retired, he says... until the next offer for a big purse.

Автор A Person ( назад)
Too early to tell, but he certainly has the skills to become a GOAT.

Автор Paulo Ecletik ( назад)
The delusional nut hugging is already reaching crazy proportions. Even Dillasnake is gonna kick his overhyped lil ass.

Автор haru glory ( назад)

Автор Berserker ( назад)
Welcome back to all the haters in the comment just now finally starting to show their faces again after Cody embarrassed Cruz. I missed you guys

Автор Micheal Branning ( назад)
Slow your role bumchin

Автор SideshowBoB44 ( назад)
You can tell Faber is terrified that Cody is gonna leave the team.

Автор Jituš ( назад)
I'm the only GOAT in this game so you better shut the fuck up. I just destroyed Teruto and I can destroy every Alpha Fail!

Автор Chris Rush ( назад)
Urijah always is entertaining to watch.

Автор Crebs Park ( назад)

Автор Peter Shmurgle ( назад)
Uriahs like a little kid trapped in a grown mans facial structure

Автор Antreas ( назад)
Too soon already? Also he said alpha fail is the best team in the world, hahaha

Автор Ultimate Fighting Conor ( назад)
am i the only one that think faber looks like Russ the rapper?

Автор Edge Snob ( назад)
Urijah living vicariously through Cody.

Автор Jonathan Forster ( назад)
talking out of the arse on his chin

Автор StrictlyAnime ( назад)
This nigga delusional af

Автор CJ7xCFC2 ( назад)
That is a pile of shit

Автор latinamajor ( назад)
Well, I wish him luck BUT Cody is going to have to go undefeated and hold the belt for 9 years just to beat Cruz' record... that will be no easy feat... In order to be the GOAT, he's going to have to FAR out do that... That's a tall order... Only time will tell...

Автор Jayyy ( назад)
Hey random person scrolling through the comments!
I hope you have a great holiday !
From a smaller youtuber whose dream is to hit 1k subs .help ♡

Автор MMA Spot ( назад)
Cody has no chin. wait til he gets cracked lmfao.

Автор TallahassZ Remington ( назад)
he's good on the feet...

Автор Billoonn Shakur ( назад)
Ronda is GOAT

Автор MrColdwatercanyon ( назад)
Cody is a Mcbragger beater

Автор SickKent ( назад)
Stfu Uriner Faber.

Автор Al Mostafa ( назад)
if he beats TJ, he could become the Bantamweight GOAT

Автор Cisco Rodriguez ( назад)
lmao faber shut up

Автор Andrew Guerrero ( назад)
He's good and he's for sure been my favorite but he loses to fast explosive fighters. we've seen him get KO'd stiff.

Автор Alz Rivs ( назад)
Didn't even watch the video just read the title and just started laughing my ass off!!!! 😂😂😂 Cody is a solid fighter but the snake in the grass TJ whoops him in my opinion

Автор Dick Slayer ( назад)
Cody has a better amateur boxing record than Mayweather or Muhammad Ali. He easily could have been a boxing world champ but chose real fighting instead. He also has the best MMA wrestling of all time (never been taken down and completely dominated Cruz in every scramble). He is capable of crushing people in the 1st round like Rumble, but can also play defensively on the level of Cruz. He is world class *EVERYWHERE!* He has the greatest skillset in MMA history. #Goatbrandt

Автор Phenomenal Philip ( назад)
BULLSHIT!! Cruz would kilo him in a rematch

Автор Rj MMA edits ( назад)
come on Faber I give him his respect but greatest of all time?

Автор El Cucuy ( назад)
Cruz beats him soundly in a rematch, all respect to cody tho

Автор Zum Bee ( назад)
Faber petty

Автор RonanShaughnessy ( назад)
hes extremely loyal - urijah "tj" faber

Автор cox mox ( назад)
Greatest shit all fucking time ..piece of shit !

Автор Alex Mallinson ( назад)
All right relax, he just won the belt.

Автор kamil ( назад)
This is number one bullshit!

Автор Maverick alias ( назад)
Likeable Faber, honestly I am surprised

Автор Ivanka Smirnoff ( назад)
Pretty sure Cody will be great, he is such a great fighter!!! ( my personal opinion)

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