Max Steel Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Superhero Movie

Starring: Ben Winchell, Maria Bello, and Andy Garcia
Max Steel Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Superhero Movie

The adventures of teenager Max McGrath and alien companion Steel, who must harness and combine their tremendous new powers to evolve into the turbo-charged superhero Max Steel.

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Длительность: 2:31
Комментарии: 17486

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Автор Nicole Funy ( назад)

Автор legend drex ( назад)
Isn't he supermans friend, and is black

Автор vrigash ( назад)
Should have been called: How to train your gadget.

Автор Lord7 Naruto ( назад)
This is EPIC!!!!!!!
Can't believe they made it into a Movie, loved it

Автор KalloXX ( назад)
that would be so cool if steel can be in real life :(

Автор JAVID IQBAL ( назад)

Автор Blade Runner ( назад)
Obama was think he can save the world :D

Автор Onerom4728 ( назад)
And the writter of this movie is the same from Thor: Ragnarok........

Автор Jonttu ( назад)
Max Steel = Warframe

Автор Vinicio o bixo piruleta ( назад)
ta faltando o filme da amoeba

Автор Dj Mahesh V ( назад)

Автор SovietUnionUSSR1 ( назад)
Guyver is better...

Автор sajid haniff ( назад)

Автор Nicholas Wildes ( назад)
should've used Andrew garfield

Автор ayoub abou ( назад)
i'v watched this movie ! it was a waste of time! ! The Kardashians's shit
is better !

Автор P69 SQUARD ( назад)
caralho 2017 transformes,vf8,power ranger,picapau,maxstell,carros.

Автор Justin Chen ( назад)
so cringe please kill me

Автор isaiah stennis ( назад)
They should make a tv series out of this, not a cartoon this was a very
good movie!👍

Автор leonardo esteban daza duarte ( назад)
max steel what movie OMG

Автор The Arcane Arcade ( назад)
Why does this look like crap?

Автор earth5 ( назад)
so this is Iron Man version 4.4.4 kitkat :/

Автор Mayuresh K ( назад)
This movie is crap.

Автор Luis Velasco ( назад)
No me convence, se ve media estupida, no tiene parecido con los jueguetes
de mattel

Автор GW Al Kompjuter ( назад)
Looks like the Tekken/ Dragon Ball type of fail

Автор TheDutyPaid ( назад)

Автор rosario huaman reina ( назад)
esta genial

Автор kevin johnson ( назад)
worst movie ever!!!!!! it is by far the most biggest piece of shittness
ever!!! I rather waste my time watching supergirl than this!!!

Автор themightyflog ( назад)
Did this movie come out already? It looks like it has failure written all
over it.

Автор FalckenPhoto ( назад)
Its like watching all other super hero movie, only different pople

Автор RushEffect ( назад)
it doesnt look that bad people calm down

Автор TheWestFire ( назад)
So if they're making a Max Steel movie and a Power Rangers movie can I have
a hold out for a hope for a Static Shock movie?

Автор John Milne ( назад)
looks like a shitty generic remake of I am number 4 which on turn is a
generic spin on the bland boring YA genre

Автор Darek Darek ( назад)

Автор Noah Darbooq ( назад)
typical save the earth with romance bullshit

Автор hansa heshan ( назад)
@ iron knight ,well said bro

Автор The Dog Show ( назад)
Cool bro.

Автор Iron Knight ( назад)
The stupidity is real

Автор Dcplaysgames ( назад)
is it weird that i have already watched this movie

Автор Noah ( назад)
8 away from 27m views

Автор vladimir bueno ( назад)

Автор Ruben Morales ( назад)
This movie reminds me of how the Spider-Man of how he got his powers

Автор Timothe Poirier ( назад)
identical That was smart rhsult practice

Автор Dean Dean The Gaming Machine ( назад)
I saw this movie. Very disapointed the trailer was way better then the

Автор IzzoHooD ( назад)
I can't believe that this shit actually exist... I rather throw my money
into a trash can than giving them for that cheap Hollywood shit !

Автор Karan Samuel ( назад)
The hero looks like anti venom with steel as an armor

Автор Byte HD ( назад)
I watched this movie before the triller

Автор Rock Chick ( назад)
did this even make it to theaters i remember the trailer yes but not the
movie. must been a very limited run n in limited theaters

Автор River Tam ( назад)
this movie sucks!

Автор hakuna matata ( назад)
boring Movie no action just talking

Автор Jo Jack ( назад)
go follow this sexy girl jzapalvonkrishna on instagram <3

Автор MrShaun42088 ( назад)
this is the same type of stereotyped super drama that has been played out
over and over- i think the only thing worth watching in this is the
climatic ending

Автор LxndonHD ( назад)
I get this amazing Spider-Man 1 vibe

Автор Aulia Hakim ( назад)
oh look, wheatley

Автор Sanaa Solomon ( назад)
just got finished watching it was pretty cool I loved the lil robot steel

Автор Japanese Alpaca ( назад)
I thought the show look boring but the movie look way better than the
cartoon like if you agree

Автор Akanksha Blooms ( назад)
I am number four + Spider-Man = max steel!! 😂

Автор rbaleksandar ( назад)
Nice suit. The rest of the film is complete shit. Don't waste your money on

Автор DarkEclipse ( назад)
Warframe looks great!

Автор Wise Soldier ( назад)
never heard a single word about this movie

Автор Муратбек Юсупов ( назад)
очень хороший

Автор SiuruGuru GuruSiuru ( назад)
So many super hero's this days 😂😂😂😂 But when you need them the are not
there. 😂😂😂

Автор viviana castro ( назад)
the movie wasn't bad why are people hating? just wondering😮

Автор AndyBraila ( назад)
the most boring movie ever !!is a waste of time

Автор bruhs fer days ( назад)
Shitest MOVIE I have even fuckin seen !!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Max ( назад)
just who sponsors these things, give me the money I'll make a better movie
without almost no experience

Автор LHYZ ( назад)
The only good thing in this movie was Sofia and the suit.

Автор Preston Gardner ( назад)
This literally has 5% on rotten tomatos. Too high of a rating imo

Автор kevin waag ( назад)
they change the story a bit but it still look good i'm just hopping they
put the turbo modes

Автор nikos a. ( назад)
the worst movie i ever seen

Автор JustSomeRandomDude ( назад)
I should have stayed with thoughts just after watching this trailer 1st
time.. .Movie is total bullshit...

Автор OSSO BUCO75 ( назад)
so.. He's a Warframe?

Автор John C ( назад)
1 question. Why does this movie trailer has 26milion views and 115.000
likes and seems like an enjoyble movie in the trailer and yet has so low
rating and hate. By watching the trailer yea i agree its kinda coping other
movies but it still seems like a fun action andventure movie to watch .So
Dont undertand why u comment so bad about this movie since it triggered ur
interest and u watched it .If that movie was so bad why dont u go do
something more intersting by userlves.And stop wasting your time on
something u think is waste of time.

Автор Daniel Rodriguez ( назад)
Must of been slammin the stuff Lucy was taking

Автор dONALD42 ( назад)
Another CGI power-fantasy bullshit with mediocre acting...

Автор Umut Umutgg ( назад)
amk türk yorumları nerde üzdünüz

Автор Teguh Cahyono ( назад)
when ???

Автор MxThu ( назад)
Reminds me of amazing spider man ;-;.

Автор Luiz Miguel Alves da Silva ( назад)
I've seen this movie leaked and I'll tell you, it's not worth the time and
money spent on the movies.

Автор Hello Witch ( назад)
why do they keep remaking movies. its getting annoying

Автор David 2035 ( назад)
wasn't they a animated series of Max steel if I not mistaken?

Автор Dark Matter Pancake ( назад)
That robot reminds me of a Ghost from Destiny

Автор Smerky ( назад)
Dislike the voice acting of the robot

Автор Patrick van Vlooten ( назад)
This reminds me of The Guyver...

Автор Agario Wu Tang Clan ( назад)
wooow just watched it... the most crappy movie ever...everything about this
movie was sh!!t !

Автор Prince Otaigbe ( назад)
it was a shit movie, don't watch it

Автор EnZo aZ ( назад)
No vean esta pelicula es un asco es aburrido xd

Автор cardinal151515 ( назад)
i watched it yesterday. it was really a bad movie.

Автор moviemagic ( назад)
how come i never heard of this or seen a single poster at the theater? Was
it like hidden from plain sight and watching the trailer that's good i
didn't see this!

Автор Soufiane Elkharouai ( назад)
i like teletubbies

Автор deadpool gamer ( назад)

Автор VinceKid56 ( назад)
This didnt even make it to my theater in the US...

Автор SirNooX TV ( назад)
Worst movie ever!

Автор Maria Jimenez ( назад)
best tailar

Автор YOUNGBROS ( назад)
guys i watched the moive and its trash its nothing like the tv series

Автор Adriano Garcez ( назад)
It doesn't look awful, but I guess it took too long to get the hype of the

Автор Leandro Achilles ( назад)
Max Macho de OCO de Aço!

Автор MB3 ( назад)
This is pretty much Spider-Man but a different name and different powers it
has pretty much the same plot line though

Автор Marius Gheorghe ( назад)
its over NOW great job by the way

Автор Sidharth Sreekumar ( назад)
This film was sooo soooo sooooooooooo bad. Its just plain terrible. Shit
acting, shit direction, shit action scenes.. Damn, even shit
cinematography. I didnt know it was even possible in Hollywood at this age.

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