[HD]Male Goblin in Armor Sets (World of Warcraft Cataclysm)

Shows what they will look like wearing all types of armor. Cloth/Leather/Mail/Plate. Using the beta sandbox private server. Please Subscribe!

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Длительность: 1:24
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Автор ericskowron ( назад)
how do i waer armor for a tauras? im new to this game please reply

Автор Draik Draiken ( назад)
how you add those items lol I need too for my sandbox ...

Автор IskArioT27 ( назад)
everything looks fukken ridiculous

Автор Belvgor ( назад)
@MrJacks590 Actually it is a private server, if you look at the chat log it
says Item ID and so on. He spawned the gear into his bags on a private

Автор Acorn Nut ( назад)
Its not a private server, dressing rooms are real.....retards, next time
you see and item that you can see visibly on your toon Ctrl-Click it and
the dressing room should pop up, enjoy......

Автор matt k ( назад)
@Niceundead and ur point? its beta its all a private server.

Автор UWMxmodme ( назад)
@thetack007 shows items you can't wear on you.

Автор An Uncomfortable Young Korean In Culture Shock ( назад)
twink goblin rouges

Автор Tack ( назад)
what is a dressing room???

Автор Niceundead ( назад)
LOL! its private server!

Автор K3mp ( назад)
I think armor scales better on them than gnomes - on gnomes everything just
looks too small and you cant properly see their armor

Автор mattfreeze ( назад)
i feel like goblin warriors are going to be very popular

Автор Carl Petersson ( назад)
why dont you just spin them around? really anoying when you are clicking
all the time xD

Автор DiscoZocker ( назад)
Looks a little bit like a gnome

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