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Автор Naomi De Bie ( назад)
omg ik vind je video's zo leuk xxx

omg I like your videos very much xxx

Автор SOPHIE THE BOMB ( назад)
There are a lot of haters out there

Автор Chloe Daniels ( назад)
omw that guy who was hating... WHAT DOES HE WATCH ON YOUTUBE 😂😂😂😂

Автор vidyashree jogappanavar ( назад)
love you you are the best and your the funiest female on universe

Автор slime_girl123 Sydney luu ( назад)

Автор Leila Sadek ( назад)
I love her so much

Автор Mr.Techniks ( назад)
like if you want Liza to do daily vlogs

Автор Fatou Wade ( назад)
true liza your fuunynies is pro

Автор Molly's World ( назад)
I want to punch the black boy in the face......

Автор Rebecca L ( назад)
Now there should be a Teens react to Liza reacts to Teens react to Liza. Right? Or am I getting off hand?

Автор Kboodoos Aldana ( назад)
Dope I felt like I died

Автор Lomandry ( назад)
My favorite part was the spongebob part

Автор Maude Bédard ( назад)

Автор Taxi Driver HD ( назад)
Lizzza you need a Netflix show fast. Fast.

Автор Preston Games ( назад)
3:52-3:57= Liza orgazim

Автор Brooke Lawson ( назад)
Please don't listen to ANY haters because you are amazing and hilarious! Keep on making videos! #lizanation

Автор Yeslene Marie ( назад)
Hay lizza I love you so much 😍

Автор The Average Gamer101 ( назад)
4:51-4:52 *You like Krabby Patties don't You Squidward* That made me crack up.

Автор Jasmine's Beauty ( назад)
liza reacts to that mean ethan dude breaks my heart

Автор Trinytee Wright ( назад)
i like her computer

Автор Angelina Pitt ( назад)
Does anyone notice that her laptop says Liza's react?!?!?!?!

Автор Angelina Pitt ( назад)
I love you soooo much omg you are so super hilarious!!!!!

Автор Mayri Gomez ( назад)
Lizza react to BTS DOPE PLZZZ

Автор fnaf lover the bitch ( назад)
the guy in the purple shirt dont understand humor. beautifulness. and talent. witch is the best things liza has :3

Автор Victor J. L. Valencia Ambriz ( назад)
wtf with the intro? 😨
5:40, holy shit 😂😂😂😓😓😓

Автор Gorrillazzz for LIFE!!!! ( назад)
Ugh!!! That Ethan guy tho! STOP TRYIN TO BE COOL LAUGH YOUR BOOTY OFF YOU KNOW YOU WANT TOO!!! Sorry if that was offensive

Автор Shauna leight Barratt ( назад)
At the end when she gose 'these are my arms ' 😂😂

Автор Gabi Walker ( назад)
I actually hated that guy who was hating on Liza?

Автор Nabz A ( назад)
if they made me react to you I will shout I LOVE YOU LIZA I love it when Liza copied their intro

Автор Haley Langteigne ( назад)
I do love her

Автор Javeria Tariq ( назад)
3:57 that dude can fuck humself

Автор Lizzie MSP ( назад)
School months- 50,000 years Liza's video months- 2 seconds. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN..

Автор Animelove360 ( назад)

Автор Lexiking80 ( назад)
There was that one person that didn't like you... :( But everybody else loves you including me so don't worry! 💕😝

Автор Isabella Lundy ( назад)
That guy in the purple is a no life prick 😂😂 Liza is so full of love and laughter and that guy is the complete opposite. Oh and by the way, SHE IS ORIGINAL and my idol! -Little white girl out

Автор itzdannie xx ( назад)
I loved that

Автор Dżemma ( назад)
"my react to liza reacts to teens reacts to liza"

Автор Pauliina Wk ( назад)
Next teens react to Liza Koshy react to teens react to Liza Koshy

Автор cake flip ( назад)
oh and she makes it look real and she does it in public, come on I cant do that in public even though when I don't know I'm doing anything embarrassing I really am

Автор cake flip ( назад)
when the guy said she trys to hard its like she will always be funny she makes faces she falls that's because she makes people laugh

Автор Victory Tsoy ( назад)
please leave a link of her morning routine video

Автор laura montierth ( назад)
I love you liza. me and my friend are like your biggest fans. we love you. you are the only person on YouTube that when I laugh I almost cry. your hilarious. I love you. hope you and David have a happy life together. I love you

Автор Crimson Lion ( назад)
I just watched the vid the teens first saw before this vid

Автор Asian Arcade ( назад)
love this. it was cool to see you two do the try not to cry challenge. ^_^ <3

Автор Heidi Wences ( назад)
That guy that doesn't like her, he hates on everyone but I guess we're all different.

Автор Thunder God ( назад)
I felt so bad when the boy was being negative she looked so sad

Автор Alex Reyes ( назад)
f Ethan

Автор Tammy 4Ever ( назад)
Is it only me or can u see her keyboard flashing 5:22

Автор Salisha Mendez ( назад)
you are so beautiful and funny my name is salisha Mendez

Автор Cameron Perry ( назад)
screw that one guy, she's not trying too hard.

Автор Emma Regrets ( назад)
that guy who doesn't like her well HE UGLY HE HIS DADDY'S SON HEYYY

Автор BisbooBubbles ( назад)
That guy asking how liza is funny needs to kermit sewerside -_-

Автор Ladybug 123 ( назад)
Lizza you are so funny

Автор Ej Elijah ( назад)
i know everyone is entitled to their own opinion,but you can give your opinion in a non bitchy say,he would've been fine if he said "oh this isn't my type of humor" instead of saying "does anyone find this funny"😐😐😐😐

Автор Bessy Games ( назад)
Someone find where Ethan lives, we need to have a talk.

Автор Sonny M ( назад)
Ok i get that everyone has their own opinion and not everybody has to like Liza, but come on Ethan you don't have to be a dick about it. He could've easily said "oh yea I've seen her before but I didn't really like her content" but no he had to go on criticizing her and said she was not funny at all and "how do people find this entertaining?" And I'm pretty sure she thought he was cringey but all that cool guy shit just made him look cringey😂

Автор Amazing Vlogz ( назад)
when im down i watch her videos and they lift me back up

Автор Love Airionna ( назад)
plus at least Liza can add another hater to her list

Автор Love Airionna ( назад)
The guy with the pladd shirt said the most nicest thing ever

Автор Dylan leek ( назад)

Автор Kayla Reynolds ( назад)
Liza is so pretty I never realised till nowp

Автор Night Anime ( назад)
I died when spongebob said you like krabby patties

Автор Jessica Wiggins ( назад)

Автор TheKrazyNatureBeaver ( назад)
"I don't get how people find this funny." IF YOU DONT FIND LIZA FUNNY YOU ARE HEARTLESS

Автор Briana Vargas ( назад)
vines so funny

Автор Briana Vargas ( назад)
da vines dou

Автор soreons gamer ( назад)
that's a good meme

Автор ; ( назад)
I'm sorry Liza because I disliked your video by mistake but I liked it now 👍👍👍👍

Автор LHbeauty 773 ( назад)
She is awesome 😊

Автор Brooklyn DeFoe ( назад)
My name is Brooklyn too Liza!!!

Автор Ashton Deglace ( назад)
at 6:07 ylher 🔑 board was acting up kind of if you watch and see you might be able to know what i am 👄 about

Автор Diana Lopez ( назад)
the guy was such a douche bag

Автор fajr bhutta ( назад)
The guy who said she's trying too hard can f himself

Автор DiamondBear And Poupy ( назад)
kill the guy that don't like liza

Автор Clearly Claire ( назад)
That one guy was being salty AF

Автор Coltonthegreat98 ( назад)
The guy who kept saying rude things about her needs to learn to laugh a little

Автор just some guy ( назад)
on that ethan guy's defence, it is still his opinion. it wouldn't be a legit series if everyone liked everything shown to them. he was being honest and everyone should respect his opinion.

Автор maggie chen ( назад)
Ethan is so annoying

Автор Ananda Paulino ( назад)

Автор Zeth Morfitt ( назад)
buuut for better😁

Автор Zeth Morfitt ( назад)
ugh ruuude man just rude man

Автор Kathryn Livingston ( назад)
Omg when the guy said that's her boyfriends it sounded just like Liza when she says that's my boyfriend

Автор Isaiah Holmes ( назад)
that man is mean to Liza

Автор TheFilmTwins ( назад)
hey guys were twins please check us out and subscribe we will make you laugh!!! you wont regret it!!

Автор Amber Anarchist ( назад)
I was grinning thru the whole thing then when it zoomed in and said 'you like crabby patties don't you Squidward' I hooted and woke the whole house

Автор Emma Williams ( назад)
at 4:93 she did the neck your self thing

Автор Alexandrite TM ( назад)
I love how you made this your own Fine Bros video xD

Автор RubyJane Roberts ( назад)
Liza I don't let The brown slick hair Guy get you down

Автор Ben C ( назад)
I feel like liza felt super sad when that one guy was hating on her.😭

Автор Sophie Smith ( назад)
Dear Liza since I watched your channel I became happier because I got bullyed and your always help me smile the more I wactch your videos I laugh
So thank you Liza koshy

Автор janemba 3 ( назад)
The guy in the purple shirt needs to get a sense of humor for real cause liza is awesome

Автор Abbie MSP ( назад)
Funny Story, At school today we were watching Bill Nye the Science Guy, but when the theme song came on I would said Bill Nye the Science Guy Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill, but I would sing it every time time it didn't say Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill. So everyone was looking at me like Wtf are you doing..... (Btw my grammer sucks) Also Liza today I made a very bad pun we had a cookie today and we had mac and cheese so I said Cookie some Mac and Cheese... You get it.... No?? (It means Cook me some Mac and Cheese)

Автор LIZZY B ( назад)
You are amazing

Автор Chloe Hughes ( назад)
a walking meme .... hundred percent accurate

Автор Wael B ( назад)
You are ugly, annoying & a whore

Автор J Lynn Hill ( назад)
they may have 2.5 billion subscribers but you have 2.5 million. m comes after b witch means its older and WISER. eh eh l😏😏😏

Автор Layz Pink ( назад)
your the best liza koshy

Автор Fatima Choudhury ( назад)
That one guy can go fuck himself Liza is perfect 👌🏽

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