ALIEN:COVENANT Offical Trailer (2017) Ridley Scott Sci FI Horror Movie HD

ALIEN:COVENANT Trailer (2017) Ridley Scott Sci FI Horror Movie HD [Official Trailer]
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Автор Hugh Mann ( назад)
That girl was ugly af.

Автор Veris ( назад)
Looks extremely predictable already.

Автор Billy Holmes ( назад)
if the robot was,black would he die 1st

Автор BugzyBullzVevo ( назад)
jeez another alien movie that we all didn't want. Ridley Scott constantly fucks up bruh. we have so many alien movies like bruh we know what they are how there made what they look like already like bruh there's nothing significant about this mine as well watch the one from the 70s. the masses wanted an Engineer epilogue we don't know shit bout them, and there way more interesting than a movie monster that's been known for 40+ years now

Автор Gabriel Styan ( назад)
1:09 Hey its James Franco

Автор Harman Kardon ( назад)
Another merry band of immature youngsters playing the explorer game and getting murdered one by one.

Автор Kush Peralta ( назад)
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Автор James Sylar ( назад)
At least the ones from Prometeus were wearing space suits, these only have a rain jacket (I think that's what those are called). The name of "Covenant" makes me think they are some kind of cult or organization that went looking for their promised land, not like the military/industrial groups we seen before, so that explains a bit the lack of weapons and suits, but still...

Автор You'llSeeFar Daybreak ( назад)
All art is now existing to be valued for wealth, more and more in money and less for the love and the meaning of goodness.

Автор DaWizardNoob TV ( назад)
Top Ten Tragic Anime Deaths

Автор Swimming Pools ( назад)
Every alien movie ever: people go looking for aliens and stuff, one dumb person gets infected with something and their escape ship blows up, aliens kill everyone, the end.

Автор Bogdan Staicu ( назад)
1:28 cliché

Автор Emily Young ( назад)
I basically watched the whole movie

Автор Jacob PL ( назад)
0:38 - it remainds me one of Assassins Creed scenes xD

Автор Jean Carlos Sot ( назад)

Автор charlesandhisworld ( назад)
This looks shit.

Автор Steffon Curry ( назад)
must see for me💪💪💪

Автор A Droit ( назад)

Автор Endymion766 ( назад)
These aliens have developed fool proof attack methods of wiping out 42% of humanity - the ones that like to stick their faces close to something weird without any sort of protection.

Автор Christopher Maxie ( назад)
Okay so I am guessing no science majors on this trip. My b.s. is in physics and even I know not to step on alien planet without some sort of environmental suit. A biology major would be barring the door to keep people in or anyone who left the ship like that out (for at least a few months).

Автор TheAvenger62 ( назад)
so no pulse rifles or smart guns in this alien :(

Автор Kevin Factor ( назад)
They should have a hologram girl saying your all going to die......just like the movie Resident Evil

Автор phildragonbleu ( назад)
Am i the only one who thinks that Michael Fassbender is in fact michael Assbender. Like the kinky avatar?

Автор SilverShøck ( назад)
what's this beautiful music called ?

Автор Gaijin Boogie ( назад)
Nobody has seen the film & half the comments would suggest it already sucks. To be expected.


Автор Tuscanie Lane ( назад)
So Jussie smollet dies. Great *she said sarcastically*

Автор Christopher Akerley ( назад)
terror, Ogdru bring terror

Автор TheRealWitblitz ( назад)

Автор De Selby ( назад)
They have had chest bursters and now back bursters. Imagine if they had butt bursters.

Автор Dimitris Chloupis ( назад)
Personally I loved Prometheus and I did not see any plot holes in the movie. Scientists doing incredible stupid things for science ? You cannot get any more realistic than that. But from this trailer it seems these people have won and this wont be a sequel to Prometheus. It looks like it will try to be a clone or close to a clone to the first Alien. Boring and Disappointing. What I loved about Prometheus is that it did not try to scare me by showing me aliens killing people. So first movie was scary, insanely scary and the second two mainly because there was so much going into it. After the second however Alien lost a very important factor , the element of surprise. The success of Alien is not Ridley Scott or its female star. I love both but lets face it the movie would still be largely successful without and I am saying that being a huge fan of Ridley Scott. The success of the movie is the design of the monster H.R Giger. What made Alien scary is that the monster is so difficult to define in the movie. The design is so weird and so out there , combined with the fact the Scott brilliance of revealing so little of it. However after the second movie the element of surprise is gone. I am not saying this movie wont be a very good film, its Ridely Scott movie afterall BUT the trailer is trying so hard to scary me using every trick of the first movie.... eh.... sorry it wont happen. At least Prometheus tried to be original. What I would love to make some the stories from the comic books of Alien a film. There is one that goes deep into what Aliens really are, where the big white dudes go to the planet of Aliens. On that planet the Aliens are actually the least scary thing and near the bottom of the food chains and some incredible scary stuff happen. I prefer that story a lot more than Aliens story that shows them as a science experiment goes wrong. Mainly because in the movie you assume that Alien is not a being of nature in the back of your head and that comic story goes and shutters that assumption showing that there are far worse things than Aliens.

Автор clarisa ( назад)
only here the place (*_^) https://sites.google.com/site/djarot13456/

Автор Yharnam ( назад)
In the name of science, I shall stick my face in front of an alien egg!

Автор Yuuri Katsuki ( назад)
Omg this comes out a few days before my birthday! Happy birthday to me! :D

Автор sclogse1 ( назад)
Nothing to see here. Move along. No new ideas. Just the beautiful space ship shots over the planet...everything else is cheap manipulation over an old felt poker table that's worn from two many burn marks and spilled booze. Being scared by jump shots is no longer fun. Next they'll have a tv series.

Автор Jim Crutchfield ( назад)
Just hope it won't be as suckful as "Prometheus".

Автор Shannon Pearson ( назад)
wow a 5th alien movie. who knew

Автор Bearded Bard ( назад)
Chest holes and science holes and a robot survivor

Автор Drakorus Felving ( назад)
If something is crawling out of a guy who is already pretty much dead STAB THE SHIT OUT OF IT RIGHT THEN.

Автор Justin Ulshafer ( назад)
did anyone notice that's James Franco at the beginning.. about to die...

Автор Sebastian Buckingham ( назад)
Spoiler Alert: the black guy dies.

Автор Charles Miller ( назад)
Can't even touch the horror of the original.

Автор Francois Dastardly ( назад)
the same shit again

Автор Peter R ( назад)
i hope james franco dies fast

Автор Blake ( назад)
The alien franchise is amazing, but the community is cancer and complains way too much, I love every single alien and predator movie and no matter how bad you say they are, ill always love them.

Автор Ernie Esparza ( назад)
imagine danny mcbride making it all the way to the end just to die on the ship before take off

Автор Dr.@k3 aka Doctor At K3 ( назад)
Anyone know what year the movie is taking place in it would answer alot of questions riddling the comment box. Also the Neomorph coming from a spore instead of goo is an interesting concept, as aliens still have the beloved egg.
Movies taking place in order of years to explain the concepts of the species evolutions below.
93 AD - Prometheus initial scene, where an Engineer sacrifices himself in a LV-223 waterfall.
1504 AD - Scene from Alien vs. Predator where Predators come in a right of passage in the Inca Civilization.
2004 AD - Happenings from Alien vs. Predator and Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem.
2064 AD - A Elizabeth Shaw memory from that time is shown in a memorial device system seen by David in Prometheus.
2089 AD - Elizabeth Shaw and Charles Holloway discover a star map in a Scottish cave, dating back to 35 000 years.
2093 AD - Major happenings in Prometheus expedition.
2094 AD - Catastrophic happenings that destroys Prometheus crew, except Shaw and David.
2124 AD - Happenings from Alien.
2179 AD - Ripley is rescued from the Outer Rim.
2181 AD - Ripley is taken to Gateway Station.
2183 AD - Major happenings from Aliens, in Hadley's Hope.
2184 AD - Happenings from Alien 3.
2386 AD - Ripley is resurrected.
2434 AD - Major happenings from Alien: Resurrection.So when does this movie take place and fall into this timeline does it fill in or does it expand?

Автор Do you think I laugh? Good luck answering. ( назад)
No Seth Rogen? No Michael Cera?

Автор Lisa Doe ( назад)
#leaveclassicsalone !!!!!!!!!!

Автор Toxic ( назад)
The thing is YOU SEE AN ALIEN YOU DON'T FUCK WITH IT and yet every Alien movie defies that shit

Автор Dac Dacia ( назад)
is it still related to other series or is just "made to sell" ? It would be a pity to be a dissapointment.

Автор Manuel Arredondo ( назад)
Wouldn't be cool if at the end a predators takes one if the eggs back to earth

Автор Luigi Reccia ( назад)
Luke Skywalker spotted at 1:31

Автор Gianfranco Pizzuto ( назад)
It's been 38 years after the first movie and they could at least modify the story

Автор zimmerman84 ( назад)
all these negative comments ("seen it all before" blah blah blah) you will all still watch it so shut the fuck up!

Автор Luna Royale ( назад)
They're all gonna die...the end.

Автор Leonard Johnson ( назад)
people still put their faces up close to a unknown object/alien pod that opens itself? really?

Автор Nicoletti ( назад)
Why is it okay that this is exactly the same as Prometheus

Автор Little T ( назад)
I love all the alien films

Автор messaoud bassem ( назад)

Автор Micheal Ramirez ( назад)
looked awesome like cast++++++++++++can't wait

Автор Micheal Ramirez ( назад)
well it's about time who else's favorite movie is aliens.

Автор RideMyTruck ( назад)
McBride AND Franco? Instantly nixed.

Автор Darryl Thornton ( назад)
Yay. Gay couple. Check. Interracial couples. Check. Shoehorning liberal progressive bullshit. Check. Pass.

Автор Dr.@k3 aka Doctor At K3 ( назад)
Neomorphs + Xenomorphs = Happiness

Автор MassDynamic ( назад)
lands on alien planet. no hazmat or any reasonable protection. ...

Автор Shiv Gharu ( назад)
Fucking hell can't bang in the shower in peace....without the alien wanting some meat.

Автор samrat roy ( назад)
this songs.....!!!! so creepy

Автор noob mk ( назад)
its a fucking movie people relax!!! yes we don't have spaceships ither.

Автор Chris Visser-Fee ( назад)
Great! Now don't fuck it up.

Автор John Citizen ( назад)
For God's sake we are sick of seeing Michael Fassbender Holloywood find some new actors!! Boring as shit!!

Автор Wyatt Tyson ( назад)
I'm just going to say it: Sci-Fi is better when the CGI Budget only covers a few fancy space ship shots and everything else has to be built by hand.

Автор Junior Jess ( назад)
where the so called "Creators" extinct? Why not stick to the "Creators" story? FUCK ALIENS!!!

Автор Lord Humungus IV ( назад)
The movie could be 119 minutes shorter if they will just decide to send a drone to the planet before landing.  Oh, will someone tell that guy to take that stupid, fucking cowboy hat off his head?

Автор Lord Humungus IV ( назад)
Why is there always a guy wearing a cowboy hat at the helm of a spaceship?

Автор Sophie Habi ( назад)
I'm not gonna see it bc I don't give a fuck but JAMES FRANCO YASSSS HUNTY FUCK ME UP

Автор TheTruthIsGonnaHurt ( назад)
I take it, Ridley Scott gave zero fucks about the negative feedback he got surrounding Prometheus and went on to do it again in this new movie.🙄😣

Автор Rekoj ( назад)

Автор Mckenna Dolan ( назад)
It looks awesome

Автор Mckenna Dolan ( назад)
Omg I'm sooo excited!

Автор The Warchief Zeke Jaeger ( назад)
Predator:"Oh good,humans fucks everything up and *we* have to fix it, goddamn they can't even kill a fly,imagine three types of serpents"

(I know that the Alien universe doesn't exist with the Predator universe,this is just for fun..."muh cannon" ball busters).

Автор Ampex101 ( назад)
Sieg heil and stuff

Автор elukok ( назад)
Why not send just robots? They cant get infected and judging by Prometheus, they are better suited for the job.

Автор Yohanes Zakarias Radja Hedo ( назад)
I would find and watch this film.

Автор Face That Runs The Place ( назад)
Michael F ftw

Автор Mochammad Escorta Bayu Samodera ( назад)
just die, we don't care

Автор Hunaid Udaipurwala ( назад)
Prometheus all over again...

Автор BetterLifeAhead ( назад)
I love that they used Aurora for the music

Автор Cili Padi ( назад)
Wait i saw Dr. Manhattan from the Watchmen movie! Dr. Manhattan still alive after soviet war! yeay >,<

Автор 31syco ( назад)
Pile of shite just when you thought ridley scott had redeemed himself with prometheus he goes back 38 years with the storey line

Автор Ahmed Al-Gendy ( назад)
Hollywood's moral of the story is that black people and white people can never have interracial relationships with each other because that would ruin box office sales.

Автор Trenton Manchester ( назад)
can't wait

Автор jkincaid582 ( назад)
Why does the crew of all these Alien/Prometheus ships always behave like the cast of a slasher film. Only dumber because they have science and technology, and yet they act like a bunch of idiots. Hey what's this weird alien life form I've never seen before? Maybe I should be cautious and keep my distance until I understand what it is? Nope fuck it I'm putting my face directly into it. What could go wrong?

Автор Crona ( назад)
I thought this would be the second Prometheus movie

Автор Mark Ippolito ( назад)

Автор Rhetorical Synchron ( назад)
That thumbnail!

Автор K Δ N U B E ( назад)
I cant wait for this, to be on Cinemasins.

Автор davy haesebrouck ( назад)
So is this film taking place between Alien and Aliens? If so Newt sould be part of the crew as well.

Автор AC MC ( назад)
gave away too much in the trailer we know who's gonna die already

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