ALIEN:COVENANT Offical Trailer (2017) Ridley Scott Sci FI Horror Movie HD

ALIEN:COVENANT Trailer (2017) Ridley Scott Sci FI Horror Movie HD [Official Trailer]
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Автор Neil T ( назад)
looks like almost total re hash of the first Alien movie..with a bit of"
Aliens" style squaddie stuff thrown on top.... come on..we really gonna see
the facehugger bursting from egg scene again??? wtf

Автор Abhiram V P ( назад)
"we dont know what the fucks out there"....really ? after all these years ?

Автор XxPhantomGalaxy XDxX ( назад)
A Alien without Riply isn't an alien lol

Автор Shadow7988 ( назад)
Looks terrible. They already showed the whole damn movie in the trailer,
and yet again Ridley insists on ultra-retard 'scientist' walking around on
an alien world with no sort of suit on. It was stupid as shit in Prometheus
and it's even dumber in this that takes place after the fact.

Автор evan smith ( назад)
This reminds me of the original Alien

Автор Jonatan Elias Saavedra Jeria ( назад)
everything was right until the shower part.

Автор andrew venable ( назад)
so, if you people dont understand the visitors in prometheus 1 unleashed
the first, earliest stages, of the xenomorph and these people supposedly
going back there have to witness how dangerous it is

Автор A SAID WEE MAN ( назад)
1:32 Creator

Автор Emeka Okeke ( назад)
is fassbender still a robot or human now?

Автор TheCarelessVoice ( назад)
What people need to understand is that the xenomorph was a biological
weapon created by the Engineers. It's main use was obviously to infect and
destroy the enemy, then clean-up would then ensue. Unfortunately, the virus
mingles with the host's DNA, destroying the host and creating a new
life-form in its' likeness.

This trailer seems to hint at the possibility of the Engineer's homeworld
being completely overrun by this weapon, consequently transforming most, or
if not all, life-forms into xenomorphs. A dangerous planet indeed! Any
surviving Deacon (a xenomorph who's host was an Engineer) would seem to be
rare in this case.

The way a xenomorph infects it's prey comes in many ways, just as a virus
can spread many ways. Just from what we've seen in this trailer and
Prometheus you can be infected via spore, goo, intercourse with the
infected, or as we all know: face hugger.

What I'm curious about though is where did the eggs originate from? Did
they come from an infected insect? Perhaps an Engineers house pet? There
are so many different xenomorphs. I can't wait to find out where the
original queen came from? Perhaps...the last survivor from Prometheus?

Автор Stromjir ( назад)
Why didn't she use her wand? Avada Kedavra!

Автор Caster board rider, Stephen saylor ( назад)
I'm dying to watch this

Автор Koentj3h ( назад)
Why don't you just stab the guy while he's "transforming" ? Case closed,
pack your bags and go the fuck home -.-

Автор danger grainger ( назад)

Автор Mikasa Ackerman ( назад)
At 1:21 is that a Predator?

Автор Douglas Biggs ( назад)
prequel sequel to prometheus, we all saw this movie coming

Автор Korey Green ( назад)
why can't those aliens just leave politely, they always have have bust out
all dramatic and shit

Автор PsychoTech ARMS ( назад)
kinda wish I didn't watch the trailer.. think it revealed too much.

Автор kenicsiro ( назад)
Alien remake without any unique.

Автор Mr.Mask Maker ( назад)
Oh theres an alien on the ship killing everyone should we escape or hide?
no lets fuck in the shower that definitely wont get us killed. Keep the
porn scenes out of my dam alien movies they have to shoehorn one in every
film now don't they

Автор RubberDuckerFuckerBerg ( назад)
Scott you piece shit, you didn't learn jack from the mega failure you
called Prometheus! Not a single bit of the Alien or even Aliens flair was
in that movie, nor is in Covenant. Its just another rotten piece of crap
brought to the overpriced cinema screen!

What happened to all the good Directors and Story writers? The people who
knew and actually gave something about the Lore? Are they all dead? Today,
every Follywood asshead has become a Jar Jar Abrams!!

Автор Anastasya Gerdien ( назад)
1:37 *ALIEN: Covenant* ᴴ ᴰ « f u l l m o v i e » watch or download here:

Автор Fuhrerious1488 ( назад)
Looks the same as Prometheus, fucking Hollywood Jews with no imagination

Автор ZemoN ( назад)
umm this movie is called Alien: Paradise Lost! google says that look it up!

Автор Matt W ( назад)
Can someone explain the Moulin Rouge soundtrack to back this please?.....

Автор yesSiri ( назад)
"fuck you McBride!!!" 😂😂😂

Автор Flowerboy 94 ( назад)
1:26 a penis or a mushroom

Автор TUBE DUD ( назад)
shitty movie 100% yust like prometheus

Автор Collin Bong ( назад)
looks fukin amazing

Автор Oscar P ( назад)
Looks like AVP 3....so sad

Автор DarkAtHearts ( назад)
i know how it ends. they are all fucked and one female protagonist lives.

Автор cedric f ( назад)
Another shitty 'soft' reboot. Come up with something new for fuck's sake.

Автор Shawn Wilson ( назад)
This and the new Star Wars i'm looking forward to seeing the most this year

Автор michael march ( назад)
my wallet is ready

Автор WhiteDwarfVR4 ( назад)
20 seconds in, already disappointed..
But hey, I'm a dick

Автор Al “okoko” allaboutTV ( назад)
great mistake, i expected big human-sliens planet, they cities and
civilization, it's not continuation of first movie, no money? go to bank
Ridley Scott

Автор Brandon Sutton ( назад)

Автор dagoelius ( назад)
stupid song choice.

Автор MetalHeadZ ( назад)
Need a helmet with spikes on it when you are gonna be around the hatchers.

Автор Emma Seager ( назад)
<< *ALIEN: Covenant* ᴴ ᴰ « f u l l m o v i e » https://getpocket.com/s/M2Zm3

Автор Ancient Keyboard Warrior ( назад)
I wonder how danny Mcbride is going out in this movie?

Автор Joputix ( назад)
An extrange egg opens and the man get close to it so the creature can jump
to his face...very clever.

Автор FOO_YARA ( назад)
no story, no characters...just fcking FX, CGI crap

Автор WarrioRAbsolutE ( назад)
It should have been a direct sequel of prometheus, now we will have just an
alien prequel... What about prometheus? what happened next? I wanna see
engineers, what they are where they live, not only xenomorphs. We had 6
fucking movies of them, now 7...

Автор Ben Carlos ( назад)
When will they ever learn that that kind of plant-like thing breeds an
alien that jumps out right onto anybody's face looking inside of it.

Автор RA ( назад)
I remember Alien, it tried to be as realistic as posible. These new movies
are so stupid. No suits while walking on alien planets. taking stupid
risks. What happend to Ridley scott?

Автор Casey Edwards ( назад)
nobody else saw danny mcbride....I loved him in eastbound and down but,
..... yea.

Автор Jose Ponce ( назад)
i just with they would bring the colonial marines back...- Hudson - "hey,
Vazquez, have you ever been mistaken for a man?" - Vazquez - "No, have

Автор Steve Shimmell ( назад)
I know right, any way I can't wait to see it hopefully it'll be better than

Автор Swapnil Sudhir Kashikar ( назад)
oh come on! @ 1:52 .. damn you xenomorph!! damn u!!! your penis/tail will
be made into a whiplash! i curse you.

Автор coke lee ( назад)
I swear to christ if danny mcbride dies in this movie, im literally going
to flip a shit.

Автор lord frieza ( назад)
1:23 oh no its the FACE FUCKERS

Автор skeaneable ( назад)
damn I was expecting the Predator to show up

Автор WilliAm Vaquedano ( назад)
if your a fan you will watch movie,leave it at that at least they attempt
to make one more for all the alien fans out here like myself. going to
bring my ass to the movies and have a great night.. plenty of dumb ass
movies made last year.this is my Xmas gift

Автор Eric Logan ( назад)
I will never forget those bugs in Starshiptroopers,now I don't feel a thing
to this kind of thriller

Автор Guranga93 ( назад)
0:20 when you get the succ

Автор alaa alkafaji ( назад)
what's the name of song in the middle of

Автор Edey Boy ( назад)
So, this film features both the Xenomorphs and the Neomorphs. Hmmmm, I
wonder what the connection actually is. Hopefully this movie makes more
sense than Prometheus did.

Автор oak4muthafaka ( назад)
omg this movie is going to suck hard like your mother!!

Автор Mr.ScaryPasta ( назад)
Looks like Ridley Scott is at it again. 😈 Xenomorphs are back baby! Bigger
and badder than ever!

Автор Giovanni San José ( назад)
anyone knows if it will be R16 or R18 on NZ?

Автор Cicero Gilreath ( назад)
I love Ridley Scott movies, but this same old alien thing is dead for me.
My God where's the creativity? Why couldn't they have taken the money used
for this played out money maker and used it to create a new different
concept of a sci fi movie that would generate money. Is creativity dead in
hollywood or is it that they only bank on what you perceive is a sure
thing? It was a waste of time all of the talented folk who participated.
The greater the risk the greater the reward, think about that the next time
you want to make a movie that will make money, because this one will bomb.

Автор freeman ( назад)
wowee wowee wowee

Автор k1lls ( назад)

Автор Imagine Beat ( назад)
que clase de "prometeo " "depredador " es esto ???

Автор Sir Kant ( назад)
behold the vagina at 1:29

Автор Hontoni Arigato ( назад)
Nice this is a real Xenomorph movie!!! Thank You Ridley Scott for listening
to the fans we have been waiting for a very long time. I will definitely
pay money to see this.

Автор True Gamer30k ( назад)
Where's my octohugger

Автор David Russell ( назад)
No...I don't know what this has to do with Prometheus...So

Автор Madison Fields ( назад)
if only ripley the badass would be in the new movies ;3; i know she wont

Автор Greenhead Bigeye ( назад)
After the big disappointment Prometheus was, they now rehash the first
Alien movie and call it Alien 5 or something? Fuck shit.

Автор alin gal ( назад)
wen will dam end the story of this prometeus alien predator wtf this Ridley
Scott do not know make a finish end stop :) i want a grand finaly not
bullshit just remake make 100 more movies after just one subject moving
around taile like cat or dog

Автор TechnoKid79 ( назад)
They were supposed to give us a Prometheus sequel... what is this?

Автор 8karaMASKE8 ( назад)
This movie is so bad. Others are perfect

Автор KingDoms “From LEI to the CHI” Kingdom ( назад)
Am I losing my fuckin mind?... So many people saying this looks crap?! Wtf.
I think it looks phenomenal and the more I find out about it... The better
it seems. I'm now begging and pleading with you to all the instant haters
out there... Please stay away from the cinemas for its first week and allow
those of us who look forward to it to watch it with the optimism and
HOPEFULLY enjoy it. Ridley Scott... Us huge fans of these films have faith
in you and this.

Автор Green Lamp1267 ( назад)
At 1:36 Is that TIM CURRY

Автор Topy ( назад)
what are these terrible milennial actors? its gonna suck

Автор exas4791 ( назад)
What flew into the guy's ear?

Автор Carlos Amador ( назад)
Why would their even be a shower wit see through glass?

Автор THERHYD1Z3L ( назад)
*Start at **1:32** and play at .25 speed. AND YOU'LL SHIT BRICKS. Baby
neomorph behind the drapes*

Автор MimicMV's ( назад)
0:22 Aliens do not give a FUCK about chiropractor bills

Автор Ivan ( назад)
The girl in the beginning is spewing out black stuff.

Автор Chawn Crawley ( назад)
Don't see why everybody gets all wrapped around the axels over this movie.
Sit tight, go watch it in May, then come back and bitch about how bad it
was. If it's bad enough, they'll just roll out another one and say the last
one "wasn't canon". FML.

Автор Kevin Ng ( назад)
So this is like the Alien series reboot?

Автор Miki Miki ( назад)

Автор Lord Revan ( назад)
Of course some dick had to get killed whilst fingering a babe in the

Ugh! Grow up Ridley Scott.

Автор MetalGuru965 ( назад)
Another shameless Hollywood money grab on the way, I see....

Автор Dan Reese ( назад)
Oh gee , maybe some retro naked girl in the shower meets up with some
serious jaw action . And the guy infected looks like the Captain .

Автор Samira's World ( назад)
They never send smart scientists

Автор LPMBB1815 ( назад)
Looks like more of the same shallow character tripe. When an android is the
most interesting,,,.

Автор Anna Nishikinomiya ( назад)
i have a feeling that the engineers used to come to earth and did not mind
humans at all as their creations. Then, after realizing that the Yauja
predator aliens had found their seeded planet, and could use the humans
near identical DNA to the Engineers against them, decided to wipe them out
before the predators could use the humans against them.

Автор Darius Gabriel Black ( назад)
Was hoping for a sequel to Prometheus, to find the story behind the
Engineers. This almost looks like a reboot of Alien.

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