Go ask Alice

An "Alice in Wonderland" music vid of mine using the 1999 Hallmark adaptation starring Tina Majorino (among many others)

Audio: "Looking Glass" by Hypnogaja

This video is purely fan-made and is in no way associated with the film company or musical artists.
"Alice in Wonderland" © Hallmark Entertainment
No copyright infringement intended

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Автор Mirella WallAce ( назад)
tina does job playing Alice.

Автор americangirlgirl2244 ( назад)
This is my favorite song hypnogaja is so awesome and I've heard of this
movie before but I didn't think it would be good but guess I'm wrong

Автор thebugguy212 ( назад)
If my memory serves me correctly, (I did a book report on it in 6th grade)
Carroll was on a few painkillers due to his battle with cancer, hence all
the crazy things going on. But yes, he did know the little girl named Alice
Liddell, and that is who the story's main character is based on

Автор CrazyforAlice ( назад)
That was so good! :D

Автор A.K. Madden ( назад)
. . Makes you wonder how many more versions of this story will get lost in
this world after abusing the story. This version is the most accurate as to
what Carrol wanted the story to be. I think the CG we have today should be
used for good- and make a PERFECT Alice movie.

Автор moon82993 (1766 лет назад)
@NeverShoutCookiesxDx its the name of the song

Автор NeverShoutCookiesxDx ( назад)
what does this have to do with the book Go Ask Alice....?

Автор tomkatt747 ( назад)
cool my dr.who live action one will be done soon, but i have like a slide
show preview on my channel

Автор iFluffyKitteh ( назад)
I love this movie.

Автор mcwail007 ( назад)
thumbs up if your stoned right now!

Автор AliceInHipsterLanddd ( назад)
@xandirwasmylover yessssssss

Автор Chameleonardodavinci ( назад)
Hey it's that chick from Napoleon Dynamite...

Автор SidNightWalker ( назад)
This version of Alice in Wonderland is perfect, as is this song.

Автор AmSpazz ( назад)
I LOVE THIS SONG. Hypnogaja rocks so hard. Silver Star is the best song

Автор Estefania Camacho ( назад)
I Like This One Then The New oNe

Автор iwishiwereasian ( назад)

Автор Cr0wblackDream ( назад)
@skateventures I mean the video in general. Didn't mean it in a provocative
way. LOL like hey far out kinda way. lol

Автор sansa snark ( назад)
Holy crap! I remember watching this when I was little, but the girl who
plays Alice is on Big Love and I had absolutely no idea she was in this.

Автор alisamfesgil ( назад)
@wonderlander268 there is a book called Go Ask Alice that IS about a girl
who does drugs and ends up commiting suicide. its a very good, yet
disturbing, book. I recommend it.

Автор Erika Hawk ( назад)
I could care less if it was or not i think it makes the characters, the
world and the whole experience more interesting if you look at it as though
it is based off drugs. that's just my theory though..

Автор jjmovies2000 ( назад)
Great! was very good! I have the VHS tape of this movie aki em casa! What
is the name of this song

Автор crazykidomg ( назад)
Okay maybe he took a little girls fantasy of becoming fun princess into a
book so he had to learn about her fantasy called wonderland

Автор Rash Scratchum ( назад)
Hello new favourite song..

Автор SnowWhiteQueen29 ( назад)
Oooh. Why have I never heard this song before? I'm a HUGE AIW fanatic. XP
Thanks for the upload. :D

Автор WiccanThorn26 ( назад)
I LOVE this song now!

Автор fullmetalnippy ( назад)
this song is actually called looking glass, by hypnogaja

Автор Fashonistah8 ( назад)

Автор kriip17 ( назад)
fucking excellent!!!!

Автор V8SPLASH4lyf ( назад)
@V8SPLASH4lyf to be understood not discredited as a drug addicts dream.

Автор V8SPLASH4lyf ( назад)
in the 1860's they used a derevative of opium 4 pain killers which they
litteraly took if they had a cold or really any problem. i think he had
arthritus or something so yea he did probably take an opiate but idt that
had NEthing 2 do with the story cause he was a mathmatician the book is a
play on logic also he made it up to entertain 3 little girls on a boat
ride. i just dont think ppl shud assume he was locked up 4 months in a room
doing opium. not thaT u r. i love it too thats y i want it 2

Автор VideoSam16 ( назад)
GREAT Job with the Video!! You really made the video match the words (2/3)
perfectly!! So THIS is the "Go Ask Alice" I've heard about . . .

Автор V8SPLASH4lyf ( назад)
@Circuitcandy are actualy about that. that is where the idea originated but
theories are always just theories.

Автор V8SPLASH4lyf ( назад)
@Circuitcandy there is no proof of that. it wasn't until 1966-67 when grace
slick was trying to get parents to stop blaming drugs, music and the younge
for the counter culture that had been on the rise. she wanted adults to
take a look at themselves and realise it was the past that dictated the
future. she was basically saying you think our music is the influence but
what about the books you read your children? trying to get them to ask what
really going on here? but thats not proof the books

Автор V8SPLASH4lyf ( назад)
well technically he didn't dedicate the books to her, i think he loved her
not necissarily in a romatic way but possibly like a father, he didn't have
any of his own children. but later in life him and the Liddell family had a
falling out and he refused to admit his character was based of Alice
Liddell. and i agree he wasn't obsessed with little girls he was a
photographer. it was art

Автор Circuitcandy ( назад)
People did see him take opium Which in fact is a drug. btw im not
denouncing him as a addict. But i still love his work.

Автор chaddirects ( назад)
@Circuitcandy There is no proof of him using drugs. Its just a useless

Автор Circuitcandy ( назад)
He wasnt obbsessed just on lots of drugs so that messes with your head a

Автор Renddslow ( назад)
He took pictures of scantily dressed little girls, including ones of Alice

Автор PastelRainbows ( назад)
Actually, that's not true. He knew a little girl named Alice Liddell, and
that's who he got the inspiration for Alice's Adventures In Wonderland. But
it isn't and can't be proven that he was obsessed with little girls. He
only dedicated the books to her. Even though the dates used in his books
are Alice Liddell's birthday and half-birthday, that's also a part of the
dedication. And the poem in the end of one of the books is an acrostic of
Liddell's full name. But again, he wasn't obsessed.

Автор skateventures ( назад)
dude... cr0wblackDream...... shes like under 12

Автор sarah slattery ( назад)
my wonderland has more treats.and the queen is tatood head to toe

Автор voltage3456 ( назад)
Really suitable video i like alot

Автор Cr0wblackDream ( назад)
hott. =)

Автор Renddslow ( назад)
However, Carrol did have a rather sick obsession with little girls. So
Alice may not have been messed up, but Carrol was a bit mad.

Автор Reyna C ( назад)
i love this :)

Автор CrackaWindow ( назад)
And also, who would continue to regularly write in their diary if they were
really pre-occupied with being a drug addict? Why doesn't that occur to
people who read that book?

Автор CrackaWindow ( назад)
That's what they say. However, I believe it's proraganda.

Автор Hinsei13 ( назад)
Hmm.....this song reminds me of American McGee's Alice, but that's not a
suprise since it was for the book "The looking glass wars", which has a
similar story line. Never watched this movie...looks weird, like she's on
drugs or it's all a dream

Автор Mad Hatter ( назад)
Idiot. Lewis Carrol (his real name was Charlse Dodgeson) was hired ot look
after Alice Liddle and her sisters. the book he wrote is based off of her
imaginative stories.

Автор animechick2006 ( назад)
Somehow...I seriously doubt the song and the book are connected.

Автор goblueorgogreen ( назад)
This song is about people asking Alice about wonderland while she's on
drugs. The book was based on this song, well they were kinda based on each
other. The book is about a girl who does drugs and her problems that arise
with that. This song may have references to Alice in wonderland and Alice
through the looking glass but it's not actually related. Look it up if you
want more info.

Автор ToryMae ( назад)
He kind of was a pedophile in many peoples eyes. He took pictures of little
girls naked and asked for permission to marry a 7 year old girl. Thats very
pedophile-ish to me.

Автор ToryMae ( назад)
I've always thought of the entire book/movie package as creepy but sweet in
a strange strange way. This song fits that perfectly.

Автор Ginax3Cullen ( назад)
this is a really good song

Автор MihoInugami ( назад)
I see, thank you. And I've never read the book but my friend told me about
it and haha explained it pretty much like that. When I meant teenage life I
meant all the drama, the peer pressure, and sometimes there will be drugs,
but the drugs was referred to the book. And I didnt mean to make it seem i
was saying all teens are criminals. I should use my words carefully

Автор CrackaWindow ( назад)
...She was more like, six. Also, a "teenage life" is NOT drug abuse. That's
actually the exception, rather than the rule. That book "Go Ask Alice", in
my belief, was manufactured rather than found, and was just intended to
make parents worry, and believe exactly what you just said: that all
teenagers are criminals, drug-addicts, etc.

Автор NyriaMarbeu ( назад)
no i'm sure it was real people in the movie and yea i've played the game
neway when i saw the movie, she went to the tea party but it was like
covered in spider webs and stuff ^_^ and the brothers were old (not old
old) but mature old....-_-

Автор CandelarioGaIvan ( назад)
PeanutButterPolkaDot In no way that I can think of other than they both are
great books

Автор MihoInugami ( назад)
I'm sorry but it is a sequal. I have the books and read them over and over.
It is Alice returning to wonderland, but she goes through the looking glass
in her living room above her fireplace. There are different characters and
the story is kind of different as well but it is her returning to
wonderland. :)

Автор MihoInugami ( назад)
No go ask alice is about a teenage girl living well a teenage life. Like
drugs abuse boys all that. Alice in wonderland is about a 12 year old and
her world. Sure you knew that :)

Автор Sarah Borden ( назад)
tomato tomato..not really..through a proper use of google i see now that
through the looking glass was indeed a sequel to alices adventures in
wonderland..it all makes sense now..haha

Автор NyriaMarbeu ( назад)
i don;t know if anyone has seen it or not but once i remember seeing one
alice movie where she was grown up and everything was liek evil twisted
creepy like soe neone know of it?

Автор JDBW (640 лет назад)

Автор saltyseawench ( назад)
no, they are not.

Автор saltyseawench ( назад)
actually Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass are 2
different stories. They both have the basic idea and cast most of the same
characters but nonetheless...they are different.

Автор Sarah Borden ( назад)
no dear. go ask alice is a book with an unknown auther written like a
journal, but it's still fiction, the teen runs away from home and does
drugs and all that good shit. alice in wonderland is based on through the
looking glass by lewis carol.

Автор Brianna/Brilee Haynie ( назад)
is the book "go ask alice" and the movie "alice in wonderland" connected in
a way?

Автор Saltless One ( назад)
Its true LSD was not invented back then but Mushrooms were and alice did
eat something that looks like a mushroom cap that says Eat me in the disney

Автор pansyxx2 ( назад)
Nope, it's a dream.

Автор KsstheStrs ( назад)
well yeah but i thought it was all a hallucination Alice was having.

Автор pansyxx2 ( назад)
The only thing drug-related is the opium smoking caterpillar.

Автор SidNightWalker (6 лет назад)
Tina IS Alice, as far as i'm concerned.

Автор JackolynSparrow ( назад)
I knew I recognized her from somewhere!!

Автор yuppers12367 ( назад)
it was also based on a little girl who lived next to him and her advanters

Автор yuppers12367 ( назад)
alice in wonderland is not drug related

Автор Irene S ( назад)
its based on a book by Lewis Carol. Many people think the author was on LSD
but the drug was not invented until several year later.

Автор KsstheStrs ( назад)
"Looking Glass" by Hypnogaja

Автор KsstheStrs ( назад)
is this supposed to be a drug related movie? iv never seen it. iv heard
about it and seen little clips of it.

Автор klvzsex ( назад)
who sings this song. 5+ good job!

Автор Thompsen 1313 ( назад)
sweet music

Автор Kitty Starr ( назад)
Very well done.

Автор AllegianceIsTreason ( назад)
*Sounding Like Nampoline Dynomite* Wow, Tina Sure Makes A Fricken Excellent
Alice. Gosh! Lmbo :P

Автор TheRealDEATHERON ( назад)
lol! wow, why would it matter so damn much? it's a song for crying out loud
it's not it's of any real signifigance and the lyrics honestly aren't
really that askew in it, and if even if they are who care's, it's a song
just enjoy it geez

Автор BriJanae010 ( назад)
Um, wow were u tryin to go hard on me cause it does make sense u must did
not think deeply about the context and the situation and how alice drunk
the tea and went into a parallel universe much like go ask alice and wat
does him bein a pedophile have anything to do with it how'd u kno he wasn't
jus like i don't kno that he was wtf r u him did u kno him i think not so
don't come on me like that im intitled to my own opinion jus like u r, and
if u read up on him you'll see that it does make sense

Автор Evilgidgit ( назад)
You bet it is.

Автор Pakou Lee ( назад)
this movie looks weird! is it good?

Автор HiddenLeafAlchemist ( назад)
Yes she was haha

Автор BriJanae010 (749 лет назад)
yea it was weird right lol

Автор BriJanae010 (1450 лет назад)
i am so shocked that its been that along since this movie came out

Автор BriJanae010 ( назад)
this vid is hott

Автор BriJanae010 ( назад)
i kno this is like a stupid question but was alice on some type of drug
because i jus read go ask alice and and it's crazy how the two relate

Автор wkdwinny ( назад)

Автор ChildofWaves ( назад)
Perfect! I can't stop watch it again and again ^^

Автор spidergirl919 ( назад)
Wondrfully made! it matches the song perfectly made.

Автор Down2Earth ( назад)
i'm pretty sure thats why they casted that actress for that role

Автор Caitlin Hill ( назад)
Have you ever seen anyone with less expression in your whole life?

Автор SuperLuigi111 ( назад)
LOL XD she is the only one who has that smile XD

Автор InvertedJabberwocky ( назад)
Yes XD

Автор daffa12 ( назад)
I really love alice in wonderland! yesterday i heard the song and i thought
it was magnificent! and of course you did a great Job with the video i
could feel the words of the Band;) Great Job! we love Alice ♥

Автор lempzye ( назад)
Alice is great drugaddict, i love it :D.

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