Jared Leto Brings Jimmy a Gift from the Joker

Jared Leto surprises Jimmy with a very Joker-like gift in honor of his film Suicide Squad.

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Jared Leto Brings Jimmy a Gift from the Joker

Просмотров: 5491820
Длительность: 2:53
Комментарии: 4133

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Автор Tilde L ( назад)
"Oh nonononononono batmaan"

Автор Darth Vader ( назад)
that's the cutest fucking snake ever, i want it.

Автор Prince “WorkinBackkward” Lexus ( назад)
why people always quick to say you cant say that on live tv... I've heard
worse from 6 year olds

Автор Jordanrian Anderson ( назад)
Jared Leto this funny. Inisane like me batman joker sucide squads

Автор Rachel Torres ( назад)
I'd hold him and pet him and call him Reggie

Автор Pablo Donado ( назад)
Poor snake :(

Автор GLaDOS ( назад)
Jared leto's voice sounds so humble.

Автор Vheritage02 ( назад)
Please help to sign this petition for a Joker Cut of Suicide Squad. WE WANT

Автор Kayla Perkins ( назад)
Not gonna lie would have chased him with the snake also 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Kayla Perkins ( назад)
Not gonna lie would have chased him with the snake also 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Hattie Dame ( назад)
See I knew I like Jared for more than his talents... and looks.

He's a snake lover!

Автор thegiggity03 ( назад)
worst joker ever

Автор SketchyKidOwner :D ( назад)
Omg he is such a good actor ☺️

Автор McQuack skyloneh8 ( назад)
How is this guy 32 years older than me?! He's 45?! I thought this guy was
26 or 28..

Автор Mr App ( назад)
Why Jared dressed like that tho

Автор Jamie Comtois ( назад)
and i thought jared would laugh like joker but nooo

Автор WolfyWofer 24 ( назад)
best gift for Christmas 😂😂

Автор Simple Things ( назад)
my dad knew this guy before he became a star

Автор Blea Ch ( назад)
Oh shit he put my old friend in a box!!

Автор BatsNspiderz ( назад)
Ithink the snake is cute. Its so small and cute

Автор Strawberry ( назад)
omfg it's so small I love it

Автор Vanessa ( назад)
"i'm afraid of snakes a little bit"


Автор Lotti Lei ( назад)
Jared is simply the best!😍😂

Автор Kaylee Schwander ( назад)
That snake is so cute!

Автор trackracer800 ( назад)
oh my gosh Jimmy's interpretation "Tasty to take" I died laughing hahahaha

Автор Mugiwara98 ( назад)
Snek is too cute

Автор Вероника Пенкина ( назад)
а что там было написано?

Автор Teagan Fothergill ( назад)
If I got this from him I would keep it as a pet. I love animals so I'd
definitely keep it.

Автор PropellerBusted ( назад)
The absolute mad man

Автор jamie madrox jr. ( назад)
He dresses like my grandpa

Автор Dakota Flores ( назад)
Taylor Swift in a box

Автор Real Hutcher. ( назад)
Jared is fucking funny and handsome and his Joker was amazing but we need
definitely to see more!!

Автор QueenSasha ( назад)
yup, I have a feeling something bad is going to happen, like Jared is going
to start acting like Joker and become like him.

Автор Magic DIY'S ( назад)
JOKER SNAKE OH NO!!!!!!!! Lmao😂😂😂

Автор Madison Brown ( назад)
This man gives me a feeling I can not describe I think it may be love💕💜💚

Автор Tyjo Dun ( назад)
I want that sweater, I love Jared so much

Автор bomberbang ( назад)
You fucking suck Jared!

Автор Lena Johnson ( назад)
When jimmy said Batman at 1:00 the snake attached him! Joker?

Автор M1 Aiquen ( назад)
I bet jared is a little crazy himself, thats why he fit the role ;) haaah

Автор Scratch Beats ( назад)
He looks like Scott Disick.

Автор Frozus Skits ( назад)

Автор Ghost nl ( назад)
biggest douchebag in the world , just saw an interview on mtv , and maaaan
jared leto has a god complex, he literally thinks hes gods great gift to
the world, haha wat a loser , he even dist the interviewer because he
thinks hes to important to answer a few questions, an when he finally
answers hes acting like a complete dick, who thinks is better then other
people, always thought him a little bitch whit a big mouth , now i now i
was right

Автор THB Nam ( назад)
1:43 the music starts playing and i though Jimmy was possessed by Joker.

Автор Fury King ( назад)
Trying too hard. What a loser

Автор Keisha Jackson ( назад)

Автор josepe oh si ( назад)
jared trying so fucking hard

Автор Clara Bonnet ( назад)
jareeeeeeeeeddddd is sooooooo cutteeeeeee

Автор Xoxo.Bianca ( назад)
a www Jared is soooo cute

Автор Carrie's world ( назад)
I knew it was a bad gift that joker always has to do something bad.

Автор May Yim ( назад)
he's hella fine!

Автор Hailey Baker ( назад)
Oh my god Jared Leto I officially love you!

Автор Bella ( назад)
*Slams LIKE button*

Автор Danny w ( назад)
that outfit tho lmao

Автор BoneKotaaaaa ( назад)
I want jareds python ;)

Автор Awais Yasin ( назад)
did he said "She was thinking of you?" about joker? :P

Автор Tuniverse. dark ( назад)
He should've Done the joker laugh

Автор Toby maybe ( назад)
This joker is bullshit, nothing compared to Ledger's

Автор ULtimatePanda AnIMaTIONsZ ( назад)
Jared is so wierd wtf XD so cringey

Автор Alen D ( назад)
Thats such a shitty acting he did for the joker so dumb Im starting to
dislike the character..

Автор Evelin Ay ( назад)
but the snake was actually cute tho

Автор Cat Noir ( назад)
lol I love this guy 😂

Автор Cat Noir ( назад)
lol I love this guy 😂

Автор Mathilde Leto ( назад)
Jared is the cutest human alive on this planet

Автор Taylor Z ( назад)
This explains everything I've heard from the cast of suicide squad about
the animal gifts I'm glad he didn't come on with green hair and a gun

Автор Pixie-Chan ( назад)
im dying of laughter

Автор Sheridan Tekosky ( назад)
the absolute madman!

Автор HarleyXQuinn queen of gotham ( назад)
does anyone realised that the box is a harley quinn color?

Автор Metzengerstein ( назад)
1:38 now you go on and tell me if that's not the most adorable, child-like
face you've ever seen.

Автор t'ea skull ( назад)
his eyes in that sweater. beautiful

Автор Melanie Estrada ( назад)
lol love

Автор Seren ( назад)
Leto is a fucking psychopath

Автор Jordin THE AWESOME ( назад)
the sweater...

Автор Pamela Arias Ayub ( назад)
jared i love you baby ❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😈😈😈😈

Автор Awkward Sause ( назад)
It's a snek! a deadly snek!

Автор Fatoumatta Jaliha Simaha ( назад)
so diffrent when i saw the joker first

Автор Ge@r&@rcher ( назад)
Only Harley gets rats from the Joker, everyone else

Автор Shehrbano Farrukh ( назад)

Автор CeCe Morgan ( назад)
My Anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hun.

Автор Diana Dobreva ( назад)
even the snake tries to reach his d 1:50 🐍

Автор Lucy TV ( назад)
omg wut ?!!!!! is this for real

Автор SoooBasic23 ( назад)
why did Jared give Jimmy my ex in a box?

Автор SoooBasic23 ( назад)
pause at 0:41 why is Jared's finger so weird lol

Автор azza ali ( назад)
He's cute

Автор Clairdellia ( назад)
The only real reaction we've ever gotten from Jimmy

Автор Daniela Urie ( назад)
what a cute little snek

Автор Mariofan 1985 ( назад)
anyone else expected him to say...."that's why I'm gonna kill everyone in
this room" while drinking coffee?

Автор Bianca Joda'e ( назад)
jared is so fucking hot to me ahah idk why

Автор Gbassah Doman ( назад)
# joke's on you Jimmy Fallon jared leto is awesome

Автор I-/ The Nightstalker ( назад)
This cute little snake terrifies Jimmy but an orange blobby shit has fun

Автор Jennifer Violet ( назад)
No no no no no na na na Batman 😂😂😂

Автор Awesome Sauce ( назад)
Haha jimmy is scared of snakes!

Автор Atharva Joshi ( назад)
Method acting to another level. Just look at Leto's body language, when he
crouches and rushes towards Jimmy.

Автор Klayley lovely ( назад)
omg snack oh god
.what a good gift

Автор marre321 ( назад)
Snek :')

Автор MetaLand lml ( назад)
2:21 But it's true! Is cute :3

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