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Автор Matt W (5 лет)
I actually looked up who did the vocals, and Mike Rowe actually did them
all himself...it was funny how Dave Barsky lip synced to it, though...I was
cracking up the first time I heard the song on tv, lol!

Автор CuriosityRoads (4 года)
What was JD's highest note? The highest I'm aware of is a C#4 and an E4 in

Автор T3ke0ut (4 года)
What was the song that Paul David Kennamer sang at 6.53?

Автор hellraiser42000 (5 лет)

Автор Matt W (5 лет)
He's the bass singer from the group "Valor"...don't know if they're still
performing or not, though. Just check out biglhot75's video called
****WORLDS LOWEST BASS SINGER****. There's a bunch of clips in that video,
including his C0-C1 slide!

Автор gospelmusiclover48 (5 лет)
Mike Holcomb was awesome on that song! Which recording did that come from?

Автор David Zapp (2 года)
that midnight cry song was amazing!

Автор Matt W (4 года)
@WTFisJamieUp2 I think you mean a B1. Since each octave starts at C, it'd
be a B1. When you say you can sing a D2, you do mean the second D up from
the bottom of the piano, right? If so, your friend would be going to a B1.

Автор daevilone87 (3 года)
Sorry but a lot of that is fry in my book... If they can sing it without a
mic and still be heard from the other side of the hall then that's
different. just most of them can't. I sing bass myself, I bottom out in
full voice at about C2, sometimes a little lower. However I can make
'noises' that basically go to the end of a piano. Singing they are not
though. However I can make it sound like a lot of the latter half here. Not
as good but then I don't bother practicing it....

Автор William Woche (3 года)

Автор Matt W (4 года)
@panda123456789ed Yup, that's the amazing grace video. He touches on the A0
and then jumps right up to a C1.

Автор Matt W (5 лет)
It came from a video uploaded by youtuber markcash...it's from 1996 when
the Inspirations Quartet performed it live. Mike Holcomb does the C1 twice
in this performance (though the second time it seems he goes into the vocal
fry range).

Автор Godfrey Zaranyika (1 год)
if i can proove to you that i am deeper than jd sumner what would you do?

Автор Matt W (3 года)
@daevilone87 Actually it doesn't depend on volume whether or not it is fry.
Vocal fry is basically vibrating your throat and it has very little if any
tone. I can hear tone in most of these and it doesn't have the same "dry"
quality as vocal fry. I've been told that Tim Riley, who is in this video,
has sung as low as F1 without a microphone and can be heard at the other
end of a decent sized room. And Tim himself told me once that he does not
use vocal fry. (continued in next post).

Автор Matt W (3 года)
@bubes00 I have been told that Sarah Vaughn could sing a C2(!!!!), but I've
never actually heard her do it. I heard her sing a G2 before though, which
is insanely low for a woman. She did smoke all her life though, so that
might have aided her in getting low.

Автор hungryalbatros (3 года)
to people saying that this isnt that low, that they can do that, well maybe
you can and maybe you cant. I can hit a e2 as a highish tenor, but can i
make that note have the power of a bass singer? absolutley not. theres a
difference between whispering out a vocal fry and dropping a vocal bomb on
the world

Автор Tony Parra (3 года)
Why is everyone always 14? Anyway, im 14 too, and I can go as low as C2 and
then up to G4 in chest. I think thats good :)

Автор Alex Pachete (2 года)
7:10 why did you cut out the "get on board" part from PDK's Old Ship of

Автор Matt W (3 года)
@daevilone87 (continued from last post) The bass guitar isn't frying the
notes just because it requires amplification. Heck, in some cases these
bass singers can be heard with no mics while singing with other people.
Sorry for the long response, haha, but I usually need a lot of room to
explain what the difference between fry and full voice is and sounds like,
and not only that by also why just because a note can't be projected
without amplification doesn't make it vocal fry.

Автор Dimitris Prasakis (2 года)

Автор Hawaiifan (2 года)
Mike Rowe's was awesome!

Автор hellraiser42000 (5 лет)

Автор WTFisJamieUp2 (4 года)
@GamingDrummer89 yea and then my friend shames me by getting down to B2

Автор Enterfly (2 года)
Mike Rove looks like Chuck Norris.

Автор WhiteSunGroupoff (3 года)
I am probably a bass and this fucking ruined my dream.

Автор Patrick Boyle (3 года)
Taddeo sings without a microphone in a large hall. He sings solo. In groups
natural singing can go a little lower than that but not much. The problem
is that unlike the top where the voice just suddenly stops (you can either
sing a High C or you can't) the low voice trails off into inaudibility as
it goes lower. Lots of people can make a sound below Low C but you can't
hear them standing right next to them. The mic fixes that up. Especially a
cardioid mic.

Автор Matt W (3 года)
@look4hiram (continued from last post) The letters and # (sharp) or b
(flat) symbols are the notes themselves. The number denotes which octave it
belongs to. Just look at the little "chart" I put in the previous post.
Hope this helps! :)

Автор highnote32 (2 года)
I know this is about true Bass singers but I really liked that high Tenor
note @ 2:33.

Автор Matt W (3 года)
@BenBistro004 It's a B1.. A B1 is the second B on the low side of the piano
(the second on up from the bottom), and that's what his note seems to be.
When you say B2, do you mean the second B up from the bottom of the piano
or the third one? It's definitely not the third B, which is a B2. You might
be using a different notation, but either way Josh's note there is the
second B on the piano. Try playing the note on the piano and then listen to
Josh sing it and you'll hear it.

Автор BellaWay2135 (5 лет)
Lmao freaky.

Автор George O'Brion (5 лет)
This is a good collection...

Автор hellraiser42000 (5 лет)

Автор Matt W (3 года)
I'm not a singer, but I'm a drummer, so I can relate to you as a fellow
musician. I've come to learn that practicing techniques is even more
important (though not as fun) as practicing songs. You might want to do a
search on google about training your voice, and then maybe private message
one of the many bass singers here on youtube. As far as songs I'm not too
sure, lol. But I'm sure someone here on youtube could point you in the
right direction.

Автор Eric N (3 года)
Is it strange for a 14 yearold to be singing a G1? bc I can...

Автор Jacob Moreno (2 года)
Josh Turner sounds like a burp. I don't think its a true low b.

Автор Matt W (4 года)
@MrEvillarry Richard is indeed a great bass singer. He sounds great down to
at least a G1, and his C2s are hard to beat. But I'd hardly say J.D. sounds
bad when he's really low. I will admit his voice gets somewhat muddy when
he gets that low but he still has plenty of tone in his voice. My personal
top 3 favorites (with Richard Sterban as my 4th favorite) are Tim Riley,
London Parris, and "Big Chief". You can see some of London and Big Chief in
my other 2 bass videos.

Автор look4hiram (3 года)
Will someone please help me on this. I am trying to understand "double Low
G" and other notes like that. Ok, if I strike a middle C on my piano and I
hit the G to the left of it, is that low G? And the next G down lower is a
Double Low G and the last one would be a tripple low G? Thanks so much for
helping me on this.

Автор Matt W (3 года)
Really? I actually read about the song and I read that Mike Rowe did the
vocals...never said anything about Dave Barsky. But I'm not shutting out
what you said. Where did you hear or read it was Dave? If you give me a
source, I'll put an annotation in to correct it and I'll acknowledge that
you were the one who gave me the correct info. :)

Автор Matt W (3 года)
Youtuber thebassmanadam has clips of JD Sumner's highest and lowest, and
they seem to be G0 on the low end and C4 on the high end (just over 3
octaves). Both of these extremes might be mixed voice as they don't sound
as strong as his mid to low range. A less experienced bass might have more
like 2 or 2.5 octaves. With falsetto they can go really high, though for
the most part this seems to be used for comedy, haha!

Автор Matt W (4 года)
@WTFisJamieUp2 Yeah it is low. Usually a bass in a choir is the equivalent
of a baritone in a quartet (Since you are at a D2, you are probably lower
than the average high school student), and a tenor in a choir is the
equivalent of a lead in a quartet.

Автор BenBistro004 (3 года)
Could you (uploader) possibly tell me the song that Paul David Kennamer
sings, and also if there's a way to get some of his material. Thnaks :)

Автор Massimo Pecile (2 года)
where is neil fallon? listen burning beards, at 2:00

Автор Matt W (3 года)
@BenBistro004 The names of the songs are in the info of this video. As for
the songs themselves, you can hear samples of all of them on valor's
website (google "Valor Music" and then when you get to the site, click the
"music" link. I can't seem to post direct links in youtube comments, sorry
about this!). I don't know if he's still with Valor, though, or if Valor
even is together anymore. Try google searching his name and you might find
some recent info about him. Hope this helps.

Автор Joabe Souza (2 года)
I can hit A1, but it doesn't sound good at all.

Автор hellraiser42000 (5 лет)

Автор Matt W (3 года)
@daevilone87 (continued from last post) Another couple things to remember
are that pretty much all notes lower than around C2 or B1 will have an
almost "broken up" quality to them even when they are sung in full voice.
Even JD, who you see hear, who has a smooth voice that sounds like a bass
guitar, will have a slightly broken up sound to his voice. And so will
pianos and any other instrument that goes this low. It's because the
frequency is extremely low. (continued in next post).

Автор DJbuulOFFICIAL (3 года)
@heirtothepwn proof or you're lying.

Автор Tulio Alejandro Cruz (2 года)
sounds like an engine

Автор 120513ix (4 года)
the last one sounds like a motorcycle

Автор ASH ASSHOLELA (2 года)
at 9:24 I can hear the individual pulses 20 times a second F0, the AP Tuner
on my comp says its a C2 note.

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