Lions matings. Lions mate twice every hour, for about 4 hours a day.So they mate about 8 times a day

Lions mate twice an hour as the author of animal planet states, so minus the time they sleep, lions mate 8 times a day. Fair enough.

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why did the female tip over

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cute love story.

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WHores wish To be female lion...!!

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*fap fap fap fap

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1:00 dick run so deep put her ass to sleep.

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سبحان الله

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So cute, so loving yet so educational!!!

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@Cat7Luvs7Twilight7 becuz u r supposed to be mature about it becuase this
is human related stuff and it's educational

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aww so sweet <3

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Science bitch!

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That's it? Lol

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why would u put this on youtube? i like havent even thought about watching
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