Missy Elliott - I'm Better ft. Lamb [Official Video]

New single "I'm Better" ft. Lamb available for streaming and download now: https://missyell.io/tt/imbetter

Director: Dave Meyers & Missy Elliott
Executive Producer: Jordan Browning
ProducerJon Brewer
Prod. Company: Bounty Content
Creative Direction By HiHat Productions
Choreography By Sean Bankhead & Missy Elliott
Video Commissioner: Emmanuelle Cuny-Diop, VP Video Production
Lily F Thrall, Associate Director, Video Administration
Joe Boyd, Manager, Video Production

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Просмотров: 13061404
Длительность: 3:40
Комментарии: 16101

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Автор Hört Musik ( назад)
Peace  from Germany. Ill like the way, u are.

Автор D J.- ( назад)
100% res0ect to missy right now. She's still doing her thing not worrying about dissing nobody else.

Автор BumbleGamers ( назад)
this is rly fucking weird

Автор Shayy The Mc ( назад)
her videos are the best man 😭❤️

Автор J Rolle ( назад)
missy always have the best videos #FACTS #

Автор Shynol M8llineai ( назад)
Missy your are so amazing with the things you do, please keep them coming.

Автор Danny Stewart ( назад)
this is the best

Автор Yuliana Matanubun ( назад)

Автор alyssa murrie ( назад)
I listen to this song every day

Автор Brilliant Beauty34 ( назад)
I'm so tempted to learn that yoga ball choreography. I bet it would be an excellent workout, too. haha Missy is AMAZING

Автор Kelly Rene ( назад)
Missy Elliot will forever be my 1st female love in the rap game. I mean, I started with Missy, Eve, Queen Latifah, da Bratz, TLC, Mary J. Blige, Lil Kim, & worshiped those women! I was 16, two 15s in the trunk. no room for shit, but I bumped. skinny ass little white girl knowing every single word, hook & line

Автор Janelle Wolfe ( назад)
Dancing to this song for my audition

Автор timmezy ( назад)
omg i luv her

Автор Marsluvsu1001 ( назад)
Nicki better move because Missy and Remy Ma is coming back for that crown XD

Автор johnjacobjiggleimer smith ( назад)

Автор Kenshiro ( назад)
WTF is this utter shite???

Total nosense.

Автор mooky ( назад)
The choreography in this video is on a whole other level. The best I've seen.

Автор mooky ( назад)
This video is just amazing and creative. Missy is a genius!!!

Автор Greta Artoni ( назад)
she is a better ...d bruuuuutto anke!!!

Автор Cheyenne Bogere ( назад)
Kpop clothes level: 388374774737377_74663627727:364489494004838726262551452636

Автор Latoya ( назад)
I love this song and video I will always and forever be a Missy fan! 👏👏👏

good to see u back missy

Автор Raymond Ward ( назад)
Somehow Missy always manages to make the weirdest ish look dope as hell.

Автор MRS BREAZY ( назад)
ayeeeee s/o to zoieee for sending me here😍😍😍

Автор VoyageOne1 ( назад)
I really like the minimalist vibe of the track. Reminds me of the early albums.

Автор Crystal Hendricks ( назад)
I love this song

Автор G. T. ( назад)
luv it girl, u always killing it!!!

Автор NooberzTV ( назад)
this scares me at night

Автор Conciliator ( назад)
ya boy rhymes "dollar" and "dining room" and it pretty much works

Автор Eliana V ( назад)
Yaaaas i missed her

Автор Leon Delano ( назад)
She is mocking every rapper thats out today, and its hilarious because no one gets it hahaha

Автор OurLove HasArrived ( назад)

Автор mr. nice guy ( назад)
Queen is back!

Автор strowen ( назад)
missy is making generic modern trap now?

Автор We the best for you Omsi 2 add on ( назад)
the song is awesome

Автор Moddis Moddis ( назад)
Missy is the Best female rapper !!

Автор YeBoy Votii ( назад)
and this cost on SoundCloud

Автор kerry goodas ( назад)
Most of the time the dancers get no credit,with out them wouldn't be this video,great job guys👏🏽

Автор Eunice Gachugu ( назад)
Ayayaya! I'm so hooked! Can't get enough of this missy!

Автор Yajaira Rodriguez ( назад)
the best missy no ass no tits just hip hop yass loves it

Автор Bow cubs ( назад)
sick!!!!! missy Elliott is always classic 😘😘😘

Автор Susan Darby ( назад)
I loooooove this song and the vid

Автор laurel kendel ( назад)
omg wtf is this shit elliot you sold out I was excited when I hear you on the charts but no no fuck no that did not fuckin happen

Автор diagnostic86 anonymously known ( назад)
I swear missy watches anime! tokyo ghoul!

Автор trippy hipster ( назад)
i feel like teyana taylor should have been in this video

Автор Ackmal Nast ( назад)
Sounds like Young Lex ft.Awkarin - Bad

Автор Okello12.01.64 Tantamani ( назад)
" What Video You Know Get This Creative Like This Nowadays!"
How bout Lil Yachty's 1Night?

Автор Name Alsoname ( назад)
I like how the background dancers look like pretty elementals with the jewels and creepy eyes

Автор Devyn Watts ( назад)
So fcking catchy, nice bass aswell

Автор Paul Bryan ( назад)
You know when it is a Missy track. The video is gonna be dope

Автор Edon Jr ( назад)
this is just amazing...

Автор Chelsea Amalia ( назад)
younglex awkarin ,,bad ,,

Автор Mesha Allen ( назад)
I like the concept of the video, but I don't like the song. I am not a fan of that type of flow.

Автор Kareem AB ( назад)
fuck the song, I need the video editor man and director!

Автор бехруз Хайлоев ( назад)

Автор Jacob Sartorius ( назад)
This goes hardddd

Автор stefania ts ( назад)
Missy Elliott με ΠΑΣΟΚ: mommy
Missy Elliot με ΣΥΡΙΖΑ: I'm better

Автор Katina Terry ( назад)
love Missy!!!! She's a genius

Автор TruthCode ( назад)
Original, unique, maverick.

Автор MisMediator ( назад)
why tf is she so underrated? she used to be so hyped for her creativity and she getting better, no pun, year after year!!! Where are the stans at? How can yall not like this?

Автор Mariah Smith ( назад)
One word. Gag 💄💋

Автор Jesus Loves you ( назад)
This called a Song? Dude I can sing like that when I wake after my ass get whooped :/

Автор Naaomi Sealy ( назад)
@Missy Elliot <3

Автор Leo el Teniente ( назад)
OOOHHHH :-o !!!! This is wicked !!! I LOVE IT !!! She's back !

Автор IEatBitchezz4Breakfast ( назад)
2:20 Glozell think she slick...

Автор OurLove HasArrived ( назад)
13 million views, on the way! what's up #MISSY

Автор Shelbina Moore ( назад)
The fucking dancers areeeee liiiiiiittttttttt!!! Great Job!!!!!

Автор Panic! At the Brendon Urie ( назад)
When she goes on tour my hip hop teach might go as one of the dancers he auditioned and made it in the top 25

Автор Zaza Renzel ( назад)
get it sis

Автор Zaza Renzel ( назад)
Bad azzmf

Автор Zaza Renzel ( назад)
I love her my sis

Автор Zaza Renzel ( назад)

Автор I'm a kitten ( назад)
No. Just freaking no. The lyrics are stolen from Pham - Movements. That's too lame for Pham's big talent.

Автор regina phalange ( назад)
Is it me or is this just a knock off of Only?

Автор Deborah Zuglian ( назад)

Автор Proudmoore Gaming ( назад)
What the hell is this

Автор Odane Thompson ( назад)

Автор yotam sela ( назад)
wowowow she has a awsome style

Автор Alisha Clark ( назад)
I love her Voice I love the beat it's litt af

Автор Chris Brown ( назад)
Radio needs to bumps this. It's fresh & banging.

Автор Nina Theodora Tynes ( назад)
Goosebumps. Missy - Living Legend!!!

Автор 4FIVEHD ( назад)

Автор ZazMaster97 ( назад)
Bruh help i need to get past the intro

Автор colstonlchinese ( назад)
WHO is the gifted choreographer?

Автор keturah Williams ( назад)
love missy.... she stay killing it!!!! I rocks with her heavy

Автор Eric Durham ( назад)
Nice music but the video is trash

Автор Liljo Wil ( назад)
who else think she should of got way more views

Автор Nettie Smith ( назад)

Автор Andreea Mihart ( назад)
why do Lamb sound so much like Drake tho?

Автор Eyov Avraham ( назад)

Автор I know Do you ( назад)
This video just killed everything I've watched today. I'm not watching any more videos for the day to ruin it... and its just morning.

Автор I know Do you ( назад)
Misdemeanor never dies. Fire!!!!!

Автор Nakita O. ( назад)
Choreography was AMAZING!!!! ☄️💥🔥

Автор Mario Hardmon ( назад)
She so different, dats wat made me fall in love with her and her music when she 1st hit the scene in the 90s > Missy dat Mfin Girl still....whoever think not u trippin...

Автор Dadrian Givans ( назад)
She's coming back strong 🔥🔥🔥

Автор Dey Chiquita ( назад)
wuaoooo de 10 el video la verdad y la coreografía uffffff no se diga

Автор Tammey Potter ( назад)
Legend who's 100% relevant still 💪

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