Missy Elliott - I'm Better ft. Lamb [Official Video]

New single "I'm Better" ft. Lamb available for streaming and download now: https://missyell.io/tt/imbetter

Director: Dave Meyers & Missy Elliott
Executive Producer: Jordan Browning
ProducerJon Brewer
Prod. Company: Bounty Content
Creative Direction By HiHat Productions
Choreography By Sean Bankhead & Missy Elliott
Video Commissioner: Emmanuelle Cuny-Diop, VP Video Production
Lily F Thrall, Associate Director, Video Administration
Joe Boyd, Manager, Video Production

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Просмотров: 18444421
Длительность: 3:40
Комментарии: 17787

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Автор Chris Taylor ( назад)
this women crazzy

Автор Psikochick2 ( назад)
All I see is a beautiful black woman

Автор Ben Garza ( назад)
I play around between normal and 1.5x speed and make the track epic....if not then Lamb sound like a damn mental nigga who belongs on the short bus

Автор Isabella Robles ( назад)
Anyone here form Tim Milgram?

Автор Jordan Bl ( назад)
Only Of Nicki Minaj, Is a remix true?

Автор Johanna Brolin ( назад)
The KKK disliked this. Thank God only 19K of them are alive. Very soon 1.... 😂

Автор multi girl prouductions ( назад)
wicked beat

Автор Sarah Box ( назад)
trop moche en diré des pigeons

Автор Luana Yasmin ( назад)
minha linda te amo

Автор Napta Rapz ( назад)
si el hip hop y trap fueran experiencias de vida usted seria mi madre es fabulosa maestra missy usted es una hermosa y talentosa mujer

Автор clonK ( назад)

Автор Yiru Lang ( назад)

Автор ebunny5 ( назад)
Her videos are always epic

Автор Justin S ( назад)
you bustas thumbs downing this missy joint need to get back handed. listenin to your used toilet water mumble rap. fouttahere!

Автор Mastergfunk Deniro ( назад)
this a shitest song of messy, ridicoulous music, this ia pisstake, not hip hop at allll

Автор Shuvi Tupyerars ( назад)
Jesus fucking christ!

Some of you think this is music?

Автор Mimi Renell ( назад)
this wantch know she creative
i love her!

Автор SimplyNicole ( назад)
That's my missy! !!!! That bitch Aint went nowhere ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Автор Jenny Francis ( назад)
How do can they breath under water for so long and not drawn XD

Автор Thomas R ( назад)
I'm french je suis le seul français ici je crois

Автор Brandy Welch ( назад)
I work tomorrow

Автор Nesiyah GotThatFire ( назад)
is it me or the first verse sounds completely different from the first time hearing it

Автор Eugeka 910 ( назад)
i swear when I first heard this I thought this was anderson .paak

Автор JustCallMeMo TheBlog ( назад)
Whoever visualized this video and brought it to life is a genius

Автор Jamal Walters ( назад)
Who else noticed the one of the dancers where not in time with the music??

Автор kisha blockum ( назад)
I'm so glad she's back. Luv the video.

Автор crystal vinson ( назад)
your better I'm better. 💓💋❤💙💚💛💜💕💖💗💘💝💞💟👍👍👍👍

Автор Christian Michel Valdez Olvera ( назад)
like si te encanta la cansion 😂

Автор Christian Michel Valdez Olvera ( назад)
me encantó desde q la escuche

Автор Jonnie Quezt ( назад)
no Missy hell Nooo

Автор Emylove ( назад)
those silver bootttsss xD yussss

Автор iFantabulosa ( назад)
Missy has still got it.

Came through with the 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Автор Jaime Pelaez-piedra ( назад)
she dont even have to try when making music, she takes everything as an advantage to be more creative.

Автор Дима Янчук ( назад)
So im better for my friends E-E-E-E I HAVE A GOOD SKIN BLACK AND WHITE!!!!!!!WHO WANTS A GOOD DJ&?!!!!!!!!!
FULL BADANA FULL BADANA !!!!!!!!!!!!!OHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Автор Eren Karademir ( назад)

Автор nurif nurif ( назад)
I wanna learn the water routine xoxo

Автор shuanthehippy ( назад)
Missy Elliot. Big fan. Have been for years. But if u keep making songs like this I'll never forgive you. You had the greatest beat/Flow to your music but you gave in to the hood music of this current generation. You gotta keep being you. Your one of the last true rappers left. Don't be hood be Good again!

Автор Abdurrhaman Taş ( назад)
Türkler şukulayın :) TRTRTRTRTRTR

Автор Recluse Neox ( назад)
Aww Missy what happened?

Автор bader alshehri ( назад)
This is how sheep sounds like

Автор Ambar Casillas ( назад)
Was I the only one who noticed that the dancer's make up was one eye blue and the other one pink????

Автор Janelle Blackbird ( назад)

Автор Zilan Aydin ( назад)
Missy is the real Queen❤

Автор Harden Thicke ( назад)
I'm sorry this sucks.
I expected originality from them. wtf.

Автор TheNew Tomboy ( назад)
Missy still got it... Good for her!! love the video

Автор Nurfatini Izzati ( назад)
fifth harmony use this song to their concert intro !! its freaking amazing :)

Автор huupjmzmhu ( назад)
horsvilealo1974 *CLICK > **#5w5Mkc38gw** < CLICK* horsvilealo1974
horsvilealo1974 *CLICK > **#5w5Mkc38gw** < CLICK* horsvilealo1974
horsvilealo1974 *CLICK > **#5w5Mkc38gw** < CLICK* horsvilealo1974

Автор Bossmanrshy ( назад)
She's back Bloody hell lads!

Автор SHELUNITA ( назад)
look a womam  number 3 on the left this par 0:08

Автор Hujek Failure ( назад)
greetings from marvin game ^^

Автор Peter Funk ( назад)
missy wann kommst du mal wieder nach Deutschland?Beste Frau in Sachen Hip Hop

Автор Sarah Vargas ( назад)
Ummmm...who is this Dontrilla person anyways? Neva heard of this person B4.....

Автор Taamz Heart ( назад)
I'm not sure....

Автор Elektrik Buzzed ( назад)
how come she hasn't done not one interview or performance to this song? ☹

Автор antincia foster ( назад)
love it

Автор Akainu 156 ( назад)
I really wasn't ready for 1:04

Автор TJofDaWestunesPS4 ( назад)
I guess I ain't no Hater,... Cuz this Shit Bangin'

Автор Maya Folsom ( назад)
what is this?bro this needs so many souch ups.

Автор AKLF God Is Great ( назад)
I miss 90s style this is illuminati style yikes.

Автор kratos5067 ( назад)
yes Bruce lee was in the beats missy...

Автор Bruce Thompson ( назад)
Lord, this music video was sickening! Love it and Missy's new M•A•C game 💄👄👀

Автор rafa Moreno ( назад)
waruru waruru waruru

Автор TrippyGlaxy240 SML ( назад)

Автор Lefteris Panos ( назад)
Missy show them how it's done.

Автор Angelica Murry ( назад)

this sounds like nicki minaj

Автор Alba Heredia heredia ( назад)
2:17- 2:50 I love this part 😍

Автор FceWithEngine ( назад)
Stolen from EUNIQUE !

Автор marissa Solis ( назад)
hell yeah♡♡♡

Автор Dectric Howard ( назад)
this is when Missy Elliott get high.

Автор Candy Cunningham ( назад)
cооl vidео! Guys рlease ratе mу hot vidеo on my chаnnel )

Автор Archan Lal ( назад)
Name me an Artist better than Don Thrilla and I will probably email you $100

Автор izaaa x07 ( назад)

Автор MiAlma999 ( назад)
Missy Stay Fly & Creative as Always and Damn those dance moves!! Whoo-weee :) Fiyah!!

Автор Wiki Dinsdale ( назад)
Missy Eliot needs to be more involved in the dancing process. I say she needs to lift up her game like how she did back in 02 alot has changed she needs to change with time and music to be successful thats all

Автор Heba Rahman ( назад)
save the humans

Автор Bola Olagunju ( назад)
This fucking video!!! LET ME FUCKING TELL YOU!!!! SHE ALWAYS SLAYS!!!! 😥😥😎💪🙏

Автор Relm 23 ( назад)
wow, I miss the old missy Elliot. 😔 this day's music is horrible. it's too bad she has to conform to this though. blugh

Автор AtaHorilal Thomas ( назад)
Fuck Don Thrilla!! He is a bitch

Автор RRSYS.info - Roulette Prediction ( назад)
This reminds me of a old spectrum soundtrack. *_Paul, Liverpool UK_*

Автор Natalie Gibson ( назад)
Who does Missy's make up? Because they need a shout out! It is always so original and new!! I LOVE IT!! And I love that the eyeshadow doesn't match on both eyes of the girls in white. Very funky, but not really tacky. Love it.

Автор thrice bang ( назад)
I need more Missy/GD collab...

Автор Uchiha ( назад)
armani koyon

Автор Decode Cod3 ( назад)
can't believe you wasted this video on this bullshit song. shit beat. shit chorus. shit auto tune. this is not the misdemeanor

Автор pirotech pl ( назад)
get a freak

Автор lalalolo mikey ( назад)
god liza has more subscribers than her

Автор Natalie Heath ( назад)
i want to dance like that

Автор sexychocolatecandy71 ( назад)
This shit is 🔥🔥🔥

Автор Joe Cashmere ( назад)
missy now that I look back her best song kind started trap beats in 1999 2000

Автор Danny Deuce ( назад)
So, from scrolling through the comments for about 5 minutes, it seems no one shares the thought that Lamb sounds terrible in this song and detracts from the creativity and hot lyrics Missy's dropping. Coming from a guy who used to mix live audio for full bands and worked with a professional audio engineer who records and masters audio for a living, his vocals sound like they were recorded in a bedroom and left completely unedited except for some echo here and there. Granted, it's not like weirdly terrible recording of his vocals accentuated or detracted from how bad he sounds. He's off key at times and the few lyrics he drops just sound plain, not very creative, and boring. This is just my personal opinion and I'm not trashing Missy in the least. She's dope and she killed this track 🔥🔥🔥

Автор Cristian Vargas ( назад)
The Queen

Автор Luna Moon ( назад)
Why the fuck people talking about Donthrilla? Can we shut up about that and talk about how on point these dance moves were? Damn.

Автор Ivyon Jefferson ( назад)
dawg the beat bouts nasty asf that hoe bump

Автор Sophie Cote ( назад)
Can you dab

Автор Sophie Cote ( назад)

Автор Sodomboy ( назад)
She in the Corona Capital of this year please!!!

Автор Angel Washington ( назад)
ain't no you want to see this

Автор INV MUNDO PARTY C.A ( назад)
Beautiful the return

Автор She's Triggered ( назад)
oh shit this hard

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