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Автор WILLIAM Jefferson (1 год)
Thats the black ops zombies rifle

Автор thinkryder342 (5 лет)
is the m14 u used is it a blowback

Автор michael waynick (6 лет)
good point

Автор Michael Woods (5 лет)
This is the TSD AGM version of the Airsoft M14 right?

Автор j3wp0w3r (6 лет)
i really dont even like death magnetic. there all mainstream now

Автор MrSuperSmashed (4 года)
@DERECARTRON O SNAP, i never knew that :D fail on my behalf, yee i really
need to get me one these babies though

Автор Josiah Voegtly (4 года)
@CoolKidACS 2:05 didnt answer your question? The things pretty damn
accurate I strongly recommend this gun if youre more into precision
shooting than "spraying and praying"

Автор MrPalik (1 год)
2:29 shoot bad doggie :D

Автор Patrick Yong (2 года)
whats up with the non-blowback? =(

Автор Josiah Voegtly (4 года)
@MrSuperSmashed Thats because its a newer version of the M1 Garand it
basically has the same body but the clip is inserted through the bottom of
the gun rather than the top... and it holds more ammo

Автор lumpyrabbit (6 лет)
2:27-2:34 lol dog

Автор michael waynick (6 лет)

Автор slyzar29 (6 лет)
Hey Im buying a gun like this umm..Does this AGM have a seam on it where
the plastic connects are no?Is the wodd simulation good or crappy?Is it
over all a really good gun or would you reccomand the cyma one instead?

Автор Ronaldo Carcamo (3 года)
@DERECARTRON thanks! i've been looking all over for some good ones!

Автор Stiffonda Reefah (6 лет)
1st question: how much that cost you?? 2nd question: Can I buy it on the
internet?? ps: nice dawgs!

Автор Danielle Barnes (1 год)
nice music!!! metallica!!!

Автор GreenBastard100 (6 лет)
therugbyfan? what kind of dumb as shit name is that?

Автор Michael Woods (5 лет)
@DERECARTRON Thanks man i have already ordered this AEG and wanted to make
sure its a good buy.!

Автор 141235a (6 лет)
Sux. Nether 3-rd gearbox, nor 2-nd. Better will be as semi-automatic sniper

Автор SureRyan (6 лет)
I like Cyanide off the new album

Автор Josiah Voegtly (5 лет)
you tell 'im lieutenant

Автор RedBaronzz (3 года)

Автор Markio123123 (3 года)
@luigicool2698 shut up.

Автор Josiah Voegtly (5 лет)
sure, maybe i should just download music from limewire all day and let it
jack up my computer... makes perfect sense

Автор Josiah Voegtly (4 года)
@sdhq00 Sorry you just struck me as one of those hippie youtube browsers
who do nothing but go around looking for acts of animal cruelty... which is
not at all present in this video so thats why I got upset

Автор James Mccarthy (5 лет)
Sorry to break it to you, your text states the M1 Grand was "an earlier
version of the M14, before it became automatic." But the M14 was never
automatic, but a semi-automatic rifle built for its range, faster rate of
fire for the Vietnam Wars.

Автор John Watkins (4 года)
@tye331 Battle Rifle.

Автор jonny yiangou (4 года)
iv had my agm m14 for a long time now and it looks better then ever ! its
all worn down on the metalb :D

Автор AJVlERICAN (5 лет)
no *sarcasticly*

Автор ctsealteam6 (6 лет)
it should be (bullet) at 1:55 right ??

Автор AJVlERICAN (5 лет)
m1 garand

Автор Leonel Uraga (4 года)
@DERECARTRON awsome do u know were to the rail tht goes ontop of the bolt
for aeg m14 i need tht same one

Автор Josiah Voegtly (6 лет)
don't have a sling i used to for my old shotgun but i kinda figured out on
my own how to put it on no big explanation needed

Автор Peter Smith (6 лет)
I like your doggy!!!!!

Автор AJVlERICAN (5 лет)
fuckin idiots, i have an actual m14 that is an m14 replica. trust me, m14's
have magazine, m1 garands have clips, or "bandoliers" i think thats how you
spell it.

Автор Ezze Rosasco (3 года)
epic songg!

Автор CoolKidACS (4 года)
is that gun precise??? cause i'm probably gonna buy this one or the G36C
need advice

Автор l4dhunter (6 лет)
what u guys think this or the l96 awp

Автор matalevict (6 лет)

Автор Labude (6 лет)
Sounds like a dieing duck!

Автор getsilly27 (6 лет)
sweet video man keep up the great work

Автор tye331 (4 года)
@Shaftaman hey, do some research and youll fing the m14 was a select fire
ASSAULT RIFLE, with semi/auto

Автор Josiah Voegtly (3 года)
@Zeroherosal she was sleeping?

Автор Hassan Srour (3 года)
are those even real bullets

Автор Josiah Voegtly (4 года)
@MrJakedog104 ya sorry about that I didnt have all the right knowledge back
then about the bbs

Автор UnrelentedRedemption (6 лет)
kind of a lot of weight, right?

Автор Josiah Voegtly (5 лет)
@Runehee555 its not as reliable as spring or gas i agree but when it works
it helps a lot

Автор Josiah Voegtly (5 лет)
ya... and youre gay

Автор Josiah Voegtly (5 лет)
@FGalaxie95 yes it is. it lasted me about two years before it really
started to give up on life and began falling apart. all around a very
decent gun for beginners

Автор deakeux kb (4 года)
good vid man what is everyone fav weapon send it to me and i go check which
is the best

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