M14 Airsoft Rifle Demonstration

I apologize for the absence of audio (damn copyright shit) well anyways heres the data on the M14: it is made by AGM, i got it from Gamepod in Antioch California, it currently is only 290 fps but im upgrading it to 400 fps soon so i will make another video soon, the clip is a high capacity clip that costs at least $45, m1 garands look like the m14 because they are an earlier version of the m14 before it became automatic and had the clip placed under the gun rather than on top in front of the rear sighting mechanism, if you want good guns then order online at GAMEPOD.COM i personally went there and bought the gun cuz i live close enough to it although if you want to go online for cheaper guns i suggest EVIKE.COM, AND YES i know i set the gun on its clip and i know that it is bad for the gun so ESS TEE EFF YOU

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Автор WILLIAM Jefferson ( назад)
Thats the black ops zombies rifle

Автор Danielle Barnes ( назад)
nice music!!! metallica!!! 

Автор MrPalik ( назад)
2:29 shoot bad doggie :D

Автор Patrick Yong ( назад)
whats up with the non-blowback? =(

Автор Jacob Davies ( назад)
Yeah they are the same size but you may loose some good fps for accuracy
and range so no real problem.

Автор Hassan Srour ( назад)
are those even real bullets

Автор Ezze Rosasco ( назад)
epic songg!

Автор Ronaldo Carcamo ( назад)
@DERECARTRON thanks! i've been looking all over for some good ones!

Автор E Izydorczak ( назад)
In target practice you hit the last guy in the nuts 

Автор Josiah Voegtly (1922 года назад)
@RMCES4LIVE look on evike.com

Автор Ronaldo Carcamo ( назад)
@RMCES4LIVE an airsoft gun i mean

Автор Ronaldo Carcamo ( назад)
@DERECARTRON Where can i get a gun like this?

Автор Herecomedatboi (1859 лет назад)
awwww...... that's a cute little dog you have there ◕‿◕

Автор Josiah Voegtly ( назад)
@sogooditsscary1 well they both move so I dont know what youre talking

Автор callum percival ( назад)

Автор Josiah Voegtly ( назад)
@Zeroherosal she was sleeping?

Автор Zeroherosal ( назад)
whats up whit the dog? he is not moving

Автор bakker230 ( назад)
you agree!

Автор Mhtrece13 ( назад)
enter sandman hellll yeah!

Автор RedBaronzz ( назад)

Автор Josiah Voegtly ( назад)
@MrJakedog104 ya sorry about that I didnt have all the right knowledge back
then about the bbs 

Автор MrJakedog104 ( назад)
no the lighter the bb the greater the fps, the heavier the bb, the more
accurate you gun is

Автор Josiah Voegtly ( назад)
@sonicfan592 Enter Sandman by Metallica.

Автор ohoras12 (1511 год назад)
love the song

Автор TheWhole9Yards1001 (1712 года назад)
@DERECARTRON as soon as you said that i practically made up my mind in
about 3 seconds

Автор okman4545 ( назад)
good music

Автор CoolKidACS ( назад)
@DERECARTRON yeah sorry 2 be a pain in the ass bro but i needed a more
personal oppinion and i like aiming better than spraying 2 bad this aint

Автор Josiah Voegtly ( назад)
@CoolKidACS 2:05 didnt answer your question? The things pretty damn
accurate I strongly recommend this gun if youre more into precision
shooting than "spraying and praying"

Автор CoolKidACS ( назад)
is that gun precise??? cause i'm probably gonna buy this one or the G36C
need advice

Автор supersalamenceable ( назад)
@MrSuperSmashed iwant to by the m14 airsoft gun because it looks like the
kick ass m1 garand HOORA

Автор deakeux kb ( назад)
good vid man what is everyone fav weapon send it to me and i go check which
is the best 

Автор jonny yiangou ( назад)
iv had my agm m14 for a long time now and it looks better then ever ! its
all worn down on the metalb :D

Автор Josiah Voegtly ( назад)
@MrSuperSmashed Thats because its a newer version of the M1 Garand it
basically has the same body but the clip is inserted through the bottom of
the gun rather than the top... and it holds more ammo

Автор Leonel Uraga ( назад)
@DERECARTRON awsome do u know were to the rail tht goes ontop of the bolt
for aeg m14 i need tht same one

Автор nygiantsfan6 ( назад)
@DERECARTRON Actually, even if they do swallow it, it can still kill them.
They're plastic, and, unless you buy the biodegradable ones, they never
break down, and they stay in the stomach.

Автор John Watkins ( назад)
@tye331 Battle Rifle.

Автор Blake Cooper ( назад)
hit the dog....10 points

Автор Josiah Voegtly ( назад)
@sdhq00 Sorry you just struck me as one of those hippie youtube browsers
who do nothing but go around looking for acts of animal cruelty... which is
not at all present in this video so thats why I got upset

Автор sdhq00 ( назад)
@DERECARTRON Geez someone is on their fucking period.. I just made a simple
comment and you have to get all asshole on me god stop fucking trolling on
your own video and get a life.

Автор Josiah Voegtly ( назад)
@sdhq00 Oh my God... that makes perfect sense! Because the width of a dog's
throat couldnt possibly squeeze past a bb with a diameter of barely a
centimeter! Get a life moron.

Автор sdhq00 ( назад)
You should get your dogs away from the BB's they could choke on them and

Автор tye331 ( назад)
@Shaftaman hey, do some research and youll fing the m14 was a select fire
ASSAULT RIFLE, with semi/auto

Автор Pasquale Zarro ( назад)
lol dog

Автор Jonnybravo-808 ( назад)
@Shaftaman The original M14 service rifle was select fire, meaning you can
go from auto to semi auto and vice versa. And the M14 was a "modernization"
of the M1 Garand that was meant to replace the M1,.30 cal BAR,and Carbine.
though before it got replaced by the M16, most M14 rifles were locked in
semi auto to make them more controllable.

Автор mcmorphamaniac ( назад)
@Shaftaman sorry to break it to u he is right the m14 was automatic and
semi automatic

Автор Josiah Voegtly ( назад)
@Runehee555 its not as reliable as spring or gas i agree but when it works
it helps a lot

Автор Runehee555 ( назад)
auto sucks 

Автор Michael Woods ( назад)
@DERECARTRON Thanks man i have already ordered this AEG and wanted to make
sure its a good buy.!

Автор Josiah Voegtly ( назад)
@FGalaxie95 yes it is. it lasted me about two years before it really
started to give up on life and began falling apart. all around a very
decent gun for beginners

Автор Michael Woods ( назад)
This is the TSD AGM version of the Airsoft M14 right?

Автор 99Rammstein99 ( назад)
those toys are probably youres hahahahaha

Автор Josiah Voegtly ( назад)
o ok but SOME versions of the m14 are automatic like the m14A1

Автор James Mccarthy ( назад)
Sorry to break it to you, your text states the M1 Grand was "an earlier
version of the M14, before it became automatic." But the M14 was never
automatic, but a semi-automatic rifle built for its range, faster rate of
fire for the Vietnam Wars.

Автор Josiah Voegtly ( назад)
i would but that gun finally broke after 3 years of use lol

Автор Josiah Voegtly ( назад)
no its not its fully electric i think only the gas ones are blowback

Автор thinkryder342 ( назад)
is the m14 u used is it a blowback

Автор DippyIRL ( назад)
Bad thing is its heavy and cant put a scope or anything on it. Stil ove
mine tho.

Автор bajs28 ( назад)
2:26 hahaha, counter-strike!

Автор IScareWomenAway ( назад)

Автор Josiah Voegtly ( назад)
you tell 'im lieutenant

Автор WildScythe015X ( назад)
Nice case of unwarranted self importance. I was talking about everyone in
the comments, but jump right in internet tough guy.

Автор Josiah Voegtly ( назад)
ya... and youre gay

Автор WildScythe015X ( назад)
All of you fail.

the fact is that the m1 can be classified as a sniper when mounting a scope
on it, because it chambers a .30-O6 which was the standard round for
American snipers into the vietnam war.

Garands do have a clip its an 8 round clip and fires a .30-O6. the clip is
ejected after being spent and it then locks the bolt open to replace the

Автор TheCrayonMan529 ( назад)
u frogot onemore thing, the m14 is fully automatic

Автор maxiumums (1526 лет назад)
This is the m14. They may look the same but the m1 garand is reloded from
the top and m14 from the bottom.

Автор paul lorenz ( назад)
no this is the m1 garand just look at it compared to m14 completely

Автор dieselboy177 ( назад)
DERECARTRON: Great video and demo of your M14. Less entertaining with the
audio being disabled, not your fault though.

Автор dieselboy177 ( назад)
TheRaunchy6: If I had a buck for every idiot that's made the "get a real
gun" comment on an airsoft video, I'd be one rich sumbitch! I've fired real
steel guns, and I also own several pellet/BB airguns, but none are as fun
as airsoft and being able to simulate combat in the most realistic way
without actually killing someone.

Автор dieselboy177 ( назад)
phil1crew : Yeah, we really wanna go around killing people. Yeah, it would
be lots of fun to cause real death. What an idiot. How old are you? You
obviously haven't tried airsoft if you can't see how it would be fun. And
if you have tried it and didn't find it fun, you must be pretty lame. I
haven't met anyone that's tried airsoft or paintball or laser tag or even
Nerf battles and didn't have fun. Oh and it's not pretend shooting, it's
actual physical shooting, just non-lethal projectiles.

Автор drummerboy5192 ( назад)
how could you upgrade to 400 fps??

Автор phil1crew ( назад)
it doesnt jake up ur comp. see ur to buisy playing with gay gun to know

Автор Josiah Voegtly ( назад)
sure, maybe i should just download music from limewire all day and let it
jack up my computer... makes perfect sense

Автор phil1crew ( назад)
dude get a freaking life man this stuff is soo stupid why dont you go like
offroading or something not pretend shooting your friends if you want to
shoot things get a real gun and heck why dont you actually kill someone. if
your always pretending to shoot and kill people why dont you really do it
would'nt that be fun?

Автор walruspictures ( назад)
At first I thought your dog was a goat lol sorry man

Автор GreenBastard100 ( назад)
therugbyfan? what kind of dumb as shit name is that?

Автор Nick Fetterolf ( назад)
You dump f**k thats a M14

Автор Josiah Voegtly ( назад)
i hope your not talking to me... cuz thats what ive been trying to tell all
those idiots who say this is a later version of the m1a1 carbine even
though it looks nothing like that piece of shit. i believe the first time
m14's were used in combat was in vietnam

Автор GreenBastard100 ( назад)
enter sand man sucks ball sack

Автор l4dhunter ( назад)
what u guys think this or the l96 awp

Автор Moon Leah ( назад)
Airsoft Megastore search on google, best airsoft guns for a cheap price =)

Автор Peter Smith ( назад)
I like your doggy!!!!!

Автор lumpyrabbit ( назад)
2:27-2:34 lol dog

Автор Truman Isaacs ( назад)
it doesn't make sense to get a auto gun that is designed for a single shot

Автор Eric3575 ( назад)
fuck that wed site you gave in the description! everything is like $300

Автор AdmiralZombie ( назад)
lol that one is on airsplat and im buying it!

Автор Josiah Voegtly ( назад)

Автор Novuh ( назад)
Because you cant shoot and get shot by a real gun and survive. -.- Common
freakin' sense

Автор Shariff Barron ( назад)
enter sandman woot

Автор Brian ( назад)
it should be (bullet) at 1:55 right ??

Автор Ilmari Ollila ( назад)
Dog is like "WTF?"

Автор Stiffonda Reefah ( назад)
1st question: how much that cost you?? 2nd question: Can I buy it on the
internet?? ps: nice dawgs!

Автор michael waynick ( назад)
good point

Автор michael waynick ( назад)
i know the olny new one i like is death magnetic

Автор jhb42 ( назад)
how longs the charge time

Автор michael waynick ( назад)

Автор Josiah Voegtly ( назад)
why are you telling me this i already know i even say that in the video

Автор Josiah Voegtly ( назад)
wow you obviously know nothing about airsoft so im gonna ignore you

Автор FlaminBelgianWaffles ( назад)
dude heavier bb's dun increase fps ... they increase accuracy higher fps =
heavier bb's seamlees bb's are so you dont f*ck your gun up

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