Fabricio Werdum - Anaconda Variation

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Добавлено: 4 года
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Автор highsoflyify (6 месяцев)
this Anaconda variations to catch the legs is REALLY cool. I am searching
for some trick like this to catch the legs easy when I do Brabo Chocke
(Darce Chocke). Somebody suggestions ?

Автор zombiewhale (2 года)
big nog and him already fought

Автор wizajitzkidj (2 года)
quality never seen this variation

Автор normalguyable (1 год)
hes a vegan

Автор Hemachandran hemu (2 года)
Fabricio is cool

Автор WingKrest (3 года)
This may be the extremely safe and very successful variation, but the
normal "flipping" one looks way cooler =P

Автор zombiewhale (2 года)
yeah werdum vsd big nog in pride

Автор jhon wiff (3 года)
@anibaltrader1 es verdad pero primero pasa por aca y tirame la goma un
ratito asi te pongo en tu lugar a vos, los sifus no compiten en esas
competencias pedorras porque hay muchas rectricciones , a y mandale saludos
a tuhermana que la vi anoche

Автор Muhammad Zubair (2 года)

Автор Powermove Promotions (2 года)
Why hasn't Werdum vs Frank Mir or Nogeiure been made yet?!! dammit.

Автор HitProof (2 года)
Rickson Gracie

Werdum is the best submission fighter to ever live.

Автор alotricious (2 года)
This is so stupid. It's almost impossible to finish a choke with an arm in.
Anyone who watches ufc knows that.

Автор peteyfresh (2 года)
Fabricio Werdum demonstrates anaconda choke on Ryan Reynolds

Автор Hemachandran hemu (2 года)
the first man who won the greatest legend fedor

Автор ThaSmoovinMan (1 год)
Hey please someone answer me. The variation that Werdum likes to do, how
its different to the D'Arce choke? Otherwise than the ground position.

Автор wagner santos (1 год)
Boa posição, mais só acho que você Werdum, deveria saber que também tem
fãns Brasileiros, e poderia fazer videos para que nós do Brasil, pudéssemos
aprender também, não só o pessoal da terra do Tio Sam !

Автор madrileenboy (1 год)
Nice shortcut

Автор WhtMike2006 (2 года)
I use this all the time now, thank you!

Автор jscarpa2002 (1 год)
That mochachino really knows his shit!

Автор asid101010 (3 года)
@fightplanet would love to see some of the other variations mentioned. THIS
one is fantastic.

Автор godofthisshit (3 года)
Would this work for a non 6'4 240lbs person?

Автор ThaSmoovinMan (1 год)
Hey cab

Автор Alik1991 (3 года)
Fabricio Werdum -best submision fighter ever ;p

Автор madrileenboy (1 год)
great stuffff

Автор Kola Kola (2 года)
thanx for upload

Автор corderoak (2 года)
Its quite possible to finish a choke with an arm in. Anyone who practices
grappling knows that.

Автор pedrobrito (3 года)
u have no idea... tu no tienes idea

Автор jhon wiff (4 года)
este puto de jiu jitsu porque nose enfrenta a un sifu de wing tsun , en una
pelea sin reglas? , ,, porque tendria un 90 porciento de probabilidades de

Автор xeones2345 (3 года)
@griyelie no eres mas idiota nada mas por que eso ya seria tener sindrome
down! eres un putito que se esconde detras de un ordenador y que le encanta
que otras personas peleen, por que tu no eres mas que un cobarde de mierda
que correria a la menor insinuacion de pelea...por eso estas soltero por
que hasta las mujeres te ven como un maricon de mierda que le gusta que le
den por detras!!!!

Автор qwert229 (4 года)

Автор jhon wiff (3 года)
vos no saves nada , el jiu jitsu ya no es efectivo contra peleadores con
conocimientos , son inefectivos de pie y si no derrivan al adversario
pierden la pelea , no sirven contra varios adversarios tampoco y es un arte
deportivo , gracie vs boztepe quien se cago en realidad? en pelea sin
reglas son unos quesos y unos cagones

Автор Cameron Harjo (2 года)
I'm gonna try this next time I go to train

Автор Spencer King (2 года)
and Palhares :P

Автор 79pejeperro (2 года)

Автор Powermove Promotions (2 года)
No I said Werdum vs Mir or Nogueira

Автор José Carlos dos Anjos (2 года)
Babalu like this.

Автор trianglechoke101 (2 года)
somebody is translating him good.it almost looks like him doing the talking

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