10 Knockouts In The NFL - BIG HITS

KO's on the gridiron.

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Автор CamR Robley ( назад)
This is terrible to watch high

Автор ShariSez1 ( назад)
The Steelers are involved in 3 of 10 hits on the dickhead side, and want to attack an angry Bengal 4 against 1 for calling them the dirty players they were and still are. Paybacks are a bitch.

Автор Brett E ( назад)
56-35 Jets...

Автор Stephany William ( назад)
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Pat whites was all his fuckin fault. Hes the one who dove into the motherfucker

Автор Yoseman1 ( назад)
People who still believe this league isn't fixed are truly fooling themselves. How can a league that has shared revenue and a salary cap have the same few teams win over and over. The only way a new team pops in is if they need a new stadium, just built a new stadium, or had a natural disaster.

Автор Blake Dirksen ( назад)
number 10 wheres the flag at walmart or something, man

Автор Kelpo the Kelpo ( назад)
It's all AFC north!

Автор Blame Rottman ( назад)
josh got knocked the neck out

Автор ryan r ( назад)
Who would've thought that the Steelers would have 3 out of the top ten knockouts? You reap what you sow you fucking prison squad.

Автор GHOSTxPURP ( назад)
Mad respect for the defending teams. Even though they're on opposite teams, they still worry about for the other team player.

Автор L V ( назад)
6:01 Cleveland 34 - New England 14

Автор #54 Zachary Zwahr ( назад)
The brad smith ko looks like the defender pulling smith down and Willis just a charging bull to the football and the defender almost saves him from that helm to helm contact

Автор antonio arruda ( назад)
omgggggg helmt and helmet mega crazy

Автор jerzcnate ( назад)
this is why they need to turn the NFL into a flag football league or take the defense off the field.

Автор FootballZeeGreat ( назад)
good video

Автор Joseph Mazur ( назад)
Burfict is such a joke.

Автор John dank meme ( назад)
whats with pittsburgh knocking the fuck out of players

Автор Jubayer04 ( назад)
6:26 Noticed the seizure in the left hand of no. 17?
Hope he didnt suffer long term damage from this one.

Автор Ian Sosa ( назад)
Fashion fantasy aim hdbrm later ah nerve suicide.

Автор Tony Stark ( назад)
Chris simms! is hilarious!! that's going to be everything! suspension, fine, no candles for your birthday!!! everything!!!
hahahahha 😂😂😂😂

Автор pwnzunub ( назад)
what is the music in the intro?

Автор Steven Slater ( назад)
Josh cribbs is done

Автор Steven Slater ( назад)
this is when football was good

Автор SHQDOW ( назад)
good night

Автор Jared white ( назад)
You forgot Steve Young's last football game against the Cardinals he was knocked out and forced to retire

Автор marc07112 ( назад)
somebody is going to die one day on tv

Автор Devawnte surratte ( назад)
wow you are right

Автор Bijou Mbuyi ( назад)
I feel bad for the dude on the 49er one

Автор Calvin Jenkins ( назад)
I was at the game were teddy got knocked out

Автор Max Bernhardt ( назад)
5:40 and 7:55 i would NEVER run away if my opponent is horrible injured! Stop playing and ask him if he is ok or say sorry. But dont run away like nothing happened!

Автор Andrew p ( назад)
playing in the nfl is like the human equivalent of slow roasting a vegetable

Автор sibsthc19 ( назад)
Hey nfl man up and take the pads n helmets off bunch of pussies

Автор Ali Abbas ( назад)
Is it just me who saw the two guys in the bottom right corner start fighting at 4:36?😲

Автор Friss99 ( назад)
happy CTE for these guys....

Автор Alan Cortes ( назад)
Israeli sometimes evidence outdoor ago poster complete physics system.

Автор Azzouz Naguib ( назад)
c est quoi ce ( sport)de la violence a l etat pur.n importe quoi.

Автор Neil Tipton ( назад)

Автор Lee Alexander ( назад)
I love the sport with the NFL but there is one huge problem with the sport, and it's 'tackling' like this! When you're wearing so much protective gear, as well as a helmet is gives you the confidence to really launch yourself into hits and lead with the head, which, ironically, mitigates the purpose of the helmet and pads. Losing the gear would give players the incentive to practise proper tackling technique, rather than dive in with WWE-esqe flying headbutts and shoulder checks, thereby better preserving all players' wellbeing. There will still be big hits, there will still be HUGE hits. Don't believe me? Watch Rugby League - ruthless sport.

Автор Little B ( назад)
So sad😭😭😭😭😭😭

Автор James Champ ( назад)
I respect players like this. I too am a dirty player. One time a player was talking shit to me after he scored a touchdown. So after the two point conversion I came running upfeild fullspeed and hit him head first into the goal post. Best part is not a single ref saw it and they knew what had happened but because they didnt actually see it they couldnt do anything. He got carried off on a stretcher and I yelled "Have fun in the hospital ya fucking pussy'". I did get a penalty for that. Later in the game one of there players tried to hit me at full speed was over and I saw it in the last second before it happend and moved out of the way and he ended up falling down. He was PISSED and started throwing punches and Im just sitting there laughing the whole time making him even madder. Dirty hits are a part of all contact sports they make it way more exciting and hilarious when its the other team. You can see the humiliation in their eyes.

Автор SportsSpeak73 ( назад)
Stop calling them defenseless receivers. they are defenseless...they make a choice...either take the hit, or catch the ball

Автор Aiden Brace ( назад)
I play ball but I never would have seen something like that coming 🏈

Автор justw4lkbesideme ( назад)
dont they think, their neck bone was fragile, than shoulder, so they shouldnt use their head to hit someone

Автор brendan feagans ( назад)
8:46 tempers flare after Benard's injury

Автор Denise Silva ( назад)
todos eles estão bens?

Автор Lo Ki ( назад)

Автор Eddie Eforo ( назад)
Man I love football

Автор Katzblager ( назад)
"A small guy at six feet-" what, are ballers 7 foot giants now?

Автор Gustavo Dallicani ( назад)
what the intro song?

Автор Joshua Bailey ( назад)
Also anyone remember the niner game where 2 niners try to catch the ball and go head to head with each other, knocking each other out?

Автор Joshua Bailey ( назад)
I hate the browns. But jeez can josh get one break, I feel terrible for the guy😂😂😂

Автор Max Laugh ( назад)
Hi can I plz have 20 likes my cat died today 😭

Автор DaN TAKIYA ( назад)
the music is horrible

Автор Garrick Pender ( назад)

Автор Pokemon Meowth go ( назад)
The steelers have too much kos to deal with

Автор Jack Oakley ( назад)
Pretty sure the steelers James Harrison is guilty for half the knockouts in the NFL

Автор Julian Marinoff ( назад)
i dont understand how the qb got knocked out at 1:24. when they show it in slow motion the defender did his best to avoid hitting the qb, and he barely touched him. that was not a dirty play as the commentators said IMO.

Автор tacocheeze ( назад)
The sportsmanship shown by the Steelers when they hit the Dolphins QB, its a huge respect

Автор Bnapi0130 ( назад)
Damn. What really sucks is some of these hits were completely legal. You can't take the danger of this game completely out.

Автор boyce evans ( назад)
So basically AFC North will fuck you up.

Автор Wobogy ( назад)
damn that last one was insanely brutal. Did he suffer a significant spinal injury?

Автор daniel acosta ( назад)
that hurt

Автор daniel acosta ( назад)
ddude pat is cold out

Автор TheGamingDragon Stokey ( назад)
The Bengals are savage😂

Автор Cj Robbins ( назад)
he got knock out

Автор Justin Hawkins ( назад)
what a lot of people dont understand about the NFL is that these situations are sometimes unavoidable. you have the best athletes on the planet going 100% Now a lot of these helmet to helmet hits are inexcusable and reprehensible behavior. purely pathetic shit... but almost half of these hits are the results of people who are built like machines, who are trying to do their best to avoid contact at the last split second, and simply failing to do so. We're talking 10th's of a second here... What im saying is half of the personal foul penalties are bull shit, its just the NFL hierarchy trying to appease everyone

Автор RunningSD ( назад)
So who won that steelers vs bangles game?? thats what i really want to know.

Автор Frankie Ruesga ( назад)
no one can convince me teddy Bridgewater didn't fake it... that hit was no where near hard enough

Автор Macnos Mutano ( назад)
No sport is worth a lifetime of deteriorated brain function.

Автор Courtnie Wilson ( назад)
I got goosebumps seeing this

Автор James Barba ( назад)
Outro song?

Автор shamantai sherman 111 ( назад)
fuck the refs these days

Автор Leode Siefast ( назад)
Why not teach to tackle properly again? The shoulder tackle and wrap (where you HAVE to wrap your opponent) rule used in rugby would avoid a lot of these head-to-head hits. You can get any big powerful moron to launch a head-driven missile to knock-out an opponent but why not teach some skill and technique to tackling, like it should be? Rugby is far better for implementing that rule.

Автор Notley Entertainment ( назад)
when the other team prayed for them I nearly cried

Автор John Constantine ( назад)
0:52 bocadillo 😂😂😂

Автор Beer Hippie ( назад)

Автор Mato Nichols ( назад)
Feel really really bad for all of these guys especially for Austin Collie that guy took a lot of hits, all you can do is pray for them

Автор lavenderson ( назад)
estupida facking game

Автор The PedoProphet Muhhamad ( назад)
This is Nothing. Once I was watching Soccer and one dude got a paper cut!

Автор Tina Nguyen ( назад)
that was a bad day for Teddy Bridgewater too

Автор Marieke Hendriksen ( назад)
Pause capable phone enforce country tablespoon square motion.

Автор Trent LeGate ( назад)
I'm enjoying reading these comments because I'm going to be playing college football and if you play the sport you know things happen you don't intend on it happening but they happen and that's that.

Автор Lj Jones ( назад)
can someone send me a link or tell me the names of the songs used in the video? Also josh cribbs... jesus

Автор 1000itar Polako ( назад)
Had they dead in the match?

Автор Mathias Renault ( назад)
Hers unlikely impose xdsnaxy drug online capture.

Автор Joshua Rooks ( назад)
9:01 . . . . not sure if this has been mentioned . . . but . . . . did #41 / #50 do some fuck shit dance knowing a grown ass man was laying on the ground and hurt from a helmet to helmet? Maybe I saw this wrong? North / East side of the screen.

Автор xXJay_SmoothXx Smooth ( назад)
y everyone treating cribs wrong

Автор Gaspard Richard ( назад)
closet It is actually nice job #map

Автор Finbala 10 ( назад)
pause at 5.24 and look at the top right corner their faces

Автор adrainn wallace ( назад)
Joiner did pull off

Автор stefano PPP ( назад)
U forgot rod tidwell

Автор Rich Lutz ( назад)
How do you leave out Sheldon Browns hit on Reggie Bush? That was by far one of the most vicious of all time

Автор Bill Romaine ( назад)
I ache for Josh Cribbs.

Автор John Dottaviano ( назад)
Lol rip Josh

Автор Hakeem Yono ( назад)
That's shit

Автор barrett heil13 ( назад)
if you are reading thos subscribe me please

Автор D Kelly ( назад)
It's always the fucking Steelers

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