10 Knockouts In The NFL - BIG HITS

KO's on the gridiron.

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Автор Dan Nolan ( назад)
7:35 This is not a pen

Автор Bill Dred ( назад)
They could care less if players are hurt or not..

Автор salah Miller58 ( назад)

Автор Andy Petrovich ( назад)
4:44 Good night sweet prince.

Автор Dylan Klebold ( назад)
This is why I don't play football

Автор Avish Chand ( назад)
american football is the most stupidest games ever

Автор Vlad Boston ( назад)
They should flag the defensive players for helmet to helmet hits

Автор IanDC54 ( назад)
If you look at 6:02 at the bottom, the Browns beat the Patriots

Автор Boogie Manziel ( назад)

Автор Charles Floyd ( назад)
yeah ravens

Автор Vinny Diaz ( назад)
name of intro song plz

Автор fistacuff56 ( назад)
like 50% of this video is the AFC north. Is it at all ironic that almost all the teams excluding the ravens uniforms look like prison wear. How is it almost all the dirty players find themselves on one of the teams in that conference

Автор Minecraft bilder Hise ( назад)
Fuck you A Tonio Brown

Автор Xx300xX ( назад)
If you're bitching about football saying, " football the contact sport with limited contact" go watch rugby than and quit ur bitchin

Автор Joachim Allen ( назад)
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Автор Furious253 ( назад)
Cowboys Vs. Seahawks Ricardo Lockette?

Автор Matthew Alvarez ( назад)
the jets guy just got up like nothing happened

Автор GaMeR bOy7 ( назад)
9:29 duh it was Burfict

Автор Richard Calisi ( назад)
one real stupid sport!!!!

Автор Asis8000Gaming ( назад)
Anyone else wondering where the hit on Bledsoe is? Lol

Автор Dino A ( назад)
Boldin broke his jaw on that play

Автор Viclx Lclxxi ( назад)
black on black violence for our amusement.

Автор Baltazar Castillo ( назад)
the steelers hit the most In video

Автор Random King 2.0 ( назад)
whats the name of the track that you used at the end of your videos

Автор Kwame White ( назад)
bengles suck

Автор aureo Voevoda ( назад)
whats that music in the backgrund????

Автор M Ri ( назад)
Poor Cribbs

Автор The Lone Wolf ( назад)
I remember that Steelers vs Bengals game... those hits were very scary moments. I got chills back then watching it and on this video. Like I said very scary moments seeing those bodies motionless in the field and leading with the head making it that more dangerous.

Автор William Rose-IV ( назад)
very not necessary

Автор Nikki M ( назад)
just a fine for permanently damaging someone's brain...

Автор AyeHue ( назад)

Автор cade taylor ( назад)
I loved Pittsburg and Cincinnati's game It was how it like that in the old days

Автор cade taylor ( назад)
They all got CTE now

Автор Thomas Lee ( назад)
Teddy bridgefaggot is the perfect definition of fake lame footballer player and I'm glad he might not play another down....... Joyner elbow scraped his helmet and there was this big uproar about dirty hit its fucking pussy shit and I hope he never plays another down

Автор Mat c ( назад)
pat Willis got a true football player mindset for trying to shake that off. these guys get paid great but the sport takes years off your life.

Автор Strugariu Silviu ( назад)
Europeans be like American football is weak; yeah ,right

Автор Deathwish2201 ( назад)
Burfict is a fucking dumbass

Автор Chris ( назад)
"Here we go Steelers, here we go!"

Автор Addil lavache ( назад)
Ce sport est dangereux
à éviter
aller voir les travaux de bennet omalu
et le film de will smith concusion

Автор Komatose MKDOA ( назад)
That last clip lol payback is a bitch.

Автор Future AP Airmen ( назад)
Weak ass sport y'all call football 😋

Автор Future AP Airmen ( назад)
Falcons v eagles weak ass calls bro

Автор XxironmangamingxX Issoulaimani ( назад)
it can't be antinio brown injuried I'm his son WAAAAAAAAAA

Автор kurtaxl santiago ( назад)
i need the intro song plz

Автор KSE2606 ( назад)
Helmet charges will ALWAYS be the cheapest, most cowardly way to tackle an opponent. Nothing manly about it.

Автор Ljkvmvmy79 ( назад)
What song is this at the end

Автор Geoffrey Goff ( назад)
Ouch that hurt

Автор Lenni Rajala ( назад)
i play american foot ball and i got tackled so hard i broke my leg

Автор blacky_chan_77 ( назад)
yea I remember when Teddy went night night

Автор Joseph 96 ( назад)
the guy said he's a small guy at 6ft1 and 190 lb wtf 😂😂

Автор ConBCFC ( назад)
WTF happend in the 2nd one? He hardly touched him.

Автор Darko LP ( назад)
4:28 it feels so mad 😑😖

Автор D4mdSnail G0AT ( назад)
Helmet to helmet isn't part of tackling dumbass

Автор CamR Robley ( назад)
This is terrible to watch high

Автор ShariSez1 ( назад)
The Steelers are involved in 3 of 10 hits on the dickhead side, and want to attack an angry Bengal 4 against 1 for calling them the dirty players they were and still are. Paybacks are a bitch.

Автор Brett E ( назад)
56-35 Jets...

Pat whites was all his fuckin fault. Hes the one who dove into the motherfucker

Автор Yoseman1 ( назад)
People who still believe this league isn't fixed are truly fooling themselves. How can a league that has shared revenue and a salary cap have the same few teams win over and over. The only way a new team pops in is if they need a new stadium, just built a new stadium, or had a natural disaster.

Автор Blake Dirksen ( назад)
number 10 wheres the flag at walmart or something, man

Автор Screw This ( назад)
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Автор Screw This ( назад)
Hey man love the video! Please go to my channel and like and subscribe. Keep up the great work!

Автор Kelpo the Kelpo ( назад)
It's all AFC north!

Автор Blame Rottman ( назад)
josh got knocked the neck out

Автор Kepler 22b ( назад)
I'm sorry teddy L1C4 for life man

Автор ryan r ( назад)
Who would've thought that the Steelers would have 3 out of the top ten knockouts? You reap what you sow you fucking prison squad.

Автор Kakakrabbypatty ( назад)
Mad respect for the defending teams. Even though they're on opposite teams, they still worry about for the other team player.

Автор L V ( назад)
6:01 Cleveland 34 - New England 14

Автор #54 Zachary Zwahr ( назад)
The brad smith ko looks like the defender pulling smith down and Willis just a charging bull to the football and the defender almost saves him from that helm to helm contact

Автор RybomPlayer [MLG]Pro ( назад)
omgggggg helmt and helmet mega crazy

Автор jerzcnate ( назад)
this is why they need to turn the NFL into a flag football league or take the defense off the field.

Автор Joseph Mazur ( назад)
Burfict is such a joke.

Автор Luke Addy ( назад)
whats with pittsburgh knocking the fuck out of players

Автор Jubayer04 ( назад)
6:26 Noticed the seizure in the left hand of no. 17?
Hope he didnt suffer long term damage from this one.

Автор Ian Sosa ( назад)
Fashion fantasy aim hdbrm later ah nerve suicide.

Автор Tony Stark ( назад)
Chris simms! is hilarious!! that's going to be everything! suspension, fine, no candles for your birthday!!! everything!!!
hahahahha 😂😂😂😂

Автор pwnzunub ( назад)
what is the music in the intro?

Автор Steven Slater ( назад)
Josh cribbs is done

Автор Steven Slater ( назад)
this is when football was good

Автор SHQDOW ( назад)
good night

Автор Jared white ( назад)
You forgot Steve Young's last football game against the Cardinals he was knocked out and forced to retire

Автор marc07112 ( назад)
somebody is going to die one day on tv

Автор Devawnte surratte ( назад)
wow you are right

Автор Calvin Jenkins ( назад)
I was at the game were teddy got knocked out

Автор Max Bernhardt ( назад)
5:40 and 7:55 i would NEVER run away if my opponent is horrible injured! Stop playing and ask him if he is ok or say sorry. But dont run away like nothing happened!

Автор Matt ( назад)
playing in the nfl is like the human equivalent of slow roasting a vegetable

Автор sibsthc19 ( назад)
Hey nfl man up and take the pads n helmets off bunch of pussies

Автор Ali Abbas ( назад)
Is it just me who saw the two guys in the bottom right corner start fighting at 4:36?😲

Автор Friss99 ( назад)
happy CTE for these guys....

Автор Alan Cortes ( назад)
Israeli sometimes evidence outdoor ago poster complete physics system.

Автор Azzouz Naguib ( назад)
c est quoi ce ( sport)de la violence a l etat pur.n importe quoi.

Автор Neil Tipton ( назад)

Автор Lee Alexander ( назад)
I love the sport with the NFL but there is one huge problem with the sport, and it's 'tackling' like this! When you're wearing so much protective gear, as well as a helmet is gives you the confidence to really launch yourself into hits and lead with the head, which, ironically, mitigates the purpose of the helmet and pads. Losing the gear would give players the incentive to practise proper tackling technique, rather than dive in with WWE-esqe flying headbutts and shoulder checks, thereby better preserving all players' wellbeing. There will still be big hits, there will still be HUGE hits. Don't believe me? Watch Rugby League - ruthless sport.

Автор Rui Ferro ( назад)
these guys are so absorbed they dont even realize the other guy could be dead.
no money in the world is worth Alzheimer's at 40yo.

Автор Little B ( назад)
So sad😭😭😭😭😭😭

Автор MrunAurya ( назад)
American Football is Sissy version of RUGBY

Автор James Champ ( назад)
I respect players like this. I too am a dirty player. One time a player was talking shit to me after he scored a touchdown. So after the two point conversion I came running upfeild fullspeed and hit him head first into the goal post. Best part is not a single ref saw it and they knew what had happened but because they didnt actually see it they couldnt do anything. He got carried off on a stretcher and I yelled "Have fun in the hospital ya fucking pussy'". I did get a penalty for that. Later in the game one of there players tried to hit me at full speed was over and I saw it in the last second before it happend and moved out of the way and he ended up falling down. He was PISSED and started throwing punches and Im just sitting there laughing the whole time making him even madder. Dirty hits are a part of all contact sports they make it way more exciting and hilarious when its the other team. You can see the humiliation in their eyes.

Автор SportsSpeak73 ( назад)
Stop calling them defenseless receivers. they are defenseless...they make a choice...either take the hit, or catch the ball

Автор Aiden Brace ( назад)
I play ball but I never would have seen something like that coming 🏈

Автор justw4lkbesideme ( назад)
dont they think, their neck bone was fragile, than shoulder, so they shouldnt use their head to hit someone

Автор Ludwig von Koopa ( назад)
8:46 tempers flare after Benard's injury

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