10 Knockouts In The NFL - BIG HITS

KO's on the gridiron.

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Автор StarWars66 ( назад)
Man Josh Cribbs is disrespected by a lot

Автор Archer Russell ( назад)
NRL is better😂

Автор Reggie Lee ( назад)
7:38 The guy in the background. Like he is watching a lion eat an infant.

Автор Steven R ( назад)
Some of these are definitely flagrant and dirty, but Bridgewater was barely hit!

Автор Jake ( назад)
I wish there was a universal agreement among teams to just fuck up the Steelers.

Автор Justin Jenkins ( назад)
I fell kinda bad for saying it but the aftermath of Teddy Bridgewaters hit look the most comfortable. Like if someone were to put a blanket on him i'd think he was just taking a nap on the turf and someone forgot to wake him up before the game started

Автор Lchuo ( назад)
That piano music in background is very annoying!!!

Автор Mike Monahan ( назад)
that helmit to helmit shit- thats illegalized right ?

Автор Jason Matthews ( назад)
Damn, that's some shady shit.

Автор snookin04 ( назад)
9:33 what it looks like to steal a lombardi

Автор Daniel Christopher Spain ( назад)
Josh cribs on here twice lmao

Автор ILike Sydney ( назад)
Where the heck is Kam Chancellor?!?!?

Автор Rage Cage07 ( назад)
Vikings teddy flopped that rnzs defender completely misses teddy watch again bullshit

Автор G T ( назад)
F the QB, back in the day they delt with it, Ask Jim Kelly. The NFL is QB/WR GAY BALL - ask Bernard Pollard or James Harrison.

Автор Ashley Whelan ( назад)
this is crap

Автор bongo fury ( назад)
Just eject offending players, the coaches, owners and players union can go suck a bag of dicks........large sweaty, salty donkey dicks

Автор Bill Ryan ( назад)
Austin collie is so lucky to not be dead

Автор BERKAY ILGUN ( назад)
where can i find beganls vs steelers full game ?

Автор Exactly PA ( назад)
when the nfl apologized to he bengals for bad officiating and they aid it was an illegal hit and the one rolling touchdown wasn't a touchdown and the steelers couch should have been tossed...

Автор GRONK BE BEAST ( назад)

Автор LuckyChoco ( назад)
at 4:50 when I see the person I celebrate I want to kill the person because he suck dick

Автор TerryFGM ( назад)
still a fucking boring sport.

Автор William Clack ( назад)
The Vikings QB slid before anyone hit him just keep pausing the video u will notice it

Автор Maddox Helme ( назад)
How the hell is josh cribbs still alive

Автор Ortigas Raymundo ( назад)
Scary whiplashes

Автор SilencedAuto7 ( назад)

Автор Chase Lamb ( назад)
What's that jingle or song name at the start?

Автор Critique ( назад)
All jokes aside ,these blows to the heads are some thing serious. People end up killing them selfes because of CTE. You can call me a pussy or what ever but at the end of the days these guys are normal people, who have life and family outside of football. Imagine going crazy a couple years later and not able to enjoy life because of these hits. Facts.

Автор thunder al ( назад)
why do the steelers kneel and " pray" when they constantly are the dirtiest team. hypocrisy at its finest

Автор Liam White ( назад)
girls UK rugby has no pads or helmets

Автор Painn vainn ( назад)
oooooo BANG BANG SHOTS fired

Автор Jeff Otieno ( назад)
some of this hits are attempted murder

Автор Jeff Otieno ( назад)
how did the guy in the first clip not immediately die

Автор Lord Vic ( назад)
dont let any of this distract you that the Falcons blew a 25 point lead

Автор Lord Vic ( назад)
burfict is an asshole

Автор Armani0627 ( назад)

Автор nello spazio ( назад)
helmet to helmet aka steelers regular hit

Автор Chris Bowman ( назад)
fuck Phil Simms

Автор mg42sd ( назад)
I absolutely love the choice of music :)

Автор Eric Von ( назад)
As a Packer fan, anytime you see Teddy Bitchwater and those ringless Viqueen bitches take a hit like that is great.

Автор Big Neal ( назад)
Its kinda sad to watch.....I couldn't watch the whole video!

Автор Luke Gillett QB ( назад)
Checkout my highlights please!

Автор Quan Williams ( назад)
and the NFL team don't want to guarantee players whole contracts smdh

Автор Sanchez Stanley ( назад)
let me knock a nigga out

Автор saahii myworld ( назад)

Автор Joey Mangonunzo ( назад)
I guess who ever made the list never heard of Jack Tatum.

Автор Gimikli Options ( назад)
As a former player, some of these hits are unavoidable and unintentional, its part of the game unfortunately.

Автор Dan Stevens ( назад)
Kam Chancellor vs Davis of the 49ers????.. best knockout you'll ever see

Автор JoMelo RoseLeeGis ( назад)
DAMN, I'm sorry man, my kids don't play football. its just not worth it.

Автор JustinHinzMagic ( назад)
Beethoven Moonlight Sonata?

Автор Kalas Joy ( назад)
Bullshit sport.

Автор Wayne CADDELL ( назад)
No wonder Cribbs smokes pot now

Автор Kolbe Smith ( назад)
man for a man in the steelers Bengals game...like retaliation for pitchers in baseball he just had his dudes back

Автор Sibyl Leah Jodie ( назад)
*If u bite my lips or kiss my neck, I promise to rip your .fvck.ing outfits off. If u are an .4.d.u.l.t., please contact me now here* ⟹ http://gph.to/2o6Rgth

Автор Khiry Clark ( назад)
football was life. ...... glad I'm alive still and able to walk

Автор Nini L ( назад)
This is not a Football. The real football is soccer, this is shit

Автор NATO 5 ( назад)
Ok I'm a Vikings fan and the number 5 is just sad

Автор Footboy Boogie ( назад)

Автор LGPanthers1 ( назад)
Burfict is a fucking scumbucket, he should be banned lifetime

Автор po opy ( назад)
did this fucktard just say “wow, this is a coaches worst nightmare”?

Автор Darion Dudley ( назад)
i cried man 😢

Автор vin russo ( назад)
I think college games are more hard hitting. They play with passion, and every hit could be their ticket to the NFL.

Автор T ( назад)
there was dought about it that bridgwater was going to slide. he slide to late

Автор joel flores ( назад)
What about ryan Clark and Willis mcgehee? afc championship

Автор Tshep ( назад)
Fucking idiots, learn how to tackle correctly...Go play some real rugby and learn instead of wacking your heads together.

Автор SufferingIsPeace ( назад)
i play youth tackle football and this one corner was blocked by our running back and he went flying and he started to have a seizure and he was coughing up blood because he bit his tongue off and was out cold. i was the wr that he was covering and i got like 40 yards on that play. it was really bad though an ambulance came and took him. and like his whole team was crying then my team prayed for him i hope he is ok now

btw this is a brother's channel not mine

Автор PT Phalanx ( назад)
It's so bad how brown hit the ground it was horrible to watch that game no reason to do that at all

Автор cybern9ne ( назад)
Bridgewater looks like he's home sleeping in his own bed.

Автор Ryan Mortela ( назад)
patrick willis beast 49ers forwver

Автор Edgar Garcia ( назад)

Автор DaSurreal1da ( назад)
No Wayne Chrebet?.....When He was out cold he had his eyes open..

Автор Dan Nolan ( назад)
7:35 This is not a pen

Автор Bill Dred ( назад)
They could care less if players are hurt or not..

Автор salah Miller58 ( назад)

Автор Andy Petrovich ( назад)
4:44 Good night sweet prince.

Автор Dylan Klebold ( назад)
This is why I don't play football

Автор Avish Chand ( назад)
american football is the most stupidest games ever

Автор Vlad Boston ( назад)
They should flag the defensive players for helmet to helmet hits

Автор IanDC54 ( назад)
If you look at 6:02 at the bottom, the Browns beat the Patriots

Автор Boogie Manziel ( назад)

Автор Charles Floyd ( назад)
yeah ravens

Автор Vinny Diaz ( назад)
name of intro song plz

Автор fistacuff56 ( назад)
like 50% of this video is the AFC north. Is it at all ironic that almost all the teams excluding the ravens uniforms look like prison wear. How is it almost all the dirty players find themselves on one of the teams in that conference

Автор Minecraft bilder Hise ( назад)
Fuck you A Tonio Brown

Автор Xx300xX ( назад)
If you're bitching about football saying, " football the contact sport with limited contact" go watch rugby than and quit ur bitchin

Автор Furious253 ( назад)
Cowboys Vs. Seahawks Ricardo Lockette?

Автор Matthew Alvarez ( назад)
the jets guy just got up like nothing happened

Автор GaMeR bOy7 ( назад)
9:29 duh it was Burfict

Автор Richard Calisi ( назад)
one real stupid sport!!!!

Автор Asis8000Gaming ( назад)
Anyone else wondering where the hit on Bledsoe is? Lol

Автор Dino A ( назад)
Boldin broke his jaw on that play

Автор Viclx Lclxxi ( назад)
black on black violence for our amusement.

Автор Baltazar Castillo ( назад)
the steelers hit the most In video

Автор Blue God ( назад)
whats the name of the track that you used at the end of your videos

Автор Kwame White ( назад)
bengles suck

Автор aureo Voevoda ( назад)
whats that music in the backgrund????

Автор M Ri ( назад)
Poor Cribbs

Автор The Lone Wolf ( назад)
I remember that Steelers vs Bengals game... those hits were very scary moments. I got chills back then watching it and on this video. Like I said very scary moments seeing those bodies motionless in the field and leading with the head making it that more dangerous.

Автор William Rose-IV ( назад)
very not necessary

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