★ ANTHONY ''Rumble'' JOHNSON || Highlights/Knockouts

Anthony Kewoa Johnson (born March 6, 1984) is an American mixed martial artist who competes in the light heavyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He is well known for his brutal knockout power and intimidating presence inside the octagon.
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Автор Brandon Bollard ( назад)
dan henderson

Автор Elijah Baker ( назад)
this guy is pretty much the Mike Tyson of MMA especially when it comes to KO power

Автор Jay Lee ( назад)
And imo AJ is one greatest knockout artist of all time.

Автор Jay Lee ( назад)
C'mon AJ and beat DC for the belt man.. I'm rooting for you. And i can see AJ knockout dc in the 2nd to early third rd by a dangerous punch or a brutal leg kick that would send dc night night.

Автор TexasCat 100 ( назад)
Daniel going toe to toe with rumble is suicide

Автор Ana Perez ( назад)
El mejor po lejos

Автор dapperdonmilli ( назад)
Rumble is a baaaad muthafucka!!!👊

Автор Stephen oleary ( назад)
Respect rumble Johnson fucking beast

Автор HeavyMental1000 ( назад)
@ 4:36 rumble knocked him cross-eyed with that atom smasher

Автор JsOnMyFeet23 ( назад)
Some say he is gassing really quick, well you won't be there probably to witness it as you will be laying down out cold

Автор Keaun Thomas ( назад)
can u believe this stacked beast of a man fought at 170?

Автор cb7pwn ( назад)
one of the scariest human beings alive... when he and DC do their side by side press tour, that tension in the air is banannas

Автор Lee Lorbecke ( назад)
aj is the closest man of this generation to tyson by far that ive ever seen,, if aj would clean up his boxing just a little bit more ''accuracy'',, he'd be unstoppable... id love to see aj,, as a long time dominant champ,,

Автор Iam Pyre ( назад)
When Johnson knocks out Cormier, Harambe will be proud of him.

Автор BaltroCCo86 ( назад)
I hope he put dc's ass to sleep

Автор S U R V I V E ( назад)
Aside from Mark Hunt, hardest hitter in UFC at his time

Автор King Kirk ( назад)
nice sound

Автор Henry Yeboah ( назад)
Can you create a clip of " The Predator - Francis Ngannou" ? Would be great

Автор mohamad ali sleiman ( назад)
bring that frankie edgar highlights back man

Автор Abu Sayed ( назад)
this guy fought at welterweight and heavyweight :|

Автор john trigger ( назад)
very good

Автор Terrence Aldridge ( назад)
Man my boy rumble was a beast in welterweight... but now as a heavy weight, the man is just a monster since he moved up just don't like the fact yhey taking so long with the rematch against dc..... rumble gone be s true champion

Автор AwareAware ( назад)
Song on the 1st mark hunt vid before it re uploaded ?

Автор andrea caparrini ( назад)
for me anthony"rumble" johnson is better than dc cormier only john"bones" jones can beat this guy. rumble is faster and his punch power is amazing maybe on the ground can make better but he is a real S.O.B. all my respect for antony and hope he can take the belt of the LW soon .......DC cormier isn't a real champion

Автор Knockout Gamer ( назад)
he kick so hard

Автор John Gotti ( назад)
В жизни нельзя делать 3 вещи: ходить по тонкому льду, переваривать пельмени, и не в коем случае НЕЛЬЗЯ драться с Рамблом в стойке!

Автор Айбек Бекешов ( назад)
Мне стало жалко когда Густафссон заплакал после проигрыша Джонсону

Автор The Hash Slinging Slasher ( назад)
"when i knock people out they don't fucking move"

Автор MLG Estrada ( назад)
Anybody know when hell post the Anderson Silva one again.................it always got me pumped.

Автор André Mc Farlane ( назад)
Yoel Romero probably the only other middle-weight to light heavy who can compete punch 4 punch with Heavyweights IMO

Автор André Mc Farlane ( назад)
Rumble has best power of anybody in the division in both kicks and punches he cud legit KO heavyweights

Автор asdf ( назад)
As a White guy, I have to admit that I do feel a deep sense of satisfaction whenever I see a Black person beat the fuck out of a white person - that's for both white males and females - so long as the white person getting fucked up is not me. LOL.

I say this in the fact of all the rampant racism I see these days. Both on the internet and in real life, especially in the wake of Trump's election.

Автор JAMAR DISTEL ( назад)
The GOAT of ko's

Автор John Vincent Cabusora ( назад)
BOXING & MMA Pls create matt hughes highlight

Автор Грант Оганесян ( назад)
Ахереные видосы пилишь !!

Автор Trent Meaux ( назад)
Some men are born fighters. Some men can train all their lives and never be considered elite fighters. This man was born to be a fight. What a killer!!!!

Автор Tw[i]X ( назад)
More videos please for Mirko-Cro-COOP❤

Автор TheGamingg33k ( назад)
Rumble reminds me of Mike Tyson. Explosive Beast.

Автор lennart fuest ( назад)
Please reupload the gsp Video

Автор Junior pena ( назад)
one thing about rumble is you can't say he's not worked his way up the latter and earned the title shot he's annihilated all the top comp in this division and then some.

Автор atylla Andrade ( назад)
back highlights GSP

Автор notorious nipple ( назад)
What was the song on the Mark Hunt vid?

Автор Evgenij007 ( назад)
Will you do a fedor highlights video?

Автор daniel rodriguez ( назад)

excelente video

Автор Jarred Johnson ( назад)
Rumble was a welterweight, Punk is a welterweight. That would be a sick fight. I think Punk would KO him though

Автор ThomasPaine ( назад)
That's a bad man!

Автор Lord Lobov ( назад)
Super fight with Lord Lobov would be cool

Автор gasparin12 ( назад)
even more powerful than dan henderson

Автор Mohaa Wz ( назад)
Before there was another video about rumble.. please could you set that video on youtube again i really liked it

Автор Amadou Dem ( назад)
Straight out killa ! Wow amazing

Автор Ali Bal ( назад)
Nate Diáz!!!!!!!!

Автор danny a pepino ( назад)
conor mcgregor

Автор David ( назад)
Could you imagine being a ref and accidentally eating one of his punches?

Автор guilherme portugal ( назад)
Acredito que nenhum ser humano vivo poderia vence-lo numa briga de bar.

Автор Иван Шивердинов ( назад)
Дайте трек пожалуйста!!! Шазам не распознает, в вк по названию в описании не могу найти...

Автор 문태주 ( назад)

Автор Iranian sextoy12 ( назад)
Do one on Gegard Mousasi

Автор Swatch ( назад)
Donald Cerrone Highlights, please

Автор Konrad Henke ( назад)

Автор Junior pena ( назад)
he's like khabib he's a monster at his best skill set.

Автор That boy aint right ( назад)
Absolutely amazing. No doubt the scariest man alive

Автор A town ( назад)

Автор Josh Schmidt ( назад)

Автор Natez DaGr8 ( назад)
Scariest fighter in MMA. This guy throws every punch with power to send you back to yo mama.

Автор pokeit2bsure ( назад)
I see why people enjoying watching him.... LOL!

Автор Ryan Spurrier ( назад)
great video as always could you do Faber cuz the retirement n everything

Автор Prajol Gurung ( назад)
hardest hitting man currently in the ufc

Автор thanh trung tran ( назад)
Do GSP plz

Автор Aris Martinez ( назад)
I truly believe no one can stand up with Rumble. Not even Conor.

Автор David Jansen ( назад)
just brutal

Автор Trixono Trixono ( назад)
His punching power and leg kicks are insane! What a fighter!!

Автор Kelvyn Ferreira Alves ( назад)
What was the first beat did you use in the last Anthony Johnson Highlight?

Автор Trent Meaux ( назад)
Dudes videos are on point

Автор MrSzinog ( назад)

Автор Le Justicier ( назад)
Black Beast.

Автор Snowman3g ( назад)
I think the last song u had for his last highlight was better

Автор Ji ni ( назад)
But he also can't beat Mcgregor

Автор Candace O'Regan ( назад)
Can you do Fedor Emianiko plzz:)

Автор OHIO ARROWHEADS ( назад)
One of the nicest dudes I've ever met. Vicious right hand too.

Автор ufc is my life ( назад)
hope the gsp video gets re uploaded

Автор Dennis Siver ( назад)
he needs to get down to 170 and take on Tyron

Автор AXharoth ( назад)
this guy needs to be illegal

Автор AXharoth ( назад)
ultra lube

Автор Mayron César ( назад)

Автор GARI ( назад)
Anthony Jonhson Super Fighter, Nokaut Victory.

Автор Chuck Liddell ( назад)
Imagine rumble against chuck Liddell in his prime

Автор Егор Анисимов ( назад)
можешь кинуть трек который был раньше?

Автор wisem hammami ( назад)

Автор Lando GROOVY vannata the true prodigy ( назад)
cub swanson for knockouts or dominick cruz for the beauty of fight IQ and when lando will finish a few more opponents u could be blessed by making his highlights. nice video btw

Автор Red Hood ( назад)
Robbie lawler please

Автор Eugene Zakharov ( назад)
Cub Swonson please? Beautiful Destruction

Автор ANT1989 ( назад)

Автор Junior pena ( назад)
this dudes power is on another level to just keep knocking out people so easily.

Автор the 800 ( назад)
Crazy to think he fought at welterweight one point in time

Автор Eugene Zakharov ( назад)
как сделать хайлайт к Энтони Джонсону? Ничего не вырезаешь, вставляешь просто бои в очередь и вуоля, хайлайт готов :D

Автор DEEZ NUTS ( назад)
Do conor mcgregor , the guy is allready a legend

Автор CYRAX GAMING ( назад)
what a scary fucker that guy is

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