Ex's & Oh's | feat. Vanessa Hudgens

The holidays are over and the NEW YEAR is here! Been reading all of your comments... happy to have my BFF Vanessa Hudgens on Music Sessions! Here is our version "Ex's & Oh's". Who should I collab with next?

This is our 1st duet! XOXOXO! Also, big thank you to my husband Chris, who composed + played the guitar for us!

Directed by: Sky Gaven http://bit.ly/SkyGaven

Have some fun listening to some music while enjoying the holidays: http://bit.ly/MusicSessions

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Love you guys!

Music Sessions is an intimate musical series curated and performed by me. Some of my musician friends will be invited to collaborate and play music in my backyard, in each episode I will join them as we perform a unique rendition of their songs or a cover, which can exclusively be found on my channel.

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Автор Julia Ellis ( назад)
You should do one with all the original high school musical cast!

Автор Chelsey Badillo ( назад)
Their voices go so well together 😩❤️

Автор andrea k ( назад)
why did i have to read the comments about their feet being so close to each other ugh now i can't focus on anything other than the feet

Автор anna clara Silva ( назад)

Автор Paige Reales ( назад)
this is from my recommended list

Автор Bryana Rose ( назад)
They don't sound good singing at the same time

Автор Shakirah Ni Bhriain ( назад)
Vanessa has this ghosts voice

Автор Wiktoria Chodkowska ( назад)
Can u do fight song with vanessa hudgens

Автор Scrypt ( назад)
who wants ashley, zac, vanessa, lucas, corbin and monique to do a cover for a song?

Автор Sille Helmar ( назад)
When Vanessa says ex i only think about Zac

Автор will newbatt ( назад)
im looking at all the comments about their feet like "whats the problem, i didnt notice it". scroll up and then "OH FUCK ME". there's like one particle between them.

Автор Lyndsey Bridgers ( назад)
I like this better than the original song! 😂😂

Автор Dave .H ( назад)
love yo see you back ashley

Автор Monica Mae ( назад)
Damn you two sound amazing together! I literally got chills

Автор Sasha Loyola ( назад)
Vanessa looks hella baked

Автор Nadine Cruz ( назад)
Please sing All We Know by The Chainsmokers !!!

Автор Sara Hartman ( назад)
I need them to record this and put it on Spotify

Автор Likhona Xabe ( назад)
Please sing I want it all with Lucas Grabeel

Автор Michelle Cheng ( назад)

Автор J.D Alvarez ( назад)

Автор ashley and tanya bff forever !!! ( назад)

Автор Pink panda 545 ( назад)
Roman Atwood's EX WIFE RIGHT ?

Автор Amanda Griswold ( назад)
And everyone says it's better then original

Автор Amanda Griswold ( назад)
I'm obsessed with this cover I show everyone lol

Автор Mely W ( назад)
Best duo everrrr!!!!!!!

Автор Nicole Herrera ( назад)
Ashley your hair looks so pretty!❤️ could u make a hair tutorial?

Автор Tanikia Sharkey ( назад)
Who else notices Vanessa look high xD

Автор Mark Thomas ( назад)
Omg they look like Gabriella and sharpay anyone agree

Автор Logan Girard ( назад)
I need more

Автор Shadow Wolf Girl ( назад)
the harmony is truly amazing

Автор la lucila ( назад)
estan re drogadas jajaaj

Автор Paola Acosta ( назад)
Zac donde estas ??

Автор Ghalia Swiss ( назад)
4:27 their feet touched

Автор lina hidalgo diaz ( назад)
make other due with vanessa i loved this nice vídeo

Автор Elizabeth Kitchener ( назад)
This is so beautiful. Plus, can you do more of this please.

Автор Karmen Barić ( назад)
I'm in LOVEE

Автор Tyler Eramo ( назад)
Did anyone else notice the awkward tension between their toes.

Автор futa princess ( назад)
Vanessa looks high

Автор Laura Merétei ( назад)
is it on spotify?

Автор nathan gifth ( назад)
Vanessa has the greatest voice...she should run the industry as a singer...

Автор asdfghjkl ( назад)
look at their feet, thats how close i am from losing my shit and quiting highschool

Автор Corissa Porter ( назад)
Please do dive by ed sheeran!!!

Автор Cynthia Marie ( назад)
Vanessa sounds like an angel

Автор Joyce Tam ( назад)
please make an album tgtt

Автор Michael O'Neill ( назад)
Your husband looks like a creeper

Автор Lana Canson ( назад)
Ah this brought me back to my childhood! Loved this!

Автор Irdina Miza ( назад)
this is pure beauty

Автор Ms Rana ( назад)
Enough with the feet comments.

Автор Destiny Star ( назад)
their toes are so close together

Автор Rence Espiritu ( назад)

Автор OurLifeAsRyleeAndEmma ( назад)
Hm.. Let's do.. I don't know.. maybe.. Zac Efron? :)

Автор Heidi's Corner ( назад)
This is so cute! #HighSchoolMusicalSquad <3 Love it

Автор Solokerotuamor ( назад)
This version is so much better !!!!!

Автор Quarcoe Emmanuella ( назад)
I watch a video on YouTube that said she is "no more" pls is she alive?

Автор Janini 11 ( назад)
Wow <3

Автор aspoonfulofzoe : ( назад)
This has me shook

Автор Re n ( назад)
Love your music sessions! Would it be nice to listen to you singing ''Just Another Girl'' from the Killers, wouldn't it?

Автор Dolly me myself and i ( назад)
I feel secrets through their eyes reviews

Автор Amanda Mendoza ( назад)
I would love to hear the Girl crush song by little big town!

Автор Dumitru Moraru ( назад)

Автор Annalea Scheck ( назад)
Love this

Автор Thatgirl_ Shannon ( назад)
omg they sing so good! I'm jealous :(

Автор Thatgirl_ Shannon ( назад)
omg they sing so good! I'm jealous :(

Автор Hailey Puccinelli ( назад)
I'm playing Vanessa in our school play

Автор Erick Martinez ( назад)
They probably had a threesome after that

Автор juria vang ( назад)
it is so hard to choose their voice

Автор YoutubeLover forever ( назад)
its even better on 1:25 speed !!! <3

Автор Alicia Aun ( назад)
is the guy playing guitar Ashley's bf

Автор Meadow Fawn ( назад)
this is literally a HIGH school musical tb ...

Автор Carmen Hatcher ( назад)
miss watching high school Musical 😂😂

Автор Honest ADR ( назад)

Автор laurasferückte welt ( назад)
sorry i can`t english, the baun girl can perfact ex´s an Oh´s sing

Автор Val Lawley ( назад)
My childhood is complete 😭💗

Автор Angello Gabriel ( назад)

Автор Photographer Makeup ( назад)
Hey Ashley, could you do the cover of Make Me Cry by Noah Cyrus....xo

Автор Ciara Lilly ( назад)

Автор _dijela_ ( назад)
make one with Zac Efron :D

Автор maye H. ( назад)
at our time, if you saw two best friends who act towards each other with caring and all, people thought they are lesbians or in love with each other, they can be best friends, weird!

Автор brenda torres ( назад)
I got chills. I waited years for this. They're bringing back so many memories

Автор Ciji Sampson ( назад)
That was amazing! Is there anyway you two could record it and put it on iTunes?! Pretty please!!! Also, is there a fan page or email, someway to get in touch with you? Nothing crazy! Lol

Автор fiveletterz ( назад)
I really enjoyed this cover! Awesome job :)

Автор DigitalMCA ( назад)
This creeped me out not gonna lie...

Автор Tresean Williams ( назад)
who else heard Candace at 3:47 😂

Автор Karen ( назад)
they look high btw love them

Автор Sara Sofia Montoya ( назад)
que bien cantan juntas

Автор Jeremy Solís ( назад)
I've seen this video a million times 😂💛

Автор jozef balog ( назад)
Hi everyone I'm acttractive guy as you think

Автор Tina Leja ( назад)

Автор Peyton Magadan ( назад)
Love guys

Автор Helin Inal ( назад)
Wow memories they still look 17

Автор Cookie ( назад)
it's strange how much i used to hate van (back on the HSM days) and now i freaking adore her :3

Автор Bethanie Dee ( назад)
All the people saying "there feet are so close or the way they look at each other"😂 they are best friends and ash is married like your looking into things too much...

Автор Evgenia Dourida ( назад)
I loved it

Автор Malak Saheb ( назад)
The first time I herd there cover I sent it to all the groups I was in

Автор Mary Grace Buena ( назад)
i love them

Автор Neam Toto ( назад)
sing shape of you please!

Автор Nina Deoc ( назад)
make me ( cry )

Автор saki _ ( назад)

Автор Trevor Wright ( назад)
they're not even gay but people here are so uncomfortable that their feet are touching. that's just called being comfortable with your bestfriend... what is happening?!

Автор Kasturi Kumar ( назад)
loved it

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