Mark Zuckerberg The Real Face Behind Facebook

Con solo 27 años, el creador de Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, tiene una fortuna de 30.000 millones de dólares. Todos conocen Facebook, pero poco se sabe de la vida de Mark.

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Автор NADIM RIVAS ( назад)
aca en español latino


Автор TRIKI TRIKI ( назад)
Está muy mal traducido, hay veces que se contradicen las frases del inglés
al español.

Автор Aneesh Dasari ( назад)

Автор Lsdude420 ( назад)
Fucking paparazzi is pathetic. dickhead probably wishes he was that
wealthy. And his suggestions as to what someone should do with their money
just shows how sad and bored and insane he is.

Автор Carlos Alberto ( назад)
Muy pequeño el tamaño de los subtítulos. Qué lástima. Me hubiera gustado
ver este documental.

Автор Paul Arnold ( назад)
facebook is used by the weak, people with no real personality. those with
poor communication skills. People who have no social skills, people who are
" friends" !! , with everyone, intimate with no one. People with no life,
who then " create" a life online, NOT in the real world of touch znd feel.
Also mz works closely with US intelligence services, scary, but true.

Автор Paul Arnold ( назад)
never, ever trust or do business with a jew. EVER. This is the first rule
and most important rule of business. jews detest non jews, .

Автор Lolly Pop ( назад)
this documentary in a way I actually find quite disturbing not so much the
documentary but mark Zuckerberg and the way facebook actually came about
its quite disturbing that it was practically built from hacking lies
deception and silence was paid for the most disturbing part for me is the
fact that he was first inspired by hacking the university computer systems
and publishing people's personal photos for public campus use these days he
requests people's personal information such as government identification
and other personal documentation now he no longer needs to hack systems for
this information he just uses people's personal facebook profiles with all
there information against them to aquire personal government documentation
all thoe facebook is a great place to catch up with people I really do
questions the foundation of its establishment and it's security regulations
regarding individuals personal information and it's genuine service to the
as it was created pretty much from dishonesty
maybe those people were cut out for wat may just be a good thing and won't
later on lead to defamation of there character it wud be interesting to see
how Facebook goes in the many years to come ✌

Автор AThousandTongues ( назад)
Thank God I got off Facebook. Now to get off google...

Автор Christopher ( назад)
What a weird documentary. I like it.

Автор Meekseek ( назад)
the man is an asshole not news.
he did a social engineering show on his baby gets vaccines.
A total asshole.

Автор Skyhighblu ( назад)
A taco is a Mexican sandwich in case anyone needed clarification there...
hahahahaha 48:28

Автор Skyhighblu ( назад)
hahaha I like Mark. He's the fuckin webmaster flex did you not see that?

Автор Dofos Variety Channel ( назад)
has anyone else realized facebook is myspace... the only thing they did was
add likes?

Автор Xiaolong Hou ( назад)
what's so wrong about giving the same answer to the same question in
different interviews?

Автор Vesuviuz Cannonball ( назад)
Typical Jew

Автор Sanatorio Pasteur ( назад)

Автор Agahd Le'Sape ( назад)
15:46 "What did your dad tell you specifically?"

"'Don't do any more Mark Zuckerberg projects."


Автор True Activist 66 ( назад)
His a motherfucker there use us all....

Автор kalyasiri (476 лет назад)
What is this VDO All about ??? ...... if some body have idea and unable
to realized it ....it's their misfortune ....... and the idea is neither
new nor original ...

Автор kalyasiri (821 год назад)
The idea of a social network was already consumed at that time , if they
don't finished their work ...I'm sorry for them . Mark didn't steal their
idea ...

Автор Sean Harris ( назад)
It's all fake . His friend did not create it either . Facebook is a
government website . It was created by the government . Mark is just a kid
they used to create the fake story so they can spy . The new facebook
instant message app on your cell phone can literally use your camera to
view what you are viewing without you knowing your camera app even came on
. It can also spy on your audio as well as far as what you are talking
about with other people , again , without your knowing it came on - on your
phone .

Автор RandomPerson ( назад)

Автор 1yasaman ( назад)
What a traitor this Mark guy is! Just wow! He doesnt deserve what he has,
if he cant even stay true to his best friend...

Автор Tarquin Mahoney ( назад)
hes a psychopath

Автор George Hajii ( назад)
I awestruck by the new wave of creative people that have emerged into the
world recently. How long do I mean in "recently?" That is what is so
amazing about being alive during the 20/21st centuries in time. The rate of
change and advancement of creativity in the worlds of music, fashion, to
politics, now onto social networks and eventually you name it has gained
incredible inertia, 

Автор Tommy DeWitt ( назад)
He is an ugly looking motherfucker

Автор justkeepitoriginal ( назад)

Автор CHIPOTLE YT-PVPツ ( назад)
Like si quisistes entrar a la pagina que aparece en el minuto 7:35

Автор Numan Ghani ( назад)
he is so simple guy

Автор timfosho ( назад)
Zuckerberg is a giant dick

Автор NEXPAR ( назад)
I hate Mark Zuckerberg!

Автор ENEMENCIO123VISION ( назад)
THATS WAS FUCKING AWESOME! Mark is an AMAZING Example of the American

Автор Gam3rGuyWins ( назад)
Rich People = Mass Murderers?...
Think about it; they have all that money, yet
do very little if anything at all to save lives,
solve world hunger, create jobs, invest in green
energies, and stop wars from happening. etc...

Автор hansonkewl06 ( назад)
likes Chinese girls LOL

Автор Alberto Alvarez ( назад)
He is probably just really shy, i get that. Is not that strange that a
billionaire has a modest life, have a look at Warren Buffet, he is the 4th
richest guy around here and he doesn't live in a palace.

Автор AJIT MORE ( назад)
nice job.......

Автор imhellag ( назад)
Pretty fucked up, going to see Dr Zuckerberg when he said no. Is this TMZ?
Where's the integrity. 

Автор millsathn ( назад)
An official language of what? It's an official language of Spain ya clown

Автор Sydney Johnson ( назад)
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Автор jasonloden ( назад)
32:00 He got it from an anonymous source? Yeah right, probably made those
instant messages up

Автор Daniel Pryce ( назад)
Programming for Dummies created Facebook

Автор isildur ( назад)
no, he does not need it. English is an official language, Spanish is not.

Автор sonson88 ( назад)
6:45 hahahaha

Автор O__________O ( назад)
He knew what he was doing.

Автор Jumke ( назад)
i bet the twins have FB profiles now

Автор sol Luna ( назад)
pesima traduccion,

Автор alojatemexico ( назад)

Автор Ruben Leeuwis ( назад)
Well put.

Автор ShoogerFreeAds ( назад)
Interesting story. Thank you.

Автор SteveC30 ( назад)
47.00 what a cunt!

Автор colin5577 ( назад)
I've no feelings about Zuckerberg one way or the other, but if nobody else
is going to do it, I'd like to nominate Facebook for being the gayest thing
in the history of mankind. A pointless cesspit of narcissism,
self-promotion and inanity that makes us, as a species, look that bit less
worth keeping around.

Автор pjero precaj ( назад)
did you realised that mark has two different eye colors brown and green

Автор OnlineJobs99 ( назад)
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Twitter! GET PAID UPTO $25 to $35 AN HOUR... Only at 4NetJobs.com Work from
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Автор JoeGooner T ( назад)
whats wrong being rich but still living a normal life?

Автор Gonzalo Benitez ( назад)
facebook era mi idea!

Автор sergibrin ( назад)
germans trusting a jew ,top LeL dont they remember what happened last time?

Автор sergibrin ( назад)

Автор Kelly oxo ( назад)
There is a girl that is missing and they think maybe its because she met
the criminal on Facebook. There are many good things about Facebook, there
are also the bad.

Автор Kelly oxo ( назад)
When you go home that is your respite Facebook invades that. People need a
place to feel safe. Facebook robs you of that. I recognized that when it
started. That is why I don't have a Facebook page. Maybe its because I am
female, women have to be more careful.

Автор TheSwan1928 ( назад)
too bad they get to interview only the LOSERS on the mark zuckerberg
"rising" story....i.e. the winkle-something brothers ;-)

Автор Kelly oxo ( назад)
Good question.

Автор Tyler Aston ( назад)
Wow these people that made this are really slimy, they try and make him
sound evil. Also all the stuff they did at the end was just pathetic. All I
see is a typical nerdy kid, that wants to live left alone. He spends over
14 hours a day at work? Yeah I dont see most people in america willing to
do that, that is why he is successful.

Автор david s ( назад)
and after we fuck all your women with our big hebrew national schlongs
they're so loose that the only way you can get them off is with a good

Автор michael penklis ( назад)
Its better to be the Historian who knows about knowledge than doing it

Автор Manu Unni ( назад)
r u kidding?? copying social network movie dialogue?? !!

Автор iasond ( назад)
Why everyone is trying to make Mark look like a bad person ? He didnt do
anything wrong . He created an awesome social network , he didnt steal it .
The Winklevi are suing him because for the first time in their lives things
are not going their way . Eduardo got his reward which nowdays worth 1,4
billion dollars . If u dont want your personal infos out there stop using
Facebook . End of story . Mark is a normal guy .

Автор John Boushka ( назад)
Interesting documentary -- a little more troubling than I had expected. A
lot of legal experts seem to pooh-pooh the "Winklevii".

Автор Hind Bouchtout ( назад)
Is it possible for me to beat Facebook if I have a better idea than

Автор DiSparrowFilms ( назад)
looool :P

Автор Komrad Jerinho ( назад)
facebook killed the next mark zuckerberg

Автор Komrad Jerinho ( назад)
the facebook is not the end of the day. but the next big thing won't even
come out until the end of your facebook

Автор vegaskidd ( назад)
I give props for mark for creating the company, but unlike steve and bill ,
facebook didnt make a penny profit for many years, and the company was "way
over valued" for a long time, the fact that he was "worth a billion" at 23
is "hype money", not actual money made when bill gates had the previous
record back in the late 80s....

Автор Carlito Brigante ( назад)
what a great friend Mark seems to be lol

Автор Sarthak Joshi ( назад)
|(3)Facebook| |> Youtube |

Автор Jonny Whiplash ( назад)
I have it open in my second tab

Автор libresdemente ( назад)
Malisimos los subtitulos

Автор rsgore4462 ( назад)
Who the hell is this Mark guy he keeps talking about?

Автор lisa halkiopoulos ( назад)
she only wants him for his money I assure you

Автор lisa halkiopoulos ( назад)
she only wants him for his money I assure you

Автор lisa halkiopoulos ( назад)
the winklevoss had the original idea: Harvard connection interact with
other students

Автор Un Ciudadano Ejemplar ( назад)
Es verda le dieron la idea ,pero lo mas triste es haber cagado a Eduardo
,lo traiciono mal al amigo ,por no arriesgarse ,asi no se comportan los
verdaderos amigos

Автор Un Ciudadano Ejemplar ( назад)

Автор Un Ciudadano Ejemplar ( назад)
Tremendo garca Mark ,el que no se da cuenta o hace la vista gorda es un

Автор Jason Ryan ( назад)
who else has facebook open in their first tab?

Автор zain khan ( назад)
just a english comment passing by.

Автор Carlos Mejía ( назад)
Para mi las cosas estan claras. Mark creó Facebook. Y si, los hermanos, le
dieron la idea. Grave error! Nunca le des una buena idea a alguien que NO
conoces! Al final esa es la moraleja del asunto! Y si Alicia, estas loca!
Maje es feo!

Автор Alumino. ( назад)
marck eres el mejor amigo aunque tal vez nunca leas esto eres unas
inspiración para muchos jóvenes ¡¡

Автор Reinhard Heydrich ( назад)
yeah I do agree with you mate

Автор millsathn ( назад)
You need to learn Spanish

Автор Ricardo Rodriguez Silva ( назад)
You must have to learn english...

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