Joey Diaz on Conor McGregor vs. Tyron Woodley & The UFC

This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #893 Fight Recap with Joey Diaz, Brendan Schaub & Eddie Bravo (https://youtu.be/l5rwIv41ACM). Also available for download via iTunes & Stitcher (http://bit.ly/2j1xeAV).


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Автор U K ( назад)
The only guy that appreciates and acknowledges joey diaz as a human being is eddie, both these two beta male fags look down on joey because hes overweight, smokes a lot of weed and is a ex-con. I fuckin got mad when rogan was laughing with schuab at joey saying "look how red he gets. Look look. " as if hes at a zoo throwing peanuts at an elephant. Fucking cunts.

Автор Tink ( назад)

Автор Robby Wat ( назад)
@ 8:49 khalabib 😭

Автор Sosa Al ( назад)
funny AF

Автор cvetkovicorama ( назад)
Joey gets excited but hes 100% right. Joe Rogan is setting up his friends eddie bravos boy Tony Ferguson for a title fight over Khabib Nurmagomedov...Cmon we all know what is happening here , its all about dick sucking , same as UFC

Автор BestTits ( назад)
Khalabib lol

Автор Iliyas Hafiz ( назад)
God damn, this is my go to if I wanna watch something hillarious, Joey's awesome!

Автор King Me ( назад)
I love how khabib vs mcgregor is not a money fight for Schaub

Автор Abdel Wakil Longou ( назад)
that's the scene you dumb fucks

Автор Abdel Wakil Longou ( назад)
you fucks hilarious 😂

Автор Altitude Cain ( назад)
Joey Diaz has the best cocaine.......truth

Автор Ryan Da Silva ( назад)

Автор Gideon Amare ( назад)
Tyron your my boy but from now on i will refer to you as the black dude at 170

Автор jason peters ( назад)
Joey for president

Автор Samdummy190 ( назад)
"That's the fuckin' seed"!! 😂

Автор dannyb20 vtec ( назад)
joey...if you dont take that fucking gum out of your mouth, i will shoot you in the face! haha

Автор wesley Hempoli ( назад)
joey diaz is like a Rodney Dangerfield for the millennials

Автор Dustin Nonya ( назад)
They gotta animate this one, fukin hilarious

Автор George S ( назад)
"giving him roids making his head grow!" LOL Joey is gold!

Автор Ahmed Ali ( назад)
Khalabeeb 😂😂😂😂

Автор Tyler Darko ( назад)
this might be the funniest clip on this channel ever. uncle joey is a beast. hilarious! khalabib!!!

Автор Heath Destroya ( назад)
"Why'd you eat a booger?"
"Cuz I luv 'em."
LMAO fucking Uncle Joey

Автор jrod11813 ( назад)
I think Dennis siver took the hardest hit in this 😟😟😔... lmao 😅😂

Автор BicepsIsDie ( назад)
I consider my stomach to be pretty fucking strong, but I felt like throwing up when Joey told about that booger thing. Thats a first for me.

Автор Donovan Hogan ( назад)
pause the shit at 2:07 its not even in his fuckin mouth!

Автор Mark O'Neill ( назад)

Автор Arthurtats ( назад)
15:19, best laugh ever....joey is hilarious

Автор AB IH ( назад)
7:46 the funniest part of the video

Автор djbobbydjable ( назад)
why does everyone think conor is running from khabib to fight tyron, tyron is a big ass welter weight and is way scarier than khabib

Автор CZRXCZR ( назад)
Can you imagine the awesome names Joey would say if he took Bruce Buffer's job?

Автор Jenna Bridges ( назад)
Mcgregor VS Kalabeeb Book it, Dana

Автор Kj Johnston ( назад)

Автор pinkfloyddwc ( назад)
The fucking gum! I have never seen something so ridiculous!

Автор Thy Art Camps ( назад)
"They go to Bellator" lmao

Автор Thewalkingkissofdeath ( назад)
i love uncle Joey he is crazy hahahahhahahahahahahhaha

Автор Yousef AlOtaibi ( назад)
Watched this more than 300 times

Автор theMachoDude ( назад)
These 17 minutes have been the best 17 minutes of 2017 so far

Автор Jose Figueroa ( назад)
Lmfao this guy eats buggers hahaha

Автор Handarand ( назад)

Автор bonbon ramos ( назад)
joey is the best!

Автор mariwanaman ( назад)
kalabib would fuck conor up

Автор BigSmokin' Joe ( назад)
Khalabeeb! End of Story... I'm Dead!


Автор Your Dad ( назад)
I'm naming my next dog Khalibib or Stiopick.. just in honor of Joey Diaz

Автор Keith Doull ( назад)
SCIENCE from uncle Joey!

Every time he talks I sit with my eyes wide open and a startled look on my face like a kid on his first trip to disney world.

Автор lance roberts ( назад)
diaz won't eat gum but eats a fucking bugger?

Автор Basem Degnah ( назад)
I watched this more than 50 times and it's still funny hahah

Автор ryukdluffy ( назад)
Joey -Stiopic is crazy.
Joe -Miocic
Joey -Miochich, I love him, got that immigrant mentality
Joe -He was born in America


Автор kevo1295 ( назад)
This has to get animated by that Paulytoon homie.

Автор Maj Uub ( назад)

Автор Armando Trejo ( назад)
This whole podcast is my all time favorite!!!!!

Автор Buntu Mtongana ( назад)
Joey Diaz = G.O.A.T

Автор Joe Brandano ( назад)
this would probably be a bitch to do but i would LOOOOOOOOOOVEE it if PaulyToon would animate this like he has before with other Rogans clips and for TFATK

Автор 8701F ( назад)
Joe Rogan never wants to bash the ufc for this bullshit, Joey is right and everyone sees it coming. That irish fuck wont ever defend a belt

Автор Brent Lavallee ( назад)
Stiopick, Khalibib, flying bubble gum and eating cocaine boogers. God bless Joey Diaz

Автор Fastpitch Wild ( назад)
Hey joe...its not habib

Автор sharllet garcia ( назад)
god bless this man joey diaz. you fucking rock dude chaaaaaaa

Автор Trey Bens ( назад)
😂😂😂 Joey is too hype!!

Joey spittin that truth

Автор Boon1333 ( назад)
that fat italian better watch his stress levels he will have a stroke

Автор the basedgod ( назад)
joey: this is the route you fucks
brenden: tell us, tell us uncle joey lmfaooo

Автор Danny Nolan ( назад)
that's the seed you dumb fucks that's the seed hahaha

Автор Nick Self ( назад)
Joey talking about mcgregor and siver. I died

Автор Kenyan Fleming ( назад)
@ 14:41 "Im not saying that khalibeeb can beat connor but when i seen connor take a punch from Michael Connor....." lmfao Joey Fusing fighters and shit now #Shameonyoumutherfuccas

Автор David Y ( назад)
steelpick, piopic, khalabib and the black dude at 170... my ribs hurt from laughing

Автор KirkKingTV ( назад)

Автор KirkKingTV ( назад)

Автор H and A ( назад)
Wtf is Joey Diaz, talking about eating bogies 😂 Tyrone, khalabeeb, stiopic. What a geezer

Автор H and A ( назад)
Stiopic, Khalabeeb

Автор Your Dad ( назад)
I could listen to joey talk all fuckin day. The guy is too hilarious

Автор Jacob Ashcraft ( назад)
Joey Diaz is a god damn marketing genious. Fuck these bullshit storylines UFC is so concerned about now just pair up god damn amazing fights.

Автор Gia Giorgadze ( назад)
Joey always fucks up situation

Автор McFlygaming ( назад)
joey diaz is somethine else lol

Автор Romel Antoine ( назад)
listen you "FAWKS" #DropMic

Автор David C ( назад)
"It smells like a zoo in here" 🤣 man im laughin my ass out

Автор Josh Rubin ( назад)
Joey diaz is so stupid omg

Автор Bryan Brennan ( назад)
Best joe rogan podcast ever

Автор Berserker ( назад)
Thanks to Joey Diaz, and Schaub I'm gonna be hearing Khalabib Niggamurdov every time someone mentions Khabib from now on.

Автор Bourbon&Stouts ( назад)
Hahahahahahaha @Joey Diaz.

Автор John Doe ( назад)
Please have uncle Joey Diaz on as much as you and your team can can possibly stand!

Автор John Doe ( назад)
Please have uncle Joey back on as much as possible, thanks for the free laughs Joe.

Автор Terrence Flowers ( назад)
Joey =Hilarious

Автор LogicXx ( назад)
ufc is pro wrestling now

Автор Emanuel Esparza ( назад)

Автор Altitude Cain ( назад)
Joey Diaz is a savage!!!

Автор JustOssetian ( назад)
Miochek, Miokick, Khalabeeb.. What's wrong with Joey Diaz?

Автор SwayJJ ( назад)
The Joey Diaz Translator

Stiopic & Miopic = Stipe Miocic

Talabib & Tal Avib = Khabib Nurmagomedov

The Black Dude & Tyrone = Tyron Woodley

Автор Andres Arbesu ( назад)
...they go to Bellator. AHAHAHAHAH !!

Автор Majd Labbad ( назад)
I love Joey But:
1- Conor isn't being protected by the UFC letting him fight Woodley cause' it's 10X worse then Khabib for him
2- Woodley Is booked for Wonderboy :D

Автор Ranked Shooter ( назад)
Its CollarBEEB Bitch!

Автор Monkey D ( назад)
Brendan : What do you do with tony and khabib
Joey: They go to bellator

Автор 808 soaker ( назад)
Herb Mazagati
Yum Yum Kim
Vito Belfo

Автор ryukdluffy ( назад)
Dos Santos would beat Brock.

Автор Dylan Orr ( назад)
"They go to bellator they say fuck you UFC" 😂😂😂

Автор Mc Q ( назад)
@7:50 "it smells like a zoo in here" I died there😂😂😂

Автор McInnes Fiona ( назад)
khalabeeb ahah joey diaz is the best

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