Mrs. Doubtfire - Horror

An unemployed actor undergoes a drastic transformation in a twisted attempt to regain the trust of his estranged family.

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Watch Mrs. Doubtfire recut as a horror film.

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Автор ANTHONY MANCUSO ( назад)
you're my goddamn kids too LMFAO

Автор ANTHONY MANCUSO ( назад)
you're my goddamn kids too LMFAO

Автор Neko Jams ( назад)

Автор Бравый солдат Швейк ( назад)
I am actually scared now!

Автор Clee Hammer ( назад)
Soooo well done, I would love to see this version!!!

Автор Janishi Zitexion ( назад)
thats one scary movie

Автор RandomNest ( назад)
Awesome rendition!👏👏👏👏👏

Автор Pancho Villa ( назад)

Автор Denisse Vega ( назад)
I'll never see Mrs. Doubtfire the same way again

Автор Karine Malette ( назад)

Автор hans wanker ( назад)

Автор Gyenzinggg Z ( назад)
I just realized how fucked up this movie really is

Автор Willy Winker ( назад)
Him Tangling with the purse snatcher! GOLD! 😂

Автор RavenBoy99 ( назад)
1:53 that gave me the perfect 'silent of the lambs' tingle right there.

Автор thebevysuperstitious ( назад)
that trailer stressed me the fuck out

Автор mercpool 001 ( назад)
😮😰😦 wow, wow that's all I can say Wow that's disturbing

Автор TeenageGaming629 ( назад)
It'll top the box office for sure!

Автор Paul Boswell ( назад)
While Mrs. Doubtfire is a classic comedy piece I think it might have been more interesting as a horror film. Certainly this trailer makes it more interesting than the comedy version. All of the elements are there for a classic. Reminds me of "Hand that Rocks the Cradle," one of the best non-supernatural thrillers of the past 30 years.

Автор finallyanaccount ( назад)

Автор Adam Sinclair ( назад)

Автор jakob brownfiled ( назад)
It's better when you have already watched the movie

Автор Natalie ナタリー ( назад)
This is giving me 'Psycho' vibes.

Автор EliseTheTøpCrybaby ( назад)

Автор Jahsin Carmeanic ( назад)

Автор Desiree Macdonald ( назад)
wow that actually made it horrifying....

Автор quickstep ( назад)
as someone who grew up with this movie, this was perfect! lol

Автор In the year 1230 A.D. ( назад)
I always thought Mrs. Doubtfire was kinda disturbing. But this took it another step further.

Автор MrMisterGaming ( назад)

Автор Ya'lita Thompson ( назад)
Very well done!

Автор Mathieu Leader ( назад)
Mrs. Doubtfire is another name for our friend buffalo bill

Автор silverblaize ( назад)
I imagine aliens finding all these twisted movie trailers meant to look like something they are not, and then thinking we are so fucked up and not wanting to come to our planet after watching them.

Автор itsme sighblahwhatever ( назад)
These days the boy's "she's a he-she" freak-out would never be allowed in a movie... not sure how I feel about that but I'm sure plenty of people on both sides have strong enough feelings for everyone...

Автор Chrissy Amaral ( назад)
Heeelllooooo.....Fuck thats terrifying.

Автор Clifton Pharm ( назад)
this is easy to make scary because real life this would be creepy.

Автор Eugene Mont ( назад)

Автор tartanbasketball ( назад)
Oh my gosh. You have ruined Mrs. Doubtfire for me. So brilliantly done

Автор Sophia Hayes ( назад)

Автор Mr Hooligan ( назад)
holy shit. I love Mrs doubtfire. This is FUCKING scary.

Автор Mr Hooligan ( назад)
holy shit. I love Mrs doubtfire. This is FUCKING scary.

Автор 2009LuckyStar ( назад)
I always thought mrs Doubtfire was terrifying.

Автор Melissa Schlaikier ( назад)
These remakes are awesome! can't stop laughing!!! 👌😂

Автор Nasir ( назад)
Man that is freaky

Автор WOW Kids Club ( назад)
I am scared 😳 😳😳😂😂

Автор mary jane ( назад)

Автор 122334 122334 ( назад)
HAHA! Please do 'What women want' with Mel Gibson, horror/psychological thriller maybe?

Автор La La ( назад)
nanny from hell!

Автор Randy Tyler ( назад)
i just found my favorite new videos to watch.

Автор Eris Brigedon ( назад)
That was really well done!! Wow! HAHA! Awesome!

Автор Belushi87 ( назад)
i would this in theatres if it was an actual horror movie. i want to see how it ends. haha.

Автор Valbuenium ( назад)
Lol! now we can realize how creepy the idea was

Автор Kitty Buttcheeks Clone ( назад)
Mrs doubtfire reminds me of the white version of madea lol

Автор Eri Smith ( назад)
This is how I already see Mrs Doubtfire. Take away the whimsical soundtrack and it's a fucked up movie

Автор Taylor Zamora ( назад)
wow I wish I saw this version instead!

Автор leadfarmers mofo ( назад)
fuken gold ...ya made him look like a sick cunt lol

Автор Vladimir Chertok ( назад)
this shit is so funny if your high.

Автор Average Trash Can ( назад)
I've never seen Mrs. Doubtfire so this is great

Автор hannahg30 ( назад)
This is pure beauty.

Автор Brian Oswald ( назад)
Amazing job!

Автор Michael Posada ( назад)
Wow, nice job. A lot of these are mediocre, but this was great. You can tell there was a lot of effort involved.

Автор Joe Archangel ( назад)
So scary and funny at the same time!!! Lol

Автор Big time Jedi ( назад)
I saw other people making these horror things out of classic movies. Even though it is awesome why would you do it?

Автор shortznotskitz ( назад)

Автор quasi ( назад)
this is great

Автор Vincent Stimpson ( назад)
Haha, this showed up in my Facebook feed. Hope you are doing good Peter. Come back to Psyop!

Автор Fish ( назад)
lol f'ing hilarious

Автор Rodrigo Lagos Leyton ( назад)
i kill the bastard.....

Автор David Mars ( назад)

Автор tysonzepo ( назад)

Автор James F ( назад)
That was clever.

Автор Matthew ( назад)

Автор Christian 4_Realzz ( назад)
This is really brilliant. The movie itself as a dramedy with the plot and idea is still really creepy. But this trailer is pretty scary and funny at the same time. Really work lol good job.

Автор Vince Ellis ( назад)
"and now... going in for the KILL"! ahha surprised they didt use that line at the end!

Автор Loos Kurt ( назад)

Автор Dwight2744 ( назад)
Wow, this is fucking incredible. Looks professional honestly.

Автор cph2004 ( назад)

Автор Lawrence Viera ( назад)
i think this version is better haha

Автор Marshal Mathers ( назад)
2:02 Should have cut back to the "Hello!" scene one more time

Автор Flibbertigibbet6 ( назад)
I like to think Robin Williams saw this trailer before he died. :)

Автор Tessa Gordillo ( назад)
I'm dead 😂 this is great I can't even

Автор tracy langsley ( назад)
OMG what an amazing twist this gives the movie please do more!!!

Автор Asdfghjkl ( назад)
best recut movie trailer i've seen yet *100 clap emojis*

Автор Random TV ( назад)
This actually works I like what you've done here.

Автор Dorjan24 ( назад)
The facebook upload from "Nameless" got over 4 million views... :/

Автор Cx2GamingTV | Collin Plays Survival Games ( назад)

Автор Daylen Casteel ( назад)
This is the awesomest thing I've ever seen

Автор Sommer ( назад)
The editing skills are phenomenal. You make me wish this was a horror movie.

Don't drink the tea.....

Автор Júlio Barboza Chiquetto ( назад)
Why haven't they made this movie yet? It would be an awesome thriller!

Автор Andy Suver ( назад)
that was funny shit

Автор Muirmaiden ( назад)
I love the movie but this trailer is awesome! Come to think of it, the fact that he went to such lengths to be in the lives of his children and ex-wife is a creepy concept.

Автор BigDavey ( назад)
R.I.P. Robin Williams, Still Scaring Yourself by Looking in The Mirror and You Still had the Mask Still on @ 1:40

Автор Thrakerzad ( назад)
you know what? I want someone to use this trailer and actually make a film out of it. Few people are chosen correctly out of a police lineup, I choose you reader. Make this into a film.

Автор SharksRule86 ( назад)
I totally lost it at the scene where he is pissing. HAHA!

Автор Jb Lentolome ( назад)

Автор John AK72 ( назад)
Nice job.

Автор TimelineProvision TP ( назад)
"you remind me of someone" chhh!! HAHAHAHA

Автор 380PPK ( назад)
Man, whoever made this deserves an award!

Автор Date Masamune ( назад)
I wonder how much hype this movie would have had if this were the actual trailer/

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