Do I Look Like an Angel?: Days 24-26 | 100 Days

John and Chris check on their metrics, bond during a partner workout, and attempt an aerial fitness class at Cirque Indy.

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Автор frankwilldo ( назад)
Confession: I am not a middle-aged man trying to have a healthy mid-life crisis. But, as a twenty-something woman trying to get her quarter-life shit together, these videos have been just delightful. I watch a clip or two as motivation for my nightly yoga. So big ups to John and Chris for documenting this in spite, sometimes, of your dignity.

Автор Roman Penna ( назад)
The aerial fitness looks pretty awesome, and glad your eating is going well John as well as the exercise :)

Автор Karoliina ( назад)
I totally understand the relief in your back while aerial inversion! I get the same sensation, this really makes me want to go to a class now!

Автор Isabella Oliveira ( назад)
this was clearly the best video so far. glad you're enjoying the workouts more!

Автор GTaichou ( назад)
SILKS! I am starting silks and hammock in March and I am PSYCHED!

Автор Josh Cummins ( назад)
put some mustard in it

Автор Kay Leeson ( назад)
TO HELP WITH THE NAUSEA because watching this is getting painful:

1. Mix 1 part OJ or Gatorade, 2 parts water. Sip throughout the workout. This is partly a crash in the body's energy systems.

2. Breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth, some sort of pacing/hops on the spot, breathe deep through the diaphragm, keep your posture upright, eyes on where the ceiling meets the wall. The goal is to bring your heart rate/breathing down more gradually. The sudden stop is... not fun.

Eventually you'll learn to feel when you need to do this, the same as you learned how to exercise safely while injured. Good luck!

Автор EmmaK ( назад)
John, did you give Chris your Wheezy Waiter t-shirt, or do you just both happen to have the same one?

Автор B Carleton ( назад)
John I would suggest maybe since you struggle with meditation that you look at breathing exercises (pranayama). That way you are focusing on approaching the exercise like any other and learning techniques for easing anxiety. Learning to breathe properly is really important and can help you with stamina in your workouts. I like alternate nostril breathing!

Автор Wren Paasch ( назад)
I want to do the swinging around on ribbons part!

Автор Valkyrie Maiden95 ( назад)
I'm so proud of John and Chris! They have come such a long way already!

Автор Aleena Maryam ( назад)
Great video, I wish Chris was more involved and we maybe got a day from this point of view

Автор Alisha ( назад)
This is always so encouraging! Thanks guys!

Автор shellbee29 ( назад)
That Cirque Indy stuff was really unique and fun. I was surprised to see it pop up in these videos. It offered a lot of visual entertainment.

Автор IndigoJo ( назад)
I love aerial silks! I just started a few months ago and yes, it requires so much strength that I don't have, but I am improving every week! I think one of the reasons I enjoy it so much is that it is an exercise that is about being able to do various poses and string them together to make a dance, so the focus is moved away from changing your body as an end in itself and instead is on practising the sport to get better at the sport.

Автор Cassidy Parker Knight ( назад)
Ha, what are the odds! Just yesterday I took my very first aerial class--something I always have wanted to try, and it finally occurred to me that I should just find a place where I can learn it. I loved it so much, and I'm so excited to go back! Glad y'all liked it, too!

Автор Matthew Drummond ( назад)
Watching the frog pose makes my lower back hurt. 😓

Автор erinmarie840 ( назад)
I love how light-hearted and approachable 100 days is. Very inspiring and I look forward to seeing it in my subscription box!

Автор mrkhan17 ( назад)
Could you talk more about meditation and your opinions on that in future videos? That's been something that I was really hoping to get your insight on.

Автор amyafterwords ( назад)
That aerial stuff looks so fun! One day maybe I will have more than zero upper body strength ha!

Автор pineapple ( назад)
super vids

Автор Milo Forester ( назад)
the ribbons look so fun! glad chris is back, and glad john's doing well

Автор kevokoma ( назад)
Chri has awesome Leg gainzz.

Автор Hope Hart ( назад)
this is one of my favorites so far! its very obvious you have made it over the beginners hump and are basking in the glory of feeling good!

Автор Pisces Rain ( назад)
John wrecked the bus , lol .

Автор pseudogenesis ( назад)
Aerial fitness looks so fun, good lord.

(Not as fun as rock climbing, but still)

Автор Aleksander K ( назад)
No comments on how awesome aerial trainer Mary looks ? Just me then I guess

Автор allstar8000 ( назад)
Yaaaayyy John!!!

Автор culwin ( назад)
All I see is an angel, where's John?

Автор noy harel ( назад)
Do you guys put any thought into other less conventional aspects of a healthy life style, such as "sun time" to get vitamin D or stress releaving on a daily basis (not like meditation but activities that make you have fun and feel less stressful)?

Автор Matias Gutierrez ( назад)
may be trump can get these guys to build the wall lol

Автор nonquintessentialone ( назад)
still can't max every machine at the gym? Google how to turbocharge your pulmonary and do that for a year. doesn't matter what you eat of you lose 4lbs per hour 😂

Автор Maevna ( назад)
Popcorn is a whole grain! So not that bad for you, especially without too much butter, salt, etc.

Автор ProcrastPerfection ( назад)
This was such a happy episode. Good job guys!

Автор Sara Ochoa ( назад)
Congrats congrats!

Автор Hitlers Tittymilk ( назад)
well obviously you will have lower back pain if you never load correctly and never have good form and if you round your back like that all the time

Автор Hitlers Tittymilk ( назад)
this video though cute and nice was painfull to watch, theres no focus on form, the back rounding is awful for you and the pushup and other form is awful

Автор dianagodessa ( назад)
I would love to try aerial fitness. Gonna have to look that up!

Автор FuturaGeneración7 ( назад)
Weights you need weights

Автор mollymack98 ( назад)
Would you consider posting the partner exercises on the community tab so my workout buddy and I could try them out?

Автор Jae Hyun Kim ( назад)
the music in this episode was top notch. Seriously, whoever did the music in this one, props to you

Автор Ethiopialove(: ( назад)
This looks hard but fun! Oh John you in that 🐸 pose made me laugh! You are doing such an awesome job! Keep it up! 🙂

Автор Bruno MERAL ( назад)
You still have a full month before your audition with Cirque Du Soleil !
.... keep the pace.

Автор Dj_Emac ( назад)
I really hope to see you guys get into weight training soon

Автор AGiaimo ( назад)
John. I love so much about this. your reflections on your improvement, the benefits of healthy eating and exercise, remind me to keep up my efforts towards a healthy lifestyle. it's so entertaining to watch you progress (and struggle). I take tons of exercise classes, eat a lot of healthy food but sometimes stress eat or mindless eat. just getting so much motivation and positive affirmations from your journey. thanks for deciding to do this. Sry for all the grammar errors..

Автор WllmsS ( назад)
Drive the bus!

Автор Caitlin O'Connell ( назад)
Some plie tips from a lifelong dancer: keep your back straight up and down, and keep your butt centered over your feet. Those aerial silks look SO FUN!!

Автор Allena Whittaker ( назад)
I'm with you John, frog position is tough and kind of terrible. Also, I love your camerawoman that you can sometimes see in the background, she is almost always laughing and smiling

Автор delorend ( назад)
Im a fan of Chris' wit

Автор Justine Mayhew ( назад)
I'm a dancer and it was so awesome to see you guys try out aerials! I used to do silks and hoops, so fun! You should try a barre workout sometime too :)

Автор Lord Fuckwad ( назад)
bro needs to stop messing around and get us another book

Автор superbubbleaquapower ( назад)
Mannnnn I want to go try aerial fitness. Definitely the best exercise is when you're flying.

Автор Zack C ( назад)
why is this trending at all?

Автор Elisabeth Nicol ( назад)
Awesome! 😄 Thank you so much for this inspiration to be more active while being less hard on ourselves !❤

Автор Julesdoesstuff ( назад)
Trending page! Also I don't know why this channel doesn't get more attention I love it

Автор Spartacus ( назад)
I love this series!

Автор kashiwamizu ( назад)
What I think is interesting about the aerial fitness class that I once saw a similar system called 'silk suspension' (which was invented in the United States) in a Japanese television program and there was a pose named bat pose which is really similar to the inverted frog pose and when a 76-year old woman who was a guest in the show gave it a try, she said that her lower back feels really good, just like Chris have said. I guess the pose do really work miracles!

Автор Alexandra Mallory ( назад)
I started working full time after trying to do this with you guys. This week I started trying to work out on my lunch break at work. I only have about 15 minutes, but even just 15 minutes on the eliptical or treadmill makes the 2nd half of my day at work sooo much more productive.

Автор Novi Tahm ( назад)
Yes John, you look like an angel.

Автор Johey Jonsson ( назад)
This is really inspirational. I wish I had a buddy to work out with, but I won't until I move closer to where my friends live. Then me and a friend, who has been doing some crazy health improvements the last three years, will swim and ride bikes together. It's going to be so awesome. Now, I'm stuck with high pace walks and own-weight workouts and it's boring on my own.

Автор Jeffrey Brown ( назад)
remember to breathe, John

Автор Verity Martin ( назад)
Is it easier for smaller people to lift their own body weight? I'm practically hobbit sized and not particularly fit, but when I did aerial silks it wasn't that hard to lift myself like they're doing.

Автор TheEllaDarling ( назад)
I wish there was a place near me that offered obstacle courses and potential for aerial excersising.

Автор InfinityDream ( назад)
Probably my favorite ep so far :)

Автор Micah Sponheim ( назад)
Best Episode Yet!!

Автор Miriam Lylac ( назад)
John, you DO look like an angel! Just a pretty weird and sweaty one.

Автор Miriam Lylac ( назад)
You both look so lovely on the ribbons! I wish I could try out the ribbons. They look so fun (and hard...)!

Автор kindofme07 ( назад)
also, the aerial exercise... majestic is too little of a word to describe it!
Good job, guys!

Автор Layan B. ( назад)
I really enjoyed this video It was fun watching them do silly exercises 😝😂❤️

Автор ThisNarrowboatAdventure ( назад)
on of my main reasons for getting healthy is to be strong enough to do silks!

Автор Naila Amin ( назад)
omg I'm wearing the same Pizza John tee shirt as John!

Автор NickGreyden ( назад)
Hey John. I feel like you might not be getting as much out of meditation as you could with a guide. It is perfectly fine to be alone with your thoughts, but if you are like me (and judging from 10 years of videos you are), it is nice to have a focal point. Someone to tell you what to visualize, how to react, what to do with your brain when it just WON'T STFU is a resource that is often a necessity for me. It doesn't have to be someone in the room with you, there are plenty resources to coach you through a meditation of vary length online complete with their own custom made sounds. Please look into it and see if it helps.

Автор Monika Nowotny ( назад)
it's easier to eat well if you don't have the tempting foods at hand. so either put them in the garden shed or don't buy them at all 😉 you will eventually stop craving them...

Автор Estevão Barbosa ( назад)
I feel like going to these places to exercise and hanging out with Chris and new people, has been good for John's mental health. Exercising that humor muscle too, y'know
I have trouble getting to know people, but feel like doing stuff together helps, and once I'm closer to them, having a good time, that's feels like a good day.

Автор Isagail Carshuen ( назад)
Hey look. It's James Potter! He's alive! HARRY! LOOK YOUR DAD'S ALIVE!

Автор Pearl127 ( назад)

Автор Dave Hughes ( назад)
Not really a critique but I have a feeling John stops when either an exercise just starts to hurt or he thinks it's going to. Where as Chris hangs in there longer. Whatevers though, it's clearly helping him out, so all good :)

Автор Glasses&Tea ( назад)
Okay from now on when people ask why john is my hero I am showing them the aerial part of this video.

Автор Kate Ozawa ( назад)
Sitting here while eating lasagna. In my defense, I live in a college dorm without a kitchen.

Автор Kira Scent ( назад)
You have mentioned that you've been using a meditation app. How about a meditation teacher? Just like with your fitness and nutrition coaches, interacting with a teacher (someone experienced in both doing and teaching meditation) is usually more helpful than a "do it yourself" approach. Also, there are different forms of meditation (I am not including guided imagery in my definition of meditation), so while the basic watching your breath (that you described in one episode) is the most basic, you might like other ways of meditating more. Loving kindness, or metta, is one that comes to mind as something that might appeal to John in particular.

Автор trey archambault ( назад)
We're only a quarter of the way through and I'm already wishing this was longer than 100 days

Автор Oliver Bollmann ( назад)
The surgeon general has noted that dying is hazardous to your health, so... good plan on avoiding dying! :D

Автор Shawn Daniels ( назад)
He sounds like that guy that does the narration for the history videos on khan academy.

Автор Hectic Sophie ( назад)
Me while watching this: Wall sits can't be that difficult.
Me doing wall sits immediately after the video: Wall sits are very difficult.

Автор TashaaKay ( назад)
So happy that's you're feeling better John!
Thanks for sharing :)

Автор Rose M ( назад)
You two should try pole dancing! It's a great workout, and also lots of fun.

Автор superkai64 ( назад)
Awesome series - very engaging keep up the phenomenal work!

Автор garrett brown ( назад)
Hi, john! You mentioned wanting to get stronger in the video to make some of the other activities easier. I would love to see you guys try some strength training at some part of this adventure. Maybe Olympic weightlifting, Powerlifting, or some basic sort of progressive overload strength training.

Автор TheLoreSeeker ( назад)
Like a bird in flight John.... like a bird in flight....

Автор Taylor Cunningham ( назад)
This video made my day!

Автор Georgia B ( назад)
You both looked like beautiful angels, John. ^-^ I love watching these videos!

Автор A Hanus ( назад)
You know what's really interesting? John, you're starting to look younger in the videos m. I thought this last week but now I'm sure. I never related physical fitness with youth before, at least not consciously, but maybe it has something to do with vitality? Anyway, it was a new thought for me, just wanted to share. 😊

Автор RustyJames ( назад)
Love the background music, feels like a cute Disney montage of friendship xD

Автор A S ( назад)
good stuff, keep it up!

Автор Thiefree ( назад)
you all looked like angels. Mary is incredible! that stuff takes SO much strength. John, it really does look like you're enjoying it more, and that's wonderful to see.

Автор meme ( назад)
This video helped me learn new sex positions

Автор roidroid ( назад)
... seriously considering hooking some aerial silk ribbons onto my ceiling now. This looks much more versatile, fun, & decorative than a pull-up bar.

Автор Tome Time Reading and Knitting ( назад)
Exercise also helps me deal with stress and I always sleep better if I work out. Thanks for sharing your workouts.

Автор EllenElgar ( назад)
I love this channel so much - what will I do once the 100 days are over?!!

Автор pokechatter ( назад)
This is an incredibly majestic health vlog episode.

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