Vid26 Homemade Hydrogen Generator

Here is a video describing how I plan to assemble my Hydrogen Generator Washer DryCell design.

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Автор Ray Hodges ( назад)
Hello. I'm trying to find an answer to a
question and can't seem to find anyone’s opinion on the internet about it
thought that maybe you might know. If you let the water in your dry cell
and reservoir
run completely out while using a PWM (CC) will it cause any damage to the
if you keep it charged with say 30 amps (it’s capable of 40amps continuous
overheating)? I would think that it wouldn’t since there is no way for the
anode and cathode to connect- they wouldn’t even heat up. Am I on the right
lines? Would there be no damage to an HHO dry cell if you let the water in
the reservoir
and cell be completely used up, not refilled and the cell remain on? Your
thoughts (or anyone’s) would be much appreciated!

Автор Mars Seeker ( назад)
I recommend you not to cover so much of the steel surface with spacers .
you can make all the spacers from that one spacer . cut in smaller pieces
and use only 3-4 little pieces on one plate.

Автор Rodney Baxter ( назад)
thank you for your tutorial

Автор Stevin Hogg ( назад)
If you want to get the plans
to convert your car to HHO
Go to Google and Search for:
*"Top HHO Gas Car Research"*
Click the First Result (Skip the Advertisement)

Автор Marlon Smith (89 лет назад)
+HHO4ALL hey do you have any tutrial videos i got a lot of spare computer
parts and washers and would like to see a step by step how to make some the
cells your makeing please message me with link 

Автор Dee Jay (DeeJayhX) ( назад)
Awesome compact design! Did you ever do a flow test on this design to see
about what it puts out?

Автор jeffersdom ( назад)
I definately like it , plus orchard supply , 

Автор Oswaldo Rios ( назад)
Realmente es un lindo diseño, pero no se explica como hace las conexiones,
me las imagino pero solo utiliza u eje central de plastico en sus otros
videos. Megustaria ver su ensamble GRACIAS 

Автор HHO4ALL ( назад)
@keyko69 Only use stainless steel washers. If you use zinc plated washers
the water will turn dark green. If you are using baking soda as an
electrolyte, it will also effect the color of the water.

Автор keyko fotografia ( назад)
Why? my water turns green?

Автор 1100tech ( назад)
@HHO4ALL That's fine because i think that's important too! We all need to
work on this together good hunting! 

Автор HHO4ALL ( назад)
@1100tech I couldn't care less about being able to run a car on HHO only,
because I don't have the time or financial resources to attempt something
like that. I am more interested in using HHO for welding, cooking, heating
etc. Focusing on what it can do instead of what it can't do yet, is a
better use of time.

Автор 1100tech ( назад)
My question to you is "How much HHO gas does it take to run an 350cu.in.
small block chevy ?" the answer in either liter per second,or how much
water need to be split in how much time BECAUSE without that knowledge the
rest is a mood point.

Автор HHOPWR ( назад)
The problem with the kitchen stainless is that it is all 430 grade. It will
degrade quickly under electrolosis. It has higher iron content and is
magnetic. I made my first cell almost 2 years ago with this stuff. It only
lasted 3 weeks. Larry

Автор HHO4ALL ( назад)
There are a ton of variables to take into account, but that is where the
challenge comes from. If it was easy... everyone would be doing it. I
understand what you are saying about the rolls. Plus you could get way more
stainless for your money than if you buy plates. I keep coming up with
designs for the stainless cups, because they are cheap, easy to work with
and they produce a ton of gas. If flashing works as well as the cups, then
I'm all for it.

Автор HHO4ALL ( назад)
I just looked up stainless roll and found tons of resources for kitchen
backsplashes. But if it comes on rolls, Is it difficult to straighten out?
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Автор HHO4ALL ( назад)
Can you get solid squares of SS Flashing? I looked around online this
morning, but only found vented pieces.

Автор HHO4ALL ( назад)
Thank you, I will keep this in mind.

Автор HHO4ALL ( назад)
I'm doing my experiments on the smaller washers to see what I can come up
with, and then I will purchase larger washers for my next design. I'm doing
these videos, so I can get comments from others who may be more experienced
at building HHO fuel cells. I don't have an ego, so I'm always willing to
listen to any helpful comments.

Автор HHO4ALL ( назад)
That is true, but that is why I am experimenting. I don't think it matters
how I cut the gaskets, because with 2" washers I will never have much
surface area. But that is why I plan to add more washers to increase the
total reactive surface area. This isn't a serious experiment. I'm just
learning as I go.

Автор HHO4ALL ( назад)
Nice. I'll have to check that out.

Автор HHO4ALL ( назад)
Yeah, I was thinking about the leak issue. I am going to only notch each
washer enough for the connectors to make contact. This way I can still have
a good seal on each gasket. I had thought about soldering the vinyl coated
galvanized steel cable to each washer, and I may still go that direction,
because it will be cheaper to do and like you said, it will prevent the
possibility of leaks. Good idea about keeping the cables the same length. I
will have to do that. Thanks

Автор HHO4ALL ( назад)
Yes, this is the same basic idea, but much smaller and less expensive. I
could take 100 of these washers and make a decent Dry Cell out of them for
a fraction of the cost. I'm also thinking that each of the washers are
thicker than the plates in most dry cells, so they should hold up a lot

Автор BigFireDave ( назад)
Im working on almost the same exact cell. Only I am hoping I can make do
with nitrile O rings, more surface area. I also am soldering solid
inxulated wire to the outside edge of each plate. The notches and
connectors may be a problem with leaks. Like you every plate is wired with
the same length wire to make resistance to each plate the same. Been unable
to work on t for 2 months but now renfest is over and lifereturns to normal
will be back to it again. Lokng forward to seeing your results.

Автор HHO4ALL ( назад)
no worries. I was really tired when I put this video together, so I might
have accidentally left something out.

Автор ZEROPOINT132 ( назад)
Sorry I didn't notice the way you were constructing the ends. My apologies.

Автор ZEROPOINT132 ( назад)
Hi Good idea with the connections. How is the gas going to get out from
inside the washers. cheers.

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