TF2 - How to get and use the Backpack Expander

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http://www.tf2.lt This is a short instructional video about Team Fortress 2 backpack expander item. It does what is says in the title, adds more backpack slots. It expands your backpack by 100 slots or 2 pages.

Updated 2015.07.19
The cost for the item in the Mann Co store is $0.99, but you can also get it by trading. It costs around 7 Refined or 2,23 Key. You can also get it for 0,97$ in Steam market:

TF2 Wiki:
The Backpack Expander is a tool item that appears as a backpack held together with four straps that has a Description Tag, Heavy Duty Rag, two Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys, and three Huntsman arrows protruding from it which also has a Sandman strapped on top. When used it will grant 100 extra slots, or two full pages, to the user's in-game backpack. Multiple Backpack Expanders can be used by the same player to obtain a maximum of 2000 slots (40 pages). Free-to-play players can use up to 19 Backpack Expanders. Premium players can use up to 17 Backpack Expanders.

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Автор RaCh3tCY ( назад)
can you craft it?

Автор Cole Witko ( назад)
Well, I'm off to go farm items to pay for that. See you guys in 2 years

Автор Ivan Lin (Asian Entertainment) ( назад)

Автор Spyper Men ( назад)
4 ref? Really, you can buy one for less then 1 euro

Автор ThatDogeScrub ( назад)
Can anybody here gift me a backpack expendor plzz .if yes respond yes and i
will put my ip :(

Автор ExpertRevolverSuchWork (901 год назад)
wait i can get sock every xmas?

Автор ExpertRevolverSuchWork (947 лет назад)
Damn i deleted it i will going have 8 space but today still 6 space shit

Автор Michelle Kissinger ( назад)
so much trading and i can't trade for some risen.

Автор TF2 Gaming ( назад)
I have unusual haunted metal scrap... is it good for this?

Автор Shadow77999 ( назад)
man i need this so bad.. its so freaking sad when i win something new and i
have to delete it or another thing

Автор RandomGuy11 ( назад)
I got 6 backpack pages and I can trade my items (I'm not Premium) ( ͡° ͜ʖ
͡°) h4x

Автор Simonas Aleliūnas ( назад)
is the expansion permanent?

Автор zackhanscom ( назад)
only morons play tf2. dlc hats=pavolvian manipulation that only works on
the weakminded

Автор KITTENS GO MEOW ( назад)
show off XD

Автор angelou james yu ( назад)

Автор Joe Da Normal Guy ( назад)
anyone want to trade me a backpack expander for a taunt the gunslinger(for
engi) and 2 hats? plz some one awnser :3

Автор Bože Stojić ( назад)
u will get 1 for free just wait the xmas sock gift

Автор Chocolate Egg ( назад)
what song?

Автор serban alex ( назад)
Please give me one 

Автор serban alex ( назад)
Please give me one i will subscribe u

Автор Muntean Razvan (1973 года назад)
I have the biggest problem when i enter for first date in tf2 i have 1 page
of slots?

Автор Harpoon ( назад)
this is stupid you must trade it for two keys or four refined metals and i
dont have items to cradt refined metal 4x worst tutorial ever

Автор Black Spy ( назад)
is this real?? or fake??

Автор ash sagum ( назад)
pwease give me a backpack expander im F2P ill be greatly GREATLY BE YOUR
[GlobalGaming]Pootis DONATE please

Автор GoSinister ( назад)
I got a question, if your backpack is completely full does it automatically
use the backpack expander? Or does it say I need to remove an Item and what
if I have more items I bought from the Mann Co. Store like keys e.e (I'm a

Автор TheMightyWill ( назад)
This video could be explained in five seconds
How to get backpack expander? Buy it. How to use backpack expander? Go to
your backpack and use it -____- seriously, way to waste YouTube bandwidth

Автор Page “GamingStorm” G ( назад)
does anyone have one nneeeddd it badly but I dont have anything besides
weapons fortrade soo can someone plz help me

P.S. I dont have the chrismas sock

Автор Adolf Hitler ( назад)
Where in the shop do i get it?

Автор GabiGamingHD ( назад)
can be crafted?

Автор jhun talattad ( назад)
tnx but I bought it in the shop instead of trading xD

Автор Vojtěch ForGamez Foral ( назад)
Nope -_-

Автор hoppyman11 ( назад)
No, you have to buy something from the store, or somebody has to buy you a
premium upgrade item.

Автор dollarturbo ( назад)
Can someone help me? I can't buy anything for some reason , it keep saying
there was an error with the transaction when I click "checkout"

Автор chong yauting ( назад)
buy me premium

Автор Grip Mode ( назад)
For one key you can buy 3 backpacks easily now

Автор Genki PT ( назад)
i get one free just playing

Автор Marius Gabriel Mateescu ( назад)
hey , i get a expander , my free tf 2 will become premium?

Автор Lvl99JinboiMan ( назад)
If a random guy gave me a Backpack Extender as a F2P, will i be premium

Автор Busted_Bullseye ( назад)
not buy buy , like trade.

Автор Rex Bro ( назад)

Автор gasper501 ( назад)

Автор gasper501 ( назад)
if you buy something from the store as a ftp you upgrade to premium

Автор gasper501 ( назад)

Автор Lazy Boy ( назад)
then more backpack expanders:)

Автор chasekiller526 ( назад)
can i buy one from the store

Автор Busted_Bullseye ( назад)
I wonder... If somone buys like 19 bp expanders as a ftp , then upgrades to
premium , will it glitch and give him 250 more slots then maximum possible?

Автор Nicholas Scholl ( назад)
where can you find it in store?

Автор Rex Bro ( назад)
can you craft it?

Автор HL2BeTAFaN22 ( назад)
It was been updated i think. Now the maximum is 2000 or isn´t it?

Автор Murphy Slaw ( назад)
0:39 "(1000 spaces maximum)"

Автор Topflamingwolf ( назад)
Is it possible that after you use a backpack expander, you use another one
and get 400 more slots and continue doing that for however long?

Автор Steve Is Fox ( назад)
dude whats the song at 0:40 please reply anyone fast!! :)

Автор EVarvayanis1 ( назад)
yes, to 300 slots. This expands it more.

Автор SkylineWinnelevo ( назад)
If I Buy A Item To Change My Status To Premium, Will I Have My BackPack
Expanded Without Getting The BackPack Expander?

Автор ToterDenker ( назад)
Add me on Skype = Crazyosi3 Please Fast!!!

Автор fungwi168 ( назад)
You can'tc

Автор gvgf- therandomgamer ( назад)
how do you craft it ?

Автор Da Moi ( назад)
yes u can, if u are premium.

Автор IDontEvenVerb ( назад)
what's your steam id?

Автор Rae Hegreberg ( назад)
can you buy it for someone else?

Автор mastermew00 ( назад)
are you mentally retarded?

Автор Theysayimepic ( назад)
I have a clean Ellis cap, neon aniliator,axetinguisher,frying pan , alien
parasite and paint. TRADE ME.

Автор Mason King ( назад)
You can't craft it (You can only buy from store)

Автор ★ Element 5 ( назад)
4.99... cheap enough. wiki.teamfortress(.)com/wiki/Backpack_Expander

Автор verka grbić ( назад)
wait a minute if i whana craft it i t means only 4 refiend metal OR 2keys

Автор MrPretzelify ( назад)
If only that backpack expander has unlimited uses... 10 million pages full
of items and hats... and metals... and stranges... and unusuals...

Автор FatherJango ( назад)
i have tryed but it dont work and i have a premium and im not plain stupid

Автор FatherJango ( назад)
you need eres!

Автор FatherJango ( назад)
just stop i dont care and you fucking dont need to talk to me!

Автор Jack Freemon ( назад)
you don't listen do you. open your eres!

Автор EddyTarantulo ( назад)

Автор Medik 31112 ( назад)
So 1 unusual is for 3 of them?

Автор LosEagle (420 лет назад)
Damn another money spent on tf2. Well thanks for reply anyway.

Автор EddyTarantulo (1001 год назад)
Unusuals are way more expensive :) like 8x times.

Автор EddyTarantulo (1031 год назад)
Nope you cant. Its purchase only.

Автор Medik 31112 ( назад)
I guess you can trade for unusual for one too...

Автор GamingBoxable ( назад)
I don't know if your a Troll or just plain stupid... ._.

Автор LosEagle ( назад)
Can you just find this thing when you are premium?

Автор Brian Mok ( назад)
Unlike metal which constantly increases, keys only come from store, as do
backpack expanders, why would anyone buy keys when they can buy backpack
expanders and trade for keys. Every offer i see for like 2.5 keys is sold.

Автор badbloodH ( назад)
I bought one from the shop didn't show up in my backpack what the fuck?

Автор Sonicfizz ( назад)
Damn it, lower the price of this

Автор deadandfriendly ( назад)
selling expansion for 9ref (new update) or 3keys name is prokiller198 type
to me i want it i will know u want the expansion

Автор OKPeaceHD ( назад)
[Special]Peace is in game name

Автор Thomas S ( назад)
my steam is TomCyborg

Автор Jasmine Lopera ( назад)
ma steam username is are u mad bro?

Автор Jasmine Lopera ( назад)
tarantulo add me

Автор ti koi ( назад)
can craft backpack expander?

Автор EddyTarantulo ( назад)
Well at least post a link to your Steam profile. I cannot add you without
that :)

Автор charles648 . ( назад)
type trade servers in the internet thing.

Автор omar1andonly ( назад)
I can't, I never bought anything on Steam. So could you add me as a friend?
My name is Slayer, real name Omar Mukhtar, from U.A.E in official groups
Team Fortress and Holiday Sale Community Group, and other groups Skial,
Lotus, TF2 Freezing, Pro TF2, Awesome TF2, Kill-Streak Gaming, Serious
Pants, Gentlemann's Estate and Haberdashery and TF2 No Bullshit. Or if you
want we could me on a server when your online. As you like. Really need a
backpack expander, no space and i keep having to delete.

Автор Jesse V92 ( назад)
There's a typo in the annotations at 0:18.

Автор EddyTarantulo ( назад)
Add me on Steam then, my profile is in the video description.

Автор EddyTarantulo ( назад)
Valio :)

Автор omar1andonly ( назад)
Hey my name is Slayer and i'm a TF2 player myself. Can i trade something
with you for a backpack expander? My profile name is Slayer so check out my
backpack items and lets trade!

Автор DJarminax ( назад)
pagaliau dar vienas lt ::D. LIETUVAAAA

Автор Sklortley (271 год назад)
The cake is a spy!

Автор subway5dollarftlong ( назад)
Crap. I can't trade. sucks

Автор ThePokeruler ( назад)
Now you could :P

Автор Mikey Lold ( назад)
Like your life.

Автор Dinner Bone ( назад)

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