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Автор Shadow77999 (1 месяц)
man i need this so bad.. its so freaking sad when i win something new and i
have to delete it or another thing

Автор RandomGuy11 (3 месяца)
I got 6 backpack pages and I can trade my items (I'm not Premium) ( ͡° ͜ʖ
͡°) h4x

Автор Ban Di (1 месяц)
Can you find that while your playing or no?

Автор ExpertRevolverSuch Wew (17 дней)
Damn i deleted it i will going have 8 space but today still 6 space shit

Автор Bože Stojić (6 месяцев)
u will get 1 for free just wait the xmas sock gift

Автор Michelle Kissinger (19 дней)
so much trading and i can't trade for some risen.

Автор ExpertRevolverSuch Wew (17 дней)
wait i can get sock every xmas?

Автор Simonas Aleliūnas (3 месяца)
is the expansion permanent?

Автор TheMightyWill (1 год)
This video could be explained in five seconds
How to get backpack expander? Buy it. How to use backpack expander? Go to
your backpack and use it -____- seriously, way to waste YouTube bandwidth

Автор Foxy The Pirate Fox (6 месяцев)
anyone want to trade me a backpack expander for a taunt the gunslinger(for
engi) and 2 hats? plz some one awnser :3

Автор Muntean Razvan (9 месяцев)
I have the biggest problem when i enter for first date in tf2 i have 1 page
of slots?

Автор angelou james yu (5 месяцев)

Автор KITTENS GO MEOW (4 месяца)
show off XD

Автор zackhanscom (4 месяца)
only morons play tf2. dlc hats=pavolvian manipulation that only works on
the weakminded

Автор TF2 Gaming (25 дней)
I have unusual haunted metal scrap... is it good for this?

Автор serban alex (7 месяцев)
Please give me one 

Автор Chocolate Egg (7 месяцев)
what song?

Автор GoSinister (1 год)
I got a question, if your backpack is completely full does it automatically
use the backpack expander? Or does it say I need to remove an Item and what
if I have more items I bought from the Mann Co. Store like keys e.e (I'm a

Автор serban alex (7 месяцев)
Please give me one i will subscribe u

Автор Black Spy (10 месяцев)
is this real?? or fake??

Автор Harpoon (9 месяцев)
this is stupid you must trade it for two keys or four refined metals and i
dont have items to cradt refined metal 4x worst tutorial ever

Автор Page G (1 год)
does anyone have one nneeeddd it badly but I dont have anything besides
weapons fortrade soo can someone plz help me

P.S. I dont have the chrismas sock

Автор ash sagum (10 месяцев)
pwease give me a backpack expander im F2P ill be greatly GREATLY BE YOUR
[GlobalGaming]Pootis DONATE please

Автор Adolf Hitler (1 год)
Where in the shop do i get it?

Автор Jon Håkon Bergan Himle (1 год)
I bought a backpack expander on the online market, but I didn't get it.

Автор GabiGamingHD (1 год)
can be crafted?

Автор jhun talattad (1 год)
tnx but I bought it in the shop instead of trading xD

Автор charles648 . (2 года)
type trade servers in the internet thing.

Автор 32 oturan (2 года)
So 1 unusual is for 3 of them?

Автор RaptureKnight (3 года)
im F2P but i can trade some items that ppl gave me/traded for tags, so can
i expand my inventory?

Автор omar1andonly (2 года)
Hey my name is Slayer and i'm a TF2 player myself. Can i trade something
with you for a backpack expander? My profile name is Slayer so check out my
backpack items and lets trade!

Автор hoppyman11 (1 год)
No, you have to buy something from the store, or somebody has to buy you a
premium upgrade item.

Автор  ‬  ‬ (3 года)
@EddyTarantulo Nope, because if you only can buy it from the store, you
will get auto P2P :)

Автор EddyTarantulo (3 года)
@tf2tworules Well people usually buy it in Mann Co store ingame. Its
accordingly: $4.99 / £3.49 / 3.74€ / 149 rub

Автор Mago TF2 (3 года)
What Happens if a F2P uses this?

Автор EddyTarantulo (2 года)
Valio :)

Автор EddyTarantulo (2 года)
Add me on Steam then, my profile is in the video description.

Автор EddyTarantulo (3 года)
@cheezburgrpencil Wow thats interesting, backpack Gods :) ? Thats one the
funniest things I heard all day. Thx for the offer but I am good staying
with mortals.

Автор silentjoe2 (3 года)
@EddyTarantulo I'm jealous of your inventory. :(

Автор EddyTarantulo (2 года)
Well at least post a link to your Steam profile. I cannot add you without
that :)

Автор [ KETTONGER ] (3 года)
Its these nice, simple vids that make me smile. Good job, mate.

Автор EddyTarantulo (3 года)
@AQworldsVideos Now its around 5 refined or 2 keys and 1 refined

Автор DJarminax (2 года)
pagaliau dar vienas lt ::D. LIETUVAAAA

Автор ThePokeruler (2 года)
Now you could :P

Автор EddyTarantulo (4 года)
@bsekilljoy Updated :)

Автор Super Sayian Pubes (2 года)
kox skype ?? mano superduperboy21

Автор EddyTarantulo (3 года)
Yeah you need TF2 with premium account to trade google this: tf2 premium

Автор EddyTarantulo (2 года)

Автор EddyTarantulo (3 года)
@ExEONPL Cheers :)

Автор EddyTarantulo (3 года)
@matty0227 Prices updated, finally they settled down to price it should be.
Twice as expensive as keys :)

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