Funny Lizzza Vine Compilation 2016 - Best Liza Koshy Vines Of All Time

Funny Lizzza Vine Compilation

Best Liza Koshy Vines Of All Time

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Просмотров: 82086
Длительность: 24:36
Комментарии: 81

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Автор Amy Davies ( назад)
6:05 though, I died!!

Автор Jayla Williams ( назад)
what a twinkie

Автор Jayla Williams ( назад)

Автор maya ahmed ( назад)
shes friends with Ella Anderson right?

Автор Noelia Alago ( назад)
love it is so funny your the best liza and the vines hahahah

Автор Nora Lando ( назад)
The amlunt of times Liza made a double chin on purpose...

Автор Deveah Conley ( назад)

Автор ThatPersonWhoDraws PeopleAsRagDolls ( назад)
The titles are messed up on a lot of these.

Автор Julia LoBue ( назад)
she is sooooooooooooo funnnnyyyyy.

Автор Tateum Dupuis ( назад)
lance though

Автор Angel Branch ( назад)
Why did the subtitles go wack at like 9:07

Автор Sophie Koladzinski ( назад)
You remind me of my friend Tahlia (Ta-lia) you're my friend to!

Автор Rosey Knows everthing ( назад)
Monkey 🐒 are you coming????

Автор Anastasia Janulina ( назад)
I look and act just like her I AM HALF WHITE HALF INDIA. ONE POINT 4 INDIA

Автор The Kinkshamer ( назад)
whats the song at 11:54

Автор Hey Sir ( назад)
23:15 LOLLLL

Автор Hey Sir ( назад)
Hope some paranormal stuff happens to ya xD

Автор Nadja Stettler ( назад)
7:30 reminds me a little bit of Christina. Rest in Peace Angel😪😪

Автор Eye See You ( назад)
Oh my lanta

Автор rocio y marti los amo ( назад)

Автор Skyelar Schtz ( назад)

Автор TheAmazing _K ( назад)
for the vine that says am I the only one that gets crunk on these two beats
what is the name of the song.

Автор Waiora kireka ( назад)
crack up

Автор alexander stirling ( назад)
this should be on try not to laugh challenge they would laugh soo much

Автор Iris Scarlet ( назад)
She would be perfect for Taehyung

Автор Unknown Email ( назад)

Автор Romas Katauskas ( назад)
07:10 Im dying

Автор EmmieSlays ( назад)
Omg she's so funny

Автор Les Lysachok ( назад)
but i mean shes funny so ok!

Автор Les Lysachok ( назад)
i love lizza bc shes really funny but the mexicans things i find mean cuz
not all act like that

Автор Violina Blonk ( назад)
hello, hello, I'm here I have spices. HAHA

Автор Diamond Ajlalmees ( назад)
I thought she was having a Baby it said that

Автор 최수진 choi sujin ( назад)
now watch whip !! now watch me beauty with a sandal cause you're stupid

Автор Violina Blonk ( назад)
I love her. She is funny, but then in the end she does too much. but I
still love her

Автор Novy Perocho ( назад)
oh wow she's friends with Alessia Cara!

Автор Baekhyunnie Bacon ( назад)
"I'm legally blind!" Omg nah, I lost it when she said that xD

Автор Arthur Alonzo ( назад)
i just saw one of your videos last night and it's now 10:36am the next
morning. Think I'm on video 2,592......LIZZZATHON!!!!! come on that train
and "RIDE IT" (subliminal MESSAGE!)

Автор Krystal Ramsey ( назад)
💓💓💓💓💓u lizzza

Автор Krystal Ramsey ( назад)
😍😍😍😍 u lizzza

Автор Kawaii Alpaca Artist ( назад)
Life with ADD. I don't know if Liza is teasing people with ADD or if she
has it. But if she has it, I FEEL YOU LIZZZA!

Автор G'Onna Townsend ( назад)
Am I a Womfn? AM I A WOMFN?!?!?!

Автор person or not? ( назад)
0:07 same

Автор Angelica Dulay ( назад)
You can see how skinny she got from before to today

Автор zane the destroyer ( назад)
7:07 relatable

Автор 1 1/2 ( назад)
Tacos are just eaten in Mexico, so pit bull don't it them

Автор AwkwardVlogger ( назад)
is liza a Christian (im not trying to upset anyone im just wandering)

Автор genuine penguin productions ( назад)
Possibly the most relatable person on vine and she's hot, funny and weird
in the same way as I am... prefect girlfriend.

Автор Ray Leyba ( назад)
i love poop

Автор Mariya Rutlin ( назад)

Автор Browser MC TOY ( назад)
she need fucking help

Автор Cameron's Cameron's ( назад)
did any elese notice that the sub titles change around 9:30

Автор Ayesha Khan ( назад)
she swears??

Автор weird person ( назад)

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