Northern pike underwater camera hits tip-up ice fishing

Pike checks out bait and camera, then turns to hit tip-up.

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Автор ydnarnosfatsug (4 года)
@jefftandjenc Do you fish with smelt often? im looking for a way to avoid
spending $6 on sucker minnows every time i go fishing and $5 for the
bubbler batterys to keep them alive. If its worth while ill just freeze a
couple gallons in the spring and save them for the ice if works. thanks for
the tip (that will leave me with more $ for gas and beer lol)

Автор nyturkeyduster (5 лет)
they love dead bait!

Автор fatbass311 (5 лет)
thats dope, we do that all the time, some wild shit when you see them hit

Автор jefftandjenc (4 года)
he passed up the sucker for a smelt

Автор flurbsmcgurgs (5 лет)

Автор HolowatyRyan (4 года)
not bad, but check my video out

Автор jefftandjenc (4 года)
I keep the large female smelt full of egg from the spring catch (freeze
whole by the dozen, sprinkle w/salt and put in a ziplock bag) - the females
taste mushy when eaten anyways and make a eggy mess too.

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