These Dutch girls are trying American candy! Bonnie is a Dutch vlogger on her channel Boncolor and she tried American candy for the first time. We also made a video on her channel, make sure to check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2fhsu8ed5k&
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When I'm not traveling you can hang out with me in my home town Amsterdam. So if you always wanted to travel in Amsterdam this is the place to be to get an insight in the local life without actually having to travel. Enjoy!


Q Where are you from?
A I am born in former Yugoslavia. Mom is Serbian, Dad is Bosnian. During the '90's war we came to the Netherlands and I got Dutch nationality. Have been living in Amsterdam for over 5 years.

Q How can you afford to travel so much?
A I saved for 3 years while working full time and now travel vlogging is my job. I work together with tourism agencies but also do some freelance work on the side.

Q What camera do you film with?
A Canon G7X

Q Why doesn't Stephan want to be on camera?
A Because he is an artist manager and feels artists should be in the spotlight. Way before he met me he already never featured in party pics or anything.

Q Why do you usually travel alone?
A Because my friends have jobs with limited holidays, kids and partners. Also I really like exploring on my own.

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Автор Roompjeee X ( назад)
Ik. Ben heeeel erg slecht in Engels dus versta bijna niks maar zo leuk om
jullie te zien genieten!💕

Автор Aarouj xxx ( назад)
her hair tho omg it was gawjasx

Автор Rozemarijn ( назад)
gewoon lekkah eten 😂❤

Автор AAa m ( назад)
Nice shoulder pads lol

Автор Manon van den End ( назад)
Ivanaaa love je trui!!! <3

Автор Sassy ( назад)
I like rich dark chocolate better myself

Автор oneroarmouse ( назад)
You can use half chocolate biscuits and marshmallows to make s'mores. A
more decadent version 😁 Microwave to warm/melt the chocolate/marshmallow a

Автор FoodNPause ( назад)
OMG die golden graham hadden ze vroeger ook in cornflakes versie hier in
België! Die mis ik zoooooo hard!! Ze verkopen die niet meer in de winkel
sinds een heel lange tijd. Er waren er ook met cinnamon-apple smaak
#nostalgie <3
Hmmm die jolly rancher snoepjes zien er lekker uit!! :D

Автор Shivanshu Prashant ( назад)
jolly rancher is also famous candy in India

Автор Dewi Kanhai ( назад)
als vegetariër is het belangrijk om te kijk of deze lekkernijen geen
gelatine bevat vooral de zure maatjes

Автор Ren Dee ( назад)
Ivana How are you !
Just a note I saw you VLOG on Dutch Chocolate, Nougat Candy and Cake with
your friend!
It reminded me of when I was a kid we had "Tobelerone" Chocolate and
"Sugus" candy from Europe ! Of course the latest now is "Ferrora Rocher"
(maybe wrong spelling-Oops!)
We have German Grocery shops "Aldi" and I forget a new one which has a lot
of Grocery item from Europe!
Fascinating I always try and try to learn the names on the packets!
In addition we have the famous "Ikea" where I always raid and hijack the
Food Section !! He hee buying all sorts of Edibles from Frozen Salmon,
Sauerkraut to Ginger Bread Cookies !( But I know that is mainly Swedish)
My friend Jokes about "'IKEAS'" he says at the front Entrance they should
have " Divorce form Contracts" that you sign before you enter the Ikea Maze
of Pathways thru the Store! Most Blokes , Men, Husbands &
Boyfriend- Partners take the Short Cut thru the IKEA Shops! Whereas the
Women/Girlfriend/Wife/ Partner may take the long journey thru the Store! so
you can imagine maybe spending 1-3 hours or more in the store looking at
Items maybe buying Scented Candles etc!
Thus big fights and Argument when the Frustrated Partner waits for other
Partner! Meanwhile eating Ice Cream Cone, Hot Dog. Then Lunch Swedish
Meatballs called "Kottbullar" which I have one remaining packet in my
Freezer and Potato Cakes and Salmon Yumm! for dinner! By closing time
(e.g. 7 p.m ) Partner waiting at Checkout Counter fast Asleep on a Chair
until one gets hit with the Bills !! OMG all this Friggin stuff especially
Do it Yourself Disassembled to Assemble Fix Together Cabinet and Shelves
using a screw Driver!! So divorce Court is in Session for 8 am tomorrow
Morning Ho.. ho... ho ! By the way I am not prejudice some Men like to also
go around the store the looking at all the Pine Wood Shelves and the
Wonderful Genius of IKEA Engineers & Tradespersons who design these Amazing
works of Art at such Reasonable Affordable Prices! By the way this is my
friend Karl Fredrick's (not real name) Story & Opinion- not Mine!! He..Hee
I heard there is a VLOG where a Couple, like, IKEA so much they got Married
in a IKEA store and bought a ton of Furniture for there New Home !So Ivana
can you guess where their Honeymoon was!!?? yes I love it in the
I...K...E...A Mega Store!! Oh my Friggin God! Heaven! They just went to
Paradise for their Honey Moon! ( By the way I am not promoting IKEA)
There are so many Beds and furniture in IKEA you could live there, have a
Holiday there, TAKE A TOUR THERE!! Oh My God I have IKEA stamped on my
Friggin Forehead just like in the Movie "Hangover Part 1,2& ,,, I have a
Tattoo with Big Bolds Letters "IKEA" with the Blue ad Yellow Swedish Flag!
do you get my Point Ivana ! Pleas let Stephan know of this ! I love Tennis
Players Bjorn Borg, Stefan Edberg! Musik like ABBA , Ace of Base, UltraVox
and all New Wave European Music! Love it ! Ok I am Crazy !
I better stop now Hee..Hee,,,!! By the way I died in IKEA and found a
suitable Coffin Pine Box with a Bed to bury me in the IKEA Cemetry called
Paradise! Ha..,Ha...!! Take Care Ivana and Tell us about Dutch Department
stores in your next VLOG please ! Ciao Baby Ivana!

Автор EliseDingen ( назад)
Aaah zo leuk om jullie samen in een video te zien!😊 (en dan heb ik er zo
nog eentje te kijken 😁)

Автор Ren Dee ( назад)
Ivana How are you! Interesting to see you are doin a VLOG on American
Confectionary & Candy! I studied in Pennsylvania USA close to the main
Hershey Chocolate Factory! They have a Museum with Big Hershey Kisses
shaped like Lampshades on the Street lights in the town of Hershey, Pa.
I remember my girl Cousin used to bring all these candies and "Kool Aid"
drink packets to
India for Holidays! My Auntie would pack 40 kgs (roughly 80 pound of all
this junk food for her one & only daughter (my cousin)!!
Amazing! Now my cousin Eliza is a Paediatrician promoting Children's Health
with no Cavities and Slim & Trim Ha,, Ha !
Whereas I put on weight after drinking DAIRY Cow's MILK (Sold by the Quart
& Gallon) for the First Time in Usa when I was studying!! Ha...Ha ( milk is
very Inexpensive in USA as you Probably know!) My Genetic make is such I
have to do more Exercise and Reduce Carbs which I love! Thank God I do not
like Sweets & Cakes! But I do love Papdi with Cardomom like you Ivana and
some of the Indian Milk Sweets in Moderation when I eat a Really Spicy &
Chili Meal!! Its all in Moderation!! Balance and like you I want to try
more Yoga!
Please give us a lesson in Yoga on your next VLOG!! Thank you!!
By the way do you know there are 'Pennsylvania Dutch' & "Amish" in Pa,.USA!
Would you know much about them Ivana?
Again Awesome Blog to see two young Pretty Girls Giggling over
Confectionery & Candy!

Автор Mausmaus ( назад)
It is so strange to hear Bonnie speaking English!

Автор BROODROOSTER09 ( назад)
oh my dat verhaal:')

Автор Emlynne ( назад)
Smores are amazing! Make them by a bonfire you are going to die😍

Автор E Braam ( назад)
The pizza graham fishes are amazing as well!

Автор Prashant Pundir ( назад)
what is Bani's full name his name sounds Indian ? and I wanted to try 1st
set of candies coz they look delicious.

Автор Jeske Catherine ( назад)

Автор NICEfamily ( назад)
Cuties! <3

Автор Prasun Goswami ( назад)
HI, there's a movie named "OK Kanmani" [OK Sweetheart] you should put it to
your watchlist. It has mumbai, ahmedabad, mumbai local trains, motorcycle
ride through mumbai (the same one kabir has), food porn, poverty porn ;) ,
cheap hotel rooms n so on. I can guarantee you will like it. :) IT'S ON
NETFLIX. Oh and a super cute heroine for us - the pervs. I can stare at her
for my whole life :D

Автор Amarnadh Mula ( назад)

Автор Manik Sadotra ( назад)
This is unfair Dear Ivana g.... I also want to celebrate Christmas with all
these candies and chocolates.... Please send these to me too... Hehe

Автор Kacy A ( назад)
I love you even more for knowing the laffy taffy song lol

Автор Madmax ( назад)
I see someone accidentally hit the dislike button.that's okay.just a happy

Автор Joske Rooijakkers ( назад)
kisses has the same packaging as a smeerkaas triangle ( la vache qui rit)

Автор Girl Tube ( назад)
leuke video!

Автор Dani Esmee ( назад)
That hairrrrrr girl 😍

Автор tube or not tube ( назад)
You girls may have to do some serious candyasanas yoga after this.

Автор enhance beauty 1 beautifying ( назад)
plz make videos on some makeup or hairstyle

Автор Anne Roos Lunshof ( назад)
waarom praten jullie engels (niet dat ik het erg vind ofzo) xxx

Автор Stanley_VA73 ( назад)

Автор navi kriss ( назад)
hey 80's called they want their hairstyle back

Автор maite maite ( назад)
Jeeeeeeeeeeeej, another one! Ivana and Bonnie, so nice this!

Автор enhance beauty 1 beautifying ( назад)
I also wana try last one straws one it looks amazing

Автор Boncolor ( назад)
Love it babe 😍🍭

Автор hellboy HONEY ( назад)
Out of all the candies you have purchased/ eaten...... (excluding video)
which countries candy u like most???

Автор Manish Mishra ( назад)

Автор Ankur Singh ( назад)
Back again ❤
Send me these puh - leaaseee 😍

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