Lazy Town- No one´s lazy in Lazy Town (get up & go mix)

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Автор Саид Ибрагимов ( назад)

Автор Maria Eduarda Bastos Ferreira ( назад)
amo Lazytown ilove

Автор Alfredo Gomez ( назад)
me gusta!

Автор Alfredo Gomez ( назад)
me gusta!

Автор YAssini Adam (1472 года назад)
il love layz taw

Автор Macey and Me & Mira 👧 ( назад)
If Magnus sings the icelandic version but is he lip syncing on the english
version on this one?

Автор Macey and Me & Mira 👧 ( назад)
I didn't know that Magnus sings?

Автор Tony Andre ( назад)

Автор Cuddly Cat ( назад)
How did I get here...? o.e

Автор Sousou Bou ( назад)
Sportaqus et Merd

Автор OrangeFire HD ( назад)
This show was my childhood 

Автор Raevyn Wyng ( назад)
Too bad, but he sure is amazing.. and gorgeous haha

Автор filis angelova ( назад)
das ist langweilig

Автор toooto Akay ( назад)
والله فلة

Автор Rotenella ( назад)
Julianna sang all the songs of the 1st and 2nd season (:

Автор ابراهيم الخليل ( назад)
رائع جميل جدا

Автор Dylan Morales ( назад)
this looks weird now that i watch it from a long time

Автор BankaiIchigo12345 ( назад)
It's a town where people want to get lazy (especially that Robbie Rotten
guy, trying to make them lazy), but the goodguys are there to make sure
people stay active. And it's meant to be a show for kids to keep them
active. Ironicaly you have to be lazily sitting in front of your TV to
watch this show.

Автор BankaiIchigo12345 ( назад)
Looks like he's singing though. Must be lipsync. Wonder how good he can
sing for real?

Автор TrollZoorSVK ( назад)
0:38 rofl :D

Автор Stephanie LazyTown ( назад)
This is my favourite programme ever and I'm their 1# fan in the universe!
This is a fantabulous song! Of course I'ts called Lazytown because it used
to be a very Lazy Town before stephanie cam along. Plus, it's a good

Автор FrancisRG ( назад)
Well done. I love't :)

Автор Antonia Iribarra ( назад)

Автор Lindsey Reed ( назад)
wait if no one is lazy in lazytown................then why in the world is
it called lazytown?!?!?!?! confused!!!!!

Автор maflak41a ( назад)
This is grat

Автор fatema s ( назад)
i love u lazytown

Автор Natalio Plascencia ( назад)
Lazy town is awsome! By lipids

Автор Jelena Petrovic ( назад)

Автор Patricia Fuentes Gómez ( назад)
STUPENDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TI AMO IN SPAGNOLO TE QUIERO CIAO!!!!!!!!!

Автор MrGaetanoTHEBoss ( назад)
Jjijjjjjjkmmmm ,,kl.

Автор Pete Ahladas ( назад)
Wikipedia lazytown so you understand it. One of the best kids shows ever. I
love iceland.

Автор FrancisRG ( назад)
Cute video :)

Автор mauriss17 ( назад)
No one is an angel on Los Angeles, neither. So yeah, makes sense.

Автор Blanca sanchez ( назад)

Автор lightningbro ( назад)
"I used to like this show and then" It went off air...I miss it, It's music
is on the level of So Weird. SO WEIRD!!!!

Автор nazia926 ( назад)
@danijelgvozdenovic I

Автор עליזה פריצקין ( назад)
how old is she?

Автор Zetawatch ( назад)
dat bass

Автор TheRaDiiOo ( назад)
@mary88247 usa el traductor de google! Lazy=Pereza/perezoso Town=Pueblo,
Villa... basicamente es "Villa Pereza"

Автор Marcia Franco ( назад)
halo my name is Angelo

Автор Dylan Santana ( назад)
I used to like this show until i grew some balls

Автор kickingdaisies12694 ( назад)
Ughhh I can't stand Sporticus! He thinks he is sooooo darn special :/

Автор Mery Becouse ( назад)
k significa lazy town

Автор Sage Squirrel ( назад)
I loved this show when I was little And this was on DISNEY CHANNEL!?!?!?!

Автор Yasu Takashima ( назад)
When I move I'm feeling alright bing bang ban and I'm ready to go jump high
from left to right and you'll be growing strong LOVE IT!!!

Автор ShinyUmbreon13 ( назад)
No one's lazy in LazyTown. Then why the fuck is it called LAZYTown?!?!?!

Автор princess410b ( назад)
wait this was on disney channel

Автор BowserwithaShotgun ( назад)
Disney logo, go away! This was nick jr workings, not yours'

Автор Rotenella ( назад)
No, he doesn't sing.

Автор BroadwayDreamchild (83 года назад)
Is the guy who plays Sporticus actually singing? Sounds pretty good. O__o

Автор eka vatsadze ( назад)

Автор eka vatsadze ( назад)

Автор 11tamarka11 ( назад)
That is not normally. Its |LAZY| town!!! No lazt in LAZY town? O.M.G

Автор lcfdsm ( назад)
The remix was done by you, or you took it? It is very good ...

Автор lcfdsm ( назад)
Very good video .. I downloaded the Latin America, and I wish that I will
spend the lyrics of this version if you can ... And tell me where, when?

Автор PumaR812 ( назад)

Автор PumaR812 ( назад)
watch my youtube channel i have it the song me in sportacus costome.LOL I

Автор Anahi Rocha ( назад)
i thought this was in nick jr

Автор Spazticuz ( назад)
I LOVE THIS A LITTLE TOOOO MUCH...couldnt even come up with a username
after i saw your episodes =] <3

Автор Dude in a DeLorean ( назад)
True story: I saw the episode than contained this song just a few days
before (There was nothing else on TV, don't blame me) and I actually like
this song. Maybe not this "special" version, but the version from the

Автор 26precioso ( назад)

Автор Dsy456 ( назад)
i like the cake song :D

Автор pengguan2 ( назад)
I like sportacus

Автор Matt Cavicchio ( назад)
It's so awosome XD I Can Listen To It All Day

Автор Evelyn Nathalia ( назад)
wat´s clos dong mis yes..

Автор Evelyn Nathalia ( назад)
d+ né

Автор Kellie R. Henry ( назад)
Is it okay that I'm 20 & watching this?

Автор Sayonara Chainsaw ( назад)
It must have been so emeberesing for Sportacus dude to be on that show....

Автор MRpuppet25 ( назад)
any one who hates this did not get a active heart stroke

Автор Chubby9080 ( назад)
@lotrhpnmask nope it was on Nick Jr.

Автор SlaYZ_* CS:GO ( назад)
Sportacus looks like a gay france dude

Автор FreshGuy555 ( назад)
@alwaysinxs yeah man, or girl, this was a good show. sorta freaks me out
now tho lol

Автор Papelfax ( назад)
I want to suck sportacus' dick

Автор iOCTPOB ( назад)
Must ... keep ... my hands ... on da table...

Автор Rotenella ( назад)
@edwop3560 yeah I edited all my videos in sony vegas :)

Автор Defdoomed ( назад)
so far i think magnus scheving (sorry for misspelled name) is the best

Автор Sportastephanie01 ( назад)

Автор Miki Schmidt ( назад)
Wow... So long ago. The old Disney Sign!? Wow :) I miss the old times. I
used to watch when I was 6.. I'm 13 now :;) good times!

Автор earenil calima ( назад)
they had it on disney?

Автор Mary Martell ( назад)
my friends think its weird that i like this show, but i don't care.

Автор srx664 ( назад)

Автор Mary Martell ( назад)
holy shit!

Автор Rotenella ( назад)
@cleach1701hotmail anything that doesn't mean anything, no sense.

Автор cleach1701hotmail ( назад)
Me soy con stalas. What does that mean.

Автор Mark L. ( назад)
The orginal "Stephanie" was older and she was named Stella.

Автор iOCTPOB ( назад)
I find it very difficult to masturbate to.

Автор JLTBABAxxx ( назад)
@Yaminia1 i was thinking the exact thing O_O

Автор Yaminia1 ( назад)
O_O this was on disney channel b4 0_0

Автор alpha9599 ( назад)
i do this dance every morning keeps me big and strong

Автор gwaga56 ( назад)
what was that first part with sportacus's strange outfit?

Автор Sandkingbs ( назад)
mnogo mnogo mnogo mnogo mnogo mnogo mnogo mi xareswa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор gantzjgf ( назад)
(L)magnus scheving(L)

Автор LazyTown World ( назад)
Oye, genial el video, ¡la sincronizacion del video con el audio estupenda!,
¡buen trabajo!

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