Homeworld 2 Torpedo Frigate Power

3vs3 CPUs on Expert Torpedo str

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Автор HWR MOD ( назад)
Hi, I'm trying to port the HW1 videos to be played in HW2 engine. Do you
have any idea on how to do it?

Автор Tenacitybrit ( назад)
Frigates pwn when they have numbers

Автор dgrcevic ( назад)
i agree torpedo frigates are great.Very. Try to scale it down to make every
unit count,and also try playing 3 humans vs 5 comps,max diff,its way more
fun :)

Автор ceb223 ( назад)
in the early game they are a game-changing unit; you can beat two cpus with
just interceptors and a couple frigates. their range is what turns the
game; you can fire and pull back, fire and pull back, to take out carriers,
then it's gg. later in the game it's wise to trade for ion frigates/flak

Автор dgrcevic ( назад)
Not impressed... basically what you did was mass a huge army,in which
torpedo frigates are not even the most numerous,and attacked an
unsuspecting comp that had 1/3 your army. And guess what u annihilated
him,how strange is that. Heres a tip,3 humans have no business playing vs
only 3 cpus. 5 at least. Max difficulty. Then let me know how good torpedo
frigate is (dies very fast).

Автор MatteV2 ( назад)
@dec20056 Space Marine: A balancing nightmare gone bad. Released to early,
balance is shit, sound is shit, lore is buttraped, etc etc Shitribution: SP
is a joke, MP is fun though

Автор dec20056 ( назад)
@MatteV2 those games are fun?

Автор Christoere ( назад)
Is this game still out?

Автор Pupixario ( назад)
@HarunDanyal ty :)

Автор HarunDanyal ( назад)
That was pretty well executed attack.

Автор MatteV2 ( назад)
@Pupixario THQ and Relic are planning to make Homeworld 3, but with the
recent failures of Space Marine and Dawn of War 2 Shitribution, I'm not
looking forward to it...

Автор RobSoniSmolinio ( назад)
I like this type fregat in Higarians

Автор GuaranaClyde ( назад)
@Pupixario Twilight by God Is An Astronaut. Quite fitting, if you ask me.

Автор oEQjet ( назад)
@Pupixario There was going to be a sequel to nexus: The jupiter incident.
The engine they had looked solid solid solid, never came about though. For
some absurd bloody reason not enough of the general public likes space
opera type games. I don't know why but if I end up on the clock tower
picking people off, that's going to be reason number 1.

Автор Steven Meenaghan ( назад)
homeworld is the greatist game in the world but the ships own armaments
need some work like for every ship but i will always love this game

Автор tasagraf ( назад)
@pancho000111 God is An Astronaut is name of the band...

Автор ALightfell ( назад)
I love doing 1vs1 against an expert bot, they can always suprise you in
some way.

Автор Pupixario ( назад)
@Johe100 Thank you very much m8 THUMBS up for his info so every1 can see it

Автор Johe100 ( назад)
@Pupixario For the all interested parties... Took some time to find it out
from the vast collection of song from a great post-rock band "God is an
Astronaut" song named "Twilight". Enjoy! Great game btw!

Автор miksulder ( назад)
RELIC is the best rts maker in the world!! company of heroes, homeworld,
dawn of war...

Автор pancho000111 ( назад)
@pancho000111 Im gonna download the audio of this video and then just crop
it, goddammit im an idiot...

Автор pancho000111 ( назад)
No one knows the song??

Автор Welanrak ( назад)
@Pupixario you can check what song it is ...

Автор zeppirl ( назад)
awesome game..miss it :(

Автор Sam ( назад)
haha ur pc is lagging mine does it maximum evrything and on that scale

Автор oldoldoldoldold ( назад)
God Is An Astronaut - Brilliant choice mate

Автор Lighter In The Storm ( назад)
@Pupixario oh sorry for the disinformation then. :/.

Автор Pupixario ( назад)
@lighterinthestorm not that one anymore , that was the original , which was
then removed by WMG

Автор SuperJaaaaaa ( назад)
@Sekibetsu w w w . video2mp3 . net use this its easy and download like mp3

Автор Pupixario ( назад)
@Sekibetsu Sorry Only thing I can tell is that its from youtubes free music
aaand it's 4:56 sec long :S

Автор Sekibetsu ( назад)
@Pupixario Sure you don't know what your current music is? Its sounds like
an orgasm to my ears. :S

Автор Pupixario ( назад)
@aznkid4ever2 It's not , I clicked the Lucky button and it chose a new song
for me lol

Автор theunhumanFFF ( назад)
i realllyyyyyy love this game!!!!

Автор EumlOriginal ( назад)
3 vs. CPUs. 3 CPUs? have you ever so many CPUs? ;-)

Автор bareloto ( назад)
@farnium if u mean trapt headstrong, it's not the exact song.. anywya i
still love this song: :P thanx

Автор bareloto ( назад)
@Pupixario :S

Автор Pupixario ( назад)
@bareloto very hard question to answer :D

Автор bareloto ( назад)
i like the song.. which one is it now?

Автор xander975 ( назад)
@Pupixario and hopefully for windows vista and 7

Автор Pupixario ( назад)
I had it you guys I am changing the song to something else cause you people
whine so much about the song that I cant take it anymore , the song sucks
but the original one was removed , WMG :( .

Автор lokoxxxxx ( назад)
I want Homeworld 3:-( btw, even makarena would be a better song for space

Автор Xxan ( назад)
I really loved those ship designs :)

Автор Pupixario ( назад)
@unharmonix Тhe original song was removed .

Автор unharmonix ( назад)
evanescence to spaceships? you high?

Автор jamesyboi92 ( назад)
@ScottZirpolo also therre good for anti fighters to ;)

Автор jamesyboi92 ( назад)
get it on a HD screen and MY GOD the upscale quality is immense

Автор Pupixario ( назад)
@THEK0TU Yes the song is change due to WMG copyright bullshit , sorries

Автор THEK0TU ( назад)
@ShasLaMontyr he says its Trapt, but its an Evanescence song

Автор Rex1987 ( назад)
@Pupixario or a homeworld 3 :-)

Автор AliveRocktribute ( назад)
guide-homeworld2. blogspot. com site fait pour tout joueur Homeworld = )

Автор Kevin Tran ( назад)
omg pupixario...u make me want to get this game >.< I've tried out sins of
a solar empire, it's a pretty good game too but the resources gather rate
is just totally sucks.

Автор erebus02 ( назад)
I forgot how much the Frigates just own when they have numbers. Personally
I tend to have about 15 long range frigates and a few Flaks to give them a
little protection LOL. But I've noticed lately that the BCs have a nasty
habit of just ploughing towards me and taking it all like a man.... then
the blasted bombers come in to smack my frigates around for a bit.

Автор Joutja123 ( назад)
I'm sure this is evanescence, not that trapt thing.

Автор ratujr ( назад)
i reckon this game pioneered this sci-fi rts genre truly a classic

Автор Réka Kovács ( назад)
Homeworld RULEZ! Any noobs that say "Homeworld sucks" are alll... Stupids!
Homeworld ftw!

Автор pokemonfreakz ( назад)
@KingOfMacedon100 in the top right of the screen you should see some yellow
numbers, those are your resource units.

Автор Nicolae Daniel ( назад)
how can i see in the game how many resource unit i have?

Автор MustNotRead ( назад)
its 2010.. you should really get yourself a colour monitor already

Автор Yeeren ( назад)
I effing LOVE torpedo frigates. I usually go for a fleet of destroyer and
battlecruisers with a good old Wall O' Torps forming the damage-soaking
buffer at the front of the fleet and two or three carriers trailing behind
pumping out a continuous stream of torpedo frigates to replace the losses.
Supplement with strikecraft to your heart's content and there is nothing
this fleet can't take down. God watching a wave of torpedoes slam into a
target just gives me a warm feeling inside.

Автор ShihayazadOnRage ( назад)
i suggest u better play wc3 then^^ seems the MANY strategic possibilities
in HW2 overstrain your strategic possibilites ;-) and no, HW1 was NOT
better then HW2! the only thing better was the story, thats it

Автор jfunf ( назад)
they aggro my prox sensors and never react to the salv corvettes when those
capture them like sheep. the same thing with earlier mission but then they
aggro my interceptors.

Автор jfunf ( назад)
In HW 2 i do not use HUd as well as in HW 1. I think that HW have a better
interface then HW1. I love HW 1 but i really tend to the point that HW 2
better balanced. HW 1 looked kinda too easy. I've captured any major ship
starting from the very beginning tyranic ion frigates - anf up to the final
pre asteroid level where you got a sphere of ion frigates.

Автор jfunf ( назад)
In HW - main thing was - unlimited captured fleet. If you would build it -
then you got a cap of course..but if you got say 40 or so salvage corvettes
- you literally could have all cruisers of your enemy. In HW - if you got
all best units at max and continuously reinforce them as they die - you
cant lose. Bombers - at max - for capital ships pulsars for fighters and
ions - and there you have it.

Автор jfunf ( назад)
I got mothership easily in that retake soban mission - including the main
vaigr. all heavy destroyers - can be disabled and stoped via bombers. thats
the key. Interseptors - is a waste of credits. The key to victory in that
mission - to destroy shipyards at the very beginning with heavy bombers
covered by pulsar corvettes..

Автор Hugo Laplante ( назад)
what I mean is that hmw2 is only hard if you dont take in count the UBER
WEAK/ UBER OP attribute. For the HUD, I almsot didnt used the Hmw2 one cuz
I just found it kinda useless (I use shortcut instead). Accessing actions
via that little interface on the bottom left side of the screen aint rigth.
Its more visual but old school gamers jsut dont use that kind of eye candy
uselessness since you have to move more to select the option, then click. I
only used it to see the control (ctrl+y for heal?)

Автор Hugo Laplante ( назад)
Hmw1 thought, even if you can capture up to the infinit (wich makes epic
figths lol) nobody forces you to do it. Plus, in homeworld 2, using
interceptor on a cruiser is shit. you HAVE to use bombers or wait 50 hours.
In hmw1, you can use whatever you want yet you still can make it if you use
a correct tactic (well missile destroyer was op but well...). Hmw2 jsut got
some stuff that are OP on something and as weak as paper on something else.
Flak vs destroyer? figthers against flak?

Автор Hugo Laplante ( назад)
actually retaking captain soban was the hardest mission when you play the
first time, but when I mean Tactic, I mean ingame tactic like moding your
group, a formation that actually change something, and managing ressources.
In hmw2, you can just build all your fleet, and play it with a different
tactic. 6 bomber 8 interceptor, 4 pulsar + 8 gun (forgot name) corvette. 6
flak, 6-10 torpedos, the 2 defense frigate and 1 marine rest in ion. End of
tactic for hmw2.

Автор jfunf ( назад)
What are you talking about...HW better strategy? you mean H vs H only i
think. I consider HW 2 HUD much better. You can control your fleet from the
Tactic mode. You can play entire game trough it. Better balance- you can't
capture 300 ion frigates (HW1 pre-final mission) and win by quantity. HW2 -
much harder to play in fact then HW1. And thats bad too cause if you don't
know what happens next in a mission - you got screwed...

Автор Hugo Laplante ( назад)
Now this "expention" bullshit. Cloaking is a technology used by our own
reality with F-22, B-2 bombers as a REALLY IMPORTANT warfare technology.
Now in hmw2 (campagne) its just not present. New carrier can't maintain a
group of squadron anymore, or at least nothing like before... well.. Life
change, game does too. Fact is that hmw2 was rushed. New battles are eye
candy and explosions are still nice to look at even 7 years after it has
been made, but geez... its soo far from Hmw1

Автор Hugo Laplante ( назад)
I'd like to bring something to whoever said thsi hmw 2 game had a better
control ect... First of all, grouping sux in hmw2. Its a eye candy game,
not a strategy game as hard as hmw1. You can get some nice strategy with
destroyers and maybe some frigate, but the behavior of figthers and
corvette is too hard coded to make us play with them at ease and to let us
"control" them. Formation sux. groups sux. Ships control sux. No more scout
boos, cloaking sux, variety of ships and group SUX.

Автор Hugo Laplante ( назад)
evolution ,expention yes. Switching technology, downgrading techs, not.
Higg got a the Imperialist defense field technologie. Ok. Taiidan (vaygr)
got only missle tech, no more ion. I understand they wanted to divide the
races at something higher then only ship design and 2-3 ship. Its a bit
long to explain in a 500 character text area, but get it this way : the
main technology that defined each races in hmw1 are either inexistant or
underpowered/not used. Expention huh?

Автор jfunf ( назад)
HW 2 does not fit? How come? Who decide that? Ever heard about story

Автор jfunf ( назад)
Your remarks make you one as well...pure fact?

Автор Hugo Laplante ( назад)
I wont relate to evry single aberation in the chronology from hmw 1 to 2
sinec I dont think your worth it. Now hmw1 didnt last, probly if you played
in 2008. I played since the beggining of both games, you can call me gay
but if you say im wrong on the multiplayer part and story part... NC. Btw
controls are almsot the same... big deal? Gui better ? LoL GG Uber mind you
go there... Cant compare a 1998 game and a 2000+ game... Know of Hardware
evolution? Hmw1 GUI > hmw2 GUI in respective years

Автор reversetriangle ( назад)
The core game sucks, pure fact. Everything from the GUI, controls, etc...
are better, pure fact. "The story doesn't fit..." Lmao, maybe because
you're too retarded to comprehend, pure fact. Also, HW1 didn't last long in
multiplayer, pure fact. You're gay, pure fact.

Автор Hugo Laplante ( назад)
Hmw1 multiplayer longevity, 5 years (on the multiplayer server). like 1
year less for cataclysm. Hmw2 Longevity on multiplayer? after 1 year almost
noone where playing. Evryone who played the 3 games know the last game
doesnt fit the story. You're either too stupid to face it or you're just an
other youtube hater. If so, take a ticket.

Автор reversetriangle ( назад)
Goku is a retard, pure fact.

Автор Hugo Laplante ( назад)
a sequel for hmw2? its comin. Cataclysm is a "unofficial sequel" of hmw1
and hmw raiders is only like the 3 first mission? or the 3rd mission only?
its just a demo. Btw hmw2 sux so deeply compared to hmw 1 and cataclysm...
pure fact... it was released wayyy too early and the story sucked...
Multiplayer ends up behing boring after 2 weeks or so...

Автор Someone ( назад)
HW2 is the best strategy game

Автор 178thbattlegroup ( назад)
hw2 was made in 2002.. hwc was made in 2000 i believe. and hw1 was made in

Автор Pupixario ( назад)
Bispite it's age , for me it is the best Space Real-Time Strategy game ever
made (so far ) P.S : Lets hope there will be a new one in the genre that
will be even better :)

Автор Pupixario ( назад)
Thank you , glad you enjoed it , it's old but it still gets some views :)

Автор RPNova ( назад)
They're even better in complex mod, can get a callisto anti-capital missile
upgrade for them, with that they rape pretty much everything.

Автор xKILLZONAx ( назад)
i use 21 ion frigs and dd rush

Автор LinkMyBoy ( назад)
my gameplay doesnt really involve frigates, just cant use them effectively.
Vagyr hit and run tactics with hyperspace gates. the best

Автор MegaPS3Gamer ( назад)
imaginay-evanescene fallen

Автор John Baum ( назад)

Автор dmk1978 ( назад)

Автор Dimitar Nazarov ( назад)
the end of Tourniquet and Imaginary by Evanescence

Автор VioletGiraffe ( назад)

Автор dmk1978 ( назад)
aaaiiiiii!!! yup what song is this pls?

Автор bloodbath907 ( назад)
what song is this?

Автор PabloHedning ( назад)
Homeworld 1 sorry

Автор PabloHedning ( назад)
Damn its a pity they removed the fact that the (forgot the name atm) photon
frigates i think 's beams dont push ships around as in Homeworld 2 :S

Автор Pupixario ( назад)
It 's Sepia video effect :)

Автор ThePcGuideGuy ( назад)
is it just me or is there a complete lack of color in this video? or is the
just what the games is like?

Автор ddrumfanatic ( назад)
I like how you used the end of Turniquet and jumped into Imaginary, like in
the album

Автор OriginalWolly ( назад)
does this game have a skirmish mode?

Автор bloodanddirt ( назад)
why would you drain the color from a beautiful game.

Автор Talon1124 ( назад)
I mix my frigates up, so I have a balanced force, but the impressiveness of
those massed Torps is... just wow. I mean, come -on-, who wouldn't **** a
brick when faced with -that- number of missiles coming at them?

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