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Автор MARINAKI ROSANA (3 месяца)
lol voltaite we can join nb

Автор Fhdjsah AE (7 месяцев)
How does he have more Subscribers then me ? Lol

Автор AllSortsOfGames! (8 месяцев)
Not such a secret anymore.. xP

Автор Joseph Tan (10 месяцев)
punt is only occasionally!!!

Автор Analyn Shireman (11 месяцев)
i not like that is 2014

Автор vic jao (11 месяцев)
i join voltaire

Автор Super Human (1 год)
The punt does not work for me

Автор Shadow Bonnie ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ EDM (1 год)
and zazul's house!?

Автор Danny Tran (1 год)
Punt works Lol

Автор jorizelcid baya (2 года)

Автор Mage Monstre (3 года)
whats the type of /join punt?????(2011)

Автор King-Xylphone (2 года)
punt u have to wait till the superbowl again voltaire exist its skullpunch
theater works the other 2 idk

Автор hiddenhatred17 (5 лет)
Pare kangkuro ito tnx isinali mo ako a vid :D :)

Автор Dominic Verdeyen (5 лет)
ok sorry i wont

Автор renz111100 (4 года)
ayos ah dami palang secret na lugar!!!!!!!!!

Автор Striker Ryuz (4 года)
@marloxr rwally??

Автор edward jan celestre (2 года)
punt is even a evet

Автор Mahi Ahmed (4 года)
@TheManav100 its level 9

Автор Gary Singh (4 года)
add me im garybarry

Автор Willkabob (4 года)
battleonspell and tilt aren't secret, they're old maps from before
escherion was around....

Автор hbkjulius619 (4 года)
ako pinoy

Автор jeffreydao09 (4 года)
those arent secret -_- everyone knows about punt theater titl and
battleonspell it was all REGULAR PLACES that didnt get shut down

Автор Josh Taylor (1 год)
None of those are secret....legermayne is a chaos lord, smuurvil was part
of this giant event, and party was for the 8 track flashback in march 2010.

Автор justunas Aubunas (3 года)
theater works only :(

Автор kiril764 (3 года)
heres another one- /join party

Автор Willkabob (4 года)
@gokuvscoolar you may be right, but the twins were never a boss battle so
they aren't considered chaos lords... and if you click story it says
"Escherion is coming soon! *Blah Blah Blah blah blah blah*" and then

Автор The Bluegirl (3 года)
punt ant tilt is not working -,-

Автор explosive821 (4 года)
Does it still work

Автор paolouie (5 лет)

Автор Ĕмєɹαlḋ ƒℓαмє (3 года)
tilt isnt open but /join battleonspell does nothing :(

Автор Yasir Imlan (4 года)
grabe! dami na na nag aaq sikat na to pare whoooooooooooooo astig mo

Автор Franco Gamboa (4 года)
how did you do that if you are not a member then why you can chat?

Автор ken li (3 года)
The places sent really secret

Автор brijohn avenir (2 года)
not a secret...they're just noobs

Автор Legobro234 (4 года)
pinoy ako

Автор David Axelsson (2 года)
/join party

Автор edward jan celestre (2 года)
those places are old

Автор DusanDie Pie (3 года)
this video is great

Автор metcub25 (5 лет)
what do u do at tilt?

Автор ArtixEntertainmentTV (5 лет)
its not him, its people that has create theyre acount between march and
august. it was thx to special event. the place became abandoned because of
2 reason: 1:the special event ended so there wheren't quest in these place
so theres no point to go there. 2 (the most important thing that happen in
aqw):most of the professionel player give up aqworlds because in that time,
there where less area, items and quest. the result:almost all the new
player didnt knew these place. myuser:thedarkboy77

Автор Hunter Curtis (4 года)
@Angel199920 U Dont Have To Be Member To Chat

Автор Aaron LaLaboy (5 лет)
no problem pare

Автор Aaron LaLaboy (4 года)
@Angel199920 im not a hacker dude -_- when i register........ i used 20 as
my age...so i can go to some free servers...try regestring with a OLD Age
like 1890 like that -_-

Автор bill goats (5 лет)
@aaronursais what happen if the circle is full?

Автор Kay'zki Mazika (4 года)
the other place is rare

Автор junikay (4 года)

Автор diaa mahmoud (2 года)
i did it from the first place i am 18 XD

Автор Mega82978 (4 года)
you can say word by verifying account noob and 13 up can goto to can chat

Автор hbkjulius619 (4 года)
ako pinoy

Автор dante thedevil (2 года)
/join punt dont work

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