AQWorlds Secret places

here are the secret places
/join theater
/join punt
Member only : /join voltaire
/join tilt
/join battleonspell

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Автор Kyle Morton ( назад)
lol i had theather

Автор MARINAKI ROSANA ( назад)
lol voltaite we can join nb

Автор Fhdjsah AE ( назад)
How does he have more Subscribers then me ? Lol

Автор AllSortsOfGames! (1616 лет назад)
Not such a secret anymore.. xP

Автор Joseph Tan ( назад)
punt is only occasionally!!!

Автор Analyn Shireman ( назад)
i not like that is 2014

Автор vic jao ( назад)
i join voltaire

Автор The TimeLord ( назад)
The punt does not work for me

Автор Sepulchure Doom Master#internetjusta ( назад)
and zazul's house!?

Автор Danny Tran ( назад)
Punt works Lol

Автор Josh Taylor ( назад)

Автор Josh Taylor ( назад)
None of those are secret....legermayne is a chaos lord, smuurvil was part
of this giant event, and party was for the 8 track flashback in march 2010.

Автор Brandon ( назад)
Not very secret anymore.

Автор edward jan celestre ( назад)
punt is even a evet

Автор edward jan celestre ( назад)
those places are old

Автор Randomness ( назад)
Noob video...

Автор Louai Jamhour ( назад)
theres more say /join legermayne,/join smuurvil,and join party!

Автор brijohn avenir ( назад)
not a secret...they're just noobs

Автор jorizelcid baya ( назад)

Автор jorizelcid baya ( назад)
Be a ????

Автор Jhony Alex ( назад)
how can the j6 one be secret its for level 2

Автор David Axelsson ( назад)
/join party

Автор GetPandas ( назад)
Dont do it. it made of 2009 this video

Автор wat no ( назад)
join punt did not work because it is an old place on aqworlds

Автор Animeta ( назад)
theres more code dragonkhan and house miltonius and miltonius(only mem)

Автор diaa mahmoud ( назад)
i did it from the first place i am 18 XD

Автор dante thedevil ( назад)
/join punt dont work

Автор King-Xylphone ( назад)
punt u have to wait till the superbowl again voltaire exist its skullpunch
theater works the other 2 idk

Автор Nico Giducos ( назад)
Ahh the good ol' days

Автор justunas Aubunas (238 лет назад)
theater works only :(

Автор TheSkyances ( назад)
whats the song?

Автор DusanDie Pie ( назад)
this video is great

Автор The Bluegirl ( назад)
and the voltaire place is on the map... so it's not secret

Автор The Bluegirl ( назад)
punt and tilt is not working -,-

Автор The Bluegirl ( назад)
punt ant tilt is not working -,-

Автор DevilMaycry4Fan44 ( назад)
/join punt dont work D:

Автор blooddome2 ( назад)
duh 2009

Автор kiril764 ( назад)
heres another one- /join party

Автор 66Blondy ( назад)
dont work lol thx enay wayz

Автор 66Blondy ( назад)
dont work lol thx enay wayz

Автор caliber28162 ( назад)
/join punt and join tilt don't work,remove it

Автор Mage Monstre ( назад)
whats the type of /join punt?????(2011)

Автор Ĕмєɹαlḋ ƒℓαмє ( назад)
tilt isnt open but /join battleonspell does nothing :(

Автор ken li ( назад)
The places sent really secret

Автор mohamed abaid ( назад)
/join punt dont work remove it

Автор wertyuiopman4688 ( назад)
how do you get open chat?!

Автор Tokume Tensai ( назад)
@Angel199920 are you fucked? you can chat when you verified account and
that maps dont work now!

Автор AFK Lokileo ( назад)
the other place is rare

Автор Da Funk ( назад)
Last to got removed :(

Автор Hunter Curtis ( назад)
@Angel199920 U Dont Have To Be Member To Chat

Автор Anaoctober13 (603 года назад)
these are the places that you can go on (secret ones) /join creatures /join
andre /join j6 /join smuurvil /house artix /house miltonius /join theater
/join party theres also 2 secret codes i know enter this code in valencias
exclamation point type in: Oicu812 you'll enter a Beckett's shop Thirteen1
you'll have a thirteen1 badger helm

Автор X Sabre ( назад)
@Angel199920 tilt works

Автор keeperofsouls1000 ( назад)
ako pinoy

Автор Ray Bonilla ( назад)
i got a question why can't i join punt i typed in /join punt and i can chat

Автор NornfangPH ( назад)
@Mega82978 yes it can im non mem im lvl 33 zhoom server this are the guides
1. Create an account and make yahoo then write your email on the email
adress bar on creating a account 2. go to your yahoo after u registered and
look for your email ( AQWorlds Verification like that - 3. read or click
the verification its easy and put older age like 13-20 4. FUCK OFF THE TILT

Автор Mega82978 ( назад)
you can say word by verifying account noob and 13 up can goto to can chat

Автор Mega82978 ( назад)
you can say word by verifying account noob

Автор LucasnGabi ( назад)
@Angel199920 You friggin idiot. Shut the hell up. Those who have common
sense may chat.. -_-

Автор bcouch57 ( назад)
i cant go to battlespell

Автор danielle ross Miranda ( назад)
I always go 2 those kinds of places .....if i wanna be alone alone

Автор danzorg123 ( назад)

Автор Buddy Adams ( назад)
born on the max date and then join a chat server and you can chat

Автор Eywun ( назад)
@Angel199920 im not a hacker dude -_- when i register........ i used 20 as
my age...so i can go to some free servers...try regestring with a OLD Age
like 1890 like that -_-

Автор Pamela Rosario Barquez ( назад)
pre sinearch ko yung battleonspell pero wala naman

Автор QR QRQR ( назад)
punt is not a secret place. it was introduced in super bowl event and still
is. tilt is not a secret place either. it was introduced in the second lord
of chaos, yin and yang plus it wasnt floating battleon it was battleon on
the very tip of a mountain that goes same for battleonspell

Автор Young Juancho ( назад)
@TheAQWorldsMaster100 well actualy you can chat if you are not amember all
you have to do is activate your acount well i was but its not working for
me beacause i should have done that a loooooooong time ago

Автор Striker Ryuz ( назад)
@marloxr rwally??

Автор alldaylongful ( назад)
@marloxr Liar....

Автор alldaylongful ( назад)
/join tilt Don't work help??

Автор Alexpack ( назад)
@marloxr really ??????

Автор mohamed abaid ( назад)
/join tilt /join battleonspell dont work

Автор Max A. ( назад)
2.Refresh 5 times 3.Login ur AQworlds acc When i tried it, it worked
got FOREVER membership and 999999999999 COINS!!!

Автор Franco Gamboa ( назад)
how did you do that if you are not a member then why you can chat?

Автор hbkjulius619 ( назад)
ako pinoy

Автор hbkjulius619 ( назад)
ako pinoy

Автор Gary Singh ( назад)
add me im garybarry

Автор Shinidoshi ( назад)
this was a long time ago so im not sure if the places exist ito ay isang
mahabang oras sa nakaraan kaya im hindi sigurado kung ang mga lugar na

Автор xXPandaNinja223Xx ( назад)
@inutaisho36 do you mean ballyhoo?

Автор Mahi Ahmed ( назад)
@TheManav100 its level 9

Автор inutaisho36 ( назад)
does anybody know that place where you join and you click on a girl, it
shows you an advertisement then you get free cash and you can keep doing it
over and over again, and you can also get free ac's and free prizes, does
anybody know what place that is?

Автор awaknerEX ( назад)
battleonspell doesnt work

Автор gokuvscoolar ( назад)
@Willkabob NO, THE TWINS is chaos lord. there is a lot of mistake made by
people but who really like aqworlds know they are chaos lords

Автор Willkabob ( назад)
@gokuvscoolar you may be right, but the twins were never a boss battle so
they aren't considered chaos lords... and if you click story it says
"Escherion is coming soon! *Blah Blah Blah blah blah blah*" and then

Автор gokuvscoolar ( назад)
@footballmaster02 u cant

Автор gokuvscoolar ( назад)
@Willkabob nope, it was released to cast a spell to "move" battleon from
the meteors of the 2nd lords of chaos, the twins

Автор ninnafinast66 ( назад)
Why cant I get to battleonspell?

Автор Willkabob ( назад)
battleonspell and tilt aren't secret, they're old maps from before
escherion was around....

Автор Niels Nattestad ( назад)
lol the thater is EPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC

Автор Drew M. Simpson ( назад)
naglalaro ka pa ba ng aq add mo ko panglan ko andrewbato

Автор TheX Rasengan ( назад)
how about warlionfang? what should u do to get there?

Автор R3v3NanT31 ( назад)
late na ako di ko na naabutan yan......

Автор AQplayer999 ( назад)
Pinoy pala kayo hmmmmmmmmmmm......

Автор AQplayer999 ( назад)
pinoy kita tayo sa yulgar-7777

Автор Yasir Imlan ( назад)
grabe! dami na na nag aaq sikat na to pare whoooooooooooooo astig mo

Автор Fred Lynk ( назад)
@aaronursais wo speaking philiphenes lol kmusta

Автор MiyeokMan ( назад)
tilt isnt member any more

Автор Tiger de Rosas ( назад)
haha pinoy pla kyo

Автор renz111100 ( назад)
ayos ah dami palang secret na lugar!!!!!!!!!

Автор legohalo123456 ( назад)
@aaronursais ahh pinoy ka nasan ka na tira

Автор TERRORBLADE8 ( назад)
hay slamat naman meron hindi noob na pinoy

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